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tv   Fox 8 News at 10PM  FOX  February 2, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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is used to call us the to the threese amigos peeking out family and friends of 33 -year-old lakisha brown of cleveland are left to mourn her death tuesday night. >> i can't describe it. >> her two best friends tiki she had a heart of gold. we do anything would do anything for anybody.y. she was an excellent mom. >> but this mother of one and nursing assistant was killed early tuesday morningfter a wrong way driver hit her suv on interstate 71. >> ambulance or fire. >> there's ece a car going the wrong way on 71. i'm heading southbound toward theadi airport with road splinters )-right-parenthesis you get off and he's) going he's heading right towards me going the wrong way. >> police say 22 -year-old kenneth vanek of lakewood was
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>> there was a guy driving on the highway the wrong way coming athe h me. >> the ohio department of transportation released highway camera footage of him nearly missing three other drivers. intoto 100 40th street bridge. we are choosing not to show the collision. >> devastating. >> both drivers were pronounced pr dead at the scene. meanwhile, police believe in m beli why he drove for at least 3 miles along 71 in the wrong direction. a unintelligible i don't know what he was going through what he was thinking. but my friend had to lose her life over it. >> cleveland police say the vanek wasd traveling at a high rate of t speed while driving thethe wrong way.a
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>> unbelievable that something like thists. could happen. just a horrible tragedy. thank you melissa. here at a northeast ohio family loses everything in ang fire and a they credit their dogr for helping them make it out alive. >> but ou unfortunately, theire beloved pet did not. kevin freeman is here with their bittersweet story of survival. >> the father narrowly escaped the firehe with his three sons and his daughter.wi his wife happens to be at work when the fire broke out.his the father said had it not been for their dog bear part they probably th would not be around to tell their story. >> this is all that remains of the art will family's two-story home in lafayette township near medina. it was destroyed one flames ripped through the when flames ripped through the home around 2:00 a.m. saturday. the family's 10 pounds shoots should sue reese apparently sensed early on that somethingu was wrong. w >> she is not a barker so when she barked, i opened my eyes and
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seconds f i realized the room was full of smoke. >> his wife trish was at work and his sons have fallen asleepfal with them in a first-floor- bedroom while watching television. his 11 -year-old daughter was asleep in her bedroom upstairs. >> right away i got the boysr b up and i said boys, we need to get out of the house, the houses on fire. >> they ran to a detached garage. >> than i had to go back into the house to get my iad daughter the smoke was so thick i couldn't see anything. i got to the wall, i'm looking for the door and that she just kind of fell to her knees and blacked out so i'm holding her in onem arm and i'm trying to find the door and the other and i couldn't i thought to myself please godl don't let it end this way. >> jim says he and his daughter barely madede it out, but reese who first alerted the family to the fire, was still inside. >> the sad parta sti is the little dog that saved us i wasn't able to save.
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africa cable out in kale out and the smoke wasas just way too thick. >> jim saysay reese was a beloved member of that family and he will never forget what you did for them. >> i feel like him the richest man in the world. i got my wife got my kids. >> the family did find another house in the area to d rent but ofb course he lost all their belongings.s. we have a link at if you want to help out.nk investigators are still trying to figure out what causedre the fire. he says it is possible but it may have started in theit basement >> you hear these stories all the time on animalsar and the things they do and their awareness andy it could be a medical condition or in this case saving aam family. >> he said they did have a smoke detector but he said he didn't hear it but the dog was right there on the bed withd them and
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them up. police and more in investigating after a pair of unconscious women rushed to the to hospital. a woman and her mother brought the children who are nine monthsne and 21 months old were resuscitated using an anti- overdose drug.r police are not saying much about what caused the children's condition.n. tonight they are recovering at akron children's'ston hospital and will be placed in a foster home whenste they delivery drivers of being of cautioned to stay alert after a local man was shot twice trying to deliver pizza in akron. fifty-nine -year-old mike maria brotherton called 911 himself barberton called 911 himself after he wasbrlled 911 h shot trying to make a pizza delivery to an apartment on akron's east side east side late monday. ak neighbors say they heard to her three shots and then they said he'd been shot in the back and another time in the stomach byt
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tooke o his money. >> they don't have a lot of money on them at any onene > time soe it is not a lot of money that these individuals are getting. this gentleman here was robbed and shot for appropriatete probably an insignificant amount of money.. police tell us in murray is in serious condition at a local hospital and he is expected to recover cover from his injuries. a local school district is expected to learnca to mount of t theo water in a and ended in a middle school is safe to drink. the concern here iso about theh lead in the drinking water. >> that is right and it is wise students at kearney elementary school in k chagrin falls will be drinking bottled water since laterin january. the ohio epa put out the caught the district off guard because the agency declared safe for drinking in november. the school district in chagrin falls decided not to close the school that all trekkingotkkin fountains were covered and turned
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provided for drinking and sinksn andd thanks sinks are kept in service for handwashing th only. the superintendent told of thetol district wanted to air on the side of caution especially after what happened in sebring ohio. the district to 20 additional water samples on two occasions and sent them over toater the epa for further testing. again test results expected on wednesday. the district will decide what if any action needs to be taken after gettings t word back from the epa. michael's announcing it is lamrite west parent parent company of pat catan's. michael said they paid 150 million for the business which operates 34 stores in ohio stores in ohio pennsylvania michigan and west virginia.
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with itsh employees will remain headquartered in northeast ohio and will operate as a distinctd business within michael's. onto the soccer continuing around johnny manziel tonight. it looks like the controversial controversial cornerback isck taken the field with a bronzeh for the last time. >> john tell it is joining us john telich telling us more about johnnyny manziel's futureel' here in cleveland which will probably be short-lived. >> it looks like the tumultuous two-year career in cleveland will be overs soon for the former heisman trophy winner.soon according to espn .com, the teamm is expected to release the youngoun quarterback when the new 2016 nfl calendar year commences on march 9th. brown salary-cap hit will be absorbed at thatr time unless some team miraculously trades for the volatile young quarterback with about baggage he brings about is unlikely to happen. is today the vp of football issued a strong statement about mister mademoiselle mann's
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about expectations fororma our players on and off the field. his continuing involvement ini incidentsn at one count of crime counted to those expectations expectations undermines the hard work of the teammates and the reputation of our organization. his status with our team will be addressed when permitted byed league rules. we will have a of course no further comment at this time. a yes the browns knew of his partying in college before they drafted him and while they said the relationship could be repaired it was beforehe the latest incidentef in texas where he is under investigation by dallas and fort worth police were possible i assault of his ex-girlfriend early saturday morning. too many angles to this deal cut bait is run. >> she said he wanted to harmo >> right and they had helicopters involved in the
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city did come f up but you have to worry about his well-being as well. >> he could be in a- very dark placebeiin right now. wet weather on the way and andre will let us know how long it will last andl le when the temperatures will take another dive. in northeast ohio woman gone without a trace. now police think the disappearance could stem from an argument work in. a terrifying moment in a walmart parking lot.g and why the suspected cause ofe this fire is so bizarre. an elderly woman no longer welcome in church but that is just the beginning. the threatening letter that questions the future of her th soul lebron james becomes the focus in courts the dispute over
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you meant well welcome back. w you cane see we've got some rain coming down and if you just looko at your facebook fan page of a year ago. >> blizzard conditions. >> it like a foot of snow. >> i'm glad - -dash i don'tsh i remember it and i think that something, andre andrea, that we just put in our memories and we'd like to forget about winter in northeast ohio. >> weein all have very short weather memories, especially when itwe comes to that kind of k stuff absolutely. i want to focus i had before i look at the rain and eventually the snow showers coming first of all, let me show you
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it doesn't appear impressive, 35 degrees. that's the normal high temperature.. but when we look ahead we have started to increase march are starting to increase march 2nd month from nowrte m 41. it's a modest increase but it is an increasen and 50 for two months from now on april the second. showers have moved in but some of these have been embedded in thunderstorms. let's check it out. the most recent cluster developed out of theet lake county and is heading over for the pennsylvania border. h 53 lightning strikes in the last 30 minutes.s. that is about one every 30 seconds which is very modest butut in february? it's going to get your attention. we will widen out the view here he are all part of a cold front and you canre a see the widespread area light to moderate rain heading in for tonight. a big snow is up to our northwest but guess what, that stays w there. i like bad news. showers we could hear thunder
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it does get a little colder after that but let's take it one next eight days coming up shortly.y. would be thieves target one of cleveland's most exclusive hotels. >> it is not the first time. the eye team reveals the latest attempt to rip people off. plus the city looking to hand out money to people who do
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with iowa in the rearview mirror, the republican and democratic presidentialre candidates are looking ahead to the next test with the primary in new hampshire. hillary clinton won the iowa caucuses by bernie sanders only by rage ory thin margin and margin and well-positioned to win nexto tuesday'swi contest in new hampshireco given birney's popularity as a senator neighboring vermont. on the republican side, ted cruz may have bested donald trump and marco rubio in the caucuses but in new hampshire c trump currently leads in thee polls. rubio was expected to be a formidable challenger.
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conservative movement in the republican party. i can do thate better than anyoneyon who is running. we need to grow it and i can do that better than anyone who is running and we need to beat hillary clinton and bernie sanders. >> ted cruz's rep lashing out at rubio and trump on immigration and attack ads.ttat as dallas health officials say a patient has contracted zikao virus through sexual transmission. the patient was infected after having sexual contact with an ill personse who recently returnedly r from a country where is ziegler was present.m the zika virus is usually spread through mosquitoes. the search is on for a couple in a multistate crime spree. in a they dropped her off later on an exit ramp and the pair also wanted in connection with other crimes.. >> and the committee's lawyersr
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judge to tosss out criminal charges in a 2004 incident. crosby charge of4 felony indecent assault cosby denies allegations andies says the sex was consensual. still to come tonight, a different kind of groundhog day. >> local police have a of suspect who they say have been doing the same thing over and over ando over again. it was supposed to be to honor one culture but it ended up offending another. why an nba team scramble to shut
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fox and i team has learned of another bold attempt by crooks looking to rip you off. o high tech devices again found at one of cleveland's most exclusive hotels. tiki a galek has more on theo downtown >> this device can reach intoch your bank account. the chances of police find in a device like this are slim but b now they've found two with the exact same place made the same way. pl two skimmers used by con conmenn to try to swipe your credit card
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you knowing it. >> they found a skimming device on the atm. >> last week cleveland police call got a callll downtown to the renaissance hotel. do they found a skimminga divisiveness atm. late last week hotel security also found a skim on the same atm. a the device was secretly placed right of over where your cardsou go into the atm as we found in december, mostr folks would not even recognize ae skim a. >> do you have any idea what that is? >> i do not. >> and the number of victims can add up quickly. this time at least six innocent people l had used the atm with a skimmer at had been placed it seems the device it only been there a short time. we obtained this video. investigators believe that guy puts that first t skimmer on the hotel atm and never did get caught. now a second skimmer made the samemmer way on the same atm so
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this skimming devices which are more more popular withing quirks, hard to detect to the tracking leads. a police report shows hotel security workers have been checking the atmity because they found a skimmer there before but police think these devices are all over and these devices have repeatedly gotten warnings. a car goes up in flames in a walmart parking lot but it is a suspected cause of the fire th that is truly bizarre. why some of the tattoos on lebron james or now are now the
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its charter with a neighbor dispute over cats and in northeast ohio woman is missing. why nationwide searches are not only for the womanatnw but for her neighbors as well. should be put any stock into groundhogs addiction? the news at 10 continues now. it started as a neighbor dispute over cats that is does not lead to a nationwide search for 62 -year-oldnw woman. >> peggy galek has more on the mysterious disappearances. >> it has been seven months. >> somewhat missing in our in neighborhood. it's a little scary. >> police say hudson has noton
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day when two of her neighbors here on spring street were arguing about her cats. those two neighbors moved out that day and have not been seene since.. those living nearby say hudsony was kind and kept to herself. they said they would often spot her sitting on her porch feeding her sidten cat. neighbors tell us police were here searching the victim's home just lastc week. >> and bring the police and everything over there and wonder what's going on and then to th find out that this is what it is it makes me even more shocked. >> search warrants fired filed with the mansfieldear mansfield's the atm transactions have been made all over the country.ions the search warrant also state detectives were looking for the body ofloo hudson and all evidence pertaining to the crime of kidnapping and abduction.uct >> i just didn't know what was going on. one day there were i didn't know what was going on at all. i
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>> hudson's family said it would be very unusual for her should be gone soo long without telling anyone. >> i'm very shocked because i've never seen anybody likea this >> anyone with information on the cases urged to call mansfield case is urged to call mansfield police as soon as possible.f city hall as respondents is responded to a fox eight i team report that exposed a video posted online that showed how anyone could break into a new police district headquarters.dquar the city now blames human error saying someone had taken on out the trash earlier and left the door unlocked. meanwhile, we have revealed other problems of the lockss mean there in the city says contractors are still working on other security issues. investigators looking into the cause of the trained rail meant inin fh brewster were the cars left the tracks b yesterday.. thankfully no one was hurt. three people under arrest
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high school in portage county. eighteen or old roadmaps and schlegel and 18 oaktree's and schlegel o at the school for corrupting others with drugs. others w nineteen holdith drug karen wohl is accused of trafficking during a investigators found in an assault rifle,tor money, several pounds of pot from california. police call it another case of groundhog day. police arrested spanky moore for the 76th more for the 76th time since 1990 1994. he is accused of stealing things from a localc drugstore and was arrested 53 minutes after being released fromd jail for serving and another charge. j matt wright tells us why some city leaders make aigh hike think a hike is necessary.s mak >> plowing snow, filling potholes, patrolling city streets.
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needs more money toets. keep >> we've got a problem right? >> frank jackson is calling for an increase of the city's incomes i tax from two to two and a half percent. he says revenues from property taxes and red light and speed cameras isand r down, and the city has a lost $30 million in annual state lo funding while ohio leaders tout a balanced budget. >> we are the ones who do state revenue. we do not see the state st benefits from it and as a result of that, therefore they are forcing are decision of tax increase on local communities. >> meanwhile,, costs are rising in 2016. union contracts require $28 million in salary increases and the department of justice consent decree would cost the citytet 11 million. >> you don't want to just get by. we want to be able to do well and do b better. >> the proposed half percent
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cause someone making $60,000 a year in extra $200.$2 the mayor said it would generateat $83 million annually to maintain and expand city services butr could it drive business away? >> i'm not concerned about that. >> otherwise cuts will occur. though jackson is the jackson is not specifying where. >> if not we are going to have to have a reduction ofe ar services and possible layoffs. cleveland voters. many say they are taxax weary. >> i think it's a bad idea. everything else is going up. >> the last income tax increase in cleveland was 35 years ago. the mayor says november is the earliest and income tax increasee would be on the ballot for cleveland voters. >> we will follow it in its. a bit of rain coming down here and then more snow.
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this morning and sunny as could possibly be but of sun course there was that th frost and and we have warmed up as the clouds came in but we relative solar strength way up herela bright cloudless and in the clouds started coming and not too thick but enough to know you were seeing something come in and here it is.e here is the very latest. l you can see some very tall indiana. let's bring the radar and you will see basically a pretty widespread swath of not only light rain but pockets of moderate rain. the western shoreline of ohio and ali couple of shorelines now just west of the eerie but if you hear a little fund or it is
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it will notbe be super widespread like it is in the deep south. s we had a number of tornadoes almost a dozen nu tonight and in mostly mississippi. there is a benefit to the front short term as it is that leaveshat temperatures out ahead of it. it hit 50 degrees. that is our current high temperature but this morning's low as a frosty 23. look at that deficit fyi it ist now approaching 30 inches and willc likely go above 30 inches in the next few days. go and mentioned the thunder would be somewhat incidental and in nature woul but the rain would be widespread. look for anywhere from half-inch
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then tomorrow a showery start. 54 is going to be before the case before the font comes in and then we willfor see the sun come up in the afternoon and that will take us through the weekend t and then next week it looks like the atmosphere is preparing a shot of very cold air tuesday and wednesday.
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around 22. the good news in all of this, even though it is going to be cold, no big snowstorms widespread but there will be periodically can affectead clippers that will be sending signals from time to time.ime >> nothing to really worry w about. >> fox eight oror official school closing station. could all ofc the closings and delays online and on-air. t the next is a comet is shaping up to be a holy war. >> an elderly woman shocks to be kicked out of church. find out why she was told she could not w wkicy s be buried next to her late husband. and a beloved picture of the osu campus is gone. why the way he's been
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a fire destroys a car and everything inside. >> it is possible a bottle of soda pop of all things played a rolel th in this fire. lou magglio is back with this. despite everything ythi family is very grateful tonight. >> they really are. they had their one -year-old in a car seat and they had to get him out and get him out fast asst a fire the fire engulfed the car in a parking lot of a walmarth f in trumbull county.
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possible role of the sodada pop. >> of us tried to figure oute o what it was at the time we later found out it was oneti of the two leaders that we bought soil at the back seat and just seen the smoke pouring in. >> mom and dad grabbed the image watched as their car was destroyed within minutes. m everything gone, including williams car seat and paul's golf clubs. they think the exploding pop bottle may haveink leapt leaks fluid into part of the electronics andrt started the fire appeared whatever the reason family is received and relieved the fire started while they were still in the walmart parking lot. iot. >> it's terrifying. we could've left and who knows where we would've. been if we would've got pulled over and got him out of the seat.. >> in other words, if they were moving on a highway whenords the buyers started, they would've lost it all seconds critical seconds. everyone is nds c okay but mom and dad are certainly aware of what might have
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ohio state students biddingg farewell to the duck known as afro duck was found lifeless last week dying from old age. theying students held a vigil for the legendary buckeye buck up at controversy. at least one student pointed outnt that a student died in the same po lake before the osu michigan game. >> what if we showed the mi same support and care for our otherr students who passed away ona campus and if wess all just came together and showed care and genuine love for eachand other, this campus would be a betterbe place. >> they say that file should be one of the most celebrated buckeye buckeyes right alongsidee the school's mascot. >> and we remember other people as well.membr ahead what had a teenager scrambling to remove the t-shirts that were supposed to be handedh out for fans? getting paid for staying out>> of trouble? the city that once to pay people
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you make a virginia teaching or threatening her students with jail timeening if they do not behave at a basketball coach said he was picking up students at the elementary school when hen heard the employee tell students thatl
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wouldu t go to jail. he recorded interaction on the cell phone only after he approached and employees saying he thought the expression was inappropriate. she told the coach quote that was their reality and now parents are speaking out. >> they don't go to jail for doing bad things. we tried to talk to our children and train them in a better way. we punish them in certain ways but nothing like that. >> they need to be reminded that they can be successful. they don't need to be reminded ofalkin wayli ed t nothing negative. >> she said she was so upset she addressed it with the principal. she t said the principal apologizedd and assured her itsu would not happen again. and an elderly minnesota woman isd shocked to find out she is no longer welcome in church. she got a letter in the mail stating that she would no longer be considered a member in goodod standing at st. mark's lutheran church because she had not been to at least four services in the last year. at the letter also stated that sheta would not be allowedt to be buried next towe her late husband
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fact thath c she had paid for the burialr plots. the church church now said the letter ch she received was sent by mistake, but the family is still angry. >> this is their church and there's no war in the bible that says thou shalt have communion communion four times a year or you're you are not going to go toms a heaven.a hateful responses, including one person wishing our church would blow up inrs flames. >> her family says they want anhe apology fromy the church and aan promise in writing that doreen will be allowed to bem buried next to her husband. sacramento kings sacramento kings scramble to cancell a t-shirt promotion last night there were set to give away shirts commemorating the chinese year of the monkey which starts february 8ththese. it sported the image of a purple monkey but at least one team player said image was insensitive since it was the first day of blackive history month. thehist t-shirts were removed from the seats and the team president
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did not want sa to offend anyone. they say crime does not pay for but that may not be entirely columbia. washington dc city councilcolumbi pay residents a stipend of stipends not commit crimes. the goal is to discourage people fromura becoming repeat offenders. under the bill city officials would identify up to 200 people per year considered at risk of committing violent crimes. those people would be directed to be involved in behavioral therapy and other programs. if they fill thoser obligations, they would be paid. a legal battle over body art. >> still to bae come, find out why lebron's tattoos are not the subject of a lawsuit. a preview of the super bowl plus a big boys hoops game at garfield heights higha bi school plus the latest on johnny
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your chance to win a dream home and other prizes is coming up fast. tickets for the saint jude dream home: sale thursday february 18th atme 6:00 a.m..m. the half-million dollar home in a funds red tail of community isun being billed by custom homes. proceeds benefit saint jude children's research hospital and the ticket will give youu a chance to join a car from neck and nick abraham automall. hot tub tubs and other great prizes. had toubsth for more information.ww the mecca leavell a legal battlegal brewing over lebron james tattoos he can make us of the video videogame franchise and nba two k aregam facing a lawsuit a
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the company says they hold the copyright to several tattoosoos depicted on players in the 2016 version of theicte game. there are eight player tattoos named in the suit including several of the ones featured on the bronze forms. in recent years makers of sports have had to negotiate withh tattoo artists before featuring artist before featuring any player body art.eng a johnny manziel sideshow will soon be a thing of the past in berea. according to multiple reports team will be parting company c with a volatile quarterback when the new league year commences on march 9th. the team will be better able to absorb the $4 million salary cap hit upon his release. today brown's issued a strong statement indicating the end of the line isste near. he said the team has been clearear about expectations for the players on and off the field, and john's continual involvementlv
10:39 pm
counter to those expectations undermines the hard work of his teammates and the representation of our organization and thereon was simply no way to espouse apous remain. that last sentence of court was of course was mine, not brown's. pandas are the favorites of many pundits in advance of super bowl 50. many point toward the dynamite defense and also the fantastic offense of cam newton the offense can really set the tone. what about trey austin telling reporters that is the self iself selfless bunch is a part >> honestly there are there's no th guy and you can't come in our locker room andme talk to. everyone sees cam newton and alla of the commercials but that's one of the coolest guys you can meet.cis chill with him on weekends you know. you can - you. the view that he is, and takinga care ofnd the ohio bobcats denied
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state loses to central michigan 8861 the final score. high school basketball for you lorrainehi titans tightens and baiting garfield heights garfield heights bulldogs andrews scoring for the titans right there going right to then rock at the other and look out for theand big fella and that's bigd t willie jacksonha who gets it to gold right there and watch out. the number zero kevin davis scoring in foul but the bulldogs get it done inside the jackson there and garfield goes on to win thisher one by a 75 / 61 count also we should note the cavaliers were of course often i eyed and will beco back in action tomorrow night down in charlotte. they will be taking on charlotte. >> we haveve talked about johnny and i know people ta get about this distraction now we've got to gete another quarterback g and move forward. >> absolutely. they will be looking to pickck >> up one of these promising young
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johnny manziel the time has run out foraftjoh him. changes tomorrow for the forecast. >> and how.w. look at this gush of moisture and talk about a wind driven rain. some of the wind gusts right now past 40 miles per hour. and we widen out the view there is the cold front that will be comingis through over the course of the next six - eight hours. h make sure you tune in tomorrowr morning and scott and aj will have the latest. forty-eight tonight, wind gusting 3540 miles per hour wind driven rain and steady temperatures but our highesth temperature tomorrow will be early in the morningaure and 54. that will start to decline as we go into the afternoon, but at least we will lose the showers and go partly cloudy. once we get beyond that we have w a near normal winter near-normal wintry ne pattern, but no big storms of any flavor or
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oror two between wednesday night and thursday, primarily in the snow belts. >> and an inch or two is nothing right? thure an >> that's right. thanks andre. we always appreciate your time. join thank you for joining us at 10:00 o'clock in the morning show crew roles in tomorrow at0:
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