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tv   Fox 8 News at 10PM  FOX  March 4, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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hi everybody. a father and his live-in girlfriend are charged in the homicide of a three -year-old girlr. >> a father fence they called 911 to say his daughter is not breathing>> well when help arrived they found the child already dead. >> late tonight police charge 22 -year-old matthew mccue with murder and child endangerment. they charge his 21 -year-old girlfriend jessica bender with child endangerment investigators sayhi injuries on the child's body suggest she had been severely
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>> kept him please respond to this home on dewalt avenue. twenty-two -year-old matthew q fence they called 911 to say his three -year-old daughter kaylee was not breathing h. >> invest scarce say it was immediately obvious that haley was dead. during the father's 911 call which we feel is too disturbing to air he tells the dispatcher that the girl had fallen down some stairs a week beforepa. >> the child has sustained blunt force trauma and it was clear by site that this child had suffered something dramatic. and when the quarter arrived and began examining the body they kept finding more and more injuries to the child . >> it is a terrible thing. i did not even know they had a kid.
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live in the home had just moved there a few weeks ago. police believe haley had injuries all over her entire bodydypo. >> probably over some time, there's also some fresh trauma. they probably happen within the last 24 hours or even within the last three or four hours before we were called their six investors safe family and her father lives in the home with his girlfriend.fe twenty-one -year-old jessica bender and her five -year-old son. she is charged with child matthew is charged with child endangering and murder. police say the five -year-old boy appeared to be unharmed but was laced in the custody of child services. >> i've been here 27 years and i've seen a lot. you always think you've seen everything but then you go on a
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seen before. >> matthew is being held tonight on $1 million bond forat anyone with information about haley's deathn is asked to call police. >> that is absolutely horrible. >> localol university is reacting after another robbery near lube maglio has the story. >> to female case employees were attacked. it is the fourth robbery recently involving students or employees and in this case a nonstudent by campus. teenagers grab the purse, credit card, car key, eyeglasses and cell phone and more. they then took off but a gps locator picked up the phone. the school is asking the community to be vigilant and on
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>> a sailor from the university we are deeply troubled by these recent u incident and are grateful for the police department as we collaborate to apprehend suspects and enhanced safety around the we will also increase the patrol around our own campus. the women were not hurt but investigation into all of the robberies is continuing . we want to get to the bottom of it as soon as possible. >> the i-team has learned staff the state is going after payment for medical services for jamil rice ever he were shot by cleveland places that recently created outrage when they build the estate for thee use of an eminence. they had the motion withdrawn from the court a emily but now ohio's medicaid apartmentrt had put this state on notice.
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return messages. a terrible crash on interstate 71. a wrong way driver slams into a u-haul truck. four people are hurt and tonight jack shea hasr video of the accident and one of the victim stories. >> something told me, i said please don't let a wrong way driver hit is theai and as soon as i said that we both see lights traveling at us. >> 51 -year-old anthony and his brother were headed home around 3:00 a.m. friday in a evil when he realized a ford taurus going
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straight at them. oh .-dot cameras capture the high-speed collision on video. >> i went to the right and he went the same way and hit as head on. >> i thought i was going to die because we had seen this before. this has happened two or three times so that was the first thing on my mind, that i was going to die could i think god that i didn't. >> below please say the wrong way driver, 47 -year-old timothy taylor and his passenger had been drinking before the crash.ll >> to own drivers make sure that he could not leave the scene> said he started his car trying to leave. so the one truck came m and block the mouse and he could not leavee investors believe the
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traveled for miles on i 71 the wrong way before slamming into the truck. >> and they says he harbors no hard feelings against timothy taylor via hopes he will realize he has a problem that needs to be addressedse. >> i understand we all have problems. we all have struggles. w and if he was so worth it would not have done that.. >> taylor was taken to metal health medical center for treatment and police say he will noww face charges that will include lbi sense of how will take center stage as bernie sanders brings his campaign to cleveland. if the ticketed event and will not be open to the public would. >> polls show sanders and clinton in a statistical top tossup. right now clinton has an overwhelming majority of the
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but sanders believes that his appearance here tomorrow will give him them a lot to consider. >> he has a very strong record on issues that matter to this community.g he has a tremendous track record and a tremendous agenda. when we talk about the future, he has a lot to say. >> on the republican site john kasich will be back in columbus this sunday to kick off his ohio campaign. don't miss our exclusive sitdown interview with the governor coming upgn later on in the show. >> the browns in the news tonight. as usual it is not good a shakeup in the front office and
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of the top players.d >> aleksandar stepping down as the president of the team at the end of this month at he will remain as a consultant for the browns through 2016 philly shiner can is not as much of a factor in the front office as, shiner was israel in eating the team in stadium renovations and other facets of teambuilding.. he spearheaded the uniform changes this past season . the hassles wanted him for aiding the emily in their efforts to learn the ropes of the nfl ownership. >> monty bryant has been suspended 40 violated the league's real rules on performance enhancing substance. the suspension is not related to
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he will be suspended without pay. he called browns fans uniquely passionate and the people he worked withalwn people who have showed unparalleled hard work and commitment. >> changes in the forecast undrivablen let us know where that long awaited warm-up will finally get heret more than 20 years later a bombshell update on the o.j. simpson case should learning more about the knife foundo on his cleveland property. >> a call center faces and emergency of its own. calls go on answer after a system outage. >> the truth about paying the dog online conspiracy theories now a baseball team explains what happens.
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rki talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, scream. only one guy's done more than talk. kasich. he'll do for america what he's done for us. create jobs. four hundred thousand jobs here in ohio.
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mexico and china. turned our deficit into a surplus. more jobs? an america that works? let's loan 'em john kasich. new day for america is responsible for the content of this advertising. it's quiet in pretty but is cold.y you can see the temperature has been stable in that chilling physician for a a while. we are predicting a mild. one thing that stands in the way
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tomorrow and behind that will see temperatures begin to moderatein as though we get into the 60sa and is it's going to be a good thing. right now we are at 26 degrees at cleveland hopkins airport. and as far as the radar goes it is quite here butas look up stream and the next flipper is not quietly far away.e you can clearly see it's going to drag a line of rain and snow showers through here during the day on saturday. and behind out we have a couple days of warmin and dry conditions. partly cloudy a crisp and quiet night. very light winds.
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a few snow showers. as we mentioned a mild that will start on sunday. we'll have details coming up. >> one-on-one with governor john kasich. >> he talks about his strategy in the mix of a> heated
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new information emerging tonight about a knife found on land where o.j. simpson used to live. lou maglio is on the story. what are we learning about this knife? obviously there's plenty of curiosity but sources are saying theng knife appears to be inconsistent with the murders ofof simpson's wife and her friend rick simpson of course was acquitted in that case and cannot be retried. a construction worker found the knife on the property and give
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nearby.po the attorney says there was no blood on the knife. sources indicate it was a small knife often used by construction workers, landscapers and other laborers should assess not consistent with the murders and wasn't buried during a time frame would fit the murders.t one of simpson's former player say it should have been found by police but he too isld concerned by the crime. >> there is a verdict of history so historians have a right to reassess any case.s if they can prove this is evidence that proves differently from the verdict and that's history is right and people have a right to know that. t >> further tests are being rolled out to.
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they could do soo it's unclear why he decided to turn it in. the case is being kept open by police.. since it is in prison right now neville could be released as early as next year . >> the officer kept in a jar in his garage for 12 years. >> nfl is investing a bizarre incident at a scouting. eli apple's as a coach for the atlanta falcon is asked himti if he liked manfred the coach followed that up with if you're going to come to atlanta, sometimes at how it is around here. he admits the question was asked and the head coach apologized. >> it is a proposal that should go over well with kids wine organization is calling for the start of a school year to be pushback.
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lengths to fake a disease couldus what made his own family turned
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should the start of the school year be pushback in thee name of tours and pick one local groupe
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compromise the ashtabula county convention and visitor visitors bureau is in charge of promoting tourism and from the latest numbers it sounds like everything is going well l but there is one problem that executive directorbu stephanie siegel has noticed since we found that the early back to school they has a negative impact on terrazzo throughout the county fora and we looked into it and it wasn't just one community that was reflecting large county. >> of thee center for its business investors teachers often higher for the summer have to go back to school in mid august theav leaving them short staffed for the rest of the season.insh for our businesses that's where is kind of their holiday season. tourism and travel makes all their money in august. >> she said the only way to fix the issue is to delay the of school. they now propose is starts on august 29 instead.
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great idea to choose the general manager at the lake house in. >> of tourism is really big in this area. and there's a lot ofis businesses that are only open for 12 to 16 weeks and they depend on that season. the whole year. >> she has talked to a number of school leaders about the proposalu and says she is getting positive feedback but there are some with concerns like superintendent john research. he saysik our school districts do in fact work with the area businesses tori we promote early work-release programs for our we hold and job fairs encouraging area businesses to interview and higher our students, we will continue to work with and alongsides ashtabula county businesses. >> coping with a rare disorder. >> meet the family challenged by disease
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misdiagnosed. what that means for four teenage siblings.. >> what a baseball team admits it during a mascot controversy [content sigh] ah, excuse me? mr. jones? hi. already? you booked an appointment. i just started cookin. we at time warner cable need to apologize to you. i haven't even started to bronze yet. we no longer give you an excuse to work all day perfecting your tan. starting to even it out. we're making a bunch of changes at time warner cable. including one-hour arrival windows. we'll also tell you how long our visit will take
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if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages
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ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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nothing like this should the system suddenly down so long because of maintenance work. >> tell that to the guy having a heart attack.k. i'm going be the guy having a heart attack when day and not be able to get a hold of a dispatchero. >> official site some type of discussion also went down for liquid, shaker heights and parma. it appears only 911 calls myths in cleveland those calls were discovered >> what about the 12911 calls with no answer. this axis system came back out dispatchers called those people backward fortunately there had been no desperate emergencies. >> cuyahoga counties that it only got ten notice of the
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even efforts to reroute calls got interested. folks like you love feeling a bit helpless. >> here is a look at more of tonight's top stories. i team will be tried as an adult in the death of a can't stay soon. the case was moved to common case course today. he and another team charged with aggravated murder in the shooting deathth of an 18 -year-old in westlake print and a man accused of shooting and killing a police k-9 pleaded not guilty to six charges for he faces more than 50 years in prison if convicted. k-9 jethro was shot three times in january during a confrontation. and a man known as the voice of tennis has passed away.
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he was known for his colorful bow ties and hands. was another while seen last night as a republican candidates debate once again ohio governor john kasich is trying to stay above the monthly inspect this morning the governor sat down with our date gave spiegel with a one-on-one interview and here are some of the conversations. >> we keep working. we're like the little engine that can't and would keep plugging along. w i have ohio is going to be critical part i have to win ohio. i could've been knocked out early and having a good time. >> a lot of pulsate you are the only guy on stage that can beat hillary clinton. >> democrats are concerned about me because i can get crossover bows.n i'm not an angry guy. i'm not dividing people.
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the problem with the debates is it's really hard for people to get to know who you are. maybe little by little is starting to happen. >> ohio is the heart of it all. >> is amazing that it's all coming down again to ohio. ohio is so important in this race.a i've been at a convention i was there in 1976 when was very disruptiveti w reagan was running against four. one thing i learned is if you really want to get attention as a delegate stay uncommitted for
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>> they like the debates and they send me e-mails should i just want them to have some memories of their father that they can tell their childrenve what their dad was all about. >> you have plenty to start with. you did not know you can make the top ten debate in cleveland. you pierce through that. you keep your chin up and keep piercing throught.. >> it had to keep going. if you're motivated the right way,i just trying to do the things to fix the country. i'm not that worried aboutt, i don't worry against that much about success. the 1 foot in front of the other and y be determined. campaign sunday alongside arnold schwarzenegger. fox8 will carry the event online at fox8 .com. kevin freeman will have more on boxing news at 10:00. >> the cleveland international auto show enough this weekend.> if you're heading down to the eye etc. make sure you're
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cars. e there are a total of 80 cars. some of the early 19 hundreds all the way to 25 years or older to robert many of them will be auctioned off as part of the rubber city classic car auction. >> many of them will be up for auction. some will be at reserves and some at no reserves. we have an auctioneer from barrett jackson. >> the auction begins tomorrowct at 1030 at the south hall of the ixc and her. it runs through sunday. >> under is promising some big things in his weather forecast. >> the week looks just fine.
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getting in the way. >> we have just one narrowband where the atmosphere is quiet. the clipper right now is producing snow now into chicago, milwaukee, madison, green bay for c its now snowing up and down the west coast of michigan. most of the snow will be in michigan. it is dragging a tale of both snow and rain and that will be crossing the area tomorrow. it's a little bit poster down to the south. stark county, tesco rusk county
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thirty-one in downtown hampton. there are some places that are down to 22 degrees. sports night partly cloudy and chris. twenty-two will be the average. artie seen that spread. as far as the clipper goes, as a going to the night maybe scattered snow showers toward morning.ito the distribution is rather light. as soon as we get behind that clipper things began to improve. sometime monday 5863 on tuesday. and you can see after the clipper goes by the probability of precipitation goes to zero. we will see lots of sunshine.
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to develop. notice the number of rainy icons that cast wednesday and thursday because the jet stream will channel a lot of moisture from the goal. there is the potential of seeing an inch or two of rain. from indianapolis to dallas they could see some flooding.. hopefully we'll stay on the mild side of the back door.
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parachutee third-graders learned about slavery and a controversy
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parenting can be pretty tough. >> a family in portland ohio has four children dealing with the rare debilitating disease that has made themng dependent on the parents for the rest of their
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>> these teenagers all have angel manson if it is a rare genetic disease for which there is no cure. friday night at the jones home in portland ohio. >> every day is like a whole different scenario. >> all four have a rare genetic disease called angel manson drum >> melissa and mark are their parents if they knew they wanted a lot of kids when they got married 24 years agoe . >> i wanted have all my kids before i turned 30. w >> there next for kids each
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they had seizures and developed developmental delays. >> the sender is so rare that it occurs in only one in about 15,000 live births. is caused by a mutation in the uv e.g. >> if they can't talk, you don't know to have a headache that day, did you have a bad dream that day? said all four leaders attended special classes for which is about 20 minutes away from home. they learned how to communicate through their ipads. especially andrew. >> they understand things. they have a hard time expressing with these pictures and videos is so much easier to manipulate. >> as for laure m mark every day is a challenge.
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delight as they raise these dangers a all with a debilitating disorder for which there is no cure.e. >> doctors discovered she inherited the gene from her father. she said their other two children do not get the gene and they will not pass it along. >> what a beautiful and special family. >> something in his story health sellers and friends were very suspicious of this man's cancer
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the police and connecticut arrest a man accused of faking cancer. he allegedly took $22,000 in donations raised for him at benefits in many states. and on a gofundme page with the claim have a rare form of brain cancer. he shaved his head and took weight loss pills. some started to raise questions
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drinking heavily. several family members are helping too cover up the scam. >> and new football season in italy aftersc threats against the league and its officers. that includes bullet casings with their names on them. in 1d letter he threatened to kill league leaders if the rules change in the player weight restriction. >> i wrote the letter and i take full responsibility for that.t. >> these letters are very detailed on the threats, the acts of violence. and he referred to it as a joke. >> the threatening letters were written on placemats from a restaurant where he worked.en >> third-graders are asked to write about what it was like to
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view. students are also asked to draw pictures of the slave ship, plantation from a complete a diagram. the lesson was insensitive and in the end the school district agreed. >> if you only how the negative that people will only improve the negative. i feel like it is one-sided teachers were applied to give out the assignments. the district said the snow using this as a teachable moment. >> setting the record straight. >> find out the truth behind
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the milwaukee brewer say is still the same old paint they say the team's teams four-legged mascot is still the same dog that walked onto the field two weeks ago. social media fueled rumors that the they were leaving a tale of deceit because of pictures. that hank is no longer a malnourished straight.ur his oncest matted unkept coat is now a healthy white color. >> i've been able to spend how with him and based on his personality alone i'mo convinced that this is the real hank. using my scanner just a few most no
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michael is microchip is a match. >> we knew all along it was the same dog but decided to have a little fun.. >> will get to the cavaliers and in just a second. alec scheiner stepping down at the end of the month. in cleveland he was lauded for helping to build the front office.d he also aided in the transition to new uniform shirt violating thevi league's policy on illegal substances. according to a published report the suspension is not related to france legal issues.
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discipline. thus go to mac basketball before the cows. it's right around the tournament time. trying to break open a tight game. they go onto a 24-74-60 was the victory. then at the other end is the
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long distance. >> that talk cavaliers basketball. they were a rested team and manea away from the washington wizards tonight.nd they won 108-83. a nice ceremony's tonight honoring the miracle of-they love how the cavaliers play. lebron james slams the home. and now how about rest and repeat. their egos again. kyries led the way. he was 21. he also feeding big people like the mosses. they scored. they will host the celtics on saturday night. this the so back to basketball. that's jerry higgins.
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at the other end of mr. daley is the tribe playing baseball today. they and the white sox finished for the cavaliers are phenomenal.. >> a lot of the guys got a chance to rest. that one is for trial. >> one more clever girl. that will bring us a light mist. ais little bit of snow and a little bit of rain all over. once we get past that we are set for three gorgeous daysp starting
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44 degrees and sunshine. how about a 63 with sunshine on tuesday. >> the morning show crew will be here at 7:00 a.m.
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(phone ringing) howard wolowitz. man: hey, howard. dave roeger here at nasa. we need to talk about your upcoming mission. yes, yes, i've been doing my push-ups. i'm still stuck at nine, but... ...that's going all the way down with no one holding me. that's great, uh, but that's not why i called. we've run into a bit of a snafu. your soyuz capsule failed the pressurization test, so bottom line: mission's been scrubbed. you're kidding. so what does that mean? uh-huh. uh-huh. boy, i got to tell you, i'm really disappointed.


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