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tv   Fox 8 News at 7PM  FOX  March 4, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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last night republican presidential day god personal but tonight the candidates are still taking shots at each other .dada >> little marco rubio, in florida they hate little marco rubio so much, it's true, because the fact that he never votes, he never shows up to vote . >> donald trump continues to attack florida senator marco rubio, the poll showed that donald trump leads marco rubio by almost 20 points in the home state of florida the primary is
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go down without a fight. >> this is that we have the front runner in the primary that refused to answer a single a single policy questions in last nightcy he he took a position a position and said i've changed my opinion on temporary guest workers,okokn high-tech workers and as soon as the debate ended and his handlers got hold of them he reversed his position. >> before voters go to the polls in florida and ohio on march 15, four states agree to hold their primaries and caucuses weekendnd, john kasich sat down with gabe spiegel for an exclusive interview he says the road to the white house runs through the buckeye state. r >> ohio is the heart of it all the home of the rnc, it ishi amazing that comes down to ohio to so important in this race if i win ohioom are were going to go to a convention w and then it is t in cleveland and i was in a convention in 1976 when it was
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versus gerald ford and one thing i learned is that if you want to get attention as a delicate than stay uncommitted as long as you can. >> have moreahang from the coverage by at 10:00 p.m. can see the entire interview t with the governor at fox . on o sunday the governor speaks at an event in columbus along with former california governor arnold schwarzenegger,noe the rally begins at 2:30 p.m. you can watch it live at fox scenic ohio taking center stage this weekend when a candidate raises campaign to include them as dave nethers has a preview of tomorrow's ernie sanders campaign rallied. >> outside of the olivet institutional baptist church in cleveland, a number of speakers have made appearances and tomorrow you canea add senator
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show that he and hillary clinton and a daddy into the primary here in ohio, the church reached out to both campaigns with an invitation to speak and sanders was the first to acceptpt it is not a rally it is not open to the public at letter number of people share their concerns and listen to what he can bring to the table,tha exit polls of the south shall hillary clinton with majority of the al african support but his campaign believes that his appearance givess people that want to consider. >> it is significant that he's come back to clear the began he has a strong record on issues that matter to this community he has a tremendous tremendous track record and agenda and we talk about the future he has got >> clinton's scheduled debate
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ohio legislative black caucus today another group that can influence thousands of votersauy in ohio, dave nethers fox 8 news. >> the i-team learned that the state plans to build the family of to rise for rice for medical services after he was shot by the police earlier this year the city came under fire for sending the sending the family and ambulance bill but when city when city leaders learned they quicklye were to have that bush removed from court now the state of ohio medicaid apartment seeking reimbursement for the hospital bills, nothing is likely likely to happen until the family lawsuit against the city is decided, fox 8 left messages for thelh rice rice family attorneys but have not heard back. >> two teenagers facing charges to aave school shooting in southern ohio is all they did not fire any shots it happened monday at a butler county school the forging of suspect showeder his
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for opening fire in the cafeteria, those two students are charged with failing to report a crime suspect is is behind bars on attempted murder charges in due in court next week. n >> a clue the man says he likes to be alive after another wrong way crash on the highway. >> on the freeway, 71 south found at that momentnt something told me, me, please lord don't let it wrong way driver had us as soon as i said that we both saw the headlights coming straight towards us. >> they were on i-71 in a u-haul truck about 3:00 a.m. when they saw the headlights coming at them odot cameras show the moment that a carar driven by timothy taylor slams into the u-haul truck they say taylor had been drinking and drove the wrong way for several miles they said that he tried to run away
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was blocking. >> but then i thought that i was going to die because we saw this before aboute three times previously that was the first thing in my on my mind that i was going to die ..wa i think that i didn't, understand that we all have problems to the author struggles, and he was sober he s would done anything like this. >> eddie taylor recovering at metrohealth the police say but they say he will face charges including ovi. >> get a first look at ay video of eo a schoolboy assaulting an 11 at the steam academy in warren they say marcus crum dragged sophia sweet out of the classroomen then dragged her down the hallway of the incident cost him his job yesterday he pled no contest to assault, she now attends another school and her mother says that they may file a
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that will will work all day then it warms up. . >> the warm-up gigs on sunday, and sunshine, currently it is still pretty called . overnight low of 22 didn't the be clear skies allow for more radiational cooling . the next system, the clipper system tomorrow just before predawn . snowfall initial event as the temperatures increase it
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tomorrow, the upper 30s . the quick coating initially the mostly rainfall in the afternoon . so mixing at the shoreline or no window accumulation expected from the clipper system tomorrow it is about a warming trend beginning on sunday until you award it's going to get next week's big mac browns overhaul from office after another losing season, alec scheinera announced he will step down as john telich joins us with more on the latest moves. >> alec scheiner joined the browns and the end of the political season after eight years with the dallas cowboys after three seasons in cleveland he's leaving to explore options, the date lauded him for his work to enhance the experience at first energy stadium he led the push for new uniforms before last year,rkeir it was clear once
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brought in paul depodesta and elevating sashi brown then alec scheiner was not a factor, he will continue as a consultant to the end of the year, looking forward to helping the browns over the next few months as he determines is next challenge . team owners say that they thanked him in a statement that reads in part -- thematic nfl suspended armonty bryant for the first four games of the 2,016 th season they say that he violated the policy on performance-enhancing substances ,s scott patrick of the elyria chronicle telegraph
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related to his christmas day arrest on felony drug charges so he could face additional discipline . alec scheiner's power within the team diminished in the last few months he was not involved in hiring a new head coach hue jackson or the front office team of paul depodesta and sashi brown.hh >> at three days off the cavaliers return to the court and about an hour to face thehr washington wizards, the wizards crush the cavaliers last sunday while lebron james rested, despite anotherre another member of the big three sits out,a they are resting kevin love as the began a stretch of three games in four daysysl with tip-off july at 8:00 o'clock and highlights at 10:00 o'clockj she said than
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player since a jury found oj simpson not guilty of murdering his ex-wife nicole brown and also ron goldman,n, a piece of new evidence has surfaced perhaps, the lapd inspecting the knife reportedly found buried on his property, as roosevelt leftwich is more . >> from the bronco chase to the courtroom, and the verdict in the case of california versus oj simpson.
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murders ofof his wife nicole brown and her friend ron goldman remain unsold . now there's possibility of some new evidence the murder weapon they have been found. >> it is described as a knife person we received this from is a retired lapd officerr, who retired in the '90s., >> at a news conference, and lapd police captain says the knife may have been found during the demolition of his estate back in 2,004,ini a worker found the knife to get took it to an officer who was working off-duty nearby to that the officer did not turn again and the police say they're not sure why . >> anytime you come into contact with potential evidence, then
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know what the circumstances are. >> after so many years, could ul this be the murder weapon, the police say they have no idea, the knife is being tested for any evidence and if by some circumstance that this could be linkednd to a person, they say that could solve the murder but the caseth itself, is over. >> i'm not an attorney but my understanding as an officer for 30 years that double jeopardy would be in place so we cannot chargei him with a homicide because he has been acquitted. >> roosevelt leftwich fox 8 news . >> lapd treats it like any other cold case the murders are classified as unsolved until the killer or killers are found.
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pipes will cost about $55 billion to remove the pipes wants the state to pay for that they must first go house to house to expect to see where the deadlines are for giving them any more money. a monday and tuesday, you're going to love it because of the weather .. today was a beautiful sunset take a look from burke lakefront airport just some thoughts to add to the sunset today a high of 33he in the low 30 ,i the normal high as 42 degrees . we had a record of
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it feels like it does in the 20 s the temperatures says it is around 30 . as you are out this weekend kicked about the first weekend of march . ego last to hit the 40s, and 50s and 60s in the central plains states, omaha 55 kansas city 53 .k we have snowfall this morning from last night that left perhaps they coating on your front yard . so got to have inches of snowfall . there could be a quick coating
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onset early morning .in and then after that, as the temperature to rise, midday it will switch over to all rainfall for most of us . tonight, temperatures in the low 20s with clouds moving in after midnight snowfall early for a morning . sunrise is just prior to 7:00 a.m. and sunset around 6:22 p.m., next sunday daylight saving time begins and sunset views into the 7:30 p.m. time
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tuesday, some upper 50s to mid- 60s class tuesday indicating a front moving in with ohio city wednesday . here rainfall chances several times between wednesday in saturday . and next sunday, march 13 at 2:00 a.m. spring forward one hour and sunset around 7:30 p.m. them . the auto show wraps up this weekend if you go down to the i. x. center check out some of the classic cars as p.j. ziegler takes us on the trip down memory lane. >> the south hall here is one of each year, because ofes where the classic cars are located a
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lane to see where the car industry was in a few feet away see where it is heading. >> any cars here in the south hall, from the early 1900s two must be 25 years or older to be in the classic cars section . can see these on display, on saturday, 78 of the classic cars will be auctioned off as part of the rubber city classic car auctionas taking place at the auto show for all to see. >> all of the 78 vehicles in the south hall will be up for auction, so reserved and some non- reserved reserved means that the owner sent the dollar amount that they are willing to sell it for . will have a auctioneer. >> want to be part of the classic car auction starting saturday 2:30 p.m. in the south
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now he's back on earth after nearly a year in space, scott kelly says he started to feel aches and pains. >> animation with my skin because it has not touched anything in so long, like any significant contact is very sensitivegif almost like a burning feeling whenever i sit or lie or walk.
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scientistsa involved in tracking his experiments in vital signs while aboard the international space station,h due to the lack of gravity he was 2 inches taller when he returned to earth tuesday he says that he's back to normal height for. >> probably heard of the self-cleaningng oven but what about a self-cleaning restroom,en boeing wants to install self clean restrooms so they are installing uv light that can kill 99 percent of germs the entirehtht laboratory would be eliminated for three seconds,ab the twin cities would lift automatically to make sure that the entire surface is exposed to
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talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, scream. only one guy's done more than talk. kasich. he'll do for america what he's done for us. create jobs. four hundred thousand jobs here in ohio. brought 'em back from mexico and china. turned our deficit into a surplus. more jobs? an america that works? let's loan 'em john kasich. new day for america is responsible for the content
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whatcha doin' there? working on a new plan to catch the roadrunner? the humorous implication being that i am wile e. coyote? yes. and this is a schematic for a bird-trapping device that will ultimately backfire and cause me physical injury? yes. (quick chuckle) what i'm doing here is trying to determine when i'm going to die. a lot of people are working on that research. so what is all this? my family history factoring in longevity, propensity for disease, et cetera. interesting. cause of death for uncle carl was kbb. what's kbb?


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