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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  January 5, 2018 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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michelle: that as our area deals with the dozen of water main breaks leaving the crews racing to repair the damage to keep water flowing into homings. all -- flowing into homes from the dangerous cold snap. chief meteorologist bill kelly is following the winter records. bill: some areas could tie or break the record tomorrow morning and sunday morning as well. good evening. let me get you going with the current advisory. wind chill advisory in effect. already went into effect in the last ten seconds. officially at 6:00, moving on in until 12:00 noon tomorrow. the entire region is under the wind chill advisory. out the door right now it feels like 4 in d.c. manassas is 4:00. dropping to minus 2 live on frederick. it's minus 3 in gaithersburg. the winds blowing between 15 to 25 with the gusts of wind up to 30 miles per hour still. the good news we are not dealing with the snow on top of it. the skies were clear. a lot of sunshine out there today as you know if you were out and about. the temperatures will tank.
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minus 4 by midnight. dropping down to a minus 7 reading by tomorrow morning. some of the outlying spots or the colder spots could see that 10 below to 15 degrees below zero. there is warmup in sight. the bad news is if you have any pipes that are burst, right now the freeze is holding things in there. come the warmup, you will see a lot of plumbers busy. we will talk about when it will be and how long it will last. of course we break down the weekend forecast in a few minutes. jonathan: all right. we will look forward to it. thank you. show you something. two dozen planes. all the planes that are taking up an entire runway at the dulles international airport. while inside more than a thousand people spent the night stranded after an international flight were all diverted here because of the blizzard conditions. specifically new york. sam sweeney has been tracking. this really was a nightmare for so many people on so many levels. >> this is awful. but the
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washington airport authority stepped in and they did a fantastic job. you said thousands were trapped. many of them came on the airlines that don't service dulles. there are more than 20 airplanes that are still on the tarmac. the good news is tonight most of the stranded passengers are back in new york. >> overnight planes bound for new york diverted to dulles on the airlines that don't normally fly here. >> all the hotels are booked. >> sophia arrived on x.l. from france. they had no staff to unload luggage or rebook passengers. >> we didn't have in irto go. this is not the airport. they just left us. they offered us pretzels and bis quets. we don't want pretzels or bis quets -- biscuits. we want our luggage. >> they were so overwhelmed they left and the passengers were sleeping on the cardboard boxes. >> representatives shut doors,
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airport. >> the police tried to calm the situation. >> there is no capability to get bags offloaded. >> by morning the airport authority hired buses. it didn't matter what airline you were on it was get up and go. all the buses bound for j.f.k. >> the airport helped. they gave us blankets. >> outside on the ramp, more than 20 foreign planes sit empty. so in the airport ran out of parking. right now runway 19 left is closed and it's a makeshift parking lot. >> one of those inbound flights from argentina. passengers were on the planes for 17 hours sitting on the tarmac at dulles for serve hours. the situation got so severe, the passengers on board began calling the control tower begging for someone to get them off the plane. they made it off around 7:00 last night. the good news is they are back in new york as well. reporting live at dulles, i'm sam sweeney. abc7 news. michelle: awful. thank you. the winter storm
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chaos broke 40-year record ins button. d 40-year record in by tops. the -- broke a 40-year record in boston. even where the water receded the folks there don't have much left. >> for four hours yesterday. there was nothing we could do. >> you can hear the power of the wind still out there. it's not just boston. the trouble extend down the entire east coast. with the deadly car crashes. in florida, the economy there is taking a hit. some farmers are losing half the citrus crop. jonathan: snow day should be fun for kids but turned tragic. a 9-year-old girl out sledding when a truck hit her. it happened yesterday and later happened at the hospital. there is no word of charges filed this case. >> it's not the snow. it's now the brutal cold that is causing all
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problems and headaches here. the water company wssc is responding to 100 water main breaks every day. that is while the animal rescue workers fan out to keep an eye on the animals left outside. the temperatures right now can easily injure and even kill a pet left outside. so a good reminder to bring the pets in. michelle: new video showing the harrowing high-speed chase for suspected killer that ended in a catastrophic crash on i-95 in stafford. >> 1050, 1050, 1050. whoa, whoa. 142, 142 over 5. michelle: the ending of a miles long chase that included shots fired at the police officers and deputies. nancy chen has been analyzing the video and joins us live from the "live desk." nancy: this started with the murder. gunman led the police on the chase. listen for the moment he shot at
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>> shots fired. i'm hit, i'm hit. nancy: no officers were seriously hurt but bullets were found lodged in the cruiser's head rest. the chase continued down busy i-95. from the dash cam, you can see the car of the gunman crash. flips over. at some point he shot himself and later died at the hospital. from the "live desk," i'm nancy chen. jonathan: that is scary. confession from the hiv-positive school employee accused of sexually abusing dozens of boys. carlos bell pleaded guilty for a list of charges that will land him in prison for the next 190 years. the plea deal was not to protect bell. it was to protect his victims. >> i've never seen anything this
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i haven't seen it and i hope to god i never see it again. jonathan: the charles county school superintendent claims there there is no evidence to claim any victims came forward before bell's arrest. but the school system is working to improve training and security. michelle: a kensington school says it has fired a coach it learned is a high-ranking member of the alt-right movement. they said greg conti had been using alternate identity for his work with the radical group. he was known there as greg ritter. they confirm the firing saying that he is now a full-time race warrior. now to a stormwatch7 winter weather alert and what you might be doing to keep warm in the car that could cost you hundreds in fines. jonathan: bailing water from a d.c. fish market and how an effort like this can help almost
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michelle: an independent review blames officials for the near disaster at the tallest dam. they say they failed to recognize construction and design flaws at the orville dam. both of the dam's spillways failed last february. jonathan: developing now, d.c. firefighters rush to stabilize a barge at the seafood market.
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started to take on water at 7:00 this morning when the fire boat responded. the crew decided it was best to keep the distance for the fear that the wake from their -- weight from their boat might push more water in barge. so now it's ship safe again. >> the owner says the low tide is the lowest for the past 47 years he has worked out on the water front. michelle: mourning at the national zoo after a long-time resident's death. mrs. chip died this week in the small ma ma'am house and was born at the zoo in 1972. she lived three times as long as the typical life span for a two-toed sloth. jonathan: sad. coming up for us, a warm act of compassion in the bitter cold. why a school district opened doors to help the students
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michelle: caught on video, prince george's county firefighters knocking out a car fire that snarled the beltway. this is near kenilworth in greenbelt. no one was hurt. jonathan: a crime alert tonight about an act caught on video. this is from new year's eve on benning road. at first you see a guy pull a gun, jump the counter and hold a worker at gunpoint. there is video yesterday that shows a swat team take down. this is not clear what prompted the police response but it was a full swat team and they hit the vehicle
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out safely. michelle: also caught on video braving the coldest weather of the season for training. dragging colleagues through the ice in 18 degree weather as part of the ice rescue training. >> it's tough for july and august. this is a busy week all across the area. there is another problem drivers are running into. the law. "7 on your side" q mccray joins us live with things you need to know. q? q: if you are outside today you probably saw this. exhaust coming from the tail pipes.
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there is no need to put the car in idle. it will warm up. but if you leave your car idling unattended, that's against the law. did you know it's illegal to idle in certain areas? >> no. q: it is. we looked it up. leaving your car unattended could cost you big time. >> the fine is $1,000 if you leave it idling for ten minutes. >> that's steep! >> do you know what the fine is in maryland? >> $500. q: she got it right. but only there the limit is five minutes. >> i had a roommate that would leave it idling for 20 minutes. >> that is the last thing they want anyone to do. virginia doesn't have an idling law for the personal vehicles but the police want you to think twice before leaving your car running. >> if you are leaving your car running unattended that is inviting a thief in. they see
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it gives them an opportunity to steal it. >> in d.c. they raise the limit to five minutes. there are exceptions to the rule. you are allowed to leave it idling unattended if stuck the traffic or if there is a mechanical issue. >> somebody will be unhappy with the decision no matter what schools do but it wasn't the case in one district. jefferson county, west virginia, delayed opening by two hours. a lot of students were glad to be in class because many of them rely on the school for the free breakfasts and lunches. food. they also distribute has
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they are taken care of no matter what. >> 3400 students rely on the jefferson county schools for the free meals. that is why they try to keep it open at all costs. michelle: it's so important the programs they have. the cold. report cold. >> another biting cold night. before we get to that, nice to have the sunshine today. you have to remember the pets. majority of you are good at that. i asked to see how to take care of the pets. >> these are great. bill: here are more for you. nice! great to send this in. >> do you know the acronym? >> not going there! bill: can't do it. >> no. bill: how about this shot? this is courtesy of amy. this is the mother-in-law's kim dachshund. kim doesn't have facebook but is watching the newscast and said get the photo in there. enjoying the fire. th
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on. but we don't just do dogs. we like cats and all furry animals. this is sweet. cuddled up there. >> big old main coon, doesn't it? >> it does. how about stormy. stormy's first winter. >> last but not least going what are you talking about? >> i got a full court on. >> jennifer is sending this in. send me your photos. we'd love to see those. we'll get them on air. 7 below is the feels like in elkins. 4 in d.c. minus 2 around harrisburg. skies are clear. this is beautiful with sunshine. the cold is out there. let me run you through the feels like temperature. hour-by-hour. by midnight, 10:00 or 11:00, down to zero d
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then we go to 7 below. we will call the range minus 5 to minus 15. another biting cold morning like this morning. looking ahead to tomorrow. the wind chill ald visery in effect. if you want to do something tomorrow, noon, we barely make it to the goose egg. this is warming to 5 degrees. the wind chill advisory in effect. you have the shades of gray. there is a wind chill warning in effect. the warning category goes over. there is a 25-degree issue for the blue ridge.
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we could see wintery mix before it transitions to the rain. next week we are seasonable. you ar
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robert: speal
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finished 7-9. that didn't stop them from meeting the quarterback kirk cousins. the redskins fans jam to jamming java. this was for charity. questions from his thoughts on gruden to the coffee he likes. he brought up his little baby cooper. he was asked if he wants to be in washington for the long run. here is what he had to say. >> it's a privilege to play here. i felt that for all the six seasons. i would be foolish to say i don't want to be here. this is a dream come true. there are issues to work through but i feel like the short answer is question. let's work through it. robert: there we
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we have all had questionable items on the menu. but tell me something. would you eat this? jaguars celebrate playoffs with this. jonathan: ewww! michelle: food coloring? jonathan: you don't know that. robert: you don't know that. bill: unquestionably mold. jonathan: jaguar fans. robert: too science projecty. not just that but if ice cream is teal and the beer is teal as well. that is not too bad. bill: science projectie? robert: yeah. science projectesque. that's what it is. bill: that's right. michelle: top that? >> this is coldecky and warming in the mildecky. we will drop down the wind chills to minus 5. the record tomorrow will stand at 2. jonathan: don't come back unless it's double digit. michelle: do
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"world news tonight" with david muir up next. jonathan: thank you for being with us. see y
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tonight bracing for dangerous record breaking cold. windchills well below zero, expected across at least 20 states from north carolina to maine. the dangerous rescues already tonight -- the ice and the flooding from the deadly storm. and now the fires -- also thousands of flights canceled. and the emergency landing today at jfk airport in new york. the white house tonight, president trump going after the author of that bombshell book. tonight, the author says he spoke to multiple members of the president's inner circle. he says they told him the president is like a child. he does not read, he does not listen. late today the fire the arson investigation at the ho


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