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tv   Fox 8 News at 10PM  FOX  February 22, 2016 1:00am-2:00am EST

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governor john k-6 signing a controversial bell. good evening, everyone. jennifer jordan. he took a break from the presidential campaign trail to make this happen and as you can imagine the house bill is not popular with everyone. allison is live at this this evening. sort it all out for us.
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the legislation stops money from going to places that perform abortions. critics of the move set planned parenthood would be the most effective needing more than 1 million's so there's mixed feelings about the whole thing. even if he's republican are a democrat,. >> i think that plan. had they do a lot for reproductive health the same time be apportioned asked tech ways it down. can you move by john kasich to block funding for plan. in how ohio has people talking. >> when you donate to a nonprofit come you never know it can happen. >> the measure does not specifically named patent. , backers of the most effective. sunday's me of cut 1.3 million dollars in funding and critics say the health clinic so that money will be sent lacks the services that. and provides. >> they played for control.
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screening and the state. there's people out there without healthcare. republican second house bill to 94 will provide other options pick britney warner, spokesperson for the ohio. the company says in part, house bill 294 -- that the form and redirect funds to nearly 280 health clinics with the ascension health care. programs focused on improving ohio's infant mortality rate. democrats are not happy that the chairman of the democratic party issued a statement which reads in part rather than listen to the majority of ohioans who oppose the funding plan. said, kasich decided to take sides with radical extremists were recently indicted on felony charges under k-6 right wing leadership. ohio is now competing with texas and louisiana for the worst state and the nation.
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it comes one day after governor kasich finished fifth in the south carolina primary. >> tonight plan. also issued a statement which basically said the governor should be ashamed and believed that this is our plate for k-6 to score political points. they believe thousands without hiv and std tests. and as you heard, mixed reactions. else and brown is live for us. thank you. >> you tonight at 10, an escape from a low level lock of downtown. the eye team first revealed chronic -- and pathways of inmates from the mcdonald community -- and the latest escape have happened right in at a suspect on.
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said late last year that 60 inmates at that facility had disappeared without permission. twenty have never been found. >> a car accident this evening and couldn't ski side looks one person dead, two. -- to involved in a crash at the community college at a firefox afternoon. no word on the class and please have not written these the name of the victim or if anyone else was injured. two dogs are lucky to be alive tonight after getting stranded on an icy waters this morning. thankfully the fire department was to respond. as brittney harris tells us, the daring rescue caught on camera. >> we have two little dogs, zoe and zero and they like to run our property in the morning and they decided that they were going to play in the waters of the jumped in our like. normally that would be a problem but the lake is still full of ice and both dogs ended up getting stuck in the water.
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pain of rescuing them so she called the township fire department for help. they were very nice and they got out their rescue equipment and. >> this body camera video. by the police chief. you can see the firefighters had our work cut out for them. >> the docs a little less active in the watering concerned they might not be doing as also after that one burst, i retrieved the smaller document. to break our way through the ice that one. ten minutes of the bigger dogs. >> i've it calls for dogs in the water before, horses in the water. even deer in the water. so he ends whose were taken to an emergency. to be checked out. and it sounds like they're going to be okay. she said it was incredibly scary
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out there. it was a very critical situation situation. here are very appreciative of the fire department and they place to do for us over the years. brittney harris, fox 8 news. >> turning out to the weather. was in a beautiful yesterday. >> absolutely stunning weather. say take a bite of springlike temperatures. will make its way into northeast ohio and dan archer is standing by in the front yard with more on your work week forecast. >> i definitely notice the difference today since yesterday yesterday. temperatures still were not that bad for a february wind today in northeast ohio. here in the low 40s most of the afternoon and he saw sunshine. those are coming up in a little bit. you can tell that the have changes that continue to filter and. right now our 24 hour temperature change this time
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warmer than what we are right now. temperatures are at the freezing point along the way. thirty-two youngstown 31 and low 30s at the moment. going to continue to head into that -- that shouldn't be 37 degrees position for 27 degrees at 7:00 7:00 in the morning so it's definitely going to be a cold start. thirty-four by noon and at 5:00 5:00 the skies of the clearing out a little bit. will see lots of sunshine. this is going on right now. if there's at the moment no rain or no snow. we do have this under the south of us and a high pressures going to stick with us. for going to have an uneventful couple of days. it will certainly been tuesday night in and alex are going to see rain changing over to snow and the wrapping up february on a cold day. i love that eighth day forecast coming up for you. i'm going to say goodbye. hopefully the warm temperatures
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the eight pick six people are dead and two others injured after a man went on a random shooting spree. now were learning new details and the suspect was an uber driver. mike tobin is in kalamazoo, michigan tonight. >> our heart really goes out to the families of these individuals who are just out enjoying their life. it was interrupted safely by this individual. community in michigan stunned night. police say 45 earl jason dalton drove around the area of kalamazoo shooting innocent people in different locations. >> as far as i know it is completely random that mr. mr. dalton had encountered those just began shooting at them. father is your son are among the
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police say there's no peer reason why he started the rampage. >> there was not a fight. he seems unaffected by what was going on and they found that out and it was pretty surprising. dalton's neighbors say they would never expected could be capable of doing something like this. living here for the last three years. i've never seen any distress go on like this. >> members of the community say it's hard to figure out what happened without a clear motive. if this was gang violence, there are ways and interventions to work on that. a random individual decides to be evil, i don't know how you stopped that. >> the super company confirms that dalton was one of their drivers, not confirming what's been out on social media. he was working the night of the shootings. in kalamazoo, fox news. >> to come here tonight on fox 8 news at ten, did local judge go too far. >> it's a foxy eye team
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by the ohio supreme court has now taken a second look at her handling of a dui case. >> and orange barrels all run top as the can national convention approaches. will be improvements be done in time for the big event. it very rare moment captured on a sonogram.
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welcome back to fox 8 news.
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the man has the city skyline blowing tonight. is it fog. there might be fog on top of the tower. just a beautiful evening across the north coast after a wonderful weekend. >> it was a gorgeous weekend. back to reality. back to reality. one thing i regret not washing my car. if you have two more days to do that. you can just leave it outside because wednesday looks like it's going to be a soaker. i have to tell you i tried to wash my car. the line was an hour-long washer car. he did miss one. >> i was on my way to work. i could've done it in the pack. >> that's why we do this. you have two more days to get in line. >> here you go. temperatures right now in the low 30s. the going to continue to drop to the night tonight we will be at 30 degrees. 4:00 in the morning. mid to upper differences were going to start off your day. the kids are going to score with
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then you going to start your car and get a warmed out. temperature change looks like this. 50 degrees warmer than what we were yesterday at this time. so the colder air it has definitely invaded northeast i have we had that nice sauce so you notice a lot of the rivers and creeks are up. this is grand river at harper's field. thanks for sending in that shot to me. the good news is we're not under any flood warning. >> are not dealing with any flooding anymore and eagle creek was under a flood warning and trumbull county. has expired and it has receded below flood level. here's what's going on. a stationary friend to the south that's going to sit there is so all the rain will be this being to the south south of us that high-pressure to the north of us and it's going to keep this drive. sunshine with those from time to
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sunshine by four or 5:00 5:00 tomorrow afternoon. it's going to retreat to the north and east as it does -- temperatures in the low 40s. thirty-five tomorrow and see a mix of sun and clouds and more sunshine later in the day. wins out of the north. thursday will start off at 40 and temperatures fall to the day
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out like all a lion. i have two days left to wash my car. a battle over a supreme court justice seat. both sides are way in after that death of anthony scalia.
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comes before the post was in south carolina, two suspects opened fire inside a crowded shopping mall. happened here at the columbiana mall in richmond county. please it started when two men got into a fist fight and process. >> called out -- put guns and pride in the air. it sent shoppers running for cover. the two men got away and police are still searching for them tonight. >> well lead contamination brings a major problem in flint michigan, the water supply in crystal texas is anything but
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residents say it looks more like tar for oil then tap water. the officials had a dark color is coming from dirt and sediment that leaks into the pipes when crews recently cleaned water tower. it turns out that the tower not been cleaned in decades. residents have been told will their water before using it for cooking or bathing. >> on the road to the white house donald trump one big last night in south carolina and hillary clinton held up bernie sanders in nevada. of the parties switch states that a contest this coming week. fox news correspondent caroline shively reports on the race to columbia, south carolina. >> nobody could have summed up this race better then donald trump in his victory speech pretty takes the winter nevada republicans caucus on tuesday. >> we started off for 1700 people. i've been hit from 9700 different angles and now here down to about five and we will
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>> he leads the poll. and crews are basically tied for second. >> this screaming use here now from across the potomac is the washington cartel in full terror that the conservative grassroots are rising up. >> , florida governor jeb bush dropping out of three saturday is putting pressure and other lower tier candidates to drop out as well. >> i think that the sooner we can call alaska the better we are going to be as a party in general. >> hillary clinton is fundraising in california today. he offered up -- in the nevada caucuses. >> i am so thrilled and so grateful to all of my supporters out there.
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we never doubted each other. we are going to see the results of one of the great political upsets and the history of the united states. >> democrats vote in social and on saturday. it's an important state and most polls show pits in a pipe and 20 20. tamir rice 90s away from the real price of super tuesday went about their the delegates get divvied up. i'm caroline shively, fox news. >> now on penn state may have been less sunday. love is still in the air. 30,000 feet in the air, to be exact. how this ceremony was a dream come true for one couple in the ten family member. and a dell is just being a dell. the surprise she many employees.
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love is the man friday about 30,000 feet to be exact. washington couple provided the in-flight entertainment when they married high up in the clouds, a port in airplane. >> this is wonderful. he's been together for the better part of five years.
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and all the youtube videos that were up. see where she lives and marry the man she loves. >> she wanted to come up to see the wrath and i was asked off the air. seattle. she wanted to come to seattle and see see her house you're not official up what our life is like up here and that really touched me. >> a plane full of passengers looked on as chris to make break down a very different aisle. x -- and accessories she designed yourself. >> a horrific car accident, balulkman trapped inside his burning car facing certain death death. >> i thought to myself are not going to get out of here. >> out of nowhere a stranger comes to his rescue. the victim is certainly an angel angel four. saved his life. . anything story of the rescue to
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explain, angels among us. of fox to news exclusive monday night at ten. a dream come true for too long time lottery players. still to come, the good luck sign that the sister say help them to hit it big. currency is coming in so is the deadline for all the construction projects around town.
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i hated they over a supreme court justice seat. but the white house is promising about an upcoming nomination. did know how judge take the law into her own hands. foxy eye team investigation, what a dui case is heading to the state's highest court. >> plus the warm weather was fun while it lasted.
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the forecast and fox 8 news at ten continues right now. >> cleveland's own fox 8 news. >> the foxy eye team as uncovered huge break for a suspected drunk driver. it's so unusual this did take i scored is asking can a judge really do that. could other drivers get the same break. >> the drive you see walking up in cleveland court got an incredible break at a dui case. of the state's highest court is deciding to the judge go too far far. -- a judge charged with drunk driving and city judge emmanuelle reduced the dui to a much lesser charge of physical control. jones on the got probation for that and driving under
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to jail. so fun he was stunned to hear that -- and arrested in 2013. >> the supreme court arguments last week. >> the city was never get an opportunity to introduce in evidence to prove whether or not mr. jones was operating the vehicle ball under the influence influence. >> is a long going on in our trial courts. is this going to become president now. >> he was sentenced. he served his sentence. now the state wants to go back and we prosecute him. >> the court file the judge approach based upon facts, the court finds guilt of physical control instead of dui. no trial held only patrol hearings. >> the court had no authority to amend the church to a physical control.
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judge the case before a plea in third. >> the key question is if the supreme court ruled that the judge did step out of bounds: bounds:will the driver come back to face the old ui charges again or will the court's ruling over the affect how future cases are handled. >> a public offender -- all of this is too late. status to write to get to this kind of him. we are engaged in here, which is second-guessing a final verdict of the trial court. foxy eye team. the eye team reached out to judge croson spokesman said he can't speak about the case. >> changes coming to the shore way tomorrow. no doubt will close the rams to and from the shore way for the reconstruction. they're scheduled to open up in mid-may, just in time for the summer park season. detours will be posted and we will also have more information on fox 8 .com. on the music as the power to transform and make us feel sadness and joy are almost
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play. this is also part transform lives and that was part of the reason for the celebration today at the house of blue. >> six different young musicians from the cleveland area were awarded new instruments of their very own. they were chosen not to submit essays as to why they needed the instruments. >> they may have access to an instrument and they likely share with other students and are often broken arch damage like had to come to practice or have a summer break. our hope to get an easy and people and and german at their own they can extend the possibilities and build their lifetime and musical skills. >> for many of the end musicians from the new instrument can be an obligatory college scholarship. --
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sixty minutes -- instance nationwide valued at a quarter million dollars. >> it is so good. >> congratulations to all the winners. we were winner this weekend with the weather. what is the word for use all the time. >> i knew was going to come out of your mouth. did you do to enjoy this weekend weekend. we were here. it was several hours before we had to come into work. and enjoyed it. of his head office out there and today i know the 60s. low 40s not bad for that time of year so i want you to smile here because we have some gorgeous, gorgeous shots sent into us by a lot of our viewers here. a sunsets was at 6:08 and it looks like it was a gorgeous one one.
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think you for posting these on our weather fan. and my page. look at these shots. one and this was -- look at the bright orange. we're winding down the weekend we do have a few uneventful days and no snow yet. that's going to change. the next system is tuesday night and the going to notice a difference and over to lake effect snow towards the end of the week. 's of the last week of february, cold with rounds of snow towards the end of the week plus a lot of wind. probably had -- 47 degrees the high and it was after midnight. we're not under 33 and westlake
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something at 32 degrees. so our talent for our temperature change were 14 14 degrees colder than we were yesterday at this time. that definitely some changes here. high pressure is the systemic now it's going to keep us dry and sunshine around for us and storm system to the south. eventually i will start the clock here tuesday wednesday morning's commute, the southern area definitely over that one. by noon every. he has seen some rain. see this yellow. that is heavy rain at times. yet over an inch of rain and lots of spot check check is all the difference when the storm that simply fine-tuning the forecast for the entire week so be sure to watch over the next couple of days.
1:37 am
this is how much rain, check this out. from an inch and a quarter to a part of an inch and a half. how much snow we would get out of that, that's what i'm saying to have to watch the check of the system. click on the mild side. 25 degrees tonight and partly cloudy. tomorrow 35. not a bad day a little bit below average. see some sunshine it will be dry dry. here's the thing stars to change change. pods will be increasing on tuesday as well as our temperatures, 42. by wednesday, 53 degrees is that rain. around an inch and a half of rain. on top of that we are going to falling temperatures as the system exits and snow, i normally don't do this but a lot of people have been asking me how much snow can we expect on thursday. i've looked at these long-range models. we're going with 2-4.
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-- if i'm right of going to get around. don't even talk about it. >> supreme court justices returning to work tomorrow for the first time since the death of their colleague. the late justice, anthony scalia scalia. the focus is shipping to the contentious battle over who should replace him. kristin fisher is reporting from the nation's capital. >> there is no question the president president obama will nominate someone to replace justice scalia. the question is when. president obama is in the process of willing down a couple of places to a short list. he was seen carrying a thick binder and insider resumes of people at the white house says may be pretty of consideration. think he will be using a good
1:39 am
that information. >> to keep republicans on capitol hill, mitch mcconnell and jeff grassley. both continue to say that they will block any replacements that the present opponents. he's promising to nominate somebody was indisputably qualified, 70 his most fierce political opponents would say it would serve with honor. 's hard to imagine who would fit that criteria in the midst of a heated presidential race. both sides of the aisle played in. here is ted cruz in south carolina fouled -- followed by hillary clinton. >> his passing month ago today underscores the enormous stakes of this election. it is not just one but two branches of government. >> he also to get secrets and accountable money out of politics. that starts with appointing a new justice to the supreme court court. >> the spirit returns a month-long recess integral they will pick begin hearing oral arguments is only a justices on the bench.
1:40 am
ninth seat 80 field. in washington, kristin fisher, fox news. >> all eyes up in cleveland for the rnc. all eyes are on the construction downtown. our crews are resting to meet their deadlines of the new additions from me after the big event. a theory where moment captured
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates,
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welcome back. the republican national convention is fast approaching and so are deadlines for transforming downtown cleveland. >> the city is right on track with the end in sight for several big construction projects. we show you the new look of downtown. >> 66 cleveland. >> flying in and out of cleveland, right now the airport is a mess. construction everywhere. detours and close doors and a lot of confusing signs. >> i hope everybody who has been inconvenienced so far is going to understand it was worth the wait. >> fred said that you can now start to see the light shining through the new steel fac ade, barring a return a very bad weather or unforeseen problems, the $20 million renovation will be finished in a little more than two months.
1:44 am
with easier access to transportation and give republican national convention visitors a quick point in and out of the city. >> the terminals can be much more spacious and there'll be more -- we are going to have a large number of individuals that are going to help guide people through the terminal. a lot of ground transportation centers set up. >> construction is also everywhere downtown. the new hilton looks almost complete and hotel is looking to start hiring its first 300 staffers in the next few weeks. the big changes that are finally coming together are in the city city's front yard public square facelift is always on schedule as good weather has helped tremendously in efforts to get at home by june 1. it allows green space in the heart of town, great for visitors and once the convention is gone and the thousands of people leave town, it will be a new city space that will have a long-lasting impact. >> we are doing this four clevelanders. here's a deadline. we are excited about programming
1:45 am
coming gone. it can't just looked great, which it well. it also has to be a great public space. >> in cleveland, fox 8 news. >> i cannot wait for that to be finished. >> years of patients now paying off. appeared had a big jackpot. they want and how they are spending their new fortune. >> john munn and lives through his music and this unique auction.
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a sonogram captures a rare moment, a dying planet holding hands of his unborn sister. they were expecting fraternal twins but they were just told they may only have to go home with one baby. one of the twins has a hole in his heart and an abnormal. the family is leaning on each other to get through this difficult time. the twin babies are literally doing the same for the sonogram shows the play clasping hands of this sister. the family says the image is bringing them some comfort as they may never get to meet their little play. >> rapper 50-cent will have to explain his instagram picture to a bankruptcy judge. he filed for bankruptcy last year but later posted pictures of himself with piles of cash. one photo shows of the. >> of $100 bills that could
1:49 am
a judge told his attorney's there's a mess come to court to explain mess. the rapid is facing financial claims by his ex-girlfriend suntrust bank him and it a headphone company adding up to $29 million. you have to wonder what john b it is said about this, a 4-inch lock of his hair sold on saturday for $35,000. a hairdresser on the set of how i won the war starring lannon with the beatles here for the movie put us back in 1967. the person who bought the lock is from the uk and collects entertainment mementos. he also won two vintage newspapers discussing lennon's makeover for movie and an autographed call sheet. >> how did they know it is really lennon's hair. >> that they do a dna tests. >> i doubt it. that if i thousand dollars. >> patients have paid off for a set of twins in california. they're playing the scratch off
1:50 am
have a one much. recently two sides and good luck mate lisa stop and pick up lottery tickets for her and her sister. on a yellow ladybug on the windshield and another, her mother's advice find store with the light out on the sign. she said she was in her son score when she found out that they won $6 million. don't expect the jackpot to change that. >> i'm like, oh, my god and i was hyperventilating and i was like kim kardashian, ugly crying crying. we went to fuddruckers. >> the sisters will split the money 60/40. one look at the bigger share because she is when he bought the ticket. their big sleep large, 20 process socks. they will find something to do with money. >> and save some of it. >> it is all in good fun. who helped her pull off the brain that is left millions laughing.
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finish at daytona.
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when you're adele come it is a lot you can get away with. that evening. sprinkling some java juice employees with a little help from ellen degeneres. take a look. >> take out those scissors. i would like -- just start chopping some.
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on it. >> alan was talking to adele during the entire print and telling her what to do for about five minutes went adele finally was all a joke, she also admitted, she said it was disgusting. >> a big-time rhode island by the cavaliers this afternoon. dominating performance by kevin love and lebron james and they win their fifth straight. lebron james for the lay in. then he goes right down the middle of the play and they take a five-point lead. brian has limited of the key. of fadeaway jumper and smith got in on the action. fifteen and he scored 32 points
1:55 am
he had 29 points 115-to 92. he is dave being kaylee irving -- and did not return. can't face the princeton's on monday night at the key. the cavs got -- to not play sunday. followed by -- he will meet in florida and flames had an injection on december 7 and the pain is back on away according to the report and did fly home with the team this evening. if the cavs and the warriors lead, they set. to anderson. he's reached an agreement with the golden state warriors. it was the first to report move and he was traded on thursday and could add to the warriors roster. gilbert. of big thank you today calling him a special player and teammates. spring training officially kicks off tomorrow for the pavement
1:56 am
they hold their first workout in arizona they will practice a little bit of pressure. las vegas superblock has the indians 9-5 favorites to -- there are 5-2 to win the division. more good news. michael bradley started hitting off on saturday. >> they could not ask for better way to pick up the union, the daytona 500. they got loose coming around turn four and his great daytona weekend and into support. disappointment for -- and he hits the wall and his day was over. comes down to the final turn.
1:57 am
and goes to the line. look up close the finish line. the closest finish in nascar history and denny hamlin was the first daytona 500. he'll be in atlanta next white. final for word. >> changes. that ar. some sunshine tomorrow. 35 degrees and then rain on the play wednesday. >> thanks for joining us that the morning show is at four.
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