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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  January 11, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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alison: a carton of milk tainted with chemicals. >> i took a drink and it burned my throat. alison: he said that it felt like 100 fires. tainted milk. how chemicals landed in this drink.
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after the president controversial comments. alison: he was opposed to preserve history but instead stole it. the conviction, next. >> now, abc 7 news at 11:00, on your side. alison: first, using expletives during a conversation about immigration. reaction to the comments from president trump coming in from lawmakers on both sides of the aisle. alison: michelle marsh explains what he said and more on the fallout. michelle: that's right, we are talking about the president's remarks, questioned why the u.s. would accept more immigrants itive-hole countries.
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expanding plans for deportations for hundreds of thousands of immigrants and strengthening border protection. the president and suggested the u.s. should allow more people from countries like norway. reaction from all makers has been swift. maryland congressman elijah cummings said he condemned the president's words. virginia senator tim kaine said oral vacuum in the white house, and virginia senator mark warner said that it was unfair to write off an entire nation of people. the white house responded saying that certain washington forticians choose to fight foreign countries, but president trump will always fight for the american people. alison: more on this in the coming days. meanwhile, my mouth is on fire -- that is what a six-year-old told his mother after drinking milk
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the dairy company said that somebody made a mistake on a production line. taylorinvestigator scott found out what changes are being made to protect children. scott: six-year-old parker at home with mom after a scary incident at a school in virginia. >> i took a drink and a burned my throat, like there was 100 fires. attt: the kindergartner lunch in the school cafeteria took a gulp of his favorite, chocolate milk. chocolate milk or white milk? >> it was like a green type. scott: parker alerted staff and the milk was sent to side. because whenked you send your kids to school you don't expect there will be anything other than that.
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dairy farms. said that a representative said that the milk was accidentally tainted with a chemical solution the plant uses to clean processing equipment. >> when i got off the phone with them i was enraged. records obtained by the virginia department of agriculture, the school board said the milk smelled like bleach. several kids tasted it and one child fell ill. a letter from lehigh valley thet manager's said solution they use is a food grade the sanitizer. according to echo labs, a world leader in food safety, when it it is diluted it should not hurt anyone if it is ingested. the representative said the plant flushes the
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food-grade sanitizer when switching from white milk to chocolate milk. the food company says they are retraining their staff to take more test samples as the milk is processed. lehigh valley offered an apology and something extra. >>, rise to give you a $50 check. i said i don't want your money. i want to make sure this does not happen to another child. scott: the school is no longer doing business with the lehigh valley, going with another company that supplies milk and a collier carton --in a clear carton. the state of pennsylvania last inspected lehigh valley last november and there were no violations. alison: we are on storm watch miight at it is -- as it is sty and windy.
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the timeline for us. think a lot of the rain, the heaviest of it will be pretty early tomorrow morning. we are getting a break right now, but to the south and southwest, charlotte, west virginia, that is what is moving our way tomorrow morning. just a little bit of rain coming through, just enough to get the ground wet. overnight, we get a little push around 3 a.m. continuing a.m. and through the morning we hang on to the shot for wet weather. mostly in the morning, then we get a break in the evening. a chance to enjoy the mild temperatures, but rain again friday night and much more saturday. nancy: back at home, and update for students and parents at george washington middle school in alexandria. the school will reopen tomorrow. students had been out of class tweo
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days after a broken water pipe, but the fire marshal has inspected the building ending that safe for students to return. alison: the search for victims of the california mudslides is growing more desperate and time a be running out. 17 people are confirmed dead. at least eight others are missing. the youngest victim was just 3. tuesday's mudslides damaged or destroyed about 500 homes and businesses. some survivors are questioning why the authorities called for a voluntary evacuation instead of ordering people to leave. nancy: a man tasked with preserving history is accused of stealing it. among the items stolen from the national archives, nearly 300 dogtags. tom roussey has that story tonight. , like a lot dehays of historians, would come here to do research. when he would come out come he was taking stuff with him, including the dogtags of american soldiers that he would
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french historian antonin dehays sat in a spitfire aircraft. in return, he gave a gift, the dog tag of a teske air men. it was only much later the virginia beach museum that he gave it to learn it was stolen, one of nearly 300 dogtags he took from the archives in college park. >> that dog tag is a symbol of his sacrifice. that was nailed to a bust. tom: the american legacy museum in california has studied leonard willis for years. he was an artist who joined the tuskegee airmen red tails. africa andt in southern italy and germany. tom: his mother received a telegram from eleanor roosevelt . this is story and was stunned to
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>> to find out he has been doing this for years is disgraceful. tom: nobody answered at antonin dehays' college park home. his attorney said, no words can express how ashamed i am for my actions. the stolen dog tag has been returned. antonin dehays is scheduled to be sentenced in april. tom roussey, abc 7 news. nancy: a months long mystery now solved. the police have identified the remains wrapped in a bright get -- wrapped in a blighted as jaeyoung lee -- as marty mcmillan who disappeared last april. his family said marty's death is a warning for others. tonight, they are warning people to be careful when using dating apps were dating sites. she
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death may be the result of a recent meet up from a dating app. >> it was a secluded area, cre ek, someplace where you look like you could hide a body. lisalysa: for months, for cook search for her grandson, 22-year-old marty mcmillan. >> i said something was wrong. anna-lysa: when his remains were found along suitland parkway, she has received confirmation from the police that according to court documents, mcmillan shot and killed inside of an apartment building in the 2600 block of martin luther king jr. avenue and in southeast before his body was dumped. >> after all that time. anna-lysa: before he went missing in april, he scheduled a meeting with a girl that he met on a dating app known as plenty of fish. she believes that one swipe on that app cost him his life.
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thought they were. anna-lysa: cook started a petition on causing for enhanced security measures on dating sites. the police are offering a 25,000 other reward for information leading to an arrest in her grandson's murder. anna-lysa gayle, abc 7 news. alison: two hyattsville men could spend the rest of their lives behind bars after been convicted in a federal sex trafficking case. the police say that ivan williams and dennis davis transported teenaged girls around the d.c. area and as far away as atlanta, posting ads online and using the money to fund their rap music. you may have noticed all of us in blue tonight. this is for the department of homeland security's wear blue d
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find more information including how to spot the signs of human mofficking on her abc 7 news bile app. nancy: no more lobsters thrown in boiling water. what now has to be done before they can be cooked. alison: a do-it-yourself pap smear? we will tell y
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nancy: a six-year-old boy is back home tonight after recovering from his wounds after being shot in texas. he was the last shooting victim to leave the hospital, and many of the people who escorted home more first responders at the scene of the massacre that left 26 people dead at the church. alison: new details about confederate monuments. they are proposing a law to give cities the authority to remove or alter memorials. current law bans government from removing or changing any warm a mortal, but the ll
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to do with the statues. nancy: the search is on for answers after a patient was abandoned outside of a baltimore hospital. the video shows the woman wearing only a hospital gown and socks. she was left there by four security guards who could be seen pushing an empty wheelchair back into the university of maryland medical center. the hospital said it is investigating and has issued an apology. and websolutely failed own that failure. in the demonstration of basic humanity and compassion. has nothe hospital ruled out disciplinary action, including firing the person responsible. alison: it has been an extreme and deadly flu season, but a california family says their daughter died after being misdiagnosed with the flu. doctors said that their daughter had the flu and sent them home
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she did not get better and when she went back to the doctor it was too late. it turned out she had a viral infection, not the flu. the family says they have no plans to sue, but they want to see better testing for children. nancy: thousands are losing their jobs as walmart announces it will close 63 sam's club stores nationwide. one store near baltimore has closed, but does not look like any d.c. area stores are closing. the company says the stores are closing because they are not generating enough sales. alison: an announcement coming the same day walmart announced it is raising starting pay and giving longtime employees a $1000 bonus. next month workers will make $11 per hour. walmart is also expanding parental leave benefits and will offer new benefits to adoptive parents. walmart said the new tax bill allow them to make the changes. the cat is out of the bag at a pennsylvaniair
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of a cat in a suitcase. an agent at the airport in your he, pennsylvania, found the cat packed in checked baggage. is just fine, and is in the care of the humane society. not scream when you throw them into boiling water, but animal rights activists say lobsters feel pain. sorry. are making sure that the lobsters are comfortable before meeting their demise. the country will not allow people to simply throw lobsters into the pot. they have to be stunned. it is part of a larger overhaul of animal protection roles. 7 on your side with a bizarre question -- would you skip the doctors visit in favor of a do-it-yourself pap smear? alison: the fda is cons
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the possibility as part of an effort to make sure that every woman is getting the screening she needs. cost lessuld probably than $100 but still needs fda approval. >> you start handing them out and william will tell you i used a come it's easy, i do not have to go to the doctor, nobody strange looking at me, all of the reasons they don't go or eliminated. alison: once you take the test at home, you send the culture to the lab for testing. nancy: so far, no word on if or when the approval could happen from the fda. but it can help women who cannot afford it or are unable to go. it is too bad we have the warm weather but rain. josh: it will stay cloudy tomorrow, but we will get a few hours later in the afternoon and early evening when we can enjoy it. the timing will be tight, but try to sneak in some
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easily see the cold front on the way. the temperatures hanging in the teens in parts of illinois. st. louis 22. they were in the mid-60's earlier today. the cold air pushing our way friday night going into early saturday morning. 57 right now, some areas hanging close to 60. very mild, getting a break from the rain. this is building in throughout the overnight and especially tomorrow morning. about 25, 50 to 55, degrees above where we are normally overnight. the southerly breeze and the cloud cover. the breeze working in tomorrow morning, we start off futurecast around 6:30. showers, more than likely dealing with wet weather getting to work. slower than normal. getting to the bus stop,
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gear. later in the afternoon, about 3:00, 4:00, this starts to push to the east and northeast. we get this break that you see, and that will be the prime time. it does not last long, just a few hours into the early evening before the heavier rain moves in with a cold front. we sailed on the warm side of the system off to the west. we are not looking to see any snow or ice, just the rain and colder weather moving in behind it. we do not seehat much, may be a few flurries saturday morning, that is about it. early tomorrow morning, light rain to get started, heavier later in the morning. just need the rain gear ready to go, mid 60's, well above average. working into saturday morning, about 8:00 saturday morning, already feels like mid 20's. teens further to the west, and we continue to drop through the da
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closer to freezing pretty much all week with a chance of snow showers tuesday. nancy: we are following breaking news in charles county where there is an active scene where the body of a woman was found on old washington road in waldorf. this is a live look from sky track 7. the police are calling the death suspicious. stay with abc seven for updates "what if" more of the energy we used came from renewable resources? "what if" the electric grid could detect, fix and even prevent power outages? "what if" our grid were less vulnerable and more secure? "what if" all these "what if"s became a reality? well, they are. at dominion energy, we're completely transforming our power grid and the way we think of energy... move from "what if" to "what's next." dominion energy.
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alison: unhappy with something on a flight? how about miles to make it better? nancy: american airlines is giving flight attendants the ability to compensate passengers with frequent flyer miles. alison: the airline has always compensatemiles to for onboard issues but until now passengers had to file a complaint. you can see tha
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tonight. robert: you were close. caps fans. you are trying. that is what's important. plus, seeing is believing. sports is coming up.
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>> and now the toyota sports
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local toyota dealers. caps tonight,and the good guys trying to make it six straight, while the hurricanes are trying to impress their new owner. him for theinds one-timer. pregame scoring streak. stayed tied until the third, carolina with the extra attacker, the shot on goal. braden holtby would stop it, but the rebound comes out and a score. the hurricanes top the caps, 3-1. college hoops, the terps on the road taking on ohio state. driving in for the two-handed jam. this was not maryland's night. down big in the second half, the steal, cannot get the shot to go, but jack
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terpso state leaves the shellshocked. celtics-lakers come in london. the crowd makes him think he made the shot. nancy: oh, no. robert: so he is happy, until he finds out he did not make the shot. when he finds out, poor jack. aw. sad. oh, well. and the 11th-ranked maryland women's basketball t
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alison: 60-something degrees? josh: mid to upper 60's is not out of the question. the prime time to enjoy it will be late afternoon, early evening. a good shot at rain tomorrow.
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friday night into saturday morning. the short trip to spring goes quickly back to the brutal weather. nancy: i thought
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight, annette bening, director paul thomas anderson, "this week in unnecessary censorship," and music from sylvan esso. and now, more than ever, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: welcome. that's very nice. hi there, i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thanks for watching. thanks for coming.


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