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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  January 9, 2018 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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brad bell is live outside one discovery place. brad? brad: this is the big discovery building. if you haven't seen it, it is huge. it takes up a city block. the lobby is a museum and the old motorcycles from the hit show "orange county choppers" from some years back. all of this now is going away. a business decision as discovery takes over the scripts networks. discovery employees heading to lunch today declined to speak on camera. a few acknowledged privately it was hard to hear. the closure of the network headquarters in silver spring. many will have to move to new york or tennessee. some fear the loss of jobs. but a discovery executive says with the coming takeover of the fellow cable giant something had to give. they wanted to give 1,300 employees he
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community as much notice as possible. >> we want to err on the side of transparency and honesty and give folks as many tame to plan to think about their own personal consideration, the own family and careers. once the deal closes, a couple of months we will figure out who will go where. >> within months the operations begin to shift out of one discovery place. after a year, the building will be put up for sale. painful news for silver spring. discovery was an anchor for the community rebirth over the last 15 years. >> they brought activity, restaurants open up here because they were here. a lot of bars. >> ike leggett said he fought to keep discovery but now looks to fill the void. >> we have plans to replace that but the challenge is it won't be done overnight. >> the residents too,, say they hope the city is strong enough to absorb the hit. >> silver spring is here
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stay. >> so it seems like a lot of people is leaving and a sure thing that the building is closing. the discovery company says they will be keeping some people here in maryland as well as at the facility in northern virginia. still trying to work out all the details. but yeah, the for sale sign will be going up on the building in a year or a year and a half. in silver spring, brad bell, abc7 news. michelle: a close call. chilling reminder. why many school systems decide to play it safe with the school delays and the closings. the school bus hit anizesy spot and sliding off -- hit an icy spot and slid off embankment nearly. the school aide and a driver were on board and us caped unharmed. the driver told john gonzalez by the time he felt the bus sliding there was nothing he could do. seeing images like those and this shot from skytrak7 of a
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hard to believe we hit 50 degrees today. the warmup couldn't come at a better time. george washington hospital told "7 on your side" it treated more than 50 people who slipped on the ice since sunday. how long will the warmup continue? chief meteorologist bill kelly is tracking that for us. bill: good evening. to answer that question through the end of the week and not only where they were today, 51 in d.c. 50 in leesburg. the temperatures are going up. they will go warmer than that. out the door tonight we are watching the temperatures with the generally clear skies start to fall. 45 in d.c. that is not bad. 32 in manassas already. some of you are at the freezing mark already. but there are no winter weather alerts in the area. just a few clouds passing by. quiet evening. temperatures will drop. everybody is below freezing. we will get to the upper 20's in some of the warmer spots.
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low 20's. a lot of the ice there melted. then some of that and there shouldn't be a ton tomorrow. nancy: see you in a few minute. the problem of the burst pipes is not going away. take a look from inside the courthouse now closed while crews repair a burst water pipe. officials are hoping to reopen in the morking. there was a burst pipe in electrical room making it unsafe for students until it's repaired. michelle: six people are dead after flash floods unleashed mudslide in southern california. the ebree roared downhill charred by the recent wildfires. sweeping away several homes. most residents didn't listen to the evacuation warnings.
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nancy: it has been four months since fire ripped through this home. now it's demolished with the bunkers beneath it. kevin lewis is following this. there are still a lot of unanswered questions here. chief among them where is the homeowner daniel we beckwith? the tunnels come all the way to the street where we are standing now. a collapse is what everyone is most fearful of. this was always an interesting house to walk by. >> eyesore since fire overtook it in september. firefighters discovered a man made maze of the tunnels, wires and the chemicals below to foundation. homeowner daniel beckwithescaped alive. but the
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of silver spring did not. >> he was homeschooled and he didn't get out a lot. >> lundberg grew up a few doors down from beckwithand he was not surprised to hear they told beckwith to hire demolition crew. the extensive network of the tunneling and the bunkers that caused collapse risk to the structure and the property on which it sits. it highlighted hoarding, human excement and waste from the gallons of waters that the firefighters sprayed on the structure. >> i don't see how the house can keep standing there. >> now curious about what the tunnels and the bunkers look like and where beckwith is living now. >> i don't think he had anything sinister. i think he was just a wacky idea from a
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person. >> beckwith's father had parkinson's dal and lives in a community. and his mother died of cancer years ago and the montgomery county has not set deadline for the demolition but the folks want the house down as soon as possible. live in bethesda, kevin lewis, abc7 news. >> a teacher hauled away in handcuffs for asking a question. what she wanted to know next at "abc7 news at 6:00".
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michelle: crime alert after a robbery on camera in hagerstown. stop and take a look. you see the thief with a long gun pointed at the cashier's neck. this was inside the pilot travel center on green castle pike. the clerk was not hurt. nancy: they hope you will burglar. on new year's day he broke in chipotle and cooked a pan on the spicy pulled beef and sat down to eat it washed down with apple juice. he was discovered ho
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to open up in morning but he ran away and yet to be caught. michelle: now to this shocking video caught on video here. teacher arrested after this. she was asking a question about the superintendent's pay raise at a school board meeting in louisiana. the teacher was told she couldn't ask questions during public comment. so when she tried to ask another question, a marshal escorted her outside. that is when this happened. >> what are you doing? what are you doing? >> can you explain? >> stop resisting. >> i am not. you just pushed me to the floor. michelle: again, it started with a teacher asking a question. the teacher was not charged. an investigation into how things were handled is now underway. nancy: the new york city police officers union says the body camera footage should not be released without a court
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the union arguing the practice violates officer's disciplinary records. michelle: still ahead, up in smoke? the response to claims a top secret spy satellite burned up in launch. nancy: first, though, a man who plowed a truck through a tv station front door is
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nancy: this is the entrance of abc in baltimore and tonight we learned that the driver apologized. michelle: and we learn what led to the moments. the service from the digital partner circa explains that and what he is doing now. >> it has been nearly four years since a truck rammed through the lobby of a baltimore television station. it was may 2014 when the swat team scrambled in place and the tv news reporters stood outside they became the news themselves. >> the first thing that went through my mind this isn't happening. the second thing tht
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happening. the third thing that went through my mind, this is happening. this is real. >> now we get a since of why the man stormed the affiliate screaming "i am god" did what he did. in a twitter rant, a man identifying himselfs a baptiste explained what led him to the station. there were what looseiation, family arguments -- hallucinations and family arguments. he said if i can get in the tv station i can expose people trying to cause me harm and harm to others and i thought i'd close a multi-verse where people get hurt. he admits i was so far gone. >> the individual was ranting and raving and incon helicopter statements. it was clear that we were dealing with a disturbed subject. >> he was tried, found guilty on the two counts of felony assault and served no jail time. we discovered he served one year and nine months in a maryland
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before prosecutors tell us he was moved to a residential rehab program in 2016. the start of 2018, he is looking for forgiveness tweeting my utmost apology to abc2 news and the employees. the station told us it would rather not comment on the apology. joce sterman for circa. back to you. nancy: thank you. reports tonight that a successful rocket launch sunday night ended in a catastrophic fall your. -- catastrophic failure. they are saying it never separated and it burned up in the atmosphere. spacex denied that saying the rockets worked properly but the builder of the rocket cannot comment on a classified mission. michelle: a new proposal to save money. new documents say silver line maintenance could be outsourced to private companies. in two years the trains will travel 23 miles further down the silver line and cost million to
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under the current rules they the use nonunion on new section of track. it's causing tension with the union. right now the metro is soliciting the companies to see how low the price could be. nancy: update to chaotic scene on video. this is what it looked like yesterday. the school system says this is a walkway to connect the two part of the school and no classrooms were affected. the school did open today on two-hour delay. michelle: now some must-see video that is absolutely a case of don't try this. viewers share the video with us on a creek in stafford. the water is a couple feet deep. a reminder of the
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ice. two girls riding saucers down snowy hills in the carolina and they went on a frozen creek and they crashed through the ice. the girls managed to hang on to the ice and tread water until the firefighters pulled them to safety. you want to have a good time but you have to stay safe. that is something we stress so much. nancy: with the ice melting now we have seen so many people walking around. even the reflecting pool at the lincoln memorial this past weekend. bill: a quick rebound in the temperatures. we went five days in a row with temperature below freezing. sunday is considerably below. now we are 50's today. by friday we are in the mid-60's. the ice is tough. mother nature that plus sunlight. the story tonight is that. the temperatures. how quickly we are rebounding. 45 degrees is the number. down 6 from the high today. in the low 50's. it just felt different. even in the morning. i walked outside i
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mid-30's. it's a different feel to it. not the biting, the stinging cold. the winds are pretty light. 3 miles per hour now. so not much of a wind chill factor. the temperatures are starting to drop. down to 35 around dulles. 38 for bethesda. gaithersburg at 44. we have mid-40's here around the district. across the area. there is a freezing temperature for folks on manassas. right at 32. the culpeper is 32. the shenandoah valley widespread in the 30's. you have that in the southern maryland. i see everybody below freezing tonight. just a few clouds floating on by. there are no weather related problems other than it's cold. focus on temperatures. stop this at 10:00. at that time, generally speaking we should all be at or below the freezing mark. we will go through the overnight hours. 7:00 in the morning the temperatures are sub freezing. in the 22 to 28-degree range around the region. 27 in leonard-up to and annapolis at 27. ice, out there. this
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glaze of the ice because we had rain yesterday. obviously with the temperatures in the low 50's a lot of that melted. most of the water, the liquid should have evaporated with as dry as it was today. but some isolated pockets could have had a little bit there in the the shaded spots. generally, you shouldn't deal with that on a wide scale. at 10:00 in the morning most numbers of the or above freezing mark. at 12:00 noon we will see 40's. in the afternoon we are in the mid-40's in the area. seasonable day. normal 43. we will be there. a few degrees above that. back to 30's by this time tomorrow night. it goes back up. 55 on thursday. watching a weather system to kick the winds up. the winds that draw up the number on friday. 48 on friday. 63 degrees. if you go out now. the low is warmer than outside currently. we will go 52. saturday morning. the temperature
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day. another front works through the area. sunday and monday. back to chilly. in the extended, robert, we look ahead beyond the seven-day forecast and the temperatures will bounce back up by midweek. robert: love it. thanks. caps go for a perfect ten at home. plus he is back. but does jon gruden have what
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robert: the caps are hot. they won nine straight at home and tonight they host the struggling vancouver canucks team. but close games standing out. they won five of the last seven overtime games and we will see the game throughout the playoffs. it's good they are pulling through the games now. it's good practice for later. this is win or two-goal games and this will help us out down the stretch. robert: jon gruden back with the raiders. ten-year deal worth $100 million. it's been a while since he had been on the sideline and instead he has been in the booth for monday night football. so in a way he is starting back from ground
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i have a lot to prove. i haven't won a game since 2008. i haven't lost any either. i want to keep it in perspective. the game is decided by players between the lines. we all have to adapt. >> if you wonder or care, the ball combined for 20 points in the lithuanian debut. >> the ball brothers. >> and the father is somewhere involved. >> leave him out. goods night to head out for dinner? bill: i think so. light jacket. you won't need a parka. in the upper 30's to the low 40's. a couple of you are down near freezing. tomorrow dry, 44. we are talking how we like that to start friday temperature there. it will feel nice. rain on friday. you want the umbrella. it's the form of rain. not snow or ice. >> thank you. "world news tonight" with david mu
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tonight, several dropping stories as we come on the air. the deadly mudslides. we're on the scene right now. houses and cars swept away in california. the death toll growing tonight. a 14-year-old pulled from the mud alive. president trump just days after the book "fire and fury," the author claiming white house insiders told him the president does not read, does not listen. today, the president spending 55 minutes on live television, negotiating on immigration, the dreamers and his wall. and what the president said today when asked if he would beat oprah in 2020. the major development involving the dossier about donald trump and russia.


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