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tv   FOX 8 Saturday Early News  FOX  March 5, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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a good morning, dear itit is
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light, coming up to maybe 1 inch that's not just lingers around 30 degrees here is webcam time-lapse web cam time lapse
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then the camera turns bluedeis . 27 degrees hopkins, akron-canton 28 . there is a windchill out there it still feels like 19 degrees kirtland hopkins . we have snow falling through the area, call across the straitow everybody pretty close to 30 ec on the backside of the system, it is clearing . and a dry pattern that will eventually modified air mass to be well above average talk about just how far above average for this
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minutes . his father and live in girlfriend charged with homicide of a 3-year-old girl. >> he called 911 to say that she was not breathing, with help arrived br they found that the child was already deadt. >> 11:00 o'clock friday morning please respond to this whole, 22 -year-old matthew mccue frantically calling 911 to say that his 3-year-old daughter was not breathing.ea they say it was obvious to the paramedics that she was dead . during the 911 call, which is too disturbing to air, he said that she had fallen down some stairs the week before.
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force trauma it was clear, that she had suffered pretty traumatic and when the coroner arrived and began examining the body ro we just kept finding more and more injuries to the child . . >> a terrible thing to did not not know that they have a kid and i've been there very long. >> they say that the people who lived there had been in just a few weeks ago they said that she had injuries over her entire body s. >> probably over a period of time, there was also some brush, some in recent and probably happened within the last 24 hours or within the last four hours before we were called. >> they say that lived in the home with his girlfriend, 21 -year-old jessica bender and her 5-year-old son, she is charged with child endangering
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endangeringrg and murder, police say the 5-year-old boy was placed in the custody of child protective servicesn. >> the patrol officers were pretty shaken up, i've been here en 27 years and i have seen a lot, think that you have seen everything but then you see something like this andou beyond what you have seen before . >> kevin freeman fox 8 news. >> be held on $1 million bond if you have information about this child's death call the canton police. >> university reacting after another robbery near campus, joins us with what happened. >> two female case western reserve university police were attacked, this is at least the fourth robbery recent involving iraqi students or employees and in one case an obstinate near campus, they were attacked from
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on anna berte on campus they got their purses, credit cards car keys cell phone and more they took off in a gps located the phone in the east 116th street and buckeye neighborhood in cleveland the school has asked thesho university community to be vigilant and on alert. >> here's a statement from the university -- there is no video of this latest attackck the women, ages aged 6357 were not injureds from the investigation into these robberies continuesfr just want to get to the the bottom of all of
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>> 19 has learned that the state is going after payment for medical services provided tola program to rise after he was shot by the cleveland police . recently created outrage window for the use of an ambulance and city administrators found out they had the motion withdrawn that now ohio medicaid department has put the state on notice attorneys for clear four-tier rice family did not return messages seeking comment .s fo jimmy dimora maybe get another day in court a federal judge ruled friday that his lawsuit against the operator of ag northeast ohio prison should go to trial the former sec commissioner fellston about two months into his prison sentence aten a facility in youngstown is seeking at least $50,000. >> crash on i-71 as a wrong way driver slams into a u-haul truck four people were injured as this morning jack shea has the video
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one of the victimsen. >> to get on the freeway going 71 south and run at the moment i said, don't let a wrong way driver hit us and as soon as i said that we saw the headlights coming straight towards us..s >> they were headed home around 3:00 a.m. friday in in a u-haul truck when they realized a board tour is going the wrong way on i-71we a here i-90 was headed straight at them odot cameras captured the elysian. >> i went over to the right and he went the same way and we hit head-on and we hit the wall and i said, don't let usw us go over the walled.u >> diverse than i thought was that i was going to die because we had seen this before about three times previous solo that was the first thing on my mind
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think not that i didn't. >> police say the wrong way driver, wrong way driver, timothy taylor and his female passenger had been drinking prior to the crash,t he says ys taylor, try to leave the scene but tot odot drivers made sure did not happen. >> he kept starting his car trying to leave, and the one trucker blocked him so he cannot leave.n >> blew the driver caught on the wrong way and west 115th street and travel 4 miles long way before crashing into the u-haul truck book il says he harbors no hard feelings toward two together but he says he hopes to you will realize he has a problem that needs to be addressed.d. >> realize that we all have problems, and he was sober, he would not have done that.s >> jack shea fox 8 news.
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charges including ovi. >> will take center stage this week in. >> bernie sanders brings his campaign to clear that he will speak at olivet institutional baptist church>> it is a ticketed event that is not open to the public poll showed sanders and hillary clinton and ap tossup heading into thed primary exit polls and the south have her with an overwhelming support of the american community, that , sanders campaign believes his appearance here will give them a lot to consider. >> i think it is significant that he comes back here to have this conversationgn he has a very strong record on issues that mattered to thishr community with a tremendous track record and agenda and we talk about the future he's got a lot to say in. >> hillary clinton was scheduled to speak with members of the ohio legislative caucus yesterday, another group that
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voters in >> john kasich will be in columbus tomorrow to kick off his ohio campaign, thehn exclusive sitdown interview with him coming up later in the show said
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information merging about a knife found 12 years ago on land where o.j. simpson once lived, and if it is connected to the murders of nicole brown simpson and ronald goldman ?is d roosevelt leftwich joins us with what we know about thes knife at this point and click there is plenty of curiosity about this knife they say that it appears to be inconsistent with the murders ofu simpson's wife and her friend, simpson was acquitted in the case and cannot be retried with the killings,it the home was demolished years after the trial a construction worker found the knife and came to a retired police officer who was workingnd off to the nearby the former officer's attorney said there
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mud they say it is a small knife used by construction workers, and landscapers and others they say it is not consistent with the weapon used in the murderstds and was not buried during a timeframe that would fit the murders, and one of simpson's former lawyer said that if it wason relevant and should have been found by police but he is also curious.nte >> there's a verdict of the trial and that cannot be reversed because of double jeopardy a and there is the verdict of history and that is nota statute of limitations or no double jeopardy so have the right to reassess any case and if this proves different from the verdict then people need to know that. >> tests are being conducted to rule it out as the possible murder weapon,le told us since he was acquitted there was nothing that they could could do so he kept the ninth it's unclear why
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o.j. simpson is in prison now he could be released as soon as next year on parole from an unrelated burglary conviction. >> nfl investigating a concert at the scouting combine ohio state quarterbacki eli apple says they could for the falcons asked him if he liked men . the coach hall that up with your going to come to atlanta sometimes that's how it is around here is around here, but how can submit the question question was asked and head coach dan quinn apologized to quote scott kelly says he is still adjusting to life back on earthll he told reporters that his skin is so sensitive that it burns when he sits or walks that he grew 2 inches he has since returned to his herbal height, he also claims he he cannot sink a sink a basketball showcase the guts ofk used to letting things flow the way, he's had a record
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space station-iss. >> connecticut police arrest man accused of faking cancer,n 29 -year-old tyler turner allegedly29 to $20,000 in donations raised her hand and benefits in multiple states and a go-fund-me page claim to have a rare form of brain cancerer and he went as far as shaving his head and taking weight loss pills that some but some questions raised when he was seen drinking heavily s, his uncle into the policeman several other family members are accused of
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docilely some light snow after
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everything begins to climb down . tomorrow a really nice day . today 30 degrees with afternoon wintry mix the temperatures come up a little bit of a decrease in cleveland, the wind southeast under 10 mph, 28 degrees mostly cloudy tonight, snowfall early will taper off to zero before midnight .to tomorrow mostly sunny a high of 44 degrees . on the 8
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weather . 60 on monday . it's going to rain perhaps substantially starting midway to
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still ahead on fox news, a look
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cavaliers win away from the affair wi, 108 -- 83, halftime show on honoring miracle of ridgefield . i nice halftime ceremony, the fans love and they loved the
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to lead the cavaliers last night . kyrie irving led the squad in the contest looking good . then you see himo nailing a longshot . lebron james to timofey mozgov the cavaliers led by as much as 30 points hosting the celtics tonight at the q. . browns president alec scheiner stepping down effective at the end of this month id and in three years in cleveland he was wanted by the ownership for his work to build stadium and other business avenuesovov he helped with the there was some discord between the front office and coaching
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next endeavor and they brownsk player armonty bryant suspended four games without pay for violating the league'srm policy on illegal substances according to report the suspension a report the suspension is not related to when he was arrested by the police so potentially could face more disciplinece i. >> the mac tournament around the cornerer last night kent state, at akron, zinsser 23 and seven the top seed, even steals them eskimo is 56 -- 49 . the flesh is counter, he opposed him that is a typical file, so that the scores and the zips go on to increase the record 24 day seven
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>> junker events to the second round, 99 -- 85, and in the white sox tied at
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welcome back to fox 8 news on a saturday morning . it is snowing there is a cosmetic coating on the ground most of us won't see anything with accumulation . it will be on an off, looking at yesterday high purity record high today was 81 and 1983 we had almost 1 inch of snowfall yesterday but monthly snow is two . 9 inches, 29 . four below in terms of snowfall
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show snowfall coming through pretty light 27 degrees currently at hopkins . there is plenty of chilly air to be had the luckyc 15 degrees warmer than yesterday and peering
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debate again john kasich is trying is trying to stay about the mudslinging and personal attacks.inck >> he sat down with gabe spiegel for an exclusive interview here is some of that conversation.n. >> would just keep working we are like the little engine that keeps plugging along and ohio is critical for us i have to win ohio, i could have been knocked out early, that i'm doing great on having a good time. >> i will say that you're the only only guy that can beat hillary clintonr why do you think that is? >> i think that they're concerned about me because i can get crossover votes are not angry i'm not dividing people, and that is appealing, andid the problem with the debates is that it is hard for people to get to know who you are .eb but little by little into starting to happen to happen,a people hear my message ineo my town hall meetings
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al >> ohio, the home of the rnc. >> ohio is so important in this race if i win ohio were going to go to a convention, and, and it is including i have been won before in 1976 it was very disrupted with reagan versus gerald ford it was, i learned that if you want to get attention as a delegate then stay uncommitted as long as you possibly can.u >> or your wife karen and the girls getting ramped up? >> not really, they have been out h out with me a little bit i just want them to have some memories of the father that they can tellat their children about what their dad was aboutth.
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touch can make the top 10 today include them in to keep piercing through to keep your chin up. >> you have to keep going, if if you want motivated the right way , which has to do things to fix the country, i'm not that worried about how i don't know much about success, i just figure you do your thing, 1 foot in front of the other in the determined. >> kasich kicks off his ohio campaign tomorrow with arnold schwarzenegger in congress, will carry the event online at fox >> ben carson has dropped out of the race for the republican presidential nomination, the announcement made yesterdaymi he rose from political obscurity to a strong showing in early polls lastls fall after a string of disappointing finishes on super tuesday he says he is leaving the campaign trail, will serve
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favorite notes, group that urges christians to vote . >> the cleveland auto show ended this weekend go to the i. x. center and see some of the classic cars a total of 80 cars in the south hall of the i. x. center son from the early 1900s, all aged 25 years or older at the event will2 be auctioned off as part of the rubber city classic car auction the books everyone of these 70 vehicles will be up for auction, up for auction, some so reserved and somewhat reserved, reserve means the card owner sets the minimum amount they are willing to sell for, reaction starts at 230 at the south pole of the i. x.
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or most agree that parenting can be tough. >> a family andm audobon ohio has a berlin ohio has four children that are doing with aa disease
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parents for the for the rest of the lives as melissa reid report . >> it is play-doh and i-pad on friday night in the jones home. >> of four kids, 17 of andrew cuomo sequeira christina,, thank you ryan and that you actually have a rare genetic disease called y indolence under. >> there have a pleasant but they cannot function in a nonviolent. >> venezuela kids and they got i got married 20 years ago and. >> i want to have all the kids were going to have by the time i turned 30.go
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kidz first, butki the next next four, were nonverbal, with sensors and developmental delay 's. >> switch doctors toh university hospitals and with was such a great doctrine, he suspected that it was going to be angela and. >> episode where it occurs in only one out of 15,000 births caused by a mutationon. >> says they are often misdiagnosed as having cerebral palsy or autism a book that i talk you don't know they've got a headache or if they had a badgering. >> they attend special ed classeses at liberty high school, about two minutes away from him to learn how to communicate through their ipads and iphonesc especially andrew. >> i understand things, they have a hard time expressing, but with these picturess it is so much easier for them to manipulate.
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in every hug to find a light, as they raised them with this debilitating disorder in which there is no cure feedback with us kids, every little thing they do is that major monumental thing to get excited aboutut. >> melissa reid fox 8 news. >> she says that through a genetic test doctors discover that she inherited the gene gene from her gene from her father she says her two other children n do not get the gene and will not pass it along >> looking at some other temperatures, some good news to developer and some springtime weather . not quite yet into spring . .
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day, not average incentives in sunshine and will be filtered through high cloudsl . what's in store for us is very mild temperatures into the 60s . this is snowfall currently on radar, because it is moving west to east .au little pockets of moderate snow . setting over medina, ron siwik extending out overtly caring associate with a clipper system . does not look to be that big of an issue in terms of accumulation . if you are are going to be driving does not take much more than a cosmetic coating to make it slick . c visibility is down at hopkins . saw that happening fox-cam, thought thought that
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really did . visibility is dropped, thomas akron-canton and 3 miles wooster . this is the view from burke lakefront airport what looks like a fresh coating . today the sunshine
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2-year-old girl, and south carolina needed some help to get dressed that dayse. >> jay dow 911 to ask how to put on her clothing and as deputies who responded did not mind the
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>> 8-year-old girl was happy to see the county deputy . they say they live together in her home where the deputy responded yesterday to a column . >> her grandfather answered the door door and she came running up to the fronto with have to panelw icon icon and the other often. >> she and her partner showed up at her front door because she called 911.htn she want me to help her do her shares and two hugged her and i just kept saying that that it made my day and it was the highlight of my day because she was so sweet. m >> her mother says that her father sent a message about what happened.ysr >> he said, i answer the door
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theywewe cops help her put her pants on so i started laughing because her grandfather was watching her at the time and had no idea that she called 911 cyclict she brought the phone to me and i nd thought that someone had called and when i answered nobody was there and when i hung up, and 911 call me backcke but he said she was watching cartoons, her mother says the fact that she dialed 911 was a surprise effect i showed it to her but i didn't know that she knew what she was doing . >> although she made a call for help for a nonemergency,y, the responding officer was thankful she made a new friend out of the accident. >> we have such hard things that you have less deal with a a girl to put underpants was the
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