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tv   Fox 8 News at 6PM  FOX  March 4, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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chant kasichoan, how frustrating is that the way for the circus to him before you can talk?e >> how frustrating, there are worse things to happen that could have been knocked out early and i feel great and have a good timei people hear my message has been nothing but a good experience the problem with debates is that it is really harde hihe for people to know who you are, but maybe a little by little it started to haven't. >> he said you said that you're going to win ohio you said you feel confident the body of the donald trump? >> which is run our campaign will have a very aggressiveve grassroots oriented campaign dislike i run all the campaigns that our message out there not going to spend my time ripping into donald way to talk by to talk about me and hopefully, the ohio republicans will say that we like the gag .i do some people
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not like the chance to , to see how it goes i am confident that most of republicansns will rally behind me and awarded me and my team for their hard work in progress and success we have had in the state.and >> are the girls getting amped up ? >> not really, they go to school to watch the debates they send e-mails they have been it out with me a little bitit and my wife is getting i would say more excited about this she does a great job she represents in places, she is really good. >> he did not have much money to start with nobody said you would make the top 1010 debate in august and yuki pearson and keep your chin up . >> you have to keep going, if you are motivated the right way, which is to try to do things to fix the country, i'm not that worried about a guess about success . i just figured that
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front of the other and the determined. >> allowed posted that you're the only guy on stage to beat hillary clinton why do you think that is? >> democrats are concerned because i can get crossover votes are not anv angry guy i am not dividing people that is appealing . >> debar my message to highlands is that you need them.b >> i do, we have worked hard to raise the economy we don't leave anybody behind the pay a lot of attention to the mentally ill, drug addicted, working poor andhihi they know me, is just a matter of if they want to keep the hometown boy moving forward. >> for just 11 days until the primary,y, the race to the white house'st key momentum. >> making a mechanist up here
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preview and joins us. >> outside of the olivet institutional baptist churchh in cleveland . this is where bernie sanders accepted an invitation to speak to a ticket only audience saturday. >> bernie sanders comes to saturdayay. >> ohio i think is a tossup and come down to who has a better >> his campaign chairman calls the nextxt 10 days a sprint to the finish. >> is it is extremely important in this primary season it may be one of the most important states in the country, we all know it is important november general election al, the sheer ohio is a battleground in the primaryth and a battleground for both democrats and republicans. >> bridge's campaign to the baptist church is not
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of what his thoughts are on the as president would do to impact our local community sodas are important. >> on friday hillary clinton was to speak to the ohio black caucus which includes thousands of voters to push to win the buckeye state winning is gaining momentum. >> a volunteer from washington statete and decided to leave my community and quit my job i am self-employed i have joined the campaign full-time. >> the saddest behind in the delegate count is important to make inroads here. >> a perfect chance and to have a conversation with the community, it will be a dialogue , a forum and i think
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insights from him . also get to hear what people's concerns are. >> tomorrow, is the first saturday of voters in cuyahoga county can vote early for the primary election and looks like things are started to ramp up in advance of march 15. stay with us for more coverage ofof kasich's battleground rally sunday in columbus we will will have that live, online at fox spin it that you enlarge the state is going after payment for medical services provided to 12-year-old tamir rice after he was shot by the police the city
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build the estate for the use of an ambulance code that turned out to be a mistake but now the state of ohio medicaid departmentt has put the estate will notice, they have a right to reimburse forr hospital bills after the shooting, and nothing is likely to happen until the family lawsuit against the city is decided,h attorneys for darius did not return messages seeking comment. >> the i-team learnedor that the 911 system went down and and call for help for unanswered.n >> investigated what happened and could that happen again ? ed gallek as more of what he found out ap they put at least 12 calls unanswered the 911 system down 21 minutes what we found. said east central college got no answer thursday morning calling
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2:17 a.m. poor 21 minutes. >> there is office says the lines were down because of maintenance work by at&t, did you do not think of calling 911 and getting no answer. it is unacceptable in this day and age. >> police union presidentda waterslide no backup backup system, calls would have been a danger , the i-team shows delays in getting calls answered with dispatchers sometimes swamped and heard of other glitches in the system but nothing like this , . it was down because of maintenance work. i went to the guy who has a heart attack because of this
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and i can't ems. >> so what about those 12911 calls with no answer, city says after the system came back up his badgers called those people there have been no desperate emergency. >> cuyahoga county said it only got 10 hours notice of the maintenance work, you never to reroute calls were interrupted, people were left feeling helpless. >> to call 911 end of the system is down and there's nothing you can do. >> at&t sayst all they can say is they are investigating a report from the city, cuyahoga county andccro officials want to meet with at&t to talk about making sure
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include you can call your local district headquarters on a dog emergency line but most people don't know that number off the top of their heads and then they p have to look it up. >> two additional teams facing charges from monday's school shooting they say they know about the suspects gotoo it until anybody before general suspect opened fire in the cafeteria to students were shot and two others injured.. >> a teenager accused of killing against a student will be tried as an adult, bond set at $2 million for a 17-year-oldil that he and two others walked into an off-campus apartment last month demanding money, the best was shot and killed, he just happened to be visiting his friends
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second team was also arrested.ha >> kelontre barefield faces charges including robbery and assaulting a police dog. >> he could get more than 50 years in prison if convicted . jeter was shot three times during the attempted robbery. >> driver of the driver of the wrong way on i-71 crashed into a u-haul truck, fox 8's jack shea has video of the crash and the story of the man behind the wheel of that u-haul truck report on the freeway 71 south, incidentally, please lord don't let a wrong way driver had as and as soon soon as that we both saw the light coming straight toward us .oooo they were headed
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rented u-haul truck than a car going the wrong way on i-71 south nearr the i-90 split i-90 split was coming toward the. >> went to the right and he went the same way and just hit us head on . and we hit the wall . they said please do let don't let us go over the wall. >> we've seen this before this happened two or three timeses previously the first sign of my mind is was that i was going to die . but i think that i didn't. >> please send a wrong way driver, rich demuro to the tailor and his passenger had been drinking for the crash he saysghe taylor, tried to do the same same, but to hold same, but to allow drivers nature that it not happen to cook he was trying to leave sol e one tracker, locked
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driver got on the wrong way atv west 150th and traveled wrong way on i-71 before crashing into the u-haul truck report he says he harbors no hard feelings that at says that he hopes taylor realizes he has a problem to be addressed..he >> i understand, we'll have problems . and struggles , he was sober he would not have done nothing like thatat. >> jack shea fox 8 news. >> to the taylor was taken to metrohealth for treatment they say that he faces chargestt including only a. >> placentas place looking at an items that could have ties to the trial of the century. >> it was found buried on the grounds of o.j. simpson's writ would home in los angeles as roosevelt leftwich reportsi. >> from the bronco chase to the
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california versus oj. >> we find the defendant oj simpson not guilty of murder the murders of his ex-wife nicole brown and bob golic remain unsolved and now is a possibility of new evidence the long sought after murder weapon may have been found.r >> the items described as a knife and a person that we received it from is a retireded lapd officer who retired back in the late '90s. >> lapd police captain says it may have been foundnd during the demolition of his brentwood estaten in 2,004 the worker founded in 32 bit officer but he did not turn it into the department and the police say they're not sure why. >> anytime you come into contact
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set that to investigators . i don't know the circumstances of why that didn't happen. >> after so many years could this actually be the murder weapon ? please have no idea right nowso?, the knife is being tested for any evidencefe and if by some circumstance that this could be linked to a person that could solve the murder of california versus oj but the case is over. >> is my understanding essay officer for 30 years that over jeopardy would be in place so we cannot charge him with any homicide that he has been acquitted of. >> roosevelt leftwich fox 8 news . >> they say the knife will be tested for dna and say if this is a real storage. >> said that the murders remain
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this is what i came home for -- to work in the community, turning schools after hours into centers for healthcare and safe spaces for our kids. i'm p.g. sittenfeld. after princeton
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i turned down a job at google to work improving education. now i'm running for the senate to offer new ideas -- cut college loan rates in half, pass common sense gun safety laws. to offer bold new leadership for ohio.
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will have to see over the weekend, and helping animals, this weekend, tomorrow and sunday i will be at the home and garden extravaganza and medina county, west lafayette road, will be there from noon till three saturday and sunday with bobbleheads . all kinds ofre mementos from fox 8, lots of free stuff, but we do have to charge a little bit .t and hope to see you over the weekend and
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not much over wisconsin is a wintry mix but abigail. >> low-pressure area of the east coast is not a big thing . it does affect parts of eastern country . and, i did a 33, bink below norm we will catch up early next week we had 0 degrees two years ago heardw and 76 in 1983 . sunset at 656 and sunset at 6:22 p.m., miami with anyone, near york 38, cleveland three
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clipper will be effective as tomorrow . that could be a wintry mix does not look like it will be affected as much . tonight's 20 degrees partly cloudy . lived relatively light and tomorrow, a clipper come by a chance of a select wintry mix changeover to some light rainfall with a high of 38, maybe 40 .. see some low 40s on sunday, and monday 57, tuesday 65 degrees . in wednesday, another clipper type system . it
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so light rainfall heading into next weekend . tomorrow, if interested in a bubble that will be at the medina county t event at the community center on west lafayette road between noon -- 3:00 p.m. some stuff from fox 8 maybe some woollybear stickers and bobbleheads . to help the
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that was back on court with
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are summoned to since the all-star break out that one for on growth including a blowout win over the cavaliers this past sunday .udu ty lue said he would give kevin love the night off . a night of rest .ff lebron james was the terry blair the mouth,on lebron james says that has to help those point guards on defense. >> challenge is indication it is the key .. the front office shakeup for the brownsns handing out some punishment to a player. >> it to qingdao midafternoon, alec scheiner stepping down as
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2013, they said the set the end of the month,ly will be consulted for the a consultant for the rest of the year,ons he was lauded for helping the relation of first energy stadium and w help them learn the ins and outs of ownership there was discord between the front office and the coaching staff . rs at the the front office restructuring his days appear to be numbered issued the following statement -- he it hue jackson has cornerbacks on his mind and the nfl again
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>> and discipline involving armonty bryant, on christmas morning, the traffic stop,t he pled not guilty last month for possession of drugs found during bad traffic stop . today he was suspended four games without pay for violating nfl performance-enhancing substances . the report said the suspension is not related to legal troubless can take part in policies and practice and hue jackson last night at the other show, on the subject was what you what you look for in a quarterback and he wants to see how they reactct under duress. >> can they really manage and fossil back when it is bearing down, can he become and deliver the ball downfield and he he demonstrates that it shows that
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journalist and the collins died he was angry high school graduates andllll a graduate of
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is released shows 84 charter school employee assaulted an 11 -year-old girl. >> peggy gallek explainsa.1 >> this is former steam academy school employee marcus crum dragging literal sophia sweet out of the classroom last fall at the warren charter school . she dragged him hauling . when her mother found out what happened she asked what would provoke the attack was? and this is what she was told. >> who told me that sophia failed to remove a headband at lunch .so when she took it off, she put it back on. >> they said that back in october that the girl suffered head injuries, she told fox 8 that she was scared for her life .at
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>> after the incidentie the warren police charged crime with a misdemeanor assault. >> he pled no contest thursday sentenced 15 days in alternative to program and duty service he said very little and not talk to us on camera, sophia's mother was appalled by his actions she said she understands that she sh should not have put the headband that, feels the school could have given her daughter detention s. >> i a responsible and to answer for it ..a >> this will be an ongoing process , of counseling and i am with her 24/7, she does not leave my side other than to go to school. >> peggy gallek fox 8 news. >> she's no longer attend steam academy in the family is considering a civil suit.
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>> turismo tebowing ashtabula county so much that businesses are pushing to hold off on the first day of school, i say teachers and students they hire for the summer about in mid-august that lasing shortstaffed with the rest of the peak season, the idea is getting mixed reviews from some are for it but others concerned
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. >> we've got some decorative clouds it turned out to be a dutiful son said, sunset at 6:22 p.m. . o a clipper system tomorrow, with snowfall initially, midday, with temperatures above freezing it will be a mixture to the north and rainfall to the southtu next week or month, will be something worth looking forward to . i would have had nearly stagnant temperatureswo for 24 hours, the official was 33, and the low of 308 close gap there between the
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we're looking at snowfall for the entire season has been 24 inches, well below normal for the season .. when she left earlier . 30 degrees in cleveland, 35 cincinnati . kansas city 66 we will have a high temperature of about that, sometime next week .h in the pacific northwest on the way down to northern california, looking at rainfall, our next weather system starting off with
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rainfall occurring tomorrow . the watches warnings advisories, but upstreamch parts of wisconsin with advisories because of that clipper system . the system knows the southeast moving tomorrow just before sunrise . on sunday sunshine low 40s and tuesday, mid-sixties . rainfall in several more chances of rainfall wednesday in beginning
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fox 8 the official school closing station with closings news is the only local morning show that starts at 4:00 a.m. they putha despite the warnings, is it still possible that the heroin epidemic is worse than we think ? look at the life-saving work done in just one community the answer is yes. who die , but the number who are saved, as bill sheil explains those numbers show just how out of control the addiction is. >> euclid is a bedroom community tucked into the northeast corner ofni cuyahoga county on the shores of lake shores of shores of lake erie in a play should not expect to see a list like this, last year,e the yucata
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administered 145 antidote injections designed to save the lives of people people who overdosed on opiateses, including prescription pills heroin and fentanyl, of 145 most recited. >> wish i could say this was temporary and go away but it does not appear it appears to be getting worse. >> timeout for a long, it is easy for drug dealers to do the business and they get to get back on the road most people the department said last year did not live in euclid it is an indication that the epidemic is getting worse killed by the rise of ac killer drug known as fentanyl. >> it has a potency 80 times greater than morphine and hi hundreds times greater than of times greater than heroin dependent on how many times that the heroin is cut.
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uses including a sedative for patients undergoing open heart surgery and a painkiller versus cancer, thousands start on the taking legally prescribed painkillers such as oxycontin now drug dealers blended the two into a deadly concoction. before but not only fentanyl in pill form but it is being sold as a look-alike for oxycodone.b >> estimating the number of people who abuse the prescription pills each year just in cuyahoga county landfill first energy stadium, close to 70,000 people,ain the number of people who graduate graduate to heroin or fentanyl abuse but failed to kill, about 20,000,oi they say the number of people who overdosed and died each year in the county would fill a jet plane that number continues to risec to rise, so far in 2016 it
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the year ended the year that is one death every day. >> that number has increased over the last several years so there does not seem to be an end in sight. >> what you get down into those depths the only thing that brings you back up is to do it again in the more and the more you do it the furtherb that that goes. >> you went through rehab, he thought that he was buying heroin but it was laced with personal. >> euclid paramedics and throughout the county . the antidote drug he was injected with three doses that saved him fromm dying of a fentanyl overdose. >> it is far more devastating than heroin and. >> there is no high. >> paradigmatic say that we're not bad people trying to get
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trying to get while.t >> she founded project on allows anybody don allows anybody to legally obtain the antidote drugonyb in spray form for themselves, loved one or a friend , the number of of people of people saved by project don is staggering, and also shows how the problem continues. >> we know that successful remaining sober even out the best treatment is well that what therr program does is gives them a fighting chance.d >> last year, and one for our period of time ems gave injections to four overdoses that small deficit exploded in cuyahoga county in recent years and so four more have died than heroin, given the potency that is a progeny changed he expects
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to be called on more than 14545 times this year to save someone who has overdose. >> it's going to increase as much as 20 ---- 30 percent of wish i could see an end in sightof. >> in cuyahoga county the only end inside is that more lives will end this year from opiate addiction than ever before bill sheil fox 8 news. >> know somebody who battles of action and want to get the antidote kits kits we have a link at fox spring-likeke there's plenty to say at the auto show this auto show this year, a local dealer hopes to impress you with his family car
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until closer to see the changes made the biggest exterior is the front grille with led headlamps . also addedf 19-inch wheels a spoiler and dual exhaust1, inside the car he
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the gear gear shift to select endears. >> to keep innovating that's why peoplelev continue to buy people continue to buy ford people continue to buy a ford address to name another innovation is key.f >> another feature is the pedestrian detection if someone is not a walk in front of your car it will engage the brakes. >> a karen lynn showed that detects and deciphers pedestrian versusat other objects and give an audio warning to the driver to alert them to the pedestrian. >> the ford f-150 truck did not get a redesign but they added some technology to the back like the pro- trailer backup assist. >> makes backup very easy you can control the trailer with a knob, that history will. >> the technology does not end, they have the new sink three technology i had a live edition
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>> you can do pretty much anything calling rove or the options are endless. one thing you notice is the technology that each bakerhi is they're trying to stay up on the latest and greatesty' of technology for entertainment and safety.ff >> spending more time in our vehicles these days and they want to make sure thatat you have the comfort of entertainment and safety features . they fox 8 guys versus the cows, thehe bowman hall northern ohio honda dealers wants to know who rules in the battle of the car giveawayi for a chance to win a
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zero b., you can still enter it if you have the app, the contest runs through march 6 for more details fox >> .cug picard has some great talks up for adoption. >> from thepiup cuyahoga county animal shelter, and valley view off rockside road and cage number eight, 80 boxer pitbull mix very well mannered he just got back from camp bow wow and bedford heights . come down to cage number eight, chopper. a couple of your old boxer hound mix she has a favorite would love to find a forever home this weekend ino houston for 25 and i'll cage number 32 a. shepherd mix he can it can be quiet but
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handsome guy you love to play with toys and enjoys walking . in cage number 36, is sawyer he is energetic love to have an active family with a large backyard . in cage number 48, about two years old a boxer mix, a volunteer favorite . she enjoys running and in cage number 61, amber lee . a hound, bull terrier mix, she allows belly rubs and treats she will steal your heart, that is the cuyahoga county animal shelter off rock side, valley view
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county animal shelter saturday . forever friends cat rescue will be there with adoptable cats from noon till three tomorrow at the nevada county committee center on west lafayette lots of things from fox 8 the calendars to make a little bit of moneyey and to make them for the animals anda see you tomorrow and sunday at the community center on west lafayette road in medina, and
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you know the feeling you are tired but you cannot fall asleep . >> and then the more you worry the more harder just to fall asleep it is a vicious cycle, this guy has the solution he >> so you and your dog sit around and you listen to max yoursi venue going to get and get some broccoli ore take a walk. he hosts a podcast called sleep with me, you probably cannot understand what he says, but his words speaks monotone so
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musicicno to get stuck in your head it is just a distraction to get you out of your own mind. >> like a cursor goes into a charger and say that you're still awake and let me tell you a story to get to sleep.u'l >> the podcast is an hour-long but if all goes well you won't
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last night republican presidential day god personal but tonight the candidates are still taking shots at each other .dada >> little marco rubio, in florida they hate little marco rubio so much, it's true, because the fact that he never votes, he never shows up to vote . >> donald trump continues to attack florida senator marco rubio, the poll showed that donald trump leads marco rubio by almost 20 points in the home state of florida the primary is


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