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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  January 4, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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to the dangerous territory. there will be temperatures in the minus 10 to minus 20 range so we have a wind chill advisory from tonight through the morning. the entire metro area, the region. the state, look how wide these extend up. the wind chill warning are as far north as vermont and as far west as iowa and south as south carolina. the blizzard rolls out of here. that is what is in red. we do hour-by-hour forecast in a few minutes. larry: the blizzard isn't just bringing the snow to new england. hurricane force winds are pounding the m. coast. gusts as high as 76 miles per hour on nantucket. some roads are impassable and people are asked to evacuate.
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>> parts of maryland and virginia are slammed by the snow. but some parts have as much as 14 inches of snow, the highest total in our area are a little more than two inches. the majority of the area saw less than an inch. why were the schools closed today? stephen tschida is live in northwest asking parents if they thought closing school was a good idea. stephen? stephen: strong reaction to the question. seton elementary school is closed up tighter than a drum like a lot of schools in the region. but check out what is on the ground. it's not knee deep. so that is why a lot of parents are not thrilled with the rationale to close schools. the weather outside isn't frightful. still inside the trampoline park it's unusually business for a thursday. >> virginia now, this is
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we get an inch and they cancel school. >> the kids springing in action instead of studying. some parents scrammable to find ways to occupy the children. others took them along with them. improvising on unexpected day off. a lot of work for me. >> reaction was quiet resolve -- >> we could have been in school. stephen: to frustration and outright criticism. >> it's ridiculous. we reached out to the system school and we got an e-mail from d.c. who says they look at the forecast, temperature, the wind gusts and the snow accumulations that is presented to the mayor and she made the ultimate decision. she made the decision to close the schools. nancy: some schools have already said they will not be back o
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wednesday. we are starting to get in delays and the closures for our area for tomorrow. so here is a look at the stafford, prince william, fauquier and frederick county public school in virginia. as well as allegany school in maryland. they are all closed tomorrow. montgomery, prince george's county have two-hour delay and you can see a list of closing at the bottom of the screen. larry: by 11:00 a.m. the virginia state police responded to 466 emergency calls on roads across the commonwealth. by 12:00 noon maryland state police responded to 766. most of those on the eastern shore. governor hogan asking people to stay off the roads and declare an emergency for somerset, and worcester county. maryland bureau chief brad bell picking up the team coverage live and long day for him in ocean citiment to. tell us how bad is it?
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>> this is finally letting up. the governor asking people to stay off the road. there were no choice. it was not passible. the plow came through but this is the real problem. drifting snow. look at that. this is a parking street and it's just been a brow tall day down here. >> it may not be meteorologically correct to call it a winter hurricane but that's what it looked and felt like this morning. the cold, wind and snow combining to create miserable biting conditions. this is what it was like after dawn. i needed ski goggles to be in it. >> i'm used to this feeling with the hurricanes. i am leaning into this wind not for the dramatic effect but to stay on my feet. big gusts right now.
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snow back. the drifts form across streets to make them impassable. the guys had to call the boss to say they were not making it to work. larry hogan came to ocean city to see for himself after declaring a state of emergency last night. >> you think about ocean city, and you think about being here in the summer. this is not when you want to come to ocean city. stay off the road. route 50 is dangerous and this is difficult to move around on the open road. >> this has been ten years ago. we had back-to-backers. >> now this is more than a lot of people can handle. there is a snowplow out there and he is stuck.
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this amount of snow. there says very little traffic moving on baltimore to philadelphia avenue. this is a quiet town tonight. ferrisfully the wind has eased up a bit. the conditions outside a bit more barable. i don't need ski goggles anymore. in ocean city, brad bell, abc7 news. larry: i can't believe how calm it is now. a long day for you. thank you for your reporting. stay warm. download the free storm watch 7 app. nancy: there is new information on the last month deadly amtrak crash in washington state. the federal investigators say the derailment could have been prevented if the crash avoid technology mandated by congress had been activated.
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the investigators have yet to speak to the engineer or the other crew member in the locomotive due to injuries. larry: new developments in the hotly contested 94th district delegate race in virginia. david yancey is the certified winner after the name was picked out of a bowl. but richard reeve reports the from richmond the drama may not be over. richard: this is unusual but it's a legal procedure in virginia. you pick out a winner. it went dead silent as the election officials dropped two plastic film canisters in a bowl and picked out a winner. the name of the republican david yancey and democrat shelly simonds written on pieces of paper inside. yancey's name was picked first. this is after a disputed
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worker ruled should be in favor of yancey. democrat argued that had ballot should have been tossed out. after drawing simonds said she wasn't ready to concede and that for her all options are on the table. >> delegate yancey the incumbent won the lot draw. has been elected. the election has been certified. i don't know what legal grounds she could use tory open the case but i'm not an attorney. richard: there is still no concession from simonds. coming up at 6:00 how the political drama may finally end. larry: two appointments from ralph northam today. rita davis joining the administration as counsel to the governor and jessica killeen is the deputy counsel. davis is
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general and killleen works for voter protections. nancy: developing now president trump making his first appearance in the white house briefing room today. sort of. talking about the tax cut in the briefing. the briefing room a short walk from the oval office and the president is at the white house today. we will have more on that coming up at 5:24. minnesota i'm michelle marsh -- michelle: i'm michelle marsh at the "live desk." we are following two stories. move to expand offshore drilling in the pacific ocean for the first time in three decades. sources tell the "associated press" that the five-year plan would open drilling areas in the atlantic and arctic ocean. that revolution came hours after
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jeff sessions stopped the policy to stop federal intervention against legalized marijuana. this is days after california became the third state to sell recreational marijuana. the colorado attorney general says the move won't change how the office prosecutes marijuana crimes. jeff sessions says marijuana is like heroin and is to blame for spike of violence across the u.s. that is the latest from the "live desk." i'm michelle marsh. back to you. larry: okay. the labor department proposed changes that it says would allow more people to ban together to buy health insurance across state line. critics say the health plans would not need protection and the benefit requirement of the affordable care act. nancy: the dow breaking the 25,000 mark for the first time this morning and ended the day above it.
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no one won power ball. larry: coming up at "abc7 news at 5:00", paging dr. love. the next stop for a young man arrested in virginia after claiming to be a doctor. nancy: then later claims of a connection between two people murdered in different part of d.c. >> plus more than 4,000 flights have been cancel and dozens have been diverted to the area from the new york city airport. larry: send us your
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locally-owned novec keeps the power delivery system in tip-top shape throughout the year. that ensures novec customers enjoy dependable power. novec holds the record for the most reliable electric service in the region... and has for almost two decades. novec also uses proven technology and round-the-clock response to maintain one of the highest utility customer satisfaction ratings in the nation. novec. keeping you connected.
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tone of the most pristine and beautiful parts -- of the world. but barbara comstock just voted to put it up for sale. why? to pay for tax cuts for billionaires and big corporations. comstock supported donald trump's tax scheme for the wealthy, adding $1.5 trillion to the debt and leaving us with the bill. tell barbara comstock we won't stand for selling our wild lands to give billionaires a tax cut. larry: the word of the day -- "delays." this is the scene at chicago o'hare airport where 200 flights were canceled. most shuttles
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new york and boston were canceled today. nancy: as the winds picked up dulles was forced to issue a ground stop. that is where the transportation reporter sam sweeney picks up the stormwatch7 team coverage tonight. sam? sam: the situation here at dulles only continues to get worse. we got word from the airport that a slight that landed from argentina at noon is still sitting on the tarmac with the passengers. 17 flights diverted here from new york. they thought they were going to j.f.k. to find out they had to be bused. by midmorning the new york city airports shut down. flights in the air forced to divert to other airports. the weather wouldn't allow the plane to land. we had to land somewhere. >> by late morning the b.
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at the dulles they began to pile up. buenos aires, moscow, istanbul,santiago, tokyo. all expecting to go to j.f.k. and instead landing at dulles. >> disappointed. it's been a long flight. they are finally getting back on a bus. destination j.f.k. by mid-afternoon the airlines began telling the passengers no buses wanted to drive to new york. the passengers lined up for a free sandwich. >> terrible. awful. no word. pretty bad. the new york area is red. it's still a nightmare. emirate airline had a flight divert from j.f.k.
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live after dulles. larry: we are just learning we have school cancellations tomorrow. spotsylvania in virginia and charles county in maryland are already closing the schools tomorrow. get the abc7 app. you can download it and get up to date information around the clock. nancy: we are getting a lot in the newsroom. just from how cold it is out there. bill: that is what the cancellations are tomorrow. one of those things, two, delay, maybe delay until 10:00 a.m. it won't be warmer at 10:00 a.m. this is dangerous conditions. some people are on the fence. you close for today or cold. there are hearty people saying i walked ten miles in the snow uphill. but when you are talking about wind chills ten to 20 below,
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school, don't send them to the bus stop. larry: we talked to the prince george's county people this morning and for the same reason. extreme cold. bill: absolutely. dangerous conditions. you can get frostbite in 20 minutes or even less depending where you are, how much exposed skin you have. it's dangerous. the range today was widely varied. tenth of an inch at dulles. in maryland we saw up to six inches of snow. if for season we are at 2.7. that is down but statistically we are close to being on target for the month. we are only a few days in. but above normal there. winds at 22 miles per hour. in the northwest. this is beautiful and the sun is going down. the sunset officially at
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this says now officially in the 5:00 hour. it feels like 9 and it is cold and going to get colder. that is the story. this is 10 for quantico and baltimore is 8. 3 in hagerstown and 7 around andrews. the bigger picture if you widen this out, this is not just us. extends to the south. the teens, feels like is minus reading. minus 10. 5:00 in the evening. minus 10 in pittsburgh. tomorrow morning will be lower than that. the overall picture. the north winds wrapping around a strong area of the low pressure. you can see eye that has developed. category one storm, hurricane force winds recorded in spots.
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wind chill advisories. the entire area has wind chill advisory or less. blizzard warning until 6:00. up north the storm hammering many places up there to the northern zone. so for us is clear and cold. minus 10 to minus 20 around the region tomorrow morning. if you work outside, take this seriously. we will change this up and monday and tuesday we get to normal or so. right now send it to michelle. breaking news. what is going on? michelle: breaking news from the abc7 "live desk." uber driver arrested accused of sexually assaulting a passenger. he is from sterling.
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he is held on no bond. that is all we have at the moment. we'll look at this and bring you details as we get them. that is the latest. i'm michelle marsh. nancy: thank you. bus drivers don't typically make deliveries. larry: not usually. but find out what prompted one to pull over and do just that. nancy: later, powering down and what is happening to all the bikes that help keep this tree glowing for the holidays. larry: new back and forth of the president and his former strategist. why some republicans are actually happy to see this fight. that is up next. >> but first a look at what is coming up tonight. >> and veronica johnson has a preview of tomorrow's "good morning washington." >> thank you, guys. "good morning washington" is on your side when severe winter weather strikes. >> crazy. >> a lot of snow covered
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roads. stay with us for closures and the impact on the morning commute.
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nancy: developing now the feud between president trump and his former strategist steve bannon getting attention on how it can affect the political landscape. two faces with the same political party at odds what are the implications moving forward and who comes out on top. chief political correspondent scott thuman live at the abc7 capitol hill bureau with a look. scott? scott: nancy, aside from the snow you have been talking about, perhaps no topic dominated the news cycle in washington more today, at least not on capitol hill, than this feud between president trump and the former strategist. a lot of people are paying attention because they wonder what may happen next and how it could affect the republican party. president trump: he called me a great man last night so he obviously changed his tune pretty quick. scott: president trump today giving himself the edge in a feud with his former chief strategist. that after steve bannon now the head of conservative website breitbart was quoted in an upcoming book with scathing words about trump and his family addin
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the handling of russia could be catastrophic. that prompted the president wednesday to say when he was fired hi not only lost his job he lost his mind. bannon since tried to bury the hatchet praising his former boss. he says he won the fight. >> i can't imagine there are many republicans not cheering this fight. for many republicans, mitch mcconnell, paul ryan and other not just establishment republicans but the main street republicans and traditional conservatives they are seeing an opportunity to shed bannon from the party. they see it as a good thing. >> they see it as a chance for main stream, less polarizing leader. but they run a risk. >> what is currently supporting donald trump's job approval rating are bannonites, breitbart readers. if he begins to lose those, the president is in dire trouble.
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biotic relationship and why other -- symbiotic relationship. >> if you love your country, president trump is our president. let's help him. >> the president is prone to change his mind, especially when it comes to relationship. so this is too soon to tell if this is a blowup or more of just a blip. live on capitol hill, scott thuman, abc7 news. larry: time will tell. still ahead at 5:00, hanging up. why staffers are asked to stay off the phones in the west wing. nancy: but first "7 on your side" on your side to track the winter blast. how cold it could get and how the storms that ushered in this chill are impacting the rest of the northeast.
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bills welcome back. we continue to cover the winter area in the area. we move from if snow potential to the wind chill advisory in effect for our abc news across d.c.
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a wind chill weather to the north. this is wreaking havoc to new england to where there are blizzard warnings in effect in many parts. look at this. this is in new jersey. snow is piling up in front of the businesses. look at this here in boston. this is incredible how much snow we have had. elizabeth hur is in riverhead, new york, on the end of long island. how are things for you right now? elizabeth: we have been out here all day. snowing and freezing. as you can imagine it's unbearable. the snow may have slowed down for the first time that we have been out here.
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the snow is ankle deep. but don't be fooled. the forecasters told us we were looking at a foot of snow that had fallen and we could look at somewhere in upward of 18 inches of snow. so this was a major storm. the officials were asking the residents to stay inside for their safety. i can tell you from where we are, the public has been heeding the warning. we are next to a major highway, i-495. we have not seen many cars where it should have been packed all day. plow trucks have been coming and going. for that i believe so far the fishes are gra
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bill: that looks remarkably calm. are you sheltered in the back of a building or is it a lull for you compared to where you were out and about today? elizabeth: i have to tell you. for the first time today i am not getting assaulted by the snow. again, you see the snow flakes flying left and right but we might be in a lull here. or the storm maybe moved out of here. the governor, the last press conference i heard him talk about how the storm unfortunately has been moving slower than it was forecasted. so i believe he thought it would be out of here by 3:00
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and then it was 6:00ish it would be out of here. and so maybe, just maybe the storm moved out. bill: fingers crossed big time. thank you for joining us tonight. we will talk about the cold air in a little bit. larry: see you in a few. the cold air affecting fairfax county schools. the fairfax school are closed. stay up to date on that. and get the app as well for the smart phone. most people can stay inside in the type of weather but not everyone has the option. leticia works for the postal service delivering mail. she loves her job and like many of her comrades she found a way to get used to the cold. >> moving is the key. layer up and you will be perfect. socks, two or three pairs of socks. i have on three pair of pants. long johns. larry: w
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to avoid accidents or slipping on the ice and snow they recommend the carriers wear proper footwear, slow down and take short steps. stay with the stormwatch7 weather app in the next few days to know how many layers you should pile on before heading out. free download for the phone or tablet. nancy: we are following breaking news from arlington where the police crashed into a suspect's vehicle. tom roussey is live in crystal city with what started this. tom? tom: this is all over now but this is where it went down. residential business area. check out the video. shot by derek who was working in one of the buildings that surrounds the parking lot where it happened. he said he heard two booms. after he heard those he rushed out to the colleagues window and that is what he saw. a bunch of guys in military gear. big guns drawn. taken to custody. we know they were members o
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swat team. executing a narcotics warrant. they didn't go into much detail but anytime they use a swat team there is an elevated threat level. this is an arrest they wanted to make. we talk to derek a while after he shot the video. the whole thing happened so quickly. >> it was quick. maybe it lasted five minutes. then they were gone and then it was plain clothes people looking at the vehicle. now that's gone, too. tom: this happened in the heart of crystal city and surrounded by large buildings. they wouldn't confirm if they set him up and planned a meeting. but i can tell you they had vantage point to surround the area. be ready in this area. i'm told that they are interviewing him. he has not been
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reporting live in arlington, tom roussey, abc7 news. nancy: thank you. tonight the police are desperate for new information about two crimes. a body that was found on the side of 295. a second in the trunk of a burning car. sam ford is outside the police headquarters where the detectives trying to figure out if there is a connection here. sam? sam: >> we talked to the head of homicide who says has been in touch with the prince george's police to look in the possibility that the homicide in prince george's county and one an hour or so later in d.c. are related. >> today, snow covered the spot where she was set on fire in her car friday last week. >> i saw the car going by. the manner that he died is uncalled for. >> they believe lewis' murder may be connected to one an
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>> they believe it may be connected to the death of coles. the body was pushed out of a car in maryland at the d.c. line. police got the call at 6:21. three miles away 721 police were called to a car on fire after neighbors heard gunshot. lewis body was found in the trunk. >> i kept calling her. why aren't you answering? >> she is mourning the death of her ex-girlfriend, said coles and lewis were long-time friends. both grew up near kennedy street northwest. police believe the car fire was an effort to impede the investigation but say they are not deterred. >> we have good detectives. department of the
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science. >> police need leads as they proceed with the case. there is a $25,000 reward offered in d.c. and prince george's county in this case. larry: new developments for dr. love. he is headed to prison for three and a half years. mall ki love robinson pleading guilty to several charges in florida including fraud. prosecutors say he posed as a doctor without a license and he was arrested in virginia last year. after trying to buy a car with someone else's information. sentencedded to ten years in that case but nine years were suspended. >> coming up at 5:00 -- >> a massage goes terribly wrong. now a father is under arrest. that story still ahead. >> first, how a bus nearly became an ambula
5:40 pm
side of a snowy road. >> then caught on video. how she outsmarted a robber and what he did to make t
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>> "7 on your side" with health matters and new in
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to start feeding your baby solid foods. new report says you should not wean your baby from breast milk or formula before the age of four months or after seven months. researchers found nearly one in three parents get the timing wrong which could increase the risk for later developing diseases such as creeliac disease or type i diabetes -- celiac disease or type i diabetes. larry: newly released video shows a driver helping the woman out of the snow and on to the bus. she briefly thought about turning the bus to an ambulance. >> i thought about it. >> i did. we can't go. we'll wait. stay here. >> the paramedics arrived and the driver continued on her route. nancy: wow! larry: imagine
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nancy: you have to wait for the next bus. larry: exactly. nancy: coming up at 5:00 -- >> trump is announcing they are banning personal cell phones in the west wing. is this about technology security or merely another attempt
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nancy: arlington county schools have a two-hour delay tomorrow. we have a lot of closings and delays in the newsroom. we have put them on the bottom of the screen. you can see them at >> developing now the white house is banning personal cell phones citing security concerns. the trump administration will no longer allow staff or guests to use them in the west wing. starting next week employees will only be allowed to use government issued devices. nancy: the administration says the move is designed to protect white house technology systems. busy mike carter-conneen reports, some wonder if it's really about if it's stopping leaks to reporters. the white house policy requiring any personal devices
5:48 pm
entrance was announced today after the release of salacious allegations in the new book "fire and fury," about the inner workings of the trump administration. press secretary sarah huckabee sanders denies the personal cell phone ban is any sort of response. >> that is a ridiculous characterization. this is about the security and the integrity of the technology systems here at the white house. mike: outside the white house, many tourists give the administration the benefit of doubt. >> it would make sense to not allow cell phones to be used wherever they think it should be used. >> that is the thing of cell phone technology. constant flow of information that sometimes is dangerous i think. >> but beyond government for many reasons this is also a question in the private sector. what if your employer said no more personal cell phones at work? >> i wouldn't be happy they are taking away my cell phone. something i like on me. >> i'd have to find another job or abide by it. they made up the rules. >> the white house says the policy has been in the works
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some staffers worry it will block them from talking to family in the emergencies. the "associated press" reported in may he raised security concerns by continuing the use of his personal cell phone. at the white house, mike carter-conneen, abc7 news. larry: update with the new years behind us you might spend this week taking down the christmas tree. cries in silver spring did that. the holiday good energy tree adorned with the bicycles of all kinds. now the two-wheel ornaments are donated to family in need. nancy: doesn't christmas feel like a month or two ago? larry: it does already. cold weather. nancy: it is the cold. bill: you were telling the story i'm thinking not only have i not taken my tree down, i haven't even considered
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yeah, i should start talking about taking it down. i said alex have you done yours? he said no and i said if you'll leave yours up i'd feel better about not taking down mine. reagan feels like 9. that is one of the warmer spot in the area. the fools like temperature heading our direction. the storm is well north. for the most part it's coming to an end. we move ahead to the feels like temperature. this is 11:00. by that time everybody is for the most part at zero or lower. watch through the overnight hours. i'll pause this tomorrow at 7:00. this is when kids go to the bus
5:51 pm
degree reading. a dangerously cold morning for us. please do not send them to bus stop to fend for themselves. by 12:00 noon at zero or below in some spots. peak heating of the day at the warmest is nine or 10 degrees. we will rebounds here on the forecast by monday. 40 degrees. we won't know what to do with ourselves! baseball season is around the corner. e. i know you are going to take your tree down. that is what you will
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natalie butler broke the school rebound record with 28. the previous record with 27 rebounds that stood for 40 years. that is not all. she helped lead the george mason basketball team to the best start in 25 years. you do something right and it won't be there the next day. you come back in the weight room and you keep fighting to stay on top. >> she joined patriots as a grab student. named the atlantic ten conference of the week five out of seven times. >> a sign of my hard
5:53 pm
my teammates are why i do what i do. >> the 6'5" leading the country in rebound tied for the most double-decker in country and leads atlantic ten in scoring. >> it's incredible. the community support is amazing. there are people i haven't seen this is pretty cool. this is a dream. i'm thank. thankful. erin: she is a rock star. the d.m.v. isn't the only place that was hit by the bomb cyclone. this is foxborough. but it was busy as usual for defending super bowl champs as they trudge through the snow to practice indoors. >> he doesn't care. there are two hotels up here on patriot place. he talks every d
5:54 pm
redoesn't play. erin: i wouldn't want to walk in late to the meeting. believe they were all there on time. nancy: yeah. that is the patriot way.
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michelle: developing now a young woman visiting washington claim asthma suse sexually assaulted her on a massage table. this is the latest of growing list in our area. kevin lewis has a story you will see only on 7. kevin: victor mendoza gonzalez spent the last five years presenting a private room at the fittology gym in downtown bethesda. he offered a variety of massage therapists working as an independent contractor. despite a five-star rating on yelp, police allege the masseur sexually assaulted a female client last year. court documents state the woman felt frozen and returned to her hotel where she called police. mendoza gonzalez joins a list
5:58 pm
accused of sexually assaulting customers in montgomery county in 12 months. he still has an active status and the license is valid through october. the owner of fittology gym told us off-camera the 39-year-old tenant packed up his belongings last week without explaining why. he hasn't returned calls or texts since. the company's website v.m.g. massage therapy claims it's closed temporarily. this afternoon no answer at the pet worth apartment there are reason to bel
5:59 pm
in downtown bethesda, kevin lewis, abc7 news. michelle: he mentioned that gonzalez is a private contractor that respected a room and not employed by the gym. jonathan: the storm pounding the east coast. michelle: we brace for another blast of cold air. jonathan: there is new information on who police were after. >> and this is a stormwatch7 winter weather alert. michelle: as we come on the air, the chaos from a winter storm felt all the way from the carolinas to maine. th
6:00 pm
digging out. it's causing severe flooding and prompting evacuations that we typically only see in hurricanes. jonathan: now we talk about blizzards on the coast. at this hour we know 17 people have been killed nationwide because of the cold snap. for many, the worst of this storm and the cold is still yet to come. we have team coverage tonight with teams covering the blizzard condition at the beach, international flight problems at dulles and what is coming next. let's start off with the stormwatch7's chief meteorologist bill kelly with where the storm has been and where it is moving. bill: this is a day of extremes for the east coast with a storm bringing the blinding snow, flooding coastal streets and packing wind gusts. as strong as a category one hurricane. >> you worry when there is a lot of wind blowing. that is trees are going to come down. it's scary. >> the weather pattern is a bomb cyclone. it's become deadly. >> this is a serious, serious storm. between very low temperature, the strong winds. the driving snow. ev


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