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tv   Fox 8 News at 10PM  FOX  March 2, 2016 1:00am-2:00am EST

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a few lingering snow showers. all right. lets put this in motion. we do have some scattered snow showers. here it is. at 3 a.m. but notice that even towards the morning commute, just a few left over. i have good news for that commute. i think while there will be some slippery locations. it will be spotty. in nature. not going to be widespread. that's the good news. always good to check out. especially when you first wake up in the morning. scott and aj will carry you through the morning.
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winter storm warnings to the knot. heavy snow. stays north. we will get flurries and snow showers. it's not going to be a widespread affair. that's the good news. keep an eye on things. it can get slick. >> . results starting to pour in. >> supporters of trump and clinton are very happy. their candidates are having a really good night. >> haoers what we have. going on right now. trump and clinton cannot win enough to secure the nomination tonight. they can put so much stka pbs between themselves and the competition. that it could be impossible to close that gap. 12 states holding decisive cards tonight. you can see win after win for trump. he won't sweep this. but it's a huge night for him. ted cruise needed a win in his home state. delegate rich texas.
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he also wins oklahoma. >> vermont and oklahoma. as the night began. he assured supporters he's in the race. all the way to the convention. in the meantime. many republicans are calling for lower tier candidates to pull out. to set up a one on one. or two. battle with trump. another alternative though, is to keep candidates in the race. to prevent trump from getting the delegates needed to win. that would lead to a contested convention in cleveland. with a lot of arm twisting.
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>> >> this is something i have never done. but i felt we had to do it. >> >> a critical night no doubt. many questions still remain. can rubio win florida march 15. can caseic win ohio. on a very same day. will any republicans drop out.
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the movie has some scenes to play. it could be a really thriller. coming up this summer. right here in cleveland. >> two homes shot at randomly. two families feeling fortunate that no one was hurt. police are trying to figure out who fired the bullets. that could have easily injured
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>> the bullet dropped. and hit here. >> . steve. a retired police officer. says. the round appeared to be from a small caliber pistol. possibly a 38. he says he first checked to make sure his sleeping wife was okay. then he called police. >> . my neighbor called me. and he says that are you okay over there. i said well. did you get shot at too. he said yes. >> police believe the same person or persons fired a round into the house next door. where a pregnant woman lives. police who pwhrao euf the shootings were random. shared these photographs.
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>> . after a bullet went through the front of a house. hit a popcorn machine. into an inside wall. >> . nobody got hurt. it is a concern. >> . >> they don't understand people are in the house. and people could die. >> the family says although no one was hurt. they realize the shootings could have easily had a much more tragic out come. >> . grandchildren come and spend a week with us sometimes. they sleep here. >> >> this happened sunday night. >> . police say neither homeowner heard gunshots being fired. another person who lives nearby did report hearing 4 pops. that sounded like fire crackers that night. also police officer whether this
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by. or someone that was stationary. anyone with information call the police. >> . out. >> >> new at ten. cleveland police investigate a shooting on the west side. a 16 year-old was shot in the face. this was at west 73rd street. in lorain. not clear how the victim is doing tonight. >> fran seen was beaten by a suspect. when she re-tpaoeuzed to saoeupblgs her security system. >> . i set up. it was a gun in my face. it was this close. >> . to me. he knocked me in the head so
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i did a back flip. >> to accused killers are on the run tonight. anyone with information asked to call east cleveland police. >> a team of smash and grab thieves strike again. hitting a pizza shop and a pharmacy. thieves used add stolen van to smash their way into a pizza shop. in east cleveland. around 4 a.m. tuesday.
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that's pretty gut seu. to do that. >> . if you have any information. you're being asked to call cleveland police. >> west lake will be able to leave the cleveland water system for another provider. following a victory in court. the judge making a decision after nearly a 4 year dispute between the water system. and the west side suburb. city of cleveland says in a statement. to fox 8. >> it's disappointed with the decision. and will appeal.
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e almost brought my big puffy skwrarbgt. i'm sorry i did. didn't use it for most of today. but now i can start to use it. guarantee you. i'll be wearing it tomorrow. let's get right to it. we have temperatures. that five hours ago were in the 50s. this is not the current. wait until you see the current. a huge fall.
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hit a high of 54 today. 62 in new philly. notice that we lost a lot of ground. now down to 29. 28 in lorain.
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still to come. rocking a new look on the shore of lake erie. >> big changes coming to -lt rock and roll hall of fame. we're getting a first look at the renovation plans.
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virus. officials are working on ways to respond to -lt virus. ahead of the mosquito season. beginning in may. the mosquito isn't in ohio. but a similar insect could spread the virus. >> all of the ohioens who contracted the virus traveled over sees.
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health department plans to use social media to get the message out. urging folks to take precautions while traveling abroad. >> . after a stalker secretly took nude video of her. however. she admitted that her career has thrived since the scandal. she's suing her stalker. and the hotel. where it happened.
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>> . security will be very tight this summer. for the rnc. >> tonight we learn a lot more about the plan to keep everybody safe. the i team reveals what won't be allowed during convention week.
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i team reporter has more. >> you may not be allowed to even carry a cold pop or water near the republican national convention. private ambulance crews could work next to cleveland crews in the crowd. firefighters could end up helping police control crowds. the i team uncovering a glimpse of convention security plans. taking shape for downtown.
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>> i would large crowds coming in. some maybe angry protestors. so the city just put out forbids for crowd control barriers and more. expected to bring in thousands of extra police officers. and set up a downtown convention zone. with lots of tough security rules. >> heads to cleveland city counsel. safety committee. >> within the next 30 days. our safety committee will receive a full briefing on what is happening to prepare for the rnc.
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the final ems plan is not out yet. city firefighters waiting to hear their orders. >> it's going to be a great opportunity. for cleveland. so i think it will be cool. >> >> thank you all. safety forces are also expected to work 12 hour shifts. >> . cleveland autoshow. one of the holt items this week. the chevy shreu corvette. a powerful 650 horsepower engine. and can reach speeds of upwards of 2 hundred miles per hour. the starting price.
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>> the autoshow runs through sunday. >> . bravery before the box office. >> cleveland police officer takes a local children to the movies. but not before she managed to chase down a suspect. the incredible story is coming up.
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some of the stories making headlines tonight. a court appearance today for the 14 year-old accused of opening fire. inside a butler county school. the 14 year-old denied charges including a attempted murder. that's the juvenile equal of not guilty. the two students were shot. but expected to survive. >> newly released body camera video. shows cleveland heights police chasing down a suspected car thief. officers followed the car into cleveland. where the driver is accuse of hitting another car. near east 105 and superior. the suspects stopped the car on east 99 street stkp started running. police caught up a short time later.
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ohio medical marijuana advocates are sharing this specifics of the proposal. calling for pot growers to pay a licensing fee. of a half million dollars to the state. patients would pay 40 dollars a year. for medical marijuana id card. and they hope to get the measure on the november ballot. >> . well. new town active shooter survival. tomorrow at ten. >> . they were alarming posts on social media. a college professor spewing antise metic catching the attention of students. and faculty. >> .
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school says she can keep her job. >> a khrulgts a college professor. accused of putting words of hate on her facebook page. an assistant professor of rhetoric and competition. at the over land college -fpl claiming israel and people of jewish faith secretly planned the 9/11 attacks in 2001. stkp and the attack in paris. last year. where students pay 50 thousand dollars a year, critics question how a professor could still be
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>> . the claims that she has about the jewish people. about the state of israel. are so out there. they just can be categorized with one word. ridiculous. >> . despite the controversy. professor will remain in the classroom.
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>> it is a right. it doesn't make what she said right. >> . now to the big story. of the day super tuesday. trump and clinton were the odds on favorites to win big today. and they did just that. >> their political rivals are
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>> texas call call a little bit of a surprise. cruise also pulling out oklahoma. now. we talked about how this is really a race for second place. between ted cruise and rubio. the only problem here. he has yet to win a single state. he is leading in minnesota. right now. as we speak. and there's a potential for him to win. but already if you're on the twitter sphere. or sur surfing through the net. on tv. or online. you can hear the drums beating. calling for him to step out. to that i make this a two man race. essentially.
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>> small donations. that have been adding up. piling up. in to the millions. he has the in his treasure chest. and she says she can beat him. the polls show that.
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a very dramatic general election. >> meet again for another debate. in detroit. that's this thursday. our very own heading to the motor city to cover that. be sure to tune in for live reports. from the gop debate. this thursday.
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>> . big temperature drop. between seven o'clock. and ten o'clock. we dropped from 47. down to 29. but this is one place with warm air. just never worked in. that's toledo. it stayed in the low 30s. all day. here now. the cold air is on the move. it's even pushing towards pittsburg. charleston and the east coast. here. difference. especially in the negative. from kansas city. to st. louis.
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>> . watch the roads. notice tomorrow. high pressure zips in. clears out. here comes a clipper. watch the clipper. the first first one that comes by. takes a southern route. that will be snow. here comes clipper number two. this is going to be for saturday. notice how this takes a north route. that could be rain or snow. but the next 4 days will be on the chilly side. haoers the next clipper with the rain or snow. after that, ha ha. notice how it warms up. going into monday tuesday. wednesday. we start at 45 on sunday. a little bit po
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it can stick around as long as it wants. >> . rock fans of all ages will be able to enjoy a new and larger stage. that will showcase local and national bands. throughout the summer season. also new. destination dining experience. fitting in with the craft beer craze in cleveland. a beer garden. a new paveed motorcycle. in parking area. will make it easier for visitors to get to the rock hall. new bold letters spelling out long live rock.
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a cleveland police worked her regular shift. and nabbed a robbery suspect on her way home. >> and still made it to the movies on time.
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you can call her a super cop. a super mom. a super example. to the at risk kids she mentors. yes her name is officer an she had a very super busy day yesterday. >> after working the first shift. monday. she was on her way home. when she witnessed a robbery. >> as i was going up 24 street. i saw 3 males running with female behind them. instantly i thought they robbed her. and i pulled over. immediately went into officer mode. even though she was off duty. she chased down a suspect. sp managed to handcuff him. with the help of a good
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>> . it's part of instinct. we have to react. >> with the situation under control. she moved on. >> . go home to be a mom. that's all. i'm simple. >> . from mom mode. went onto be a mentor. that same night. she took five young girls to an advanced screening of disneys animated movie. she had volunteered. it took the at risk kids to the movie on her own time. >> of course. being told that she'll never be a an officer. a mom. a mentor. how does she tkao do it.
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kids need a mentor. >> right.
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rkimo tewdiat s south carolina teacher forced to resign. after her student exposed a nude picture. that was on her phone. >> . she was patrolling the hall. when the student took the phone from her desk. he took a picture of a photograph she says was meant for her husband. and spread it through text and social media. the superintendent says she was in the wrong because her phone was unlocked. and she made the nude picture available to her students. arthur says it's the student who should be held responsible. >> the student who actually took my phone. and took pictures.
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your day of reckoning is coming. >> . the student knew right from wrong. and made the decision to take the picture and send it. the sheriff office will determine if the student should face charges. >> . at the airport safety is more important than tex sexy. a woman wearing that the these gun shaped forcing an air travellering to make a detour.
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the coaches have already agreed to the move. and it will go before the athletic director who are the still to come. in just a few minutes. average citizen takes down a suspect. >> but he didn't need any fancy fighting moves. why police want to thank a customer. they're calling shopping cart guy.
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even when you're in the grocery store. take a look. police in portland were chasing a man ever jaywalking.
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officers caught up with the guy. he took off into the store. and that's when a shopper pulled a move that was small but mighty. sending a shopping cart into the path of the suspect. causing him to crash. after that the shopper went right about his business. police department posted the video. with the caption, thank you anonymous shopping cart guy. >> . out of the way. but. former indian phillips would single in this run. they would make it one to nothing. a tie game. ties it. shortly there after. with a no doubt bomb to right field. plenty of tribe fans.
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and later, eric hit a towering solo shot. to help make this a close game. but the reds prevail. >> . as expected the browns didn't place the franchise or tran sis tag on anyone today. >> . refuting a report that he would prefer o to suit up for another team. leaving the cavaliers. zips to rpbging the net hitting a school record 20,3s. in a victory over ohio university. with a win. they're the mac regular season champs. and the number one seed in the mac tournament.
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kent state university took care of visiting bowling green. 70 to 54. >> . gets it to go underneath against the big boys. vikings fires from long range right there. prevails in this one. 64 to 62. they will go onto face beech wood. in the district final. congratulations to that man. the legendary chuck kyle. he will be inducted into the national federation of state
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hall of fame. chuck is has won 321 games. >> over 33 seasons. and of course those eleven state titles. >> . it's getting cold. be careful on the roadways. not a lot of snow right now. but some snow showers will likely develop in the wee hours of the morning. especially in the snow belt. candy coatings to maybe an inch or so. in the snow belt. 22. tomorrow. the morning flurries and local snow showers will come to an end. look at that afternoon sun. that's going to do very little to escalate the temperature. up to 25. >> . hang on. because if you get passed thursday friday. saturday.
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thursday saturday. once you get to sunday, look at that. we start at 45. we'll go to 55 monday. and into the 60s tuesday and wednesday.
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