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the day that many presidential hopefulsen have been waiting for, and super tuesday,be turns into a national sprint and dave nethers is in columbus where donald trump is preparing to speakanth we will have a live report. >> put yourself at risk of being targeted on the internet ? les szarka joins us with tips to make sure that you keep your money and information safefe . >> we have got rainfall on the way, and then soulful, in between there could be some iciness, fox 8 news at noon
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super tuesday begins with one of them 600 delegates at stake in 11 states.6 >> ohio is not one of those states,, but donald trump is starting his day here b expected to address supporters in columbussu as dave nethers is also better . we are at bay port columbus international airport, here to give us a perspective of the number of people toto support donald trump, and rival john kasich hometown and home state, donald trump is heavily favored to win virtually every state
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primary, super tuesday . he leaves and all the polls, get this something that he plans it would give them a substantial lead p with ohio and florida . picked up support from a number of influential people including new jersey governor chris christiee, whom we expect him to be here todaywe he has also come under increasing fire from some in the republican party including mitt romney, talk to some who feel what he could do in ohio in 14 days . sato supporter said that while they liked and respected john kasich
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bring something to this political season that a politician cannot i seem to be some attraction that he has a political outsider . he is running his own campaign, don't thank you can be swayed by outsiders, the only state where he may have a challenge is texas ,whwh ted cruz is expected to do well there,ed ohio, it's literally a dead heat between john kasich and donald trump for the march 15 primary . he is not here yet expected him to start addressinge the crowd at noon, his plane is still on route from
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>> i covered him just this past november,m some 14,000 people were in attendance you can see another large crowdn and he was aboutd 15 minutes late that day, we will check back in with you a little bit later . thousands make their voices heard. >> super tuesday is here it could reveal the biggest
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eventual nominees will be, caroline shively has more from washington. >> the n in state-by-state slow pace of the presidential race is over today turned into a national sprint.l >> going to make america great again, greater than ever,go i love you get out and vote. >> today voters in 13 states will cast ballots in the republicanda contest donald trump has a 33 . lead over florida senator marco rubio who is now calling on donald trump release and offle the record conversation he had with the new york times in januaryn. >> told him what he really believes about immigration which is not the same as what he tells audiences that god 11 states and one territory but for democrats today, hillary clinton's landslide in south carolina on saturdayli she been shifting toward the general election. >> i got to give the republicans
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persistently wrong. nearly 20 points but he is still expected to do well millions of people stand together and sayg loud and clear that enough is enough. >> super tuesday is getting started but the candidates are looking toward delegate rich floridasd c which votes in two weeks ,h donald trump, marco rubio marco rubio and hillary clinton all holding events their tonight , caroline shively fox newsub put to smash and grabs and nobody get behind bars for jessica dill is at the church church square pharmacy on the 79 th in euclid with more about
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and grab drought is over have been to overnight including at this pharmacy that they're boarding up the windowsc one of the places where the atm was taken . police then around 4:30 a.m. a dark colored minivan back into the entrance crashing through, two suspects entered taking the atm then they cut away and just over one minute . a half-hour earlier somebody smashed into a pizza place in east cleveland, this is video from around 4:00 a.m., they attempted to get away with atm butg could not get out of the buildingou the owner says that the venues was stolen according to the police, they then ran away
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>> we have seen the changes in the neighborhood over the past 50 years,i we plan to be here for another 50 years. >> back to this, the truck was seen dragon of the atm the 79 th street toward chester avenuet . this is still under investigation, they have not yet been linked , will keep you updated here at fox two armed suspects are on the run after after a man is adopted and his pistol whipped, they are trying to link this to a body found in thein trunk of a vehicle, they sayt the only description is of two males, one around my foot 8 inches, going through a home alarm system with video to see
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around 1:00 a.m. monday, n 46 -year-old charles barnes was mother driveway when the two men confronted him, the police were searching forhi him monday when a neighbor reported a suspicious they will continue to follow this story to keep you updated . no classes at butler county school district district a day after a student carried out a shooting in the school cafeteria happened at madison junior junior senior high school about one hour north of cincinnati a they say a 14-year-old boy fired a gununo4 two students were shot, two others were injured they say that the teenager then ran out of the building andeyey ditch the gun before he was caught by a police k-9 officer . parentnt rushed to the school to check on theirir kids.
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>> i was crying, i was calling people. >> they say the injured students are now stable and and expected to be okayed the accused him of okay the accused him of is held say that they learned of the reason that at this stagege not revealing temperatures, spring-like a live look from the roofcam . for a first look at the weather with a.j. colby, i think, thatat he knows something.
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a little on the chilly side, not too toughgh to take we have rainfall starting then there could be a wintry mix tonight with the colder air, on radar, thursday rain to the west and then later this afternoon likely have some t showers moving through perhaps in time for the evening commute . a wind advisory beginning at 8:00 p.m. tonight for extreme southeast.m. counties . it looks like a winter storm warning for detroit . with this system, currently 48 degrees lakefront, and you can see the decent amount of sunshine, we tend to underestimate temperatures this time of year it just takes a
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increases the temperature just a little bit, down at burke lakefront airport clouds will eventually turn into sunshine with winds out of the south . there are 50s to the south south and look at the full 8 -day outlook in mere moments ahes the tearful testimony. >> throat cancer erin andrews gives an emotional account
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getting dressed when she realized she was being videotaped and that has spread over the internet. >> erin andrews is suing the hotel that she's says let it happen as robert gray has the story. >> erin andrews takes a stand on a nashville courtroom monday sued the hotel that she said should have no more to protect her from a stalker who secretly videotape her naked in her hotel roomm and a taped deposition, michael david barrett explained how he figured out which roompo she was in at the nashville marriott.oms >> i picked up the household asked what room, could i have her room and households the concierge homes it showed what
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room she was in.d >> evil through the peephole in the door in the uk turkoman out of the shower he was eventually convictedo and sent two prison two and half years, she described what happened when she first found out about the videoeo. >> a common occurrence i was just screaming that i was naked over the internet and didn't know what it was . my dad thought it had been a car accident kept asking, why are you screaming and i was just like, i am naked all over the >> says she is constantly reminded of the naked video.ay >> happens everyday my life, either i either i get a week or someone makes a comment inhe the paper or somebody sends me a still of the deal, twitter or someone screams it at meo.
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$75 million, robert gray fox news. >> the michigan high school student breaks a state record nearly four decades old, he broke the state record for most points scoreded natoma 72 the lead theth team to a double overtime victory in the first round of the state basketball tournament but stays humble. >> another great individual, schmidt, the overall goal to try around me better and extend my senior yearar. >> the old record with 63 points scored in 1979, she has signed to play with university of michigan. >> donald trump's plane has landed in numbers, they notice is that we will bring you that rally in just a short while, still to come, do you have the
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plane has landed, and we have not yet see him disembark, he is scheduled to speak around noon, but his flight was late. >> smac walks up to the podium anytime have the latest from a.j. colby.nn >> and active weather afternoon . these high-level clouds are not producing anything yet they will lower in second looking at radar, rainfall to the last, a wintry mix possibly stovall before midnight, and better chance after midnight . al-qaeda snowfall in parts of michigan into chicago, milwaukee and
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lower michigan . this is the latest we it on for this is two out of four . wind advisory in effect for extreme southeast counties . the rainfall goes through this evening, the t transition from a wintry mix and perhaps freezing rain and eventually the cold air winds out . but it would transition to grab some lake effect, snowfall through march 1 this winter is the lowest amount of snowfall we've had since 19488 . with only 17 . six so far, 21 . six for
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to this point, back in the winter of 1314 we hadb the chelation's' of snowfall about one -- 3 inches at wednesday afternoon especially east,t there is the rainfall, brief makes then lake effect snow hopefully get that out of your fairly quickly but opted for a cosmetic coating up to one or 2 inches especially if there
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tomorrow upper 20s .er snow shower not out of the question of the 8 -day outlook, then we
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welcome back to fox 8 news come is a, is a big day for ohio and donald trump. >> it iss super tuesday, ohio so big in this presidential race although we don't take those today, donald trump makes an appearance at columbus airport . chris christie, gives donald trump his official endorsement in our capital city. >> get out your friends and neighbors, coworkers, everybody ry you can talk to and asked them if you want america to be great again ? then you have to help us to maken it great again and you will by supporting donald trump for the next two weeks anne konn
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i know you're going to work hard over the next two weeks do the best you canre for this man what let me introduce to you, the next president of the united states donald trump .nin thank you . some fantastic, you know, milo ohio i have a long history with ohio,h you probably read that i worked ohioyo when i was young on the job and it was my first successful job it was at cincinnati ohio, the queen city, the great place . my father and i bought it and i
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. it was amazing, it was, 1194 apartments and resold it for a lot of money it was a great experience . that's like sinking the first pot . my father said you did a great job assembling to do a good job always, don't worry about it .ng i always always loved ohio and that experience it was such a positive experience and se i want to congratulate, you have a great coach, how about urban meyer . and a great football team you're going to have a great season,t and he is somebody who said such nice things about me, i don't know if he if he endorsed me but
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is an amazing guy, you think you hi come from one school to have such success that you come to ohio state, that is cold talent, that's what we need in our country we need talent. donald trump is the same same person in cold outcome or a dummy one of the worst presidential candidates in the history of american elections are now in john kasich backyard is at the port columbus international airport we have this live stream at the website fox >> important day for john kasich , says that he has to win ohio and that eventually comes out we'll see how he does on super tuesdaye. >> hear him say that he wants to meet coach urban meyer . >> have much more to come on donald trump's visit on fox 8
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jessyka lavallee when people call 911 feedbackck ask if it happened more often, perhaps to you, ed gallek has more. or another state i saw some white smoke so i call 911no and click on her call a call 911 and had to wait only reads once maybe twice. >> matt reidy waited two minutes and five seconds, to talk to a
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, he got got the attention of the i-team since dispatcher to start handling hundreds more calls each day. >> could've dispatcher just recently started taking over all 911 calls in the city made from cell phones a huge increase so we wondered what that means more delays ? . >> the city says new procedures should help dispatchers handled calls more quickly, especially when they come in at once they say that my that once they say that michael's can infer that recent accident in four minutes, the city ofnt working to hire more dispatchers right now, 13 openings for 90 jobs. >> it is an impact, that we have to backfill with overtime, you recall is important what we don't wantre to do is to tie up the phone calls with excessive
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>> they do not know that someone else is reporting the same thing .>so >> to be put on hold i got it is scary. >> ed gallek fox 8 i-team dick clark are marketers are about to take a >> this is a look from the roof-cam,, it does doesn't look a lot cooler than it hasit less two days, said angeline weather center with a.j. colby. wo glad to show you those changes in thehe first weekend of march currently 49 hopkins. into the '60s at huntington south point quite a difference . the lambs are
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the rainfall to the start . transition to snowfall could be regulation of up to two or 3 inches .io the loss of which will be falling north and west of detroit . the cool air will be slowly departing can see the trend toward milder weather on the outlook, stay around 50 . on saturday may bring snowfall, sunday looking good near 40tu adding 10 degrees next monday and then another dozen degrees
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shower . cavaliers look to snap out of a funk. >> michael brantley is on the comeback trail . his john telich with your tuesday sports. >> cavaliers snapped a two-game skidc, a victory over the pacers at the queue, the pacers took a 55 -- 50 lead, the cavaliers come back with some long-distance stuff that'sca jr, the pacers take the lead, lebron scores, 9190, . la
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dellavedova, with 94, and then tristan thompson is the cavaliers the lead for good and then he makes sure with a blocked shot, kyrie irving clinches it at the free-throw line and the cavaliers winning 100 -- 96, the coach blatt of the effort. >> , would've played the last five or six minutes, if we can compete like that i can live with the results speak forco to come through, shows that we do not break mentally and we got better. >> boater safety donte whitner said at thee auto show he's not confident that the browns will retain tashaun gipson,tot and also, he said that tashaun gipson is not confident that he will be back,o begin the exhibition season today at 3:00 p.m. they take on the cincinnati reds at goodyear arizona michael brantley keeps working each day
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game action hopefully returningy to the lineup before may in the meantime he works on his rehab , mentoring players, what does he suggest, speech and come to the ballpark readyd to get better each day is important that you, the mindseti that you try to get get better each day and stick to it, little thingss will make huge changes in games to make a little adjustment to get better each day you're going to be special. n >> division iii playoffs, beachwood is on the move, underneath the chris bell, and then the panthers score from the outside, kevin kelleyey than davis would still basketball, and then to mr. daley . he would make it a big lead for the beating
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even our dogs made some rest and
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the murder mystery surrounding a college student . >> crime watch daily jason mattera has that story.. >> the kind of person, that almost everybody likes to have around the clock thing . peter
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>> at 18 years old she was living on her own work two jobs and putting herself through college her life it seemed was just beginning, and someone handed her . enough to honor dead .. >> the bay heard from this college student in days. >> eye doctor friday, but she was going home . spain back the next day she stays home from her job at the local town h and then nobody is quite sure .. >> saying that she was covered up with a housecoat face down on the beded her body was cold so i knew that she was dead,b from that point i think i was in total shock.
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? you can watch crime watch daily here on fox 8 at 2:00 p.m. every weekday..h >> if you only think think humans have returned homes, our four-leggedr friends also have them, this one is in japan, the one of the newest residents, the owner of then 17-year-old dog says that caring for her is a challenge due to her old age, so the ownerh spent the cash to keep her inmate return home, all the animals at the facility received regular checkups they give food,
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welcome back, as they gorgeous day along the north coast . or maybe a few snags them is going to give coolo the next week it's going to be better.
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headlines, internet security. s >> but how easy is is a pork roast to use social media to scam you out of money ? joined by les szarka from szarka financial . they say that the elderly are usually targeted they are the ones who often fall victim but that's not necessarily case it can be anybody. >> it can be anybody, it is is not just increase but how successful they are . a lot of it is that we post lots of personal information online so that when they call you, they can give you details that make it more plausible . this is information that we put out there that helps the criminals toist seem legitimate. >> this is having to everybody
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peered then ... stuff like what kind of of car you drive when you go on vacation. >> when my clients,ti. >> are these mostly phone calls? she calls and says that her granddaughter supposedly was in a car accident and needed money for anyr bond and she because they knew information she sent the check. >> another client, it was very lonely struck up a friendship on facebook andst got cheated out of a large sum. the story of a citizen army was
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on for months and months and she thought it was a great story, look at it was brilliant .. usn tips, though that you need to watch what you post online, when you take when this will cause you got to ask lots of questions to clickta and typically only that person would know . one that was not successful,k she asked, what do people call me, she had a nickname and they did not know it so that tipped her offn that it was a scam . ask them personal questions that go with only the real person would know, talk to someone to ask if it is >> a red flag is that they request
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>> that is a tipoff, and pr . the irs will not call you . you hear that and you get scared and then you think about going to jail and i think that just makes anybody, no matter how old scared. >> they say that they would put a big lead on your corvette. the irs will never call you .. >> if you have more financial questions or need more information from szarka financial services go to fox 8.comeda. still to come, kristi capel second baby will be here in just
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today was the big day, standouts kristi capel's babies gender. >> kenny crumpton went to their doctor to get the answer and that rush the results to doctor oz. >> out of everything i need in this envelope, now i've got to go. >> there is not a second to
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after his mad dash out of the doctor's office and then to doctor oz compasses what doctor oz revealed this morning to the excited parents.r and the winner is, are you ready
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today on "the real" -- >> what would tamera do? >> let's ask her. >> he even hit on me. >> we're getting tamera's take. >> what's in the dark is eventually going to come out. mr. plus, anthony hamilton performance. >> and she's made granting foster kids' wishes her mission. now we've got a surprise for her on "the real." this is our time don't waste another minute of it this is our time grab ahold it's time to live it start it right now right now right now it's our life we got a choice it's our time so start it right now grab ahold


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