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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  January 8, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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alison: children were sent home before a nasty winter mix arrived. nancy: winter weather advisory is in effect right now. slippery surfaces is a concern. alison: and chief meteorologist bill kelly is tracking the storm. josh knight monitoring the freezing roads. michelle: sam sweeney is in mobiletrak7 to check road conditions and brad bell has the early bis dis -- dismissal. nancy: we start with chief meteorologist bill kelly. bill: let's start with the radar. good afternoon. tracking weather moving through. i want you to know the green is rain. the pink is the wintery mix to be a little sleet, little freezing ain. blue is where the radar picking up snow. coldest spots north of the district. right now around montgomery county, howard county and areas farther north. that is where the coldest temperatures are. watch as you move more to the south. charles county, calvert county. you can farther south li
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spotsylvania you let the glean. -- you get the green. we have rain and it's moving up. so areas to the north is where we are watching for mainly sleep. as it transitions to rain some could hit the freezing ground. the advisory until 9:00. we are tracking that and temperatures. 35 in d.c. 33 in manassas. fredericksburg at 37. freezing and below freezing to the north. this is something to be careful with. we talk about the roads and the sidewalk. talk about the roads and go out live to meteorologist josh knight in stormwatch7. you are on the dulles toll road heading where? toward reston? josh: that is right. we are heading to reston. a chance to look and see the roads. it's moving here and we want to head north and west. where the colder temperatures are. we are checking to leesburg.
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hanging around the freezing mark. right here the roads are dry. i have gotten a chance to dry out from the rain we had earlier so i haven't seen issues. the big thing to keep in mind traffic is a mess. a lot of people left work early got head start. it looked like everybody has the same idea. the wintry advisory still in effect for some. we keep an eye on it but now let's head to sam sweeney in mobiletrak7. sam: we are in mobiletrak7. inner loop in montgomery county. take a live look. this is stacked over here. heading the warnings the inner and the outer loop. top side of the beltway is jammed. we are headed to 95. we will check that out. some of the weather is moving to that area. we are going to give you an update in less than a half hour. that is what is
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i'm sam sweeney. back to you. bill: this is what we are looking at. temperatures will hang in the mid-30's. if you are below freezing now and i showed you some of that to the north you will nudge up. we will keep the rain in the area. look at this 24-hour temperature change. many spots. not just warmer than yesterday but considerably warmer from the deep south to the north. that is the trend. this week rewarming up considerably. coming up, we will talk about how warm and the weather maker and how long we track winter weather for the remainder of the evening. back to you. alison: thank you very much. across the area parents got the call, the text or maybe even a tweet notifying them that schools were changing early. it created a scramble and change of plans around lunchtime. we have
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dismissal. hi, brad. brad: turmoil everywhere, including the newsroom. this is a ramp from the beltway to i-95 north. this is fine. something i noticed there is salt like this everywhere. the highways with coated. school districts had to make a call and they did. >> the schools in andrés county among those dis -- in annarundle county meant they were headed out the door at 12:15. parents of the non-bus drivers had to interrupt the work day to line up for pickup. >> you have to rearrange everything. i have a luxury. i work from home. but others don't have the same ability to leave, i don't know what they do frankly.
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crossing guard was in place two hours early at 1:20. and that is when a light sleet started to fall. parent and the recent florida transplant amber mckenzie among those rushing to meet a child. >> it puts a hitch in my day honestly. something i'm not used to. scramble everything like an egg. move it around hope for the best. put on your boots and move along. we understand that you have to be better safe than sorry. in college park, brad bell, abc7 news. alison: thank you. we have a reminder that abc7 is the school closings headquarters. go to and sign up for instant notifications if your school is impacted. michelle: incredible pictures
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call this morning. two boats up in flames flames ie frigid water. john gonzalez was there as the investigators tried to pinpoint what sparked the flames. >> this couple tells us they were here new year's day and everything was fine. now that are sick to see this. a second home to them. >> we haven't got an lot of information. we just got a phone call an hour and a half letting us know there was a fire on the boat. >> but trevor johnson's boat was also destroyed. >> all the antifreeze put in the system, the engine was disabled. we're not sure. john: a massive fire. massive flames from the river to the sky. on a frigid morning posing several challenges for firefighters. >> we initiated operation to extinguish the remaining fuel. brad: you can see how devastating the fire
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the russells no longer look like boat -- vessels no longer look like boats and the dock is also destroyed. >> hay had to stretch down the peer. icy peer. what a dangerous situation. john: this was reported this morning. other boats sustained damage but there were no injuries reported. >> peter mcqueen was drinking coffee in his pajamas and flip-flops a few feet away. >> i didn't think of anything else but to get out of there. nancy: trump tower on fire. this is the top of the skyscraper in new york. the fire started in the hvac unit. people on the ground could see the smoke billowing as well.
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they are expected to be okay. alison: update on isis-related terror investigation. in virginia sean duncan denied bond this afternoon and he is accused of destroying a thumb drive and duncan faces federal obstruction charge and up to 20 years in prison if convicted. the f.b.i. says a family member told them duncan converted to islam and was possibly radicalized. tonight there is a community meeting about a cloverly elementary school part-time aide arrested on child porn charges. it's scheduled to happen at 7:45 at the montgomery county executive building even though the weather is bad. we'll have more tonight at 11:00. nancy: "7 on your side." it has uncovered four massage practitioners charged with sexual assault but allowed to keep the maryland ma sanel licenses. the big question here, why? kevin lewis live with what he discovered. kevin?
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of jail. another on the run. a third has been found guilty. a lot of people now asking how did this happen? >> in last year, the practitioners have been accused of assaulting female clients across montgomery county. despite the serious criminal charged we discovered all four of the maryland massage licenses are still active and in good standings. >> i'm surprised and taken back. >> i think it's really terrible they haven't pulled the license. the people have been accused. >> the maryland board told us it has only one investigator on staff. tasked with monitoring nearly 4,000 license therapists. the case load includes not
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but building complaints, human trafficking violations. hot stone or the muscle injuries. client discrimination. >> the only thing you can do is try to get more people on staff to make sure if there are complaints you can have people make sure things aren't going poorly. >> there is a lot that goes into acquiring a massage license in maryland. we'll talk more about that at 6:00. i'm kevin lewis, abc7 news. alison: thank you. still to come at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- oprah dominates the golden globes. >> i want all the girls watching here and now to know that a new day is on the horizon. [applause] michelle: gives you chills. some say it almost sounded like a campaign speech at
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golden globes. so are voters ready for opera? -- for oprah? michelle: a lapse in judgment. wait until you see the phrase on it. bill: i'm chief meteorologist bill kelly. getting green on the map, which is rain. still dealing with the pink and blue. that's the wintery precip. we will break it down for you to let you how warm it will get in a few minute.
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i'm especially proud and i spired by all the women who felt strong enough and empowered enough to speak up and share their personal stories. michelle: that was oprah last night speaking after receiving the cecille b. demille awards at the golden globes. the first african-american woman awarded the lifetime achievement award. alison: a lot of talking about the speech. to some it sounded like the beginning of a presidential run. nancy: q mccray take a look at whether voters expect her to run in 2020. >> what a moment like that. q: oprah received a standing ovation and
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award winner for outstanding contribution to the world of entertainment. but it's her stirring and impassioned acceptance speech making international headlines today. >> oprah was amazing. i thought it hit home. q: she became the first black woman to receive the golden globe lifetime achievement award and she may look to make history in another field. according to cnn sources close to the billionaire says she is actively thinking of running for president in 2020. >> it's not a shock she is thinking about running for president. >> if she is, she has my support. >> it's an idea she hinted in the past. >> i never considered the question even a possibility. i just thought oh! >> even current president trump sang her praises. >> i love oprah.
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she would be my first choice. >> nobody knows where she is anymore. she has been out of the light for so long. >> most we spoke to would vote for oprah. >> she doesn't have experience but neither does the current president. alison: meanwhile demonstrators gathered outside the pentagon for the me too movement. it's raising awareness for women in the military. a rapid corporation study revealed 20% of the active duty women sexually harassed in 2014. 5% for assaulted. >> the bbc china editor signing citing the failure to address the gender pay gap there. she is leaving after they were forced to public pay levels for the top earner last year. she learned the men made
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than the two women in the equal positions. michelle: h&m apologizing using a black child to model the sweatshirt that says, "coolst monkey in the jungle." they pulled it from the site after some spoke up calling it racist and it appeared on the british version of the online store and the company says you will no longer see it. alison: two big apple investors want the iphone maker to slow what they call the smart phone addiction among kids. they have written proposal to help apple and cited negative and physical effects to the high use of smart phone and tablets. nancy: dunkin' donuts going back to the baskets. going back to a simplified menu. it will roll out in new england and if it gets good reviews it will appear nationwide this spring. so less popular foods and ones
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are all on the chopping block. michelle: winter here is summer in the southern hemisphere. the weekend it soared above 117 in sydney. the hottest day since 1939. you know the exact opposite in new york city where j.f.k. airport trying to return to normal operations after a water main break at terminal 4 which happens to be one of the main international arrival points. that forced delays and cancellations. today the average delay is half an hour. needle in a haystack. >> i know! >> all the cold weather that hit the northeast. >> now is when the plumbers are really busy. we went below freezing on wednesday afternoon. we just came above
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the entire stretch. >> it feels gold. >> it does. so when it's freezing like that and the lines freeze, if they freeze, then they are frozen and it's fine. it's when they thaw you get problems. the plumbers will be slammed. >> the wintery mix. >> it's moving out. the temperatures are 35. that is a good thing. we are not dropping. the opposite. we are going up considerably. still a lot of places have freezing rain. if the ground is frozen it will freeze on contact. that is what freezing rain is. sleet is ice pellets. so if you can put your hand on it and get ice on your hand that is not freezing rain. freezing rain is liquid freezing on contact. but it's something we monitor closely to include the surface temperatures. send it back out live. you are up near leesburg right now. do you see any problems out
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there? josh: really haven't at this point. let me show you the road. we got off the toll road. working up north. i am getting rain drops but it's really sprinkles. there is not a lot going on for us. so far smooth sailing. the temperatures are colder here. we are at the freezing mark. even colder farther north to maryland. for now, back to you. bill: i'm not all that concerned with the roads because they are treated. it's more if you are walking around and you hit a sidewalk or a deck and you are not thinking about it and you slip and hurt yourself. it's 35. it's 45 to the south. i show you the winds. they are not that strong.
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green is the rain and the pink is a wintery mix. blue is radar. the last couple of runs in the last few hours is starting to tweak on over. calvert county and south is where it completely transitions to rain. the wintery weather advisory is up around 9:00. i think it will be pulled down. it will start to transition entirely to rain. the temperatures are holding where they are and maybe going up over the next few hours before they moderate. after midnight we dry out for everybody. a few clouds here and there. i won't expect the weather problems i
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rain, sleet or any of those things tomorrow. noticeable warmup on tap. so for us, graduate clearing tonight. slick roadways and the sidewalks mainly. 24 to 30 is the overnight range. tomorrow, it's for real? 45 degrees. 55 on thursday. we have possibility of hitting 60 by friday. out ahead i will say of another weather system dropping us down. thursday late for the next weather system to come through the area. that is quite the change. >> thank you. wild. >> investigation and the tell-all book is how 2018 starting out on the hill and the white house. will the focus shift to the policy? a look at what is done and needs to get
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ead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. change the course of your treatment. ask your doctor about victoza®. alison: when it comes to politics the focus can be on the drama. a controversial book about president trump and the white house is a prime example. but does it take our eyes off other criic
4:26 pm
should it? scott thuman explains from washington. >> there are violent ro test in iran, nuclear talks getting underway and heightened immigration debate. however -- >> the book repeatedly says -- >> the only person quoted in the book -- >> one of the claims -- scott: most of the talk is about the "fire and fury" writeup alleging unaware and unstable white house dominating in the media and the president social media. should the focus be elsewhere? >> in america it's not that big a deal. >> we are 11 days away from another potential government shutdown if congress can't pass a spending bill. >> the media has to give the public what they want. the fact is a lot of people
4:27 pm
and poll results than substance because substance is difficult. it's boring. they also have to cover what is being talked about in washington. this book is being talked about. >> the book's allegations are newsworthy to many, there are current events that some say should trump any trump sweet. >> that is not is subject the soap opera keeping from getting other things done but there is increase on spending and also looking at reauthorizing fiza. i'm scott thuman. nancy: the deep freeze hitting the university hard. michelle:
4:28 pm
classes aren't starting until next week. nancy: and the timeline for thousands of people in our area coming up. >> new at 5:00 tonight, just how much did all the disasters cost? the record breaking breakdown and what is at the top of the list when larry and i join you you might take something for your heart... your joints... and what is at the top of the list when larry and i join you or your digestion... so why wouldn't you take something for the most important part of you... your brain. with an ingredient originally found in jellyfish, prevagen is now the number one selling brain health supplement in drug stores nationwide. prevagen. the name to remember.
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sam: 4:30, back right now. i'm sam sweeney in mobiletrak7 to give you a live look at the roads. this is the onramp to 95. we are at inner loop at the beltway at the 495 interchange. keeping an eye on the roads. everything is dry. we are waiting for the system to move in. if you are out on the roads you will see salt trucks there on standby ready to street the roads once -- treat the roads once the weather moves in. bill kelly is tracking it all. when can we expect precipitation to begin? the next couple of hours. it's transitioning back to rain. we haven't been above freezing. >> a hard long stretch. we are looking here, this is a slush. bill: chesapeake beach. last week it was all liquid but now going through the time lapse you can se
4:32 pm
ice. not a great day to take the boat out. let me show you the overall big picture. sam was talking about how there is a lull. around the beltway there is a break. that extends west. the areas we are watching now are up north. the farther north you are, the colder your temperatures are. all the pink is the radar utilizing the polarization and it is able to see the type of precip in the sky. the pink is a wintery mix. sleet is out there. mixedmixed with the snowflakes higher up. it will get to the ground, most places are at or above freezing. we are not so concerned about the freezing rain. freezing rain is when it's raining. you can put a glass outside and capture rain. it's raining. not
4:33 pm
winter weather advisory at 9:00, up until 9:00 for the district north. with careful. i'm not concerned about the roads. but the sidewalks, the deck, stairs things that are not treated with the salt could be a problem. we'll break down a considerable warm-up. michelle: classes were supposed to start at howard volunteer today but the cold weather caused major problems with the pipes on campus. abc7 bureau chief sam ford reports classes won't resume until next week at the earliest. sam: we are outside alex one. one of the buildings where a pipe burst and the cleanup continues. the university announced it was postponing classes until 2:00 next week for undergraduate and graduate students because
4:34 pm
buildings like annex one and two have been closed because of the busted water pipe and the faculty and staff using them are told to telecommute from home or take a liberal leave. meanwhile there is still no heat in some of the dorms. some students got an e-mail when the classes resume. some stayed away. others came anyway. >> a couple of people got the e-mail and decided to stay home. they switched the bus tickets and all of that. sam: professional schools did begin classes today and ended them early because of the freezing rain. reporting from washington, i'm sam ford, abc7 news. >> and the recent cold weather is delaying the partial reopening of beach drive until next week. the national park service says the stretch between tilden and broad branch road will not reopen -- will no
4:35 pm
monday instead of today. the closure is part of a three year improvement project. >> don't let wintery weather catch you off-guard. download the weather app. get alert and access to the live radar feed based on the current location. michelle: the d.c. police tweeted picture of accidental marijuana bust. they say they want to talk to anyone who is expecting nine pounds of it. the fedex shipment went to the wrong home to a surprised recipient to called police over the weekend. there has been an arrest. nancy: we are learning today immigrants from el salvador could be eligible for being deported as soon as next year. a new decision says the temporary protected status will expire. we have new developments from the controversy white house decision. tom: it affects a lot of people. 200,000 salvadorans who are here with
4:36 pm
locally in maryland there is almost 20,000 estimated. in virginia 21,500. now some of the folks upset about the decision protested today outside the white house. the reason you have so many people outside the protected status, it has to do with the earthquakes that hit el salvador in 2001. they have changed a lot since 2001 and they don't need the temporary protected status anymore. the folks that came to the rally says el salvador is still a troubled place. a lot of folks now have kids who are citizens and it's not fair to make them go back to el salvador. >> i like them to pass a law to provide citizens. right now today it's breaking it. it's not fixing it. we want leaders who able to fix things. >> this is supposed to be temporary amnesty the
4:37 pm
the name of the status is temporary protected status. yet it keeps getting renewed. the d.c. area by some measures has more people affected by this than any other area of the country. coming up tonight at 5:00, you will hear from a whom is here and has an 8-year-old who is a citizen and not she is not sure what she will do. she only has until late next year to decide. reporting live outside the white house i'm tom roussey, abc7 news. nancy: thank you. business news. go-pro cutting staff by 20%. nearly one in five employees could be let go as the company has seen revenue drop by 35%. compared to a year ago. the company will undergro a complete restructuring eliminating the line of the drone. michelle: if your desk at home or at work
4:38 pm
now is a good time to clean it off. this is national clean off your desk day. not only will you be more organized or healthier. this is all fake. the desk was clean. i swear. nancy: that's what we are telling your mom. michelle: that your side. your side is messy. nancy: our mess together. michelle: next for us at abc7 news -- there it goes. spacex and the first launch of 2018. and it's top secret. we will tell you what we're learning about a payload next. nancy: the social media justice that st
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4:40 pm
4:41 pm
nancy: normally you hear a celebration for the launch but not the situation last night. michelle: this is carrying a top secret satellite code named zuma. all we know is it's in orbit but that is it. nancy: suspicious. michelle: is that an an acronym? we'll see. nancy: a woman in rhode
4:42 pm
caught on camera. she is picking up $100 bill she saw another woman drop on the floor. >> a boy witnessed it and she makes a educationture for him not to tell anything. but social media didn't stay quiet. the police identifieded her after posting the video on facebook and she is facing larceny charges. nancy: that did not work out as planned. michelle: quick thinking for the young boy. awesome. another step for robots taking over the world. are you looking forward to this? nancy: this robot in particular. michelle: cooking for you. we like that. team of italian engineers is trying to program arability to make pizza. nancy: if this is what the future has, i'm on board! the project is still in development but they are hoping to debut the robot at the naples pizza festival in 2019. we thought we'd have cars that fly in the future but instead we have the robots that make
4:43 pm
michelle: that looks good. still ahead for us. an exciting swimmer finishes the leg of the relay, looks over to the cheering section and sees this. >> my best friend were screaming at me to look down. michelle: what he saw and did next has rival coaches and parents calling the high school teen a hero. nathan: i'm nathan baca. taxpayers will be paying $400,000 to investigate the d.c. public schools. i will tell you what we aren't getting next at "abc7 news at 4:00". josh: i'm meteorologist josh knight. we are getting a look downtown. we just crossed over and things are still quiet here. keep an eye on radar and watch for the precipitation. we have the latest on what is
4:44 pm
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michelle: we now know how much allegation of grade fixing in a local high school will cost us. $390,000. nancy: a hefty amount. and nathan baca shows us
4:47 pm
we get and what we don't get for the money. nast we did obtain the contract -- nathan: we did obtain the contract. it's between the state office of superintendent and a d.c. accounting firm. some major take aways from the contract. it focuses almost exclusively on ballou high school. they are not paying auditors to conduct interviews with other schools. the "7 on your side" i-team interviewedded teachers at other schools claiming similar grade inflation. we learned the superintendent office expects the first draft of the report to be complete by this friday. and the budget it costs for the audit is $390,000. d.c. councilmember robert white says it is time for a different set of eyes on the case. michelle: nobody can let the pride or the politics get in the way of doing what is right. this is a situation where everybody has to take responsibility and do what's right for the students. that is why i think there has to
4:48 pm
investigation. certainly when the agency report comes out it will be met with skepticism. nathan: the office of the state superintendent says they will review district wide policies but repeat it will focus on ballou high school. we want to hear from you. if you concern about the d.c. schools that your children attend we will investigate if you send a tip to or call the hotline. michelle? michelle: all right. thank you. more than a dozen guns stolen in hanover, maryland. these are the only pictures, surveillance pictures that the camera captured at the hanover armory from yesterday morning. in all these guys got away with 13 rifles and handguns. the a.t.f. and the anne arundel police are investigating. nancy: prince george's county is investigating what it found to -- celebrating over a drop of violent crime. the trend has been a boost for the local eco
4:49 pm
>> this is the continuing evolution of a different strategy in policing. the strategic platform incorporates technology and on the street resources, community outreach. >> the county figures show a better than 6.5% drop in the overall violent drop in 2017. the seventh straight year that the rate dropped. in the seven years violent crime has been cut in half. there were 18 fewer murders in the county in 2017 compared to 2016. here is an interesting story. michigan teen seeking fast to rescue a rival. he had just finished a medley relay in the midst of the cheers noticed people trying to get his attention. that is because a swimmer from another school was unconscious near the bottom of the pool. so what did he do but jump right back in? >> my eyes were burning as i was doing this. lifted him up with
4:50 pm
raced to the surface with one arm. >> i didn't care if it was a rivalry or anything. i saw someone needing help. >> the swimmer he rescued is doing okay. he is home from if hospital and his mother says he may have breathing issues. but he is so lucky that xavier thought to jump in at that moment and thought so fast. seconds count in that situation. michelle: it does. the vantage point from where he was, he was best suited to help. he did. hats off to him. tonight a $5670 0 -- $560 million mystery unsolved. nancy: a winning powerball ticket winner has not been revealed. the store's owner is happy. he get
4:51 pm
selling a winning ticket. >> a lot of thoughts in my heads. phone calls and visits. this is a great feeling today. >> new hampshire seems to be a lucky state when it comes to power ball. this is the 11th jackpot win since joining powerball in 1995. i'm sure the winner is ready for the relatives where she hasn't heard from in years. >> that settles it. next time we have to make a trip to new hampshire. that is where the luck is. >> to the live desk. larry smith has a look at what is coming up at 5:00. larry: massive fine for maker on popular children toys and what the government says they should have done to protect your kid's privacy. and looking into what it would take to offer riders a refund? and tackling the worst season in years
4:52 pm
join you at 5:00. nancy: i know that feeling. michelle: sneezing and coughing and all of it. at least it was a little warmer. bill: the needle goes above 32. hmm. it's warm outside! let me show what is going on. i want to start you off with a view. we have clouds and we are tracking weather. rain and still dealing with the sleet to the north. temperatures hover around the freezing mark. gaithersburg is at 31. manassas is 32. chantilly at 32. martinsburg is 33. most of the area north is where it's cooler. you will drop south and it will warm. considerably warmer than it has been. lynchburg at 37. raleigh is 33. 35 in d.c. we have a wave that came through. brought sleet. talk about the freezing rain specifically, the sleet and rain and snow. but when you go out and you hear
4:53 pm
through the trees, that is the ice pellet coming down. that is not the freezing rain. we had sleet today. still dealing with some of that up north. green on the map to the wist. much warmer at today. breaking it down, you may want your umbrella handy. rain showers continue through the evening hours. once we get to midnight it's gone. the way i see it. we are dry tomorrow with the sunshine throughout the day. looking mild around the area. we will stop this at 11:00. we are at 35 degrees. we pause this around the morning and we are around freezing mark. dulles broke a weather yesterday morning down to 1 degree below zero. nowhere near that. tomorrow. by lunch we are in the 40's. mid-40's by the afternoon. we'll see some temperatures across virginia. temperatures in the 50's tomorrow. we go up from there.
4:54 pm
55-degree reading on thursday. 60 on friday. that is not a typo. there is another round of the arctic air dyeing in here for sunday and monday. but in the extended beyond the seven-day the temps will bounce back up by the midweek. not extended period of time. michelle: is there a focus on friday? bill: there it is. michelle: thank you. cosmetics marketed for preteens recalled. next, "7 on your side" with what was found in the sets sold at claire's stores around
4:55 pm
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johnson: augustine was looking over breakfast menu with grand daughter abbey. she had been to claire stores to return the makeup kit she bought the second grader for christmas. >> it really worried me. i didn't want her to have anything to do with it. >> the reason for concern is claire's recalling 17 items for possible asbestos contamination. lip gloss, glitter and kid's makeup kit. >> you protect your children and grand children. i read the mom had it tested and it had particle of asbestos in it, no. >> recalled in the days after christmas after a rhode island law firm claim the testing found asbestos in claire's products in the stores in nine different states. >> kathy
4:58 pm
alert in the store when she went back. >> we check, and we did not see recall notices either at the register or anywhere else. for its part, claire's says the safety of the customer is top priority. all the cosmetic to date are asbestos free. out of an abundance of caution, testing is underway. kathy wants to make sure others know about the recall. >> there are probably other little girls that got the same thing or something similar. >> all the makeup tested is safe but it will give refunds to any parent that purchased the kit's cosmetics. stop at a local store. if you have concerns so you don't waste your money. larry: right now at 5:00, chief meteorologist bill kelly is tracking a wintry mix. mobiletrak7 and stormwatch7 are on the -- stormtrak7 on the move. thousands of area immigrants hear news they have been dreading. >> it's real
4:59 pm
sad. larry: why their days in the u.s. is numbered. why the metro g.m. is in a giving mood and considering refunds. when your ride would be on them. >> now "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. >> right now 7 is on stormwatch7 with a winter weather alert. larry: the temperatures are rising. however the rain is falling freezing on contact. after weeks of cold weather. alison: we have team coverage of what could be a messy night out there. we begin with the stormwatch7's chief meteorologist bill kelly. bill: good evening. we are watching that closely because we have been freezing for so long, everything at the surface or a lot of stuff is freezing. so that is where i want to start. i want to start you out with temperatures. 34 in d.c. that is 32 of course. manassas and leesburg, andrew is above freezing. gaithersburg, frederick and the areas north are at or below freezing. so that is where
5:00 pm
problems. the national weather service, i can't imagine they leave it up until 9:00 but that is where it is now. pink is where we look at the potential for the sleet, the ice coming down. the cutoff line is around basically charles county over to call university county. a little bit more of that up north. when you go farther south, it turns into rain. that is what we are watching. there is more rain to come. i'm not so worried about the roads. as i am giving you the information if you are walking, if you're out and about walking, and maybe you are going to a restaurant. somewhere there is not salt on the sidewalk. that is where you slick and hurt yourself. a lot of roads are treated. we want to send it to sam sweeney to baltimore where it's colder. how are the roads where you are? >> right now the roads are great. take a live look. you can see mobiletrak7 we have the windshield wipers are. there is rain falling. the roads are wet. salt and treatment trucks up


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