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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  January 10, 2018 7:00am-8:59am EST

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good morning, america. search for survivors. rescue crews desperately trying to find loved ones trapped in those deadly mudslides in california. knocking homes off their foundations, shutting down 30 miles of this highway and the moments of hope. a mother and her newborn found by this crew airlifted to safety. breaking overnight, a judge blocks president trump's plan to roll back protections for d.r.e.a.m.ers after that unprecedented meeting. the president with leaders from both parties on live tv trying to negotiate an immigration deal. >> i'll take all the heat you want to give me.
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>> plus, what the president said about going head-to-head with oprah. james franco under fire. overnight the actor taking on those sexual misconduct allegations coming on the heels of his big win at the golden globes. and breaking news about serena williams and her secret health battle. what the tennis superstar and new mom is revealing first on "gma" this morning. and good morning, america. what a devastating scene in southern california right now. let's look at those pictures. there you see the destruction, fires then floods in those neighborhoods causing so much destruction, search and rescue operations are under way for some survivors, it is a difficult situation. >> very devastating. before and after pictures show just how serious the damage is. the roads and highways, you see there, completely caked with thick mud, c
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completely destroyed. >> so here is what we know right now. at least 13 people are dead, 20 injured. many are missing and most of montecito is without power on drinkable water. our senior national correspondent matt gutman is on the ground, has the latest for us. good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning, robin. the biggest concern this morning in this destruction that's almost hard to wrap your head around is for those two dozen missing and a sense of why hope is dimming for them. the mud here is about six feet to seven feet high. what they are going through, the consistency of concrete and using this wide shot. a sense of the power of the water able to move boulders the size of large trucks throwing them down this street. there are multiple streets that look like this. obliterating homes in the middle of the night while so many people were sleeping. this morning, that first glimpse from the sky, multimillion dollar mansions
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by that sea of mud and giant boulders. in some places it was so deep, only the chimneys poked through. and now a desperate search for the two dozen missing in debris flows so violent it ripped homes from their foundations and left gas fires burning well into the night. >> the only words i can think of to describe what it looked like it looked like a world war one battlefield. >> reporter: the coast guard rushing to rescue a family of five. rescuers carefully placed the mother and baby in a basket and lift a child up to the roof away from the churning sludge. they even managed to save the family dog. the view from the air showing mud and debris besieging roadways, chunks of homes heaved downriver and ensnared by those eucalyptus trees. >> we couldn't get out in time basically is what happened. we were digging trenches around the house and then the floods came and then the fire started last night. >> reporter: crews on the ground using dogs to sniff out the dead
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14-year-old lauren canton miraculously pulled from a pile of rubble coated in mud but alive. she's now recovering in a hospital. but her father and brother are believed to be missing. overnight we walked through a wasteland that just a day earlier had been one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in america home to oprah, ellen and gigi hadid. oprah posting this video of a blazing gas fire seen from her backyard writing, what a day. praying for our community in santa barbara. none of the boulders that you see here in this field of boulders was here 12 hours ago. they have literally submerged entire homes. you can see the chimney poking through. it was there we brought robert riskein. >> there is no one searching now. i know they searched the houses but i don't get the sense that anyone looked downstream art light was fading as was his hope of finding his mot
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>> we've been searching and calling and just hope that she's -- it was fast and she's not hurting. >> reporter: the violence of those triggering an exodus. >> you're going to follow my treads. you got six to eight, 12 inches of mud out there. >> reporter: hundreds would evacuate going south, not an option because the 101 freeway was hacked up by those debris flows. a 30-mile section still closed. now, this morning officials tell me that they haven't even begun to do a damage assessment. what they're going to do this morning is go again house to house to ensure that nobody is inside but the greatest concern is because this mud is so deep and that debris flow was so powerful that so many of the victims have been swept downstream. now the other major problem is we mentioned that highway, the 101, it is still closed which has been hampering the efforts of rescuers to get here. they can't bring a
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excavator to clear the debris. >> my gosh, just seeing those pictures, thank you. the rain has stopped but the worst may not be over. there are new concerns about flooding as all that water overwhelmed systems that were put in place to protect neighborhoods. kayna whitworth is seeing the consequences firsthand in burbank this morning. good morning, kayna. >> reporter: yeah, we sure are, michael. good morning to you and i want to show you the power of these floodwaters and mudslides, these cars were sent rushing down the road mud almost up to the windows and if you continue to walk with me, there's another car here unrecognizable totally mangled by the tree. firefighters don't want us to go up the road any further into this neighborhood. residents this this area are under a mandatory evacuation order but if we send you above with our drone, you can actually see all of the runoff, the mud and water busting through those gates right there. now, we spoke with a homeowner who said that he got the
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five minutes later there was a six-foot wall of water rushing down his street. michael. >> and, kayna, these waters may be too powerful for debris basin at the base of the hills. is that correct? >> reporter: michael, that's exactly right. so, yes, that's exactly right. the debris basins are set up to catch just that. debris. they're much smaller than daniels which are meant to retain water so with all of this rain, authorities are concerned that the debris basin up in these hills right here might not hold. and if it breaks it would be absolutely mayhem for everyone in this neighborhood. michael. >> all right, thank you so much, kayna. george. >> that area is so vulnerable. we move on to washington and major developments on immigration in the fate of the d.r.e.a.m.ers, those 800,000 young people who were brought here as children by undocumented parents. overnight a judge blocked president trump's plan to roll back protections for the d.r.e.a.m.ers, a decision that came on the heels of that extraordinary scene at the white house when president tr
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negotiate a deal. >> i feel having the democrats in with us is absolutely vital because this should be a bipartisan bill. this should be a bill of love, truly should be a bill of love and we can do that. but it also has to be a bill where we're able to secure our borders. >> reporter: new phrase, bill of love. let's break it down with our chief white house correspondent jon karl and senior congressional correspondent mary bruce. >> you were in that room when the president called the audible to have the cameras come in. trying to push them to come to a deal then you have this new twist overnight the judge blocking the president's plan on the d.r.e.a.m.ers. >> reporter: right, and, george, that judge's decision looks like good news for the d.r.e.a.m.ers. the president's plan to phase it out by march 5th is in question but there is a potential downside here, george. nothing forces congress to act like a looming deadline. that march 5th deadline was why you saw this meeting happen here at the white h
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with that deadline now temporarily at least in question, it may relieve some of the pressure on congress to act now. >> mary, we also saw yesterday some of the perils of negotiating on live television. want to show the president answering a question from democratic senator dianne feinstein of california. >> what about a clean daca bill now with a commitment that we go into a comprehensive immigration reform procedure like we did back when kennedy was here? >> i have no problem. i think that's basically what dick is saying. we're going to come out with daca and do daca then we can start immediately on the phase two which would be comprehensive. >> would you be agreeable to that. >> yeah, i would like to -- >> mr. president, you need to be clear. i think what senator feinstein is asking what we talk about daca we don't want to be back here two years later. you have to have security. >> i think that's what she's saying. >> mary, you see the republicans kind of alarmed there when the president seemed to give the democratic senator dianne feinstein exactly what she
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in the details but i know there's some optimism on capitol hill that they actually can come to agreement left to their own devices. >> reporter: yeah, the president there surprising many when he did side with the democrats and, look, the president is insisting his wall has to be part of any deal here but a lot of this may come down to what exactly a wall looks like. as you heard there, republicans want any deal to protect d.r.e.a.m.ers to also include broader border security while democrats say let's tackle d.r.e.a.m.ers first and then move on to those broader reforms, the bottom line, george, is that this morning there is still no deal. though there is some progress and the president has put all of this in congress' court and says ultimately he'll sign whatever lawmakers here can agree to. >> yeah, the president did back away from that idea of a nationwide 2,000-mile wall. on another subject steve bannon, the fallout from "fire and fury" continues, he's been let go from breitbart which was his last perch after leaving the white house. >> reporter: it was.
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he suggested that he would be even more influential, more powerful as an outside advocate for trump's priorities. but the president has made it clear to all of his allies inside and outside of the white house that they have to make a choice, it's either him or it's steve bannon. they have chosen the president, bannon now will have a very hard time having influence losing that perch. >> you've got a bannon type candidate in the form of joe arpaio out in arizona pardoned by president trump out there making a real challenge in that senate race. >> reporter: this is a huge shake-up in what is becoming a very crowded arizona senate race. joe arpaio is a lightning rod of a figure known for his hard line stance on immigration, once convicted for defying a court order to stop racial profiling, president trump did make that controversial move to pardon him but the white house now is not commenting on his move to enter this race if a lot going on in d.c., mary and jon, thanks very much. >> a lot indeed. the political world is still buzzing about the prospect of oprah winfrey running for president. oprah 2020 too
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after her inspiring speech at the golden globes and now president trump is weighing in on the challenge. let's get the latest from our senior white house correspondent cecilia vega. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: hey, robin. good morning to you. he certainly is weighing. will she? won't she? that's the question. now, oprah's longtime friend gayle says she is considering -- she is intrigued but does not believe at this point she's considering a run. oprah winfrey versus president trump? he has a prediction. >> yeah, oprah would be a lot of fun. i don't think she's going to run. i know her very well. >> reporter: they do go way back. in 1988 oprah asked if he'd ever run for president. >> i just don't think i really have the inclination to do it. i love what i'm doing. >> also it doesn't pay as well. >> reporter: and about a decade later he named his possible vp pick. >> oprah, i love oprah. oprah would always be my first choice. >> reporter: white house aides
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prospect. having been on the campaign of a political outsider what advice would you give a political outsider like oprah who seems intrigued about the idea of running. >> i won't focus on anyone's campaign other than president trump's re-election. >> is she qualified? >> look, i disagree very much on her policies. is she a successful individual? absolutely. but in terms of where she stands on a number of positions, i would find a lot of problems with that. >> reporter: press secretary sarah sanders didn't specify which policies, but oprah has championed stronger background checks on gun purchases and a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. >> it's possible to both enforce our laws and at the same time embrace the words on the statue of liberty that have welcomed generations of huddled masses to our shores. >> reporter: she donated more than $100,000 to democratic causes and candidates. >> barack obama. >> reporter: and endorsed barack
7:14 am
obama and hillary clinton. >> do you like democracy or do you want a demagogue? >> reporter: as for her own foray into politics a few months ago she made it clear. >> there will be no running of office for any kind for me. >> reporter: already having a field day with the idea of a oprah ticket. can she run or just name the white house one of her favorite things, stephen colbert asked. you get a white house. you get a white house. >> all right, cecilia, thank you. michael. >> thank you, robin. to you to new concerns about the flu which could soon reach epidemic levels. experts are very concerned about the strain that's spreading this year and abc's gio benitez has the latest. >> reporter: this morning, emergency rooms across the nation filling up. the rate of flu hospitalizations doubling in just one week according to the cdc. in one of the worst seasons in recent history. sending americans like paul paris to the doctor with symptoms like high fever, severe chills and muscle aches.
7:15 am
like to my bones. >> reporter: the cdc says this year's dominant strain h3n2 is known to be especially dangerous making its victims much sicker much more quickly than other types of flu. >> historically it's been associated with higher instance of mortality, both in the elderly pop laying and in the very young population. >> reporter: some public health officials fear this is just the beginning. california already hit especially hard with 124 deaths across san diego and los angeles counties alone. >> in terms of where we go from here, there is a little bit of unpredictability in flu activity. >> reporter: and we're live now here at mt. sinai hospital in new york. one thing they're doing here for very sick patients admitted to the hospital, they might want to do a dna test to see what kind of flu they have. so i want to show you this. this is actually one of those dna test, a swab, a nose swab and gives them the result in about an
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>> all right, thank you very much for that, gio. for more we're joined by dr. daniel b. jernigan from the influenza division of the cdc. thanks for joining us. you say the cdc hates this strain of the flu. why is it so bad and i guess the other question why is there such a big surge of it right now? >> yeah, there's a couple things here. at cdc we monitor influenza very carefully. what we're seeing this year the influenza season started earlier and seems to be peaking right about now and so that's about a month earlier than it normally would be peaking and so lots of cases happening in lots of states all at the same time and so that's what i think people are feeling right now. >> we're getting a lot of questions from our viewers and most of the questions end up like this at the end, is it true that the shot is only about 10% effective this year and if that is true, why is that? >> well, i think we need to take a step back and say this year the cases we're seeing like you
7:17 am
is a virus that whenever it shows up, it causes lots of disease, lots of hospitalizations, lots of cases and lots of deaths and we know that the influenza vaccine is the best way to prevent but in this season it is not as effective as it is for the other viruses that circulate so the 10% is a very low estimate that came out of australia over their season last summer. the same kind of virus that we had last year was around 30%, 33% effective for the h3 component and more effective for the other parts of the vaccine trying to prevent the other flus circulating. >> so even though it doesn't prevent the flu it could make it a little bit less severe if someone were to get the flu and why is this strain, why is there such a big surge of it right now this year? >> well, there's a lot of reasons for that. it may be that some of the weather has something to do with it. the virus was able to start circulating in time so that when folks went home for thanksgiving or they went home for christmas they were
7:18 am
the folks that they're with and because of that it's able to circulate quickly but we know this particular virus does cause more cases and it can be more severe. >> all right, dr. jernigan, thank you very much for that. robin. >> all right. thank you, michael. let's get down to ginger and looking at that picture behind you is something else. >> that storm is moving east and ahead of it we have all this mild air this. is new york city, a chunk of ice fell off of a building and smashed that car so there are repercussions to dancing in the street because it's over 32 degrees. that is for sure. there will be when this storm starts to move out of the rockies today from kansas through iowa, nebraska and minnesota you'll pick up snow then into the ohio river valley friday night.
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bulk of the rain friday - tumbling temperatures saturday - back to the cold this weekend through early next week today: partly to mostly cloudy. seasonable. highs: 43-46 winds: s 5 mph tonight: mostly cloudy. patchy fog. lows: 31-35 winds: se 5 mph to calm thursday: mostly cloudy and milder. showers possible late. highs: 51-55 winds: s 5 mph coming up, james franco facing that firestorm. what the actor said overnight about sexual misconduct allegations. and tom brady like you've never seen him before. what life is like for him off the field. at home with his kids and wife gisele.
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r. (alarm stops) belvita breakfast biscuits. flavors like delicious blueberry or decadent chocolate, gently baked in a tasty biscuit. (alarm ringing) belvita breakfast biscuits. it's time to taste the day. >> 7's on your side with live, local news from "good morning washington." larry: i'm larry smith following breaking news overnight in the district. while you were sleeping -- a police cruiser stolen and crashed in southeast. police say a man took the cruiser and led police on a chase down pennsylvania avenue. it crashed into other police vehicles a few blocks away near g and 3rd streets. two officers are hospitalized with nonlife-threatening injuries. classes are cancelled at george washington middle school in alexandria for a second straight day today because of a burst pipe. parents also tell us their kids have been complaining about cold classrooms. george washington is one of at least three alexandria schools dealing with heating problems. school system officials bme
7:24 am
aging infrastructure, but say they are working to fix those issues. but again, no school today. we'll get a check on weather and traffic coming up after the break.
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eileen: 7:25, and wow, what a beautiful looking start to the day t. is cold. grab the coat heading out the door. we're in the 20's area-wide. 31 degrees downtown. seasonable day for us with partly to mostly cloudy skies, 44. tomorrow, 55, late evening showers. rainy on friday. the rain wraps up early saturday morning. 53 in the morning. then temperatures fall, and julie, 30's return sunday through early next week. julie: all right, troubles right now traveling from virginia into maryland. a crash right here at the american will he george bridge. sky track 7 above the scene. for those coming north from 66 trying to get past tysons, you pass the scene usi
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up to 270. the outer loop leaving among county, rubbernecking delays from 270. larry: julie, thanks. stay with us here. get traffic, weather and news updates any time on the abc 7 app.
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yeeeeaaaahhh! uh oh...a painful sore throat? not now. take cépacol instamax. look! unlike regular cough drops it contains 2 max strength pain relievers and cools in seconds. bye bye sore throat. take cépacol instamax. welcome back to "gma" and that is the moment, see right there, tonya harding did something no american had ever done before, landing a triple axel. now, nearly 25 years later she's going one-on-one with amy in an exclusive interview and what she's saying about that moment and what came next. i can't wait to hear this. >> i remember watching that moment when it happened and her reaction to it. >> did you try it in the living room? >> no. they couldn't even re-create it in the movie they couldn't re-create it. they had to cgi. >> the other stories we're following. rescue crews are simpsoning for survivors in those deadly ca
7:31 am
20 others injured. president trump trying to make a deal on immigration. he sat down with members of both parties. pretty unusual meeting on live television and overnight a judge blocked his plan to roll back protections for d.r.e.a.m.ers and we have some brand-new images of kate middleton just in expecting a baby attending an important event for kids to celebrate her 36th birthday. we'll have more on that coming up. we begin this half hour with that firestorm for james franco, the golden globe winning actor responding to sexual misconduct allegations overnight. abc's diane macedo is here with those details. good morning, diane. >> good morning. after winning a best actor award at the golden globes the actor is now facing several allegations that he says what's on twitter is inaccurate but he also says alleged victims should continue to speak out. the week started with james franco wearing a time's up pin receiving the top prize for his film "disaster artist" at the
7:32 am
>> taught me to be a better director, more responsible person, thank you. >> reporter: but overnight the 39-year-old found himself in the hot seat facing questions about sexual misconduct accusations. >> i can't -- i can't -- the way i live my life, i can't live if there's restitution to be made, i will make it. so, if i've done something wrong, i will fix it. i have to. i mean, i think that's how that works. i don't know what else -- i don't know what else to do. >> reporter: violet paley says he once forced her into a sexual act and tried to hit on her underage friend and alleged franco called to apologize for his behavior. a series of tweets from the actress ally sheedy during the globes ceremony raised eyebrows. sheedy who starred in a play with franco in 2014 tweeted, why is james franco allowed in? she followed up an hour after saying james franco just won. please never ask me why i
7:33 am
the tv/film business. she later deleted the tweets and hasn't released a comment but franco responded to her on "the late show". >> first of all, i have no idea what i did to ally sheedy. i directed her in a play off broadway. i had nothing but a great time with her, total respect for her. i have no idea why she was upset. she took the tweet down. i don't know. i can't speak for her. i don't know. >> reporter: in 2014 franco was accused of trying to pick up a 17-year-old girl on instagram. he admitted he used bad judgment in contacting her and said he learned his lesson. and franco was due to participate in a "new york times" event today. that has since been canceled but this whole thing comes amid another controversy, "usa today" reports that mark wahlberg was paid $1.5 million to reshoot his scenes for the movie "all the money in the world" while michelle williams who is nominate the for a golden globe for her role in that film was paid less than 1,000. that's less than 1% of what wahlberg was paid for reshooting
7:34 am
>> i believe she has more screen time than he does, joining us now media expert and managing editor of 1010 media. we called you overnight and said get in here, man. there's so much to talk about. already hollywood is under the microscope then we'll start with mark wahlberg. not faulting him at all. maybe his reps and the producers and all that, but with hollywood under the microscope right now how does the industry dig themselves out of this? >> they go case by case and issue by issue and hopefully with each one learn to institute things. i've said before on the show what makes hollywood different than working for abc or a publishing house it is a collection of free lanze projects over and over again so when people have issues, let's say you have an rub with the pay on the movie, the movie is done. there's no hr on "all the money in the world" that still exists so what you have to do is deal with the press and the fallout. you know and make an answer there and i'm sure, for example, i would not be surprised if mark wahlberg
7:35 am
you fix these ahead of time and ensure baseline on salaries. you have some kind of transparency. you'll never have all of it. some actors will be paid more than others. >> already in this movie the reason they had to reshoot it is because of kevin spacey so you think they would be diligent and kind of -- >> you would have thought so and ridley scott said he thought all the actors weren't paid anything. in the case of michelle williams she said i cannot get paid for a movie that is we are reshooting because somebody sexually harassed somebody else. i would think mark wahlberg's people said get him the money. >> reiterate that because some people will say, get upset with mark wahlberg and it's like, it's the reps and the purchases and everybody else involved. >> he turned up for work. he probably didn't know this was going on. >> all right, james franco. >> you know, again, there are these stories and allegations back to 2014 in the taped piece where he was flirting with a 17-year-old. i think what's going to happen th
7:36 am
today, a, he's going to be up for an oscar nomination. will he get it? b, if he does, what's going to happen at the oscar nominations. a corollary, casey affleck who won the oscar faced accusations as well and two lawsuits that were settled. i foresee and have foreseen for months now there is going to be protests about him being at the oscars, it is tradition if you win an oscar one year the next year you present. what's changed from last year to this year, people will say that's not going to happen. i think there will be tremendous pressure on the academy whether for affleck or franco. >> a lot has changed. >> and a lot will continue to change. >> thank you, robin. now a rare look behind the scenes at the life of tom brady. the patriots quarterback, well, he is the star of a new documentary series called "tom vs. time" and paula faris has more. >> this is it access never expected from tom brady who is an ultra private person. in this docu-series we're getting a rare glimpse into his
7:37 am
reports of strife in his professional life. >> if you're going to compete against me you better be willing to give up your life because i'm giving up mine. >> reporter: in the upcoming "tom vs. time" docu-series airing on facebook watch, the five-time super bowl winning quarterback for the new england patriots invites fans behind the scenes of his life off of the gridiron. >> don't want to make sacrifices but when you have a family you do. >> reporter: in the newly released trailers viewers see tom brady playing with his kids interacting with fans, even working out alongside his glom use supermodel wife gisele but while the 40-year-old quarterback would prefer to be focusing on the playoffs, it's an explosive espn report detailing an alleged power struggle between tom brady, his coach bill belichick and team owner robert kraft that's making headlines. detailing reported clashes over brady's longtime trainer alex guerrero's role in the organization. >> everyone has different truth based
7:38 am
>> reporter: speaking out defending his relationship with his longtime coach. >> coach belichick has been such a great coach and mentor and i certainly could never accomplish anything in a sport without, you know, everything that he's taught me. >> reporter: okay, so what are the patriots saying about the espn report? well, brady, belichick and kraft issued this joint statement refuting it saying, quote, for the past 18 years the three of us have enjoyed a good working relationship. they're highly exaggerated or flat out inaccurate. a rare statement from the three of them. back to this espn report there is a sense this could be the end of the holy trinity, brady, belichick and kraft? as long as they're winning i think they have a chance to stick together. i'm pretty sure they always haven't gotten along. this series, i'm a mart of the religion of sports with gotham and tom and i have had a chance to see some of it. for somebody who thinks he knows tom brady, i'm
7:39 am
>> it's amazing. >> made me appreciate beating him even more in the super bowl. >> oh! >> because when you see it you'll be like, man, this guy works hard so he's never beaten in any professional or personal way. >> don't try to clean it up. >> don't take the broom out of my hand. let me clean it up. it really is something to see behind the scenes with tom brady and his wife and access is something you never see. i was surprised he allowed to do it. >> a six-part series that will air after the patriots season which could end in february, first sunday. >> in the super bowl, who knows. thank you. that was awesome. now, robin has me feeling bad. in no, no, no. >> patriots fan, i love you. congrats on your five super bowls. >> i love how you -- >> enjoy your victory. amy's one-on-one with tonya harding. the moment that brought her to tears only on "gma." actually, carried out.
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7:43 am
weather back for more of amy's revealing interview with tonya harding. the olympic figure skating caught up in scandal opened up about the crowning achievement of her career but amy also about the tough types. >> that's right and you know what, there was that one moment, it came during the u.s. championships back in 1991 that is when harding became the first american woman to ever land a triple axel in competition. it certainly made history and it should, should have been the moment that defined her skating career. a do or die moment, that leap into
7:44 am
uncertainty of how those razor thin blades will land. for tonya harding, there's one jump that's synonymous with her name and gave her the edge over her competition. what is a triple axel? >> it is a jump that takes off in the forward position on a left forward leg. >> that forward edge takeoff is very intimidating. >> lifting up into the air. >> you probably twirl three times. >> which, of course, just adds more time in the air, more time to have trouble, more mistakes. >> coming down on one leg in a check position that can stop a rotation that comes down with 420 pounds of pressure on one foot. >> whatever made you think you could do that? >> what makes people think i can't? >> after perfecting the triple axel in practice, tonya took it to competition and hit the ice in minneapolis for the 1991 u.s. championships. >> now the question is whether she will become the first american to attempt and complete
7:45 am
a triple axel jump. >> good god. >> we all look at each other. she did it. the crowd is going crazy and she's pumping her fists in the air. she knows she's done it and it's that exclamation point. >> terrific. >> it was like, bam, i was like yes! >> i watched that footage a thousand times and it just -- every time it makes me grin like no one can do that. it's just not something people can do. >> reporter: with the triple axel tonya secured her place in the history books and was now ready for the olympics. it's something that still bringing her to tears. >> tell me what you were thinking. >> holy [ bleep ]. i just did it. nobody else did it. nobody helped me land that triple axel right there in that moment. >> you made history. >> i did. i did.
7:46 am
>> we wall know what followed though. that was the attack on nancy kerrigan and harding's lifetime ban from u.s. figure skating for hindering prosecution after that attack but the triumph of that jump remains and margo rob by told us the triple axel is so difficult when they were filming the movie even the two professional skating doubles would worked on that film, "i, tonya," could not do it and had to be re-created instead with computers so coming up tomorrow we'll see harding back on the ice for the first time in decades and she is something to watch. >> really looking forward to that in such a great interview. "truth and lies: the tonya harding story" airs tomorrow night at 9 eastern right here on abc. coming up a big change to flying. are we about to see the end of reclining seats. >> say it ain't so. >> on some planes. i just said it. i didn't do it. >> we need room. and then i learn type 2 diabetes puts me at greater risk for heart attack or stroke. can one medicine help treat both blood sugar and cardiovascular risk?
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7:50 am
we are back with that big change coming to airplanes. abc's nick watt has a closer look. good morning, nick. >> reporter: good morning, michael. british airways has just bought 35 new planes and in coach the seats do not recline. that will probably save them money because they will be lighter, less fuel and claim it's going to enhance our experience because it'll cut out that air rage flash point. the rude recline. i was on a plane last night. no joke, the guy in front did that, soda all over my pants. now, b.a. says the seats will be set in a gentle recline, what does that mean?
7:51 am
i don't know. guy, sometimes i don't even know what the brits mean. >> gentle. >> okay, we'll see what happens. we'll be right back. ol cravings and lose weight with contrave. it's fda-approved to help adults who are overweight or struggle with obesity lose weight and keep it off. contrave is believed to work on two areas of the brain: your hunger center... i'm so hungry. (avo) and your reward system... ice cream. french fries. (avo) to help control cravings. one ingredient in contrave may increase suicidal thoughts or actions in some children, teens, and young adults in the first few months. serious side effects are mood changes like depression and mania, seizures, increased blood pressure or heart rate, liver damage, glaucoma, allergic reactions, and hypoglycemia. not for patients with uncontrolled blood pressure, seizure history, anorexia, bulimia, drug or alcohol withdrawal, on bupropion, opioids, maois, allergy to the ingredients, or pregnant. may cause nausea, constipation, headache, and vomiting.
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7:54 am
the wettest january day on record in las vegas with that storm. you could see what it did on the roadways supplying and sliding and moving east, new mexico up through wisconsin with advisories and warnings. now all that brought
7:55 am
"good morning america" is brought to you by geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.
7:56 am
>> 7 is on your side with live, local news from "good morning washington." autria: good wednesday morning, everyone. adrianna: it is back to work for the virginia and maryland general assemblies, and both have a lot on their plates. in virginia, gun control, paid family leave, equal pay, and passing a budget are all on the agenda. republicans now hold just a one-seat majority in the commonwealth after a democratic wave in the november elections. and in maryland, lawmakers will try to override governor hogan's veto of a paid sick leave bill. they will also focus on expanding medical marijuana licenses, and for both states there's a big focus on transportation. happening tonight, virginia governor terry mcauliffe
7:57 am
deliver his final state of the state address. that's set for 7:00 in richmond. ralph northam, the current lieutenant govern no nor, takes over virginia's top spot on saturday. let's get a check of your forecast right now. eileen whalen with the good news today. eileen: yes, indeed. 40's never sounded so good. 44 later this afternoon. we've got some clouds out there, but no rain with the cloud cover. as they take you hour by hour, by lunchtime, 40 degrees. 44, seasonable day. might get a little more sunshine late this afternoon. but our warming trends, the big weather story later this week. tomorrow, 55. 63 degrees on friday. but we will be tracking rain, so make sure that you have your storm watch 7 weather app. but oh, 20 degrees above average, julie, i'll take it. julie: right. i am right there with you, no doubt about it. but unfortunately, our commute is definitely tied up. a 60-minute ride from 66 headed north up to 270. the crash here at the american legion bridge to blame. if you bail out and stick with the express lanes, even though it will cost you, it will save about you 15 minutes of travel time. southbound
7:58 am
still checking for a crash here at eastern avenue making their way through northeast. that's our traffic watch. autria, back over to you. autria: julie, thanks so much. you can get your traffic, weather, and news updates any time with the abc 7 app. "good morning america" is back here in just two minutes on abc 7. or stay with us on news channel 8 for the latest local news on "good morning washington."
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. that search for survivors in those dangerous and deadly mudslides in california. homes knocked off their foundations. roads caked with thick mud. live from the disaster zone. and new concerns about the flu. just how bad could it get? doctors concerned about the growing number of cases, the new test that could tell you for sure if you have the flu. serena williams' secret health battle involving her scary six-day medical ordeal right after giving birth to baby olympia. her surprising medical catch-22. what went wrong and how is she doing now? parenting alert. kelly clarkson says she spanks her 3-year-old when
8:01 am
temper tantrums. so many reacting to her comments. more than half of american parents say they might do the same. the experts weigh in on discipline this morning. and we can't wait for this guest. he's commuting right to times square. patrick wilson joins us live. and he's here to say -- >> good morning, america. [ cheers and applause ] >> good morning, america. we hope you're well this wednesday morning. >> hump day. halfway home. we have really personal revelations coming from serena williams, the tennis champ as you know, she is incredibly strong. in "vogue" she is sharing how challenging childbirth was and suffered serious complication, thankfully she's doing okay and her baby girl as well. dr. ashton is here with important information. >> we're happy she's sharing that. i think it's going to help a lot of people. first we want to get to that race to
8:02 am
deadly mudslide. matt gutman, good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning. rescuers starting to pour in this morning. i want to i have go you a sense of where i am. ha is the rooftop of this house and basically every creek bed in this area exploded with this violent mudflow just hurling mud and debris. check out the size of this boulder that was just flung down here. now, everything that you're seeing here was not here. check out that second wide camera. none of this was here two days ago. but you can only really get a sense of the scale from the air. check out these multimillion dollar mansions swallowed by that swea of mud and debris. one you can only see the chimney. all day yesterday those rescues happening and the coast guard plucking a family of five. you can see a mother and her daughter pulled up in that basket. they even managed to rescue the family dog and today rescuers will come back
8:03 am
you can see the x marked on the side of the house. you'll make a double-check. the concern is that the force of the flow here was so powerful it simply swept all of those victims downstream and right now officials are telling residents they are not going to be able to dig out from here for weeks, maybe even months. michael. >> thank you, matt. images are jaw dropping. >> they've been hit so hard. >> they really have. now to new fears about the flu that could soon reach epidemic levels. abc's gio benitez is at mt. sinai hospital here in new york. good morning, gio. >> reporter: hey, robin, good morning to you. we are inside the pediatric er at mt. sinai. they are very concerned about how this flu affects the most vulnerable, the children. but in all age groups in the entire er department they're seeing more than 20 patients per day copping in with the flu. that's a big number because it's just this hospital. we're seeing that mirrored across this country. now, at issue right now there is a very dangerous strain of the flu going around.
8:04 am
the cdc says it's the h3n2. it makes people very sick very quickly. it's harder to treat for sure and two years ago, when we saw the same strain, we saw about 40 million people get sick, about a million people nearly a million people went to the hospital because of it and i want to show you this because here at this hospital for very sick patients who are already hospitalized here, what they're doing is that they're doing a dna test and it's going to find out exactly what strain you have, just in about an hour. called a nose dna test so they can do that right here for very sick patients. >> thanks so much. we learned so much with your interview the first half hour. serena williams' health battle revealing the serious complications she faced after childbirth. dr. ashton is here. and kelly clarkson talking about parenting, says she's not above spanking her children sparking quite a debate. we talk to a parenting expert about that. lara, what else do
8:05 am
upstairs? >> hi, guys. look who is here. one of our favorite sharks, kevin o'leary. revealing great stuff here, the biggest financial mistake you can make and how to avoid it altogether in 2018. how does that sound? [ cheers and applause ] we have a great audience so come on back to "good morning america." "gma's" "morning menu" brought to you by splenda naturals. the best tasting stevia.
8:06 am
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volunteer at state farm. at college inn we craft a because every detail matters. we select all-natural chicken and flavorful herbs and spices. college inn broth helps you make every meal delicious. college inn, delicious is in the details. all right. welcome back.
8:10 am
have to celebrate a different kind of pop because lara's fiance popped the question. [ cheers and applause ] >> yes. so happy. >> thank you. >> the joy we have for you, cake for. congratulations. >> he finally smartened up. >> thank you, thank you soap. as i told you, rob, i'm just enjoying the joy. >> i know you are. >> there is your boy. >> he's a handsome devil. >> and a great guy. great guy. >> ah, thank you, guys, even went to a penn state when he's an ohio state fan. >> you'll return the honors. >> i am, that's true love. thank you guys. cheer, thanks. i love life. very excited. we'll do the cake. are we a
8:11 am
air? >> it's apple juice, guys. >> oh. it is apple juice. darn it. all right. let me focus. time for "pop news." >> okay. margot robbie in the news again revealing she is taking her career in a new direction, emphasis on the last word there. she is on the new issue of "elle" magazine saying i spent the last ten years on a film set and realized if i am pouring my heart and soul into a film, i want to be one of those voices in the conversation making the decisions, absolutely and amen. 1234r good for her. [ applause ] the golden globe nominated actress also revealed in a unique way she intends to employee off steam fire twirling. >> what? >> not an everyday sport. it's a talent she wants to learn after she saw it on a beach in the phi
8:12 am
how to skate quite well so i have no doubt that we will see her fire twirling in no time. the new issue of "elle" magazines hits newsstands january 16th. thanks for giving us that exclusive. [ applause ] also, in "pop news" this morning, another strong woman, "stranger things" star millie bobby brown set to become a super sleuth. the emmy nominated young actress will star and produce in a new feature film series about sherlock holmes' younger sister enola based on the enola holmes mystery book written a decade ago. in the books her brother sherlock tries to ship other off to boarding school. enola runs away, huh-uh. she ends up solving mysterious cases despite her brother's doubting her all the way. go, girl power. [ applause ] yeah, i like that. >> i love she's producing it as well. >> absolutely. >> getting into the game early. >> fantastic. can you feel it, robin? as oprah sa
8:13 am
said. >> speaking of oprah -- >> thank you so much. thank you so much. let's talk rose. let's talk pasta. let's talk oprah. need i say more? i mean that sounds like the best possible combination and best diet. none other than oprah telling us we can have both of those things every day and still lose weight. thanks to the new freestyle program, i am not a spokesperson. i just believe in rose and pasta. this program sounds amazing on weight watchers. oprah posted mouthwatering samples of what she's eating so for breakfast has toast with avocado and a poached egg. for lunch she has spaghetti with shrimp and then she has a little kale popcorn for a thank and dinner, miso cod and good old glass of rose. >> pretty sensible diet. >> all that and she's already lost 40 pounds. that is what we call oprah living your best life. [ applause ] that's "pop news." on this beautiful day.
8:14 am
congratulations again, lara spencer. >> thank you, robin. >> well deserved. you noticed which came out i had been crying. you were consoling me in the hallway because something i want to share with you. no, it's all great news. it's great news. you know how much i love my family and my sister sally-ann. well, she is an icon in new orleans. has been on the morning show there for so lock and made an announcement that the family has been prepared for but she made the announcement that she is going to be retiring in february. here's what she had to say. >> will be my last day at wwl tv. it's hard to leave and it wasn't easy for me to make this decision, but i've thought about it and i prayed about it and it's right. i know this is the right time for me to start the next chapter of my life. [ cheers and applause ] >> like she was talking right to you. >> i know. she's been on the air for 40 years there. she's the reason i'm doing what i'm doing and these are tears of joy. they
8:15 am
an icon. started a mentoring program and done so much for the community. i really am happy. [ laughter ] i really am happy. >> you really are happy -- >> but it's a big deal. oh, she's so excited, guys. >> big sis. she's at peace of the she's at peace. she's very excited about that next chapter and, you know, oh, by the way and part of this is that the reason i'm here doing "gma," the reason i'm here living is because she was my bone marrow donor and she has spent a lot of time. [ applause ] and hearing her voice, i just -- i'm just so proud of her when she's at peace. >> she gets a chance to say, hey, i'm going off to my next chapter and on her terps and i think that's a great thing in she'll conquer it. >> but really cute. my mom and dad would have to flip between the two of us in the morning. yeah.
8:16 am
oh, your engage manment, sally-s retireme retirement. apple cider. >> want me to introduce this piece. >> you know me so well. serena williams is opening up about her medical ordeal after giving birth and suffered serious complications and we have the first look rat her story. >> reporter: when she gave birth to olympia it seemed like the natural conclusion to an easy pregnancy. >> that was amazing. ♪ just another day in the neighborhood ♪ >> reporter: but this morning, in the february issue of "vogue," the queen of the courts is revealing the dramatic story behind the birth of her daughter and life as a new mom. williams saying she had to deliver baby olympia by emergency c-section in september saying the moment her new daughter was laid on her chest was an amazing
8:17 am
everything went bad. after feeling short of breath, a ct scan revealed that williams had a pulmonary embolism and other blood clots which set off coughing fits that burst her c-section incision. she then had to have additional surgery to correct and prevent more clots from forming. the whole time williams and her now husband keeping her condition private even as they shared quick glims of their new baby girl online. >> so we're leaving the hospital after we had a lot of complications but look who we got. we got a baby girl. >> reporter: williams says after arriving home she was bedridden for six weeks. and making the aucodjustment to being a mom. the 36-year-old saying no one talks about the low moments, the pressure you feel, the incredible letdown every time you hear the baby cry. i broke down i don't know how many types. why do i feel so sad when i have a beautiful baby? the emotions are insane. >>
8:18 am
>> reporter: but now williams says she's almost back at full strength showing off her moves in this new video for "vogue." embracing life as a new wife and mom. and hoping to return to compete in march. [ applause ] how about those moves? how about those moves? dr. jen ashton is here to talk about this. people need to understand this. >> this is not a manicure or haircut. one of the most common surgeries and the vast majority everything goes smoothly but depending on whether it's an emergency or crash section whether it's routine, whether it's elective depending on the hospital, the stage in pregnancy, there can be complication rates, data has shown as high as 30% and i want to be clear, these can be very minor complications or these can be major or life-threatening and when you take a look at this list of economy indications bleeding which can be in terms some cases hemorrhage, infection, both in the uterus
8:19 am
and in the skin incision, damage to internal organs like the bladder, bowel, blood clots in the leg, tore sso. but these things do happen and they can happen to an elite athlete. they can happen to ang everyday woman regardless of the doctor or anything else. >> we saw in the setup piece she has had issues blood clotting. how could that possibly have been a factor. >> let's do a little deeper dive on a pulmonary embolus. certain risk factors that we know about, being pregnant is a major risk factor, having pelvic surgery, being immobilized. someone with a past history is at greater risk in the future. what's going on, if you imagine this as your blood vessel, the vaporfl veins, if this dislodge, travels to the heart, the lungs, it can range from a minor issue with breathing or it can be fatal because this actually clogs up the blood vessels in
8:20 am
that, the blood can't get oxygenation then you require blood thinning medications and that can cause complications if given in the immediate post operative poured. >> plumbing. >> you mentioned about elite athlete. doesn't matter. being a momma is not easy. >> i said it before. pregnancy and childbirth are athletic events. that doesn't mean an elite athlete can breathe through. i've delivered over 1500 baby, it's rare, rare that i see a mother who goes through it without any kind of challenge so, again, does she have resources that other people do, yes, but it is difficult and you have to be patient with yourself. >> it's wonderful that she's being so revealing in this issue. >> absolutely. >> and when we saw her moves, did you see her busting those moves? >> yep. >> she's going to be back on the court before we know. we're glad she and her baby are doing well and the february issue of "vogue" hits newsstands next tuesday, january 16th. michael and amy. >> all right, thank you, robin. to a parenting
8:21 am
lot of headlines. kelly clarkson reveals she finds, quote, nothing wrong with a spanking to din palestinian her children and this is causing quite a reaction online. >> yes, it has. kelly says she knows spanking is a tricky issue but says she feels, quote, fine about it. take a look. fresh off her appearance at the golden globes, kelly clarkson is still delighting her fans with stories of who she met that night. >> this cheek has been caressed by meryl streep. another amazing moment tonight was that i got to meet steve carell. ♪ so soft >> reporter: but this morning the love so soft singer is making headlines for her not so soft stance when it comes to spanking. >> i'm not above a spanking which people aren't necessarily into. i mean i don't mean hitting her hard, i just mean a spanking. >> reporter: during a radio interview with 98 the buzz in rochester she spoke candidly about how she disciplines her
8:22 am
spanking when dealing with temper tantrums. >> i warn her, hi, i'm going to spank you on your bottom if you don't stop right now. this is ridiculous. honestly it's really helped. now she doesn't really do that kind of stuff. >> reporter: while a 2016 gallup poll shows over half of american parents approve of spanking the american academy of pediatrics does not recommend any physical punishments saying it teaches aggressive behavior and can become ineffective if done often. for younger children aap advises appropriate time-outs. clarkson who is also mother to 1-year-old son remy says she's well aware of the line. >> i'm a well-rounded individual with a lot of character. so i think there's a fine line obviously. i believe in spanking so you might catch me spanking my child at the zoo. >> reporter: clarkson did say she is especially mindful of spavenging her children when outside her home or around others and says, quote, my parents spanked me and i'm fine. >> i got
8:23 am
>> hand raised? hand raised if you've been spanked. i know i've been spanked and for more on this let's bring psychiatrist dr. gail saltz. clarkson says she's not hitting her hard. is will a spectrum? >> physically there is a spectrum. if you're hitting hard to harm, that's abuse. light spanking is it not considered abuse in this country. so in that sense, yes, but no in the sense that any spanking is actually been shown to be not as effective as other fors of discipline in the long haul. maybe in the moment but not in the long haul and also shown to correlate with long-term aggressive behaviors in a kid that was spanked and even mental health issues. >> it makes sense because it's a lot harder and requires a lot more patience to put someone in a time-out especially if you're out in public and busy and trying to rectify bad behavior in the moment so it makes sense but earlier this morning i want to say this, we surveyed our audience and this is really
8:24 am
interesting. asking if it's okay to spank your kids, 20% said it was never okay. 78% said it was sometimes okay. your thoughts. >> so, look, i don't want to judge kelly clarkson or other mom. it is the hardest job and discipline is one of the hardest pars of it. however, it does seem to be a cultural issue in the sense that we have all this new data that says it's not effective and not good for you but it does seem to be that if you were spanked, you think it's fine. why? because we need to believe our parents did the right thing for us and because we're good people so do tend to employ the same techniques and spank our kids but new data should show us just as it does with other health issues like cancer, hey, there is something that maybe needs to change because, if fact, it's not working and it's not good for us. >> so what do you recommend for discipline as our children grow and get older? >> the most important thing is consistency but overall with negative reinforcement it should be nonphysical, it should be something le
8:25 am
taking something away of value to that child so if it's a young child maybe it's a toy. if it's an older child maybe it's a phone. >> it's a phone. >> exactly. but being consistent about that but more important, human beings like all mammals respond to positive reinforcement more so so consistently possley reinforcing behaviors you want to see, so they did -- they said thank you or please, oh, great, that was terrific. you know, giving them attention, maybe it's a treat. >> but a positive thing. >> attention because what kids want m m m most of all is atten. when the attention is negative as in spanking they're going to repeat those negative behaviors. >> makes sense. >> dr. saltz, thank you very much. >> my pleasure. over to ginger. >> time for your "gma" moment. anybody else sad when the christmas tree has to come down? tommy in clawson, michigan, is so sad that the christmas tree and on manies have to come down, look at that little face. you know what, tommy, a lot of us get sad on that day. hey, he tarts hugging the on many, one of the sweetest videos we'vse
8:26 am
bulk of the rain friday - tumbling temperatures saturday - back to the cold this weekend through early next week today: partly to mostly cloudy. seasonable. highs: 43-46 winds: s 5 mph tonight: mostly cloudy. patchy fog. lows: 31-35 winds: se 5 mph to calm thursday: mostly cloudy and milder. showers possible late. highs: 51-55 winds: s 5 mph coming up willing wilson is here live and plus "shark tank's" kevin o'leary. so don't go anywhere. we'll be right back. g ma 830
8:27 am
>> 7 is on your side right now with live, local news from "good morning washington." larry: we have been on breaking news. autria: police say keith edwards stole they police cruiser and drove for nearly a mile. he led police on a chase, ending when two officers rammed the suspect with their own cruiser. those two female officers are hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries. going backphillies under the knife after last year's ballpark -- steve scalise goin
8:28 am
last year's ballpark shooting. he will continue duties as he recovers. autria: let's get a check of your forecast, because it is finally some good news to deliver. eileen? seemed 40's have never so good. it is cold out there right now. temperatures across the board in the 20's. sitting at 32 degrees right now reagan national. temperatures are going to climb into the 40's, about 44 degrees. enjoy it because as we head into the last half of the work week -- the weekend, rather, we will get very cold. julie? julie: we have got some new problems to report now. southbound baltimore-washington parkway, a crash tying up the left lane. look for delays coming south out of laurel. looking at the camera from yesterday's fog plus all of the salt, row 7 in tyson's closed because of this crash. that delay continues up to the
8:29 am
accident remains along the left side of the highway. that is our traffic watch, larry and autria. autria: thanks so much. you can get your traffic, weather, and news updates anytime with the abc 7 app. larry: "good morning america" is back on abc 7, or stay with the latest local news on "good small business, internet providers promise you a lot. let's see who delivers more. comcast business offers fast gig-speeds across our network. verizon doesn't. we offer more complete reliability with up to 8 hours of 4g wireless network backup. verizon, no way. we offer 35 voice features and solutions that grow with your business. verizon, not so much. get internet on our gig-speed network and add voice and tv for $34.90 more per month. call 1-800-501-6000.
8:30 am
welcome back to "gma" and as you can see we have an incredible audience with us on this hump day, wednesday morning. [ applause ] thank you guys for being here and for us this morning and get a chance to celebrate. >> he has the biggest. >> excited. >> really excited. i love that. you know, our audience get to see some of the magic, get to see how the sausage is made. >> magic is one word for it. >> we call it controlled chaos perhaps. >> yes. >> it is what goes on when the cameras aren't rolling for you at home but now we want to give everyone a chance to see and
8:31 am
launched something called this is "gma" that gives us an inside look turning the cameras around to showcase our wonderful, amazing, incredible staff. >> you see wonderful, amazing staff and they start cheering loudly for themselves. great job, staff. >> especially fonsi. they work around the clock to make all of what you see possible. the #thisisgma one of the top on twitter. [ applause ] kind of like we're doing this to ourselves. make shoe you tune in tomorrow to see how it comes together. we're tracking a few. here's one of our live studio producer, jilian and our hair and makeup team who is getting camera ready next and ilana. where is ilana?
8:32 am
she's in the control room with our director lily. >> go, lily. >> got to make sure all the right moments make air in the morning. and the "gma" social media gurus, tony, our booker eric. the briefing patrick wilson and there's a reason why they're doing that. >> why is that? >> because patrick wilson is going to come on out right now. [ applause ] come on out here. come on out. [ cheers and applause ] >> good to see you. >> how are you? >> good. >> good to see you. >> hello. [ applause ] >> welcome back. >> hi. >> were they briefing you? giving you the -- >> you were focused. >> listen, we have a job to do. >> very important.
8:33 am
>> gets you in the mood when sitting at this desk? my dad and brother are tv anchors so i feel like a little kid. where i would sit at the desk. >> cute. >> we're glad you're sitting at the desk. >> thank you. >> before we talk about your movie we'll talk about something trendy talking about haven't the scenes at "gma" is trending. another thing trending for you, how many jabs do we have in the house. how many people named jack? >> oh, my gosh. >> so loud. >> all right, jack. >> you're enough jack screaming for a lot of jacks. your name is one of the most popular names in 2017. >> way to go, jack. >> for pets. >> he knew it all along. >> yeah, for pets. that was the thing. [ laughter ] and it's according to pe you know what name topped the list in across species as the most popular? george. >> well, of course. >> you make a fine
8:34 am
>> i hear i make a fine reptile is what i said. >> you're reptilian type of guy, george. >> yes. that's what it said, horses and snakes. >> the top five names, though, horses and snakes? [ laughter ] >> lara is enjoying it. >> lara, lara, don't even say a word. let that slide. >> yes. >> so, patrick, you have two dogs. what are their names. >> i have so many animals i'm running a farm. i have two dogs, two guinea pigs, my dogs are louise and mabel. our guinea pigs are wallace and kevin. >> wallace and kevin. >> why wallace and kevin. >> good morning, go to school, have a great day. he named wallace and kevin. we have a bunch of fish and i forget their napes. >> who named the dogs? >> the dogs were my wife named louise and then, yeah, then -- i forget who named mabel. one of them. we like old timy napes. >> speak of family affairs, you
8:35 am
got to show these. these are of a family karaoke session. >> it's actually you and me but -- >> and, no. >> i believe we have these pictures, yes, no, control room? there you go. this looks series. >> that is serious. our brooklyn friends and some family. karaoke is a big deal with us and my friend jason. >> whoa, whoa, whoa. why is my favorite gladiator right there? >> that is tv's own scott foley. [ applause ] >> he is my brother-in-law. >> wow. >> he is my brother-in-law. our wives are sisters. >> oh, really? >> yes. i mean, talk about a family. seeing a family can't get any better look sfwhg what is your go to karaoke song. >> depends on the mood. i like tom jones' "delilah." >> tom jones can really -- >> always a crowd pleaser.
8:36 am
>> you and your brother, you have a band called the wilson band. >> wilson band. >> the anchorman. >> he's the guitarist, the eddie van halen of our group. we're half -- there we are. doing -- half our set is old van halen tunes and so we do it for charity. we got an event february 10th actually in st. petersburg. everything we do is for charity. this one is for st. pete's fire and raised a ton of money for first responders, for vets, everything we can do is, you know, just for charity and for the good of the community. [ applause ] >> yeah. >> you ready to see the new movie with liam neeson? >> just let some go. whoever you want. >> how do i know they'll be safe? >> the hostages? >> someone i need to protect. >> look, if you're worried about someone's safety send them out with
8:37 am
>> seven years we were partners you always had my back. let someone else have yours for once. [ cheers and applause ] >> so good in trying to help him. >> yes. >> but it's very suspenseful. >> it is, it is. it starts out as hitchcockian and things happen on a train and then it becomes a liam neeson action movie. it's awesome. he's one of the greatest guys. you know him and he's so funny and so -- such a skilled actor anyway but then he can fight. can he ever so it's super fun. he's a great guy. >> also you just wrapped shooting "aquaman". >> i did, yes, yes. i almost brought my doll that you gave me last year. >> yes. >> i still have my figurine, my ocean master figurine that you
8:38 am
stunts or anything in the movie. >> so many. it's really -- james and that team pushed the boundaries as far as anybody has ever taken it with all the wire work and the green screen and it's huge and will be so much fun. it's going to be a blast. comes out next christmas. >> you know what, maybe we could do some kind of charity event and have you and your band of brothers come here and sing and raise some money. >> i'd like that. >> we'll do that. >> good man. >> i love that. >> also i want indicate to see this movie. i'm a big fan of these type of thing, "the commuter" is going to roll into theaters on friday, make sure you check out patrick wilson, everybody. coming up "shark tank's" kevin o'leary and in our green room he's getting ready to give his biggest financial tips, the mistakes people make.
8:39 am
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we are back with a sneak peek at the brand-new season of our digital show "food forecast." i love this and put so much heart and soul in it. we take an in-depth look at how the weather and climate have a huge impact on the food that we eat every day. like the orange juice that you might be having with your breakfast right now. >> since those epic freezes in the '80s, the enemy of the florida orange is now a tiny bug. >> they're pretty small. hopefully if i find one i can point it out. >> yeah. >> reporter: citrus greening also known as yellen dragon diseas
8:42 am
the u.s., it's been mutilating crops in china, india and south africa for more than a century. this is happening all over the state of florida. >> yes, it is. it's having a major impact and we have a lot of growers are having to make decisions daily. will they be able to stay in business. >> they've got it too. >> reporter: a third generation citrus farmer scott young's groves have been ravaged by the disease. >> i went from 400 acres down to less than 100. >> it's just dead. >> it's just dead. >> reporter: the university of father has discovered a physical barrier, a form of citrus security. this is screen house. >> yes, it limits the size of the insect that can move through it. we all are working on it really hard. >> reporter: and they have to. citrus is key to florida's economy. making the state $8.6 billion each year. >> we're close to some solutions. >> there's no silver bullet as i see it out there. >> it's just a matter of time. >> nature there's always something to deal with here. it's part of
8:43 am
>> so, robin, you saw the dead trees and the oranges falling then irma comes through, takes people that had 50% loss and cuts it by half again. this has been a horrible year for oranges. >> so glad you're doing this again. you should see how she lights up. you are so passionate about it. what is it about it. >> it's the climate, the weather part but then it's also the food we eat. what we put in our body. so important and so you'll learn not only what to look for, the labels to look for, what it all means but i like to get that, you know, it helps every single person and it's super nerdy. >> she is like that. you can watch the entire first and second season "food forecast," the best many show ever. or on the abc news app. okay. >> yes, thank you so ding on the roads today ... - 40s today, 50s tomorrow, 60s friday - rain chances return; bulk of the rain friday - tumbling temperatures saturday - back to the cold this weekend through early next week today: partly to mostly cloudy. seasonable. highs: 43-46 winds: s 5 mph tonight: mostly cloudy. patchy fog. lows: 31-35
8:44 am
calm thursday: mostly cloudy and milder. showers possible late. all that weather brought to you by tate farm. >> have you met jack over there? >> no. i got to meet jack. i got stuff to do. jack, i'll be there but to lara. >> so many new year's resolutions focused on getting finances in order but where do we begin? "gma's" partnering with our sponsor anyone da for our simply a bet iryou series and sh morning "shark tank's" kevin o'leary is kind enough to join us to share his top financial tips for 2018. first though let's take a look at this incredible success story. >> my name is robbie cabral founder of benji lock. >> reporter: robby making a splash on abc's "shark tank" with the first rechargeable padlock that uses fingerprint technology to keep your valuables safe. >> i come to the tank extremely humble seeking 200,000 for 10% of my company. >> reporter: the inventor sharing his struggles with the sharks. >> the day they laid me
8:45 am
daughter was born. i said, man, i'm just going to try to push it for my family for my friends. >> reporter: it was at the gym robby had a stroke of genius. >> people get frustrated with combination, lose their keys and just the size of the fingertips was the winner here. >> reporter: on "shark tank," he took kevin o'leary's $200,000 offer for a 15% stake. >> my heart is telling me to go with mr. wonderful. >> reporter: that partnership taking him from rags to riches. his award-winning lock now licensed and about to hit the shelves. >> you are amazing. [ applause ] >> all right, so kevin is here and we're going to break down your tips. forget the tips, i don't vuf to invest. >> you always have a way to save 10%. something you're spending you don't need. look at the crap in your closet. always a way to make 10%. >> fair enough, right so here's what we'll do. three audience members and they'll answer our questions, they'll give us their best guess. your best guess a
8:46 am
let you know if you're wrong or right. three really important tips. here we go. question number one, what is the most common financial mistake people make? number one, not invests, number two, not having an emergency tundz and number three, not paying off debts. i know my answer. which was your answer, guys? >> not paying off debts. not paying off debts. >> debt, 100% right. pay your debts off. >> i like all three. i would have said all of the above. >> you have to get out of debt first. you can't save money while paying interest to somebody else. >> next question, how often should you calculate expense, 90 days, 0 days or every 365 days? your best guess, audience, ready? >> we have 90 days is right. 90 days is right. why? you see your personality emerge in 90 days and find out what you're spending money on. >> 30 is too quick is this way too quick. >> i would have done 30. i'm out. final question, what percent of your income should you save?
8:47 am
our audience members, your answer is. >> absolutely right. of course, you want to save as much as you can. >> minimum 10. minimum 10. >> minimum 10. >> you can do it in in a perfect world give us something aspirational if we could really reach for the tars to save a certain amount this year. >> listen to. the average salary in america is $52,000 if you save 10% in your 20s by the time you will a 65 you will have $1.2 million in the bank. you can do it. >> that's why we call him mr. wonderful, everybody. this is no joke. great simple tips. i need to say this. thanks so much to our sponsor splenda offering the chance to win $5,000 for you to start saving to help you achieve your resolutions, here's what we want you to do. go to stakes to enter and to help you start saving plane da is giving everyone right here a gift card for a month supply of coffee. every little bit helps.
8:48 am
thank you, splenda. thank you mr. wonderful. we love "shark tank." great job, you guys and we will be right back. don't go anywhere. "good morning america." that was great. "gma's" simply a better you is brought to you by splenda naturals.
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8:50 am
we're back with rooster mcconaughey and wayne "butch" gilliam starring in a new show "rooster & butch." self-made millionaires who put entrepreneurs to the test before they agreed to invest. >> thanks, tv show, movies. these entrepreneurs got this idea what business should be. they're prepared to give this power point presentation. we want to let them know this ain't business as usual. [ applause ] >> business as usual is right. and i was just looking. looked like you brought your whole family. >> we have to.
8:51 am
them home by themself. >> there they are right there. like 20 people here. >> how did you get them to fit down the line like that? [ laughter ] who is in charge? >> we don't even know. they told us where they wanted to sit. we just didn't what they wanted. >> that's the way they do us. >> i love this show. i love this show. the reason i love it because you two you're investing your own money into these companies. so what do you look for before you invest the money before you say yes to this entrepreneur who comes to you for some help? >> this is butch has always been about the people, always, always, and he -- like he says, tell them, butch. >> well, you know, oftentypes people ask us the same question, exactly what are you looking for in this entrepreneur and rooster and i are kind of -- we're not spring chickens anymore so we're looking for someone that, well, you're not a spring chicken. i am. anyway, we're looking for someone that reminds us of ourselves at
8:52 am
our lives. >> the thing is you just don't say here's your investment. you make people work for it and make them do crazy things. what's the craziest you have ever done to someone before you invested with them. >> you'll see it tonight. i think we might have gone overboard a little bit. >> it's overboard for you a little bit. >> yeah, i wouldn't have done what the guy did. i mean, you know -- >> we got to get these people relaxed. you just might see us take a guy up in a helicopter, 10,000 feet, throw him out of it. let him get his mind cleared on the way down and when he hits the ground, we pick him up and have a talk with him, find out what he's all about. >> he's only thinking about one thing going down and that's am i going to be alive? [ laughter ] that's a mind-clearing experience. >> i tell you right now, it'll clear something else up too. >> no, actually it can mess some stuff up. >> and, butch, you have a brother, 16 years younger than you matthew mcconaughey. >> yeah, that's him. [ applause ]
8:53 am
>> so i know there he is right there. i'm sure you probably baby sat him growing up. and i want to know, are you good at his catchphrase? >> all right, all right, all right. >> no, matt damon does it better than me. he practicing steadily, butch has one he always uses. >> already, already, already. [ applause ] >> take it away. i mean, i can't top that. >> no, you can't stop that. >> i'm excited. >> my brother likes him better than me anyway. >> don't feel bad. my brother likes everybody better than me. "rooster & butch"
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
and before we go we have a special announcement from the one and only taylor swift revealing on her app the swift life and you can see the first look at her new video for her song "end game" that is starring her, future and ed sheeran right here tomorrow. only on "gma." we got an exclusive right here. >> all right. >> this is "gma." [ cheers and applause ]
8:57 am
with live, local news from "good morning washington." canceled asses are george washington middle school in alexandria for a second straight day because of a height -- pipe that burst. larry: school officials blame aging infrastructure but say they are working to fix the issue. autria: check out this must-see video showing the impact of the cold snap that we are finally pulling out of. sky track 7 was over this in laurel. luckily, temperatures are on the rise. we are tracking the warming trend. larry: eileen whelan has more. eileen: good morning, guys. as we are going through the rest of our hump day, temperatures continue to climb. a lot of cloud cover. 42 degrees by 2:00. we talk about around 44. driving home, it will be nice and dry. sunsetting at 5:05.
8:58 am
little bit each and every day. tomorrow morning, a little patchy fog. temperatures in the 30's. showers by the evening. has the umbrella friday with short sleeves. turning coal for the second half of the weekend. julie: just when i thought i could get rid of my uggs. springfield to the american legion bridge, 25 minute commute. it is having an effect for those traveling near route 7 advertising on the ramp -- and tysons on the ramp. authorities at 117 are checking for a grass coming out of germantown into gaithersburg. that is our traffic watch. autria: thank you. that does it for "good morning washington." we are on abc 7. larry: that is right.
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, film and television star taraji p. henson. and from the hit drama "the americans," matthew rhys. and we continue our "jan-you-ary" with spices to keep you healthy. all next on "live!" ♪ [cheers and applause] and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! [cheers and applause] ♪ >> ryan: hello, how are you?


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