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tv   Fox 8 News at 530AM  FOX  February 29, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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they foods tomorrow. ultimately john k-6 it doesn'ti light and his own hands that this will have to look at the failures of marco rubio all lotlo to still play out here you can certainly understand the republican party one from of
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because is so concerned about trump winning the nomination.o an update on our governor his future and presidential contest. meanwhile some browns players will be onow hand to greet fans today at the clevelandev international auto show as it continues.ut the doors open at the irix center at 11:00 a.m. and it continues until 11:00 tonight the auto show featureses from the auto makers and a popular section causeo million answer sensibly limited to eight tickets per person for the openen
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spring training in tomorrow. it's a seasonal rite of passage for winter to spring and northeast ohioo weekends are underway at the lake metroparksme the offense on expense allows visitors to learn about thebo maple sugar and process has trees i've tapped and sapp ispp collected in trinity maple syrup and run saturdays and sundays through march 25 issue. your time not is 5:36 a.m. your weather and traffic is just ahead. chris rock taking on rocky atro the oscars will let you know who took home the top all wards.a parks they versus fox 8 cows. they want to know who rules in
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giveaway. for chance to win it to yourt please download the fox 8 at you canyo still enter even if you have our path the contest runs until march 6 for all the details head
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jumping jack flash. headed in for that we peer. whatever. we do weather and traffic every eight minutes let's test things over who's going toe see explain
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little bit later on in the show. forty-four and akron at temperatures going to drop another seven or 8 degrees between now and 7:00 p.m. bush feel for huge difference the winds are pretty strong with the cloud cover slowly beginning to thinbe at that eight-day forecast windy today andth not as windy this afternoondy some breaks insentient were going to get reigned on late summer transition from rain as the temperatures fallllr it looks like all snow tomorrow night and light accumulation early on wednesday 35 by thursday late thursday night into early friday morning another clipper produce some light were not talking major amounts
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the middle of much a general trend forecast coming up vice president joe biden lady gaga and buzz and woody from kuwait city made the 80th academy awards once in the history books.s we have every cap of fishers post chris rock wasted no time getting ready to that elephant in the room. which means this whole black nominee think has happened was 71 and other times. he spent about ten minutes of his opening monologue is in humor and frankness make his point. leonardodo dicaprio friendly when
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supporting acting categories joe biden introduced an emotional performance's who sang until happen to you it was sam smith who grabbed writing on the wall taking best original screenplay and best picture of the we made the cell him for all the journalists for those who areo accountable and survivors encourage and wealth is an inspiration. pick one of the night mad max series the number of oscars they won six including found at a peek at hairstyling and caused him to sense the she's us every went to
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ruled a play played a roleo having chris rock has his daughter's crisp start trip event they sold girl scout cookies to the end. not a bad thing at homeipths they need a car for the future. just a batch move which is very important right now.a then they were suffering from serious munchies. i'm sure none of them had eaten is a long show. several hours we got us into things like that you don't eat much before. thanks will only hold in so muchh if they could even where that. 5:43 a.m.
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the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'. good at morning. welcome back my name is patty harkin weweac are in sky fox ready to takedy it up and give you theou birds eye view of the city thisy morning so far one thing we dodo have going on as the has set thehe fire is that that was 77th is still blocked between franklinfr and ditch rights highways are what were do not have any accidents been reported on the freeway is deathly a chilly start a wet starthl i am mondaym
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is scott. t that rain is moving out and that's a good thing.a we always talk about lead. if you can decide the nearbyhe for. it's a little more little morei complicated than what we say here's how you figure that fits to visible by for you go to the next stage if it's divisive out by a hundred even if it's not a leap year them ass divided by 400 and some fear 2,000 and they are 2400 harvey. not only. the 181900 according to these criteria0 this is not the coffee quiz question. n to make things worse we switched over to pick counter and 1582 1 because is that julian calendar backli that and that roman times here'sn the kicker back in 1752
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were off to the eliminated 11 days from and then they jump to the 14thth if you're in colonial days here in the statesys are in the uk passes september look like on the calendar u here we are your calendar does not have 19th9 day. there's the rain moving out with the temperatures not dropping to the mid- 30s and that's not the quiz.- run and over coming up here and another half-hour server at 45 frankness where you see temperatures in the 40s which is primarily east of clevelande tu the temperatures will probably drop another seven or 8 degrees early o on and then jump back up
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partly sunny skies this afternoon. overnight we have this front as his kind is stationary but it will startas to slide in from the north that will trigger a couple of rain showers mixed in with ath snow shower if you come up a little bit 32 isow the overnight lows not much in the way of accumulation tomorrow will be breezy and climb back up into the 40s wednesday we drop back into the 30s this is huge fluctuations in temperatures initially will get rain developing sometime in the afternoon wasg see some maybe an inch or two of accumulation most of this is the smart night take a quick look we mentioned that the outlook for the second week of march probably looking at march 9 and 10th to 15th are above normal temperatures weto might see a first 70 degrees day
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might see some bona fide spring of warmth by the middle of the month until then of a whole handful of these weather systems fox 8 news is your officials school closing station i'm just think you got a get it right for our calendars will be off and then you will know what day it is. wants you to think there is april when it's february andnd about 15 years information. we're going right to the doctor further into tomorrowht at 8:00 8:00 kristi will learn thehe gender of her baby from doctor cause. he's been told the gender of the babies kristi sector and he will reveal to everyone including
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i'm putting my money on a boy weather and traffic every eight minutes. there time was a charm forh dental the superhero while completing a box office had truck. drivers heading south may need to takeou a different route after anotherf -- a number of rocks hit a tendency
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who's mother leap day 35 degrees outside dead pool cleaning up out of the box officele once againo this is a raunchy the raunchy r movies third straight week at
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terrible reviews causes each it grossed $14 million in kung fu panda three came and did the animated feature is up to 128 millionon at the box office after a $9 million weekend.of we may be ready for winter to leavent but in san francisco there were actually creating it andnd for good reason 10 tons of snow were made workers at the sann francisco sue right and tenth of life to make a snowy habitat for one particular resident 35 filled polar bear. school let the dogs out. check out this chronicle of cuteness. they bring them up every year all decked out and slushy otitis
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is not just about fun and jokes it also aimsbo to raise awareness is responsible dog ownership. a rockside closing down multiple sections of a busy highway in tennessee. could be weeks before it's thet' worst part of 75 for he opens to traffic. they rss think the rockside now there are 80s desperate spots onot the interstate power blocked off the need traffic redirection to other kind of ms that they're trying to work on that. 5:55 a.m. is going to get a lot cooler. the card should start to break out.
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by late afternoon here's a look at traffic a and i 77 that are grant area7 patty harkin will
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for years including televisions my curious and even the old couch.
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clean it up. they did not for the clinic that obviously can't do it on her own.n. that's the news at 5:00 a.m. the news at 6:00 a.m. begins right now. almost 6:00 temperatures in theth upper 30s chilly after a nice n day yesterday things are waking up with get right to scott. it's going to be a little while storm fox rated the temperatures have dropped we weret in the 50s maybe five hours or maybe into the 30s.
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visual moistureme temperatures in the middle 30s to the roofer further south we are going to drop pretty quick it is that from her learn to move the front to the closer temperatures cooling down and wew should partially clear out to think were going to see some sentientpacl as the day iss through basic back up into the middle 40s more than likely


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