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tv   Fox 8 News at 430AM  FOX  March 3, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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welcome back. today is march 3. time for a first check on the forecast with scott.m >> in a little bit of snow right now is a shock to the system.e this time last year an inch or two of snowfall would not have been a big deal.chtw the winds are going to come out of the southeast and pick up a little bit this afternoon but we're not anticipating any major win. we are at 18 in aurora.
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see how the snow is starting to develop is coming at us more from a westst to east direction. there will be some areas that might pick up some more snow than others. at this point were not anticipating any of that until late this afternoon. our forecast day not as coal pickck will climb up into the lower 30s. my snow developments late this afternoon.n still running well below role and any speculation will hold off until after sundown tonight. we'll talk more about that and a look at the forecast throughoutut the weekend. traffic time with patty. >> out there on the freeway everything looks good.d. scott is forecasting some nice weather next week. maybe you will head down to edgewater. the ramps to him from our close they'll take you on to theyo
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this is 90 at west 25th. very easy as you head into town. you can see the pavement is nice and dry.y it's pretty uneventful. it's a good time to step out the door. s >> drivetime flick rate coming in from avon a 16 minute drive. dry times look good right now. >> people living on cleveland's west side are urging neighbors to be aware and vigilantnte. >> the warnings come after nearly three dozen cars we're >> todd meany is live with reaction from the victims .ic >> the tremont neighborhood appears to be the hardest hit and people there are understandably worried and frustrating. pe
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week to find shattered glass or bb sized holes in their windows. cleveland police say the vandalsda appear to be using a bb gun and breaks.a one woman tells us she discovered the damage to her suv when she was waiting for ano appointment and then look around and realized she was not the only victim.m. we also caught up with another victim taping of his window, hisin ex-wife needs that vehicle to transport theirdodo son who is in a will chair.n >> this seems to be like a bad area right now. >> i came out to get my coat out of the car and my neighbor came running down the street and said they got u2, they got you to, and i sent through? and he said some teenagers going around shooting people's cars outee with him bb guns and the ladyh from around the corner and two other guys said they got them to . >> i just feel badly that this is fun for somebody, i mean, that is pathetic .
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second district police say they want to catch the vandals before they cause any more >> a northeast ohio man is accused of calling the secret service and threatening to kill president obama.e a now with a federal investigationes underway the fox 8 i-team has uncovered more about the suspectnd it reporters at gallic was the first report the investigation and he brings us an update.. >> what did you think when federal agents showed up at your door?h >> i did not know what to think. >> the fed showed up searching the home of this 76 rolled76 r great-grandmother. she did not know much trouble it meant for her grandson n, jonathan smead. the federal investigators now say jonathan called the secret service and said i want to kill president obamase, wants to killl
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charges not little state charges >> so really you're wondering what we are all wondering about is r w what would make him so angry? >> speaks of being very nervous about all of this.s. >> this next-door neighbor says really he did not? jonathan smead had been living on spring road in cleveland near broadview.g >> the federal complaint says it jonathan smead also had a greata interest in past assassinations of presidents especially the shooting of jfk in fact a relative call it an obsession with the jfk case. >> the meantime the i-team has obtained a report showing ahe week earlier please took the same man
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police say they got a call that he had a knife to his throat for a fake gun to his head, of said about a family mattero. >> the grandmother left to wonder how she ended up in the middle of something like this. federal agents say the phone call with the threats madeer sunday night, they say that he admitted he had been drinking and really wantedt to mean no harm. >> vandals have damaged a pair of historical markers in cleveland's mount pleasant officials say sometime in the pastfi and a sandal stole both pictures and the s printed copies
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carl stokes. as well as charles adams, ada landscape designer. and a third marker honoring brown's legend jim brown is now covered in green marker. commuter community leaders say it is disappointing.e >> the printer portion from the charles adam was found inside the agent rick off school yesterday.n officials are now planning to make future markers more secure. >> cedar point release new pictures of the park's newest record-setting roller coaster the power van the valravan bread this is aerial footage of the roller coaster which isae the world's tallest crevasses and longest dive coaster.rl writers will be carried more than 20 stories up to the top of the rights 223-foot tall hill and will reach speeds of
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cedar point is open for the season may 7. >> and local organization usingio the force to bring smiles to the faces of local children who need it most.t. yesterday star wars characters visited patients at cleveland clinic's children's hospital.. a storm trooper or was there to lift their spirits as well as ray, a popular character from the new star wars film. the characters are part of an international costuming and charity organization calleded the rebel legion. the hospital teamed up with a special wish foundation to make it happenn. >> here is our fox 8 outlook print cloud cover increasing from a cold startt most of us will be approaching 30 degrees. we have snow developing glitterati dayy and we'll talk about that and take a look at the weekend in just a few
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welcome back. 4:42 a.m. on thursday morning.g. we need to know if there's going to be any more snow. >> if this is a normal winter it's going to be a big deal. >> last where we get lots of every day of the week
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introduce in and nobody cares but now its snowfall forecast is off by half an inchts people say wait a minute. >> we have some warmth on the tail end of this eight-day forecast. a click quick look at our seasonal 21 inches of snow that's at hopkins. last year we had more than tripled out. snowfall was a half inch of normal. the only added maybe another inch or two. look at the years in the past. looking back to 2011.
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of light right now around 20 of cleveland.. a couple of local temperatures, canton at 21. l it looks fairly extensive but you can see thesei holes of dry air being pulled into the system. that's a good indication that this is not going to produce a temperatures in cincinnati are already on the upper 30s.s. into the lower 30s. that may eat away at the again like an no continuing through the ending overnight i traced to an inch is the
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there will be some localized higher amounts to the west by about 3:00 a.m. this is snow will be gone. a pretty good widespread number throughout akron, canton and new 35 degrees tomorrow, mostly cloudy. we have another clip clipper coming in on saturday.e it will be a light wind and should not cause any major issues. you should see temperatures climbing well up into the 60s by wednesday. that usually means that when an pot probably some rainth and no be a chance of that late into thursday. fox8 news is your official school closing station.n.
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imagination. i still think there's something in the pipeline over the next three or four weeks. >> we don't have any accidents right now.w. coming downtown the monsters and admirals, doors open at sixmi and friday and saturday and monday will be busy at the q with cavaliers games. >> local express all moving well this morning. go forget about the construction that is indoors on route 83 right over the turnpike. that construction will be with us for a little bit. >> a possible breakthrough in the search for
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airlines flight 370, a piece of debris believed to be from the plane found on a beach in southeastern africa over the weekend which officials sayay is consistent with drift models for the malaysian airline flight disappeared in 2014 with 239 people on board. the search for the plane has turned up some aircraft debris
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>> he has been seen by millions after going viral online. now we are getting to meet the pup that some are calling the coolest dog in the world.p this is piper and he is an employee at an airport innd traverse the city michigan. the dog has been a hit on reddit and a number of other social media websites. posting in his goggles,es headphones and a vest. and well he certainly fits the part of a superhero, his job is to keep personnel at the airport safe. >> the airport has seen a reduction in birds, and particularly the snowy out which
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while he may not beipv receiving a paycheck, the now famous dog does get plenty of treats in return. >> creating art in cleveland, a local artists will be sharing his masterpieces with the city this summer. how his creations will be
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here is the eight-day forecast
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st this evening. maybe an inch or two ofr accumulation at the very most. t more than that. most of this is out of here by 12 night..e chance of rain and wet snow saturday with minimal accumulation.ow sunday mostly sunny, 45. we will be well above 60 on tuesday amid six days wednesday and thursday.t temperatures in the 60s the biggest threat will be rain and probably some steady rain w and that my prohibit us from reaching 70 best still mild and breezym and better chances of rain and not so much of snow. >> right now we have a great
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no accidents. take a peek at 77 coming up from 480. a it looks good along 71 north down coming as you approach metrohealth there are no delays. a peek at the bottom of 77 down by 480. b right now off to a great start very dry conditions. >> he is an abstract artist whose work has been displayed around cleveland for decadese. >> now after years of working in the shadows the local artists work will soon beha an international spotlight when the rnc takesn center stage here on the shores of northeast ohio.r
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>> inside an old studio cowered in cleveland's waterloo road and local artist is creating a masterpiece.. >> this is the base. >> it was nearly one year ago curators for the brand-new helton convention hotel property on lakesidee reach out to local artist jerry schmidt asking if he'd be willing to create a centerpiecee in the lobby of the hotel where a majority of the republican national convention goers will be staying for he did not hesitate to say yes. >> i kept low-key. i may not be a light person in the our world but i am a humble artiston. >> his work be seen in various buildings throughout the city.h he started working on his largest piece back in december. >> once complete this unique one-of-a-kind sculpturee will stand 8 feet tall.
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hanging that is going to be 17 by 16th along and i believe they got the idea from this. it's going to catch the light from looking up on a third story building of the hilton. >> creativity runs through jerry'su veins from his father was a v world renowned sculptor. schmidt spends hours inside the studiosc working, created and reflecting on a career which has been praised by so many locally and now the world will get to see what the city has embracedwo four years. >> in opportunity to be building b these two pieces is an artist dream. if every artists have my problems, they would be so happy
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be completed by next month.. will then be transported to the hilton on lakesidew in more than enough time for its grand opening in june.en >> weather and traffic every eight minutes just ahead.. >> worried and frustrated, local residents are concerned afterw car windows rbn shot out in one neighborhood. more straightahead. >> and a threat made against the president. why the secret service is investigating a local man. a customer tweets "bank fees make me physically ill. #overdraft" how do you respond? sounds like a medical problem.
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thanks for joining us. i'm wayne dawson. >> and i'm christy capel. >> last check in with scott to see what we are expecting today. >> was it a struggle to get out of bed this morning cox. pretty much i don't wake up until about 7:30 >> lets you it's happening. we havet kind of a coal but theb winds are going to be like coming in from the southeast. g snow will be coming into northeast ohio. most of us will be in the middle and upper teens. not a lot of activity and it's


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