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tv   Fox 8 News at 5AM  FOX  January 28, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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it is the dawn of yet another wonderful day. i put the emphasis on wonderful. this the 26th day of january. i hope you have a great state --
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there is the normal was some light accumulation as the
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most of the evening. we did shoot video overnight this is what it looks like a lot of water on the road is close between 105 and 106.
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she did good turning herself in. icm the good step towards the
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i didn't know if i was going to
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the explosion scattered debris across the neighborhood with some tiles raining elementary
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take me out to the parking from spring trace of the can start getting excited.
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year we want to. a great experience for the millennial's the diehards rethink were doing that. it's a home run. >> another great addition of cores in ohio city bermuda will
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jailbait wanda. good at morning, scott. >> good morning. some and some light snow to the west will we see any accumulation from this horrible we see another stronger front will talk about that and look at the weekend and a big-time shot of arctic air by this time next
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dewpoint syria well a lot of this to another radar is showing snow a lot of it's not reaching the ground the morning commute
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and eastlake. we have the secondary front that's going to get windy.
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are going to get pretty called any general accumulation for most of those picking up a couple of inches pay mid-to-late morning.
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changing over to wet snow 14 minutes after 5:00 a.m. weather and traffic every eight
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salt first for some allison brown called because the water
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the side streets we have more on
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>> they broke out last friday he was only on the excessive her a couple month the other two have been in custody between two and three years there's no
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he appeared to shove don have understood that was unintentional that he apologized to henderson. the nhl we until you see how they got fired up the second half.
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there are some snow showers. this is kind of a friend. more of the slashers of that
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>> that cavaliers took control third-quarter scoring the first 12 points. from frustrated browns fans are making it pretty clear with a
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the field and it's we can't show you the sixth and a because it portrays them as part of the male anatomy. it will remain up until man self changes his ways with the browns cut and it is that recent video of him i've been seeing that video. boy weather and traffic every eight minutes. a social media giant is planning to set up at an unexpected spot
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