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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  January 10, 2018 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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6:00". on your side. nancy: first tonight a quarter billion upgrade on the way for one of the most congested highways in the nation. michelle: it includes a new bridge for i-95. first comes a ten-mile extension to the i-95 express lane from the current end in stafford all the way to lout 17 in fredericksburg. >> then new toll-free lanes will be added over a new bridge over the rappahannock river to spotsylvania county. abc7 transportation reporter sam sweeney joins us live with how it will work and how it's being paid for. sam? sam: nancy, the governor calls it a win-win. taxpayers don't pay a dime. the country building express lanes will have to pay the state $277 million up front. then there is relief for drivers here on 95. one of the most congested roads in the nation.
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it's a parking lot. >> drivers are forced out but not for much longer. transurban a private company is about to build ten more miles of the express lanes. the two-lane reversible toll lane will stretch from stafford to fredericksburg. around the clock toking based on the volume. but -- the around-the-clock toking based on to volume. >> it will be great. >> they will build the lane and collect toll money. in exchange, they will pay the state $277 million up front to be used for other critical transportation projects along the 95 corridor. the announcement comes with the news of a bridge and additional travel lanes. >> it's reliable trip and mores options. the general purpose lane in interstate as well as for people who choose to travel in express lanes. >> it
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fredericksburg to the pentagon. construction for the new brim over the rappahannock begins this summer. construction for express lane extension begins in 2018 and will open in 202. i'm sam sweeney, abc7 news. michelle: as of today virginia has 70 miles worth of express lanes including i-64 in norfolk and i-66, i-95, i-395 and the beltway here. work is underway to make seven more miles of the toll lanes. they will run from the current end edsall road to the d.c. line. the lanes aren't expected to open until the fall of 2019. >> after two months of batting over house seat in virginia, republicans officially retain control of the house. today the delegate kirk cox chosen as the house speaker. terry mcauliffe will address the legislature in less than an hour for the final state of
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we will carry it live at 7:00 p.m. on newschannel8. governor mcauliffe will lead the executive mansion on saturday when northam is sworn into office. michelle: developing now the search continues for dozens of people still missing in california. 15 people were killed after heavy rain unleashed massive mudslides. we are talking walls of mud coming cascading down the hillside. hundreds are stranded in their home. the officials say water and electricity may not be restored for months. meaning the entire town may have to be evacuated. >> a good friend of mine lost the father-in-law. i have two friends missing right now. it's devastating. michelle: the disaster follows california's largest wildfire in history. that being the thomas fire. it wiped out vegetation that could have slowed the mudslide. nancy: caug
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crews working fast to rescue two people from rushing water in north las vegas. the rain caused flooding from homeless camps usually set up. they spotted a man and woman trapped under a bridge and they had to roll out on a pad to help them. no one was hurt. michelle: police chase, a crash and a d.c. police officer left hurt. at the center of out all, another officer that left the keys inside a police car. stephen tschida breaks down what happened when a man found that patrol car ready to roll. >> early this morning a man not an officer allegedly crashed a police cruiser on capitol hill. this after an apparent joyride where he traversed the neighborhood. at first he drove slowly but then suddenly accelerated. striking a parked car and ramming another cruiser. >> a big question is how did a guy just hop in a parked
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they aren't that easy to get into. not only get inside of it but take off in it. the officer left the key in his cruiser's ignition. when he went in a 7-eleven. when he walked out he saw his vehicle east on pennsylvania avenue. police and other nearby cruisers started to follow it. as the driver ran series of red lights. the journey ended only after the stolen cruiser crashed into another police vehicle. the female officer in that vehicle suffered some injury. after which the suspect hopped out and tried to get away on foot but the police nabbed him. the suspect kenneth f. davis appeared in court this afternoon to face assaulting an officer and auto theft charges. he was ordered held without bond. >> the spokesperson for the d.c. police department says an interim investigation is underway into why th
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were left in police cruiser's ignition. stephen tschida, abc7 news. nancy: first on 7, a teen confesses to brutal murder. iraheta says he stabbed 15-year-old damaris rivas in a springfield park last february for revenge. this is what she told her. >> you are going to remember me until we see each other in hell. don't forget my name. i told her to never forget who i was. i told her some day we'll see each other again. >> then what did you do? >> i killed her. nancy: according to court documents a group lured the victim to park because they believe she helped set up a murder for iraheta's then boyfriend. michelle: heartbreaking images now from fairfax county of a dog saved from near death.
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a month ago in centreville starved, dehydrated and hurt. now recovering the playful dog named max weighs almost twice as much as he did when found. police home someone recognizes the dog and knows who the owner is. reward is possible for anyone who helps find max's family. nancy: bizarre way to get a coupon. who ikea is telling to urinate on the catalog to flush out savings. michelle: update on the shocking video. the school board president defending the arrest of a teacher who asked a question. bill: good evening, everyone. i'm meteorologist bill kelly. we are at 40 degrees here. look to the west. 64 in nashville now. it's 60 louisville. some of that is heading our
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nancy: i.c.e. agents conducting predawn raids at 7-eleven across maryland. across the country a hundred stores were swept and 21 people arrested. officials are calling the targeting maket of many illegal hires. immigration enforcement has expanded sharply under president trump with a 40% increase in deportation arrests. michelle: update to a story we brought you first last night at 6:00. louisiana teacher viole
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speaking out at a school board meeting. >> what are you doing? what are you doing? >> stop resisting. >> i'm not. you just pushed me to the floor. michelle: that came after she was asking questions where she wasn't supposed to. tonight the aclu is joining in on the investigation into the arrest that ended we should mention with no criminal charges. the teacher had just spoken out at a meeting questioning the superintendent's raise. the school board president defended the move, even calling the arrest a, "set-up. " is there if a teacher has the authority to send a student acting up in the classroom and she can't control out of the classroom to the principal's office, under our policy we have the same rules. michelle: the teacher's union there is planning a rally for the coming days. nancy: one of the youngest masser of the texas church massacre i
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the hospital tomorrow. he was shot five times and he is expected to be picked up in a big red fire truck and escorted home by the firefighter that helped rescue him. he escape by the stepmother who died to protect him. >> coming up, two ads making a big splash. one, telling a group of people to pee on it to unlock savings. [music] nancy: it does get your attention, doesn't it? d.c. health department turns racy. the message it's sending with the rather provocative
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nancy: in camp spring a mess that snarled branch avenue for hours after the dump truck crashed and ended up on the side. showing the backup as well on allen-up to road. one person was hurt. michelle: "7 on your side" with the health matters tonight. this flu season is hitting early and hard. one in ten americans have been sick with it so far this season alone. the c.d.c. says there could be 35 million cases by frill. there have been 13
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experts say the most common h3n2 strain is able to change quickly to attack the body immune system. but getting the flu shot will still reduce symptoms. nancy: now to a must-see video that has been turning heads around the newsroom. believe it or not. this is an ad from the d.c. department of health for a drug that combats hiv. we explain the idea behind the ad and the reaction to it. ♪ sam: taken alone the images in the d.c. health department ad wright not raise eyebrows but combine as they are. >> thinking about sex? think about this. >> that is crazy. super sexual. that is on tv? sam: it's paid for by the washington d.c. health department. >> our mission is to have people have healthy lives. this is a way that i
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effective preventing hiv. sam: so i came to china township with the smart phone -- to chinatown with the smartphone to get reaction. >> it gets people to pay attention. >> interesting commercial. it will captivate attention of the viewers. >> we are pushing the boundaries a little bit but is it grabbing people's attention. sam: some we met in chinatown thought it pushed the boundarys too much. >> too much. >> too much? >> yeah. >> it's disgusting. it's crass. it sends the wrong message. >> it definitely gets the point across. if i wasn't thinking about sex before the ad i was thinking about it while watching it. >> d.c. traditionally has one of the highest hiv rates and the health department found 10-20% of the people have heard about the drug. >> we knew we had to get through in a much more effective way. >> it gets your attention. it gets your attention. >> in northwest washington i'm sam for
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>> grapefruit. michelle: i know. don't get me started. the folks can get past the laughter and the giggles and get to the core of the message that there is a pill it could be a good thing. d.c. isn't alone in the provocative ad department today. take a look at this. ikea in sweden has a new feature in the catalog but it requires urine. it directs pregnant women to pee on an ad to get a crib, to reveal a discounted price. with renot making this up. "7 on your side" spoke to ikea late this afternoon and the company says it has no plans of releasing that particular ad in the u.s. so only our friends in sweden get to pee on the ad. >> god
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gatsby tavern shared picture of the water damage on the ceiling. a bust flight sent water flooding from the second floor to the first. a spokesperson tells abc7 they are waiting for wood to dry out and they expect repairs to take a couple of weeks. michelle: we are seeing busted pipes lefted a right. bill: it is. we have a house in columbus. we are closing on it soon. i called called called the real. can you please go to the house now that it's thawed and please check it out. one of these things -- michelle: any problems? bill: no. it's fine. michelle: breathe. bill: that or oh, gosh, bill, you have three feet of water in the basement and it's actively pouring out of there. that i did not want to hear. so many of you have had that because of the freeze and then the thaw. we are at 40. winds out of the southeast at 3. it's mild. it's keeler than it was. but what
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and the temperatures where they are. they are where we should be for normal. this is january, mid-january. walk outside at 6:00 at night. 39 in great falls, gaithersburg, bethesda. 40 for the district. 40 around fairfax. that is what you should expect in mid-january. not the 60's or the 20's a this time of night. which we have them both in the forecast. 39 in winchester. 46 around st. peter's petersbur. passing clouds today. otherwise a quiet day weather wise. the future cast showing you that. we will keep a couple clouds here and there. mild night. no problems heading out. light jacket and that type of thing. not t-shirt weather for the 30's. but nothing out of control. nice evening for this time of the year. tomorrow. a few more clouds. generalized. mostly cloudy sky. the first half of the day we are dry. 30:00. we get in the second half, kids coming home from school. i
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widespread raining. but in the evening, scattered showers. don't be surprised if you are driving home tomorrow and you have to tourn the windshield wipers on but i don't expect the widespread rain tomorrow. tomorrow night and friday that is when we will be watching that. so tonight there are areas of fog. increasing clouds later. mostly cloudy. during the day tomorrow we are up to the 50's. it's dry for the majority of the day. in the evening time we draw on potential for showers that will increase on friday. i'd be surprised if you didn't get bulk of that. a lull and then more in the afternoon. on friday, most of that is falling. so late, if you head outside it's 60's. but by 6:00 it's 4. then by 2:00 in the afternoon we are at 34. it's much warmer in the morning than the afternoon. at 6:00, we
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it's dry for sunday and monday and back to an arctic plunge, robert. arctic plunge. robert: wow! thanks. i will still take friday and 63 with the rain. what grade do you give the wizards for the first half of
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robert: a night the wizards never want to relive the night they were hammered by the utah jazz. one of those games that you don't even look at the film. you throw it out. on the bright side john wall didn't play in the game but it was still bad. first half of the season. john wall gave a c-plus. bradley beal said b-minus. but the bottom line it's no a-plus. >> you think it would be worse the way we were playing and going through so far. so to be where we are now is not great but we'll take it. we understand we put ourselves in this position. we have 41 more games to make it better and improve. >> we have to get back to playing the right way. sharing the ball. sometimes the ball sticks too much. put together an all around game. be more, i feel like consistency is the biggest thing. robert: we all like fireworks but not these. last night, the raptors heat game. the tangle up. it g
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left-right combo thrown by both playersment both were ejected and they could be lightener the wallet. probably be fined. scary stuff. in football, the redskins receiver james mccrowder coming up in the final year of his contract but it sounds like he wants to stay. according to finally, he is open to negotiating an extension with the redskins. he finished as the team's leading receiver with 789 yards and three touchdowns. finally the caps goal leave holtsby elected to the nhl all-star game. nancy: very nice. michelle: overnight how does it look? bills good. some -- bill: good. some places won't get to freezing. we have rain coming in late afternoon and everything. on and off rain for friday and the bulk should be in the fist half of the day and another wave for the everything. falling temperatures. michelle: at least it wil
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friday. bill: you mean on friday. michelle: on friday. nancy: not to
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tonight, as we come on the air, the desperate search right now. the deadly mudslides. rescue teams trying to get into homes swallowed by the mud. at least two dozen people still missing. searchers breaking through rooftops. the coast guard helicopter rescuing a family of five. miles of highway blocked. oprah winfrey posting video. the damage right outside her window. and these pictures just in tonight. the son that raced into the home to save his parents just as the mud came crashing into their home. president trump tonight, after once telling our correspondent he would "100%" answer questions under oath in the russia invest game, tonight, signaling something much


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