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tv   World News Now  ABC  January 9, 2018 2:37am-3:00am EST

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mccartney to the hospital, but he did not sur environment. >> he took off after them. >> he had three young boys. he had been with the sheriff's department for three short year. he is the fourth law enforcement officer killed in the line of duty in 2018. denver. the russia investigation may soon lead to president trump coming face-to-face with special counsel robert mueller. abc has confirmed that mueller's office will likely request an interview with the president. mueller himself raised the possibility last month at a meeting with trump's attorneys. so far no details on the scope of the questions or a time frame. the president's daughter is the latest appraisal for winfrey's golden globes speech. despite speculation that winfrey could run for president, the #oprah 2020 went
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during her moving speech. backstage when oprah was told about the oprah 2020 hash tag she said i don't, i don't, when asked if she planned on running. this is what she told her long-time friend gayle king. >> have you narrowed down your short list of vp candidates? >> she's lost her mind. >> is no, i haven't. >> i was thinking of the show. people ask about it all the time. >> even i have been thinking the rules have changed. >> there will be no running for office of any kind for me. >> she can call up oprah and say what are you thinking. they asked stedman if she would run for president and he said it's up to the people. she would absolutely do it. and it's reported that she is actively thinking about running.
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discounting the upcoming series. donatella is slamming the crime story as an unauthorized work of fiction. versace was the object of obsession by andrew cunanan who was accused of going on a cross country murder spree killing four men and turn being ting th himself. 20th century fox is standing by the series. >> what were they thinking, with this controversial ad for h&m. it shows a black child in a hoodie that reads "coolest monkey in the jungle." monkey has long been used as a slur against african-americans.
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>> the weekend respond by ending his association with the company. he tweeted woke up this morning shocked and deep lly offend. >> nothing can go wrong. >> they don't even think's controversial in that meeting. for most of us, the word beach conjures up images of hot sun, warm sand, somebody putting sunscreen on my back and a pina colada. >> how many of us appreciate the sta beauty of the beach in maine. this of an ice skater along the shore was captured by pete lakosy in maine. >> he
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proof that every day is a beach day in maine. >> that's pretty. it's peaceful. >> is that true? i've been to maine. that water's cold. >> and the air is even colder. >> the water's cold in the middle of july. i can't imagine it in the middle of january. coming up, some of the coolest futuristic gadgets around and they're all in one place. we're checking out some of the highlights from the consumer electronics show in las vegas. and the crimson tide rolling over georgia in an overtime thriller. we're going to atlanta next. but first a look at today's forecast. "world news now" weather, brought to you by united health care. if you have medicare parts a and b and want more coverage. guess what? you could apply for a medicare supplement insurance an whenever you want. no enrollment window. no waiting to apply. that means now may be a great time to shop for an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan,
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(laughing) (colonial penn jingle) take a look at that excitement. that's scene in tuscaloosa after alabama's epic win over georgia to claim yet another college football title. >> they've been there before, but they're acting like they haven't. it's the fifth time in nine seasons alabama has won a national title. so you'd think fans might be used to it by now. >>
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thing. but monday's win over the bulldogs might be extra special. take a look. >> fires it in the end zone, touchdown! alabama wins! the crimson tide will not be denied! alabama, nick saban, where he is talking to bear with his sixth national championship. >> was that a good game or what? >> a great win, man, i'm so happy for alabama fans. great for our players. unbelievable. >> it's the best thing this the world, man. >> we are built for this. we work for this all day, every day, every day, roll tide! roll tide! >> roll tide! >> roll tide! >> this moment, it means the world. but at the same time, i mean, all glory goes to god, you know, i can't describe what
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for me and my family, you know. who would have ever thought i'd have been here right now on this moment. so thank god for that. i'd just like to thank my teammates and coach saban for giving me an opportunity. >> great men on this team. and i'm really, really proud of this team for what they did tonight. >> what were your emotions as you watched the ball fly through the air? >> i couldn't believe it. could i not believe it. >> did you now touchdown? >> i know seattle, and when i saw smitty come open on the other side, i said this is it. >> it was crazy, man. i did it. >> it's like the happiest moment of your life. it is for me. it is. >> i'm just happy for all these folks here. i'm happy for all these folks. happy for our players. this is a great win for our players, and i've never been happier in my life. never, never. >> it's all i need to say,
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the champions. >> enough said, right there. >> enough said. we'll be right back. ♪ sweet home alabama fast acting zzzquil liquicaps help you fall asleep fast, like stop staring at the clock fast, like stop worrying about your boss fast, like wow, you're already asleep fast. when life keeps you up... zzzquil helps you fall asleep in as little as 20 minutes.
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♪ mr. roboto ♪ >> we've been talking about super bowl and football. >> yes. >> this is the super bowl for technology. ces. anybody who wants to see cutting edge technology and gadgets, they go here. >> so that are it-- so far it's been about smart tv, but there is more than creature comforts. >> reporter: this is called the air band. it's about the size of an apple watch and it can detect pollutions and toxins in the environment real time. this is a bottle of ammonia. many people in their household products will have ammonia. if we open this bottle we close the ammonia in with the device, here
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time, and this is something expectant mothers would want to know about, families would want to know about, schools, hospitals would want to know about. you can see in real time the toxins and pollution in the environment, right here. you see the yellow right here? that is the area surrounding where we are, the green is the area outside. the yellow indicates that there are more toxins in our environment, and right here you can see that ammonia right there. the yellow line that starts rising, that is the ammonia as it rises in this environment and becomes less safe for us to be in. the robotics team is here from france, you can show us how he dances if you'd like. so he can do everything from tell us the weather at least he could a few minutes ago, from telling the weather, to dancing, to telling us a joke. it's going to come out later this year in september. hopefully he'll be ready to go by september. >> exactly. >> reporter: they're marketing
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to senior citizens, the elderly, he can dance. here he is. he's dancing. go buddy. it's your birthday. go sit in the corner, buddy. ♪ buddy will come out later this year for $1500 of the one of . e one of the things that we don't have at ces are a number of women keynote speakers. there has been this #ces so male, yes. they've taken buddy out of picture, but there are so many women here behind all these incredible products. we would love to see women like the air o the air owe noss women. there's this #ces so male because we haven't seen female
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>> i used to attend ces, and it used to be one of the weird easeas east -- weirdest, weirdest conventions. would you have the adult porn convention at the same time. >> which one were you at?
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lance try align probiotic. your digestive system? for a non-stop, sweet treat goodness, hold on to your tiara kind of day. get 24/7 digestive support, with align. the #1 doctor recommended probiotic brand. also in kids chewables. ♪ so this happened. >> this happened. >> what happened? >> lots of things happened. this happens frequently, a car chase in california. this with an atv. you'd think in a car race like this, the atv's only benefit would be that it can go offroading, all terrain. >> he stayed on the road. but it wasn't the smartest choice for an all-terrain vehicle, and then when he does decide to go all-terrain, things didn't work out the way he was expecting. >> what happened? >> oh,
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>> no! ah. >> he was getting pulled over for not wearing proper safety gear. >> but i appreciate his mexican pride, that he had the flag going the entire time on the atv. >> no matter what, we will show our pride. he wasn't hurt by the way. >> oh, okay. but i assume he was taken into custody. >> he was. police say only his pride was hurt. speaking of somebody whose pride was not too hurt, because it has worked out for shia yearwood in north carolina. here's her mug shot. >> a fabulous mug shot. >> that is like malaysian hair. that is not just the stuff you get down the street. so they posted her mug shot, and it was so popular that she has actually got and lot of people hitting her up for business. she's a hairstylist. she was arrested for violating a domestic protective order last week and since then there
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retweeted the photo and she's got and lot of calls. >> when life gives you mug shots, you turn it into a business. is that a thing? >> turn it into a business. we have to say her hair's on point. those braids are on point, so -- >> nice work. this one hits a little close for me. as you know, reporters get sent into the field in crazy situations. this reporter from the bbc got sent inside a lemur enclosure. they're wiley little creatures. the poor guy doesn't know where to go. they're crawling all over him. they start biting his fingers. i love that he's trying to keep a straight face. >> are they usually this nasty? >> funny you should ask. yes, i, too, was once sent to cover lemurs. this was ryan the lemur. he was very friendly.
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>> really? >> he scented on me. >> doesn't that mean something? >> it does. it does. my arm was wet and --
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now," rolling to another title. >> college football's biggest night. the president on the field. how nick saban's gutsy call to replace his quarterback paid off. and overnight, after years of tenses, north and south korea are talking face-to-face, shaking hands even, making plans for february. it is the month for valentine's day, but they're planning to head to the olympics together and beyond. we'll tell you more. and is oprah running in 2020? what her long-time partner reportedly said about after the golden globe, that making so many people wonder if


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