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tv   Fox 8 News at 10PM  FOX  March 8, 2016 1:00am-2:00am EST

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the security plan is far from ready in their their violent and we get a lot of our seas tend to be a lot more troublesome for the police department's as a matter of politics but as a matter of historical facts with anywhere from a few thousand to over 100,000 demonstrators potentially coming to cleveland for the republican national convention in july. >> we need to be prepared for you prepare the best thing you can do is prepare for the worst and hope for the best the cleveland police patrolmen's association president has serious doubts of the city will be ready or that the officers were even have the proper gear of the crackers and show bids for equipment and a plan to purchase rain gear using millions of dollars in federal grant money but loomis says time is running out. >> there's no when one police officer since been measured 90 days turnaround to order the equipment that we needed 90
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deliver it does with the manufacturers are telling me directly he says they're also not being told about logistical issues including access to water in restrooms and he says there far behind and training. >> the trainers of people coming to train us are telling us we are not anywhere near where we need to be at this point. >> am concerned when i hear that councilman mike polin six serves on the safety committee and says they too have been waiting for information we've had plenty of time to get ready this is nothing that happened yesterday the cities have for wanting this was coming they have some money the funds available to them is supposed to have a briefing and had invited the secret service he said they understand the details are sensitive and can all be released but he says they also need to know that cleveland's prepared. >> we passed off on what they want the money we expect them to do what is necessary to protect the people who are coming to the art and seat also rnc also protect them who
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>> is seems reasonable we did reach out to the city and spokesperson said they're not discussing details of the plans at this time obviously for security reasons about mike polin second speed limit saying let us know at a minimum get that care because they don't what he put anyone at risk either the citizen's people coming into town when the officers as well this is a not a last-minute thing and time is running out 90 - -dash 120 days to get that gear here now hopefully those orders get put in saint. >> have been sin. >> i've been at these things covering them before things get a little dicey and dangerous. >> you've got to be prepared absolutely. >> a race for the white house is dimming to northeast ohio this week and that's because the all-important ohio primary is next tuesday ohio is a critical state not only in the primary but in the the general election diplomatically always here and this is just the beginning. >> assured of the candidates will be getting to know the
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over the next few days for the democrats bernie sanders lost a bit of traction on super tuesday he's hoping for some improvement and midwestern states the republicans john case it really needs to win his home state case it plans a busy week of campaigning as he tries to match the top spot away from trump in ohio sunday in columbus getting the seal of approval from arnold schwarzenegger schwarzenegger recent polling indicates case it is at least within the margin of error against trump case it will have a town hall meeting tuesday night at ohio cap riding hates hillary clinton will be in cleveland to a rally at crises tracy's metro campus at 7:00 p.m. tuesday recent polls show her with an ohio leave over sanders but she's not taking any chances with casey can quit and spend time today going after donald trump i've said all along that i think personal attacks against the donald trump is not the way you when voters you want to win a voter that likes like strategy strategies give them an answer that's real because they want to know how their
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getting be secure you got to say this about him he's is an equal opportunity attacker he's attacked mexicans and people with disabilities he's attacked women he's attacked muslims he's just gone after everybody we will not let a person like that ever become president of the united states >> looking ahead at saturday we will see more campaigning in the buckeye state trump will be at the iraq center at 2:00 p.m. case it will be in mansfield at 6:00 p.m. hillary clinton will be at at the olivet baptist church in cleveland clinic and sanders will be in columbus on sunday we haven't heard ohio plans from the movie "campaigns polls showed him trailing cap in case it by huge amounts of the state of ohio of course rubio needs to win in his home state of florida the very same day as the ohio primary he will be focused on florida for
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prize tomorrow is on the republican side it still isn't clear of any candidate will have enough delegates on board to clinch the nomination cleveland and florida and in florida and ohio secon and that's when amanda, shea avenue shaye grafton spotted a little girl walking in the middle of west river road in elyria sunday afternoon as to my car in park i ran out there
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stop and then i went to her and she ran to me and it was like we both had her arms out and she jumped in my arms into her arms around my neck, shaye says the little girl was scared she was crying and she wasn't wearing a coat sunday was a height of 40 degrees. >> she was cold i called i had a blanket i had one of my daughters blankets in the car so i covered her up and we call dispatch and asked her what her name was and asked her where she lived asked her where mommy was she said she was at school police say the girls father is 32 -year-old christopher peterson and valeria was supposed to be looking after her police on scene after he realized the girl went missing when looking for her and noticed the police activity now this is not the first time it's happened back in february 203 the elyria police department was called to this planet fitness after
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girl wandering at about 11:00 o'clock at night i said you live over there and i pointed to the apartment and she said no and i said well aware and she pointed down the street police arrested peterson later that day and charged him with child endangering as per the little girl she is now in custody of her grandmother it's just one person would've been paying attention to the road looking at their phone or something should be: she was literally in the middle of traffic she was on the dotted lines in between the two lanes of traffic the police say peterson will be arraigned on this child endangering charges on wednesday thank goodness amanda was there to help the little girl out and we spent some time on the road and it is extremely busy so think that she was there. >> state highway patrol searching for a hit-and-run driver who left a pedestrian lying in the middle-of-the-road in copley the surveillance video from a collier avenue business is
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believed to be a 44 -year-old ron hubbard walking along that road early sunday police were called to the scene a short time later by another driver who said they had to swerve to avoid a man who appeared to be crawling across the street they say belong to a black toyota corolla that they actually got this e-mail check the area for surveillance footage it will just combine your problem like for that individual to come forward hubbard was taken to akron general hospital where he was in the icu on sunday cameras were rolling today as the daycare worker admitted to being a two -year-old boy this is surveillance video from last year showing melissa tate hitting a child inside the seed cedar early birding center in cleveland at moments after pleading guilty the judge ordered take handcuffed and taken to jail or she will remain until she is sentenced the toddler's mother tigers
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with the outcome tate will be sentenced next month. >> springlike temperatures in northeast ohio question is how long are they going to last and police controversy in a local community the mayor wants the whole department gone but angry residents won't go down without a fight history making procedure at the cleveland clinic and it could change lives forever what a uterus transplant means for this women and they say they were just doing their jobs at but not everyone sees it that way firefighters transporting sick child and get suspended father's reflexes and made him the mvp of this game tonight he's talking about saving his son's
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i'm just looking around and i noticed the pavement has matted down with moisture just enough to know that we've had rain and here it is in doppler weather radar but not real impressive just enough in some places begin to do adults draw dots in the windshield in may with a little moisture and not so that in places we've actually recorded 11 hundredths of an inch that a hopkins airport trace of youngstown tracy worcester tracy miceli and that's about it more importantly the temperatures still mild
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five or 7 degrees 56 pardon me the current temperature 57 ashtabula and we have 54 in toledo look at the temperature trace once the sun came out it shot up from 30's to 64 and that we will add to that during the day tomorrow we will go with the 50 for an overnight low temperature mostly cloudy a mild night with maybe a brief spurts or sprinkle here or there than tomorrow becoming partly to mostly sunny breezy and a warm and will go with a 68 and i think you and tracy we might actually add another couple degrees to that on wednesday might tickle at 70 before seeing the temperature is settled back down a little better overall warm week increasingly wet at the end we'll talk more about that coming up. >> still to come at 10:00 o'clock exclusive video from the fox ait and we are getting a different view of the frantic search for a
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surround the case that shook a local community although a saturday morning tech cartoon coming to life it and what her police chasing the real-life version of scooby doo's famous ride leader in sports setting
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a jury awarding fox sports reporter erin andrews $55 million today in her lawsuit over secretly filmed nude video andrews asked for the nashville hotel that allowed him to check into the room next to hers michael barrett filmed andrews of three people and posted the video online to lawyers for the hotel has not have not yet decided if they will appeal again we are disappointed with the results we are going to look at the outcome at the proof what did during the trial with respect to any issues that may exist and make a decision at that point in time whether there will be an appeal. >> andrews tweeted her thanks to the jury and other stalking victims private funeral for former first lady nancy reagan will be held friday now reagan will be buried next to her husband in california public will be permitted to pay their respects on wednesday and thursday today president obama
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with the former first lady. >> i think it's been well documented the extraordinary love them that she had for her husband the extraordinary comfort and strength that he provided them president ordered flags to be flown at half staff in honor of nancy reagan former new york city mayor michael bloomberg says he will not run for president bloomberg was considering a bid for the oval office he decided not to run after concluding a three-way race would benefit donald trump is still the candidacy was always a viewed as a longshot pulling as low as 60 percent hypothetical matchup with the trumpet bernie sanders still to come here a couple of minutes quick thinking officers is spring into action will see what a local family is so grateful that the police happen to be nearby when it mattered most a camera roles
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the underground railroad is a big part of american history with our area playing a prominent role in fact one northeast ohio county was a key stop and received national
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dawson has more tonight as long as were together we can do anything the underground railroad a dangerous network of secret routes in safehouses used by runaway slaves bring to the north to free states and canada is a large population here a lot of people i think especially kids areaactually underground and there were some high spaces that can be in basements how brave and where these freedom
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of their traveling by foot they had to be out in the wilderness they could get sick or injured very easily you didn't know who you contrast between 18:00 p.m. 30 in 1860 and estimated 100,000 slaves traveled the underground railroad some remained in free states like ohio but most were handed to canada which is why cleveland was a popular passageway sitting immediately on the shores of lake erie because you have passage through waterways essentially lake erie you can find the captain to take your call to canada churches like st. john's episcopal in cleveland's near west side became safe haven for so-called races stations for runaway slaves reading for sympathetic and free labor seeking captains to sneak them across lake erie but they too were breaking the law risking their lives to help slaves you
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you did not report this person to the authorities or if you insist that this person assisted this person and anyway of freedom seeker in any way you could be fined up to $1,000 and spend six months in jail still thousands of sympathizers took that chance as we go down in the basement is very well if you look up you will see trees with the barksdale on it and imagine trying to stand up down here this year over five of five writers tavern in painesville was a way station in lake county sitting on the shores of lake erie if you come over here i will show you where the slaves came into our basement this is where the slaves it would come into the store and you can see when they put the dining room on a 1920 like writers would burn a lantern in the upstairs window facing south was a way station.
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one to maybe three intergroup new line crane is the resident historian, and keeper from about the 1850s this whole area of lake county joint joined the underground railroad movement the slaves as they came north it will go from here to canada by volunteer sailors who would taste them across to canada not every story had a happy ending there were failings that were traveling with each others that were separated and there were people who basically many of them didn't make it a lot of people died trying to make this journey. >> the cleveland clinic makes the history of another recipient of the nation's first successful uterus
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remarkable story plus the best
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>> bay controversy in a small community concerned citizens come out and members as the plan to do away with the entire police department goes to a vote no sign of scooby doo but the mystery machine did great police on a chase inside this bizarre investigation just how long whisper like temperatures andra has the extended forecast news at 10 continues. >> officers and will continue patrolling the streets in one northeast ohio community which a complaint to eliminate the medicine village police department has been voted down kevin freeman has details for
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things that feels me about living in medicine village says we have a sense of security i feel protected dozens of people who live in the lakes showed up at monday night's council meeting most demanding the village keep its police department the meeting was held away from the village hall at the lakeland community college madison campus to accommodate the larger than normal crowd. >> heaven forbid we have an active shooter in our town i want that young lady to bust through the door to many places can say that how many grandkids can go down say i know that's the police officer i saw him on the street on keep that i feel like he's putting it on a levy then let's do it. >> the village council heard most residents speak out against the proposal to resolve the mouse and village police department would save more than $650,000 every year the proposal would have contracted madison township
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shift there are four proposals in the last nine years at the hearing from residents of the village council voted unanimously to keep the department intact kevin thank you the madison village patrolmen's association released a statement saying the relief of the councils about the mayor's importance as the village has enough money and they will look at other ways to find it in the future here's a look at some other stories making headlines tonight for the cam man accused of killing his three -year-old daughter matthew mccue did not enter a plea and his bond was set at $1 million police believed the 22 -year-old killed his daughter hayley friday at the family's home his girlfriend is charged
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lakewood police continue their search for a pair of gunmen who robbed a walgreens early this morning the men were dressed entirely in black when they showed up at the pharmacy around 130 this morning a worker called police but the man ran off to before they arrived in the thistledown reseda will actually close its doors to gamblers tomorrow the casino will shutdown at 5:00 a.m. and will reopen until 9:00 o'clock wednesday morning when he opens it will be known as the newly rebranded cap thistledown briseno and now at fox lane in 19 exclusive our first look at chopper video from a frantic search for a missing toddler this as new questions arise about what really happened in this case and garlic gillick has more of you know you're watching a cleveland police helicopter crew in the search for two -year-old and allow to this chopper video obtained
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video captures part of a massive search last month the child is somehow disappeared from her home in the rain hours later a stranger spotted her but first the chopper used an infrared camera and a device picking tab key sources i hope that whoever did takeover is found in wheat and get some answers because we are still very confused about what happened mom spoke to us for the story from a doorway as when i peeked out the laps of the ones on the door but lena's mom says what happened still a mystery to the family is convinced that amanda was taken. >> my daughter seen somebody take her she said when she seen the man however he was about four houses down on the corner of the choppers searched fields of but keep sources it turned out to be a manhole puddles in an animal
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men with another i police said man i may have been dropped off before she was found after four hours at the main cities posit the child here near cleveland and missouri but this area more than a mile from the little girl's room on top of that she would've had to cross the railroad tracks that remember she's too enough she had wandered all this way she would've crossed a bunch of intersections and it would've also passed dozens and dozens of homes mom grateful for the search and unsolved mystery. >> i'm glad that she's home and that we can finally start the healing get back to normal. >> thank you there are cleveland family rescued from the house fire by some brave including four children were asleep inside the home across bern avenue the fire broke out about 4:00 a.m. and 18 -year-old inside was able to get nearly everyone else
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brother asleep in the basement fortunately to nearby cleveland police officers saw the smoke pouring from the home and were able to pull into safety the officers to paramedics arrived. >> there's a lot going on, i did really help. here he was a great thing they hope the south. >> the victims of the fire are now being held by the red cross family members and say it appears the fire was caused by food left burning on the stove. >> let's talk about some spring weather mating and and with that a little bit of rain as well. >> the deeper we go into the week with the more we will see the potential at least for now the showers we are seeing via the web camera from the five-mile cryptic a crypt of really liked and sporadic just enough to maybe map down the road with a little bit through some doubts on the windshield may be up to some) and two met
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sun what it looks like from the air this was approaching burke lakefront airport we do have such a phenomenal skyline any time of year but it looks great in the spring especially there is right to four left is right there at beautiful city science center cleveland browns stadium got a 11 on the way back to lost nation airport we took a look at the lake it almost looks like the caribbean the color was phenomenal no ice on the lake at least as far as our vantage point was but now let's go on to the south because we can see the moisture that we will start tapping into its right in here showers a couple of thunderstorms in oklahoma also parts of texas just that little cluster here than then there is a big break none very
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showers you can see it's already lifting out it's really not going to be much of an issue tonight 56 cleveland 53 in akron canton go down to 50 tonight this brief spurts of springboard for a very light showers adobe out if you're in the next hour or two and then we will be very very quiet with that southwest wind and in the breeze is it will still be kicking up a little bit of a fuss bus tomorrow 10 - -dash 20 partly to at times mostly sunny area you can see the drier air pushing the front farther north as the warmer air comes flooding and it would not be a surprise to see some backyards and nibble at 70 even tomorrow not with the ridge of high pressure like this look was happening this is also going to be like a conveyor belt of air pulling moisture from the golden pushing it northward and
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way to the east the first candidate with a 20 percent chance of late wednesday i think by thursday much better opportunity for some showers but notice not much of it well above normal but there is a decline of the clouds the clouds and the showers of we could see another round of scattered showers sometime this weekend so we are going to enter eventually kind of an unsettled pattern but none of the cold air returns at least in this eighth day forecast just a little ups and downs of mostly absent. >> march showers bring may flowers how about april flowers sure whatever. >> fox eight for officials go closing station get all the closings and delays on my non- phone and on the air still to come medical history is made in cleveland tonight to networking events exploit the
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first uterus transplant speaking out plus the accidental death of a former
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miracle that could eventually get some women a chance to have children the recipient of the first uterus transplant is speaking out about the groundbreaking procedure at the cleveland clinic his jennifer jordan. >> the birth of a child one of life's happiest moments of something this 26 -year-old woman thought she would never be able to experience until now. >> her name is lindsay and she is the first woman in the nation to receive a a transplanted uterus while lindsay did have function and ovaries and she was born without a uterus she and her husband are adopted three children to the foster care system but now doctors at the cleveland clinic have granted her a miracle being able to carry and give birth to her own biological child they
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of feeling the baby grow feeling the baby kick and move in carrying their biological pregnancy themselves the uterus was donated by a women in her 30s who had children that died suddenly it took a team of 70 people nine hours to perform the transplant on february 24. >> which you will start recovering her ovarian function will return produce estrogen the estrogen will stimulate the uterus to prove these the lighting and then she will have a period and uterus is an amazing oregon it's basically on autopilot. >> the recipient will now be on and her projection medications and will have to wait a year before her harvested eggs are transferred into the womb of el in vitro fertilization while critics are questioning the ethics of the surgery into that this women is grateful woman is grateful especially to the
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>> he has provided me with a i would never be able to repay maybe unfaithful and once it lindsay is pregnant and gives private doctors will deliver the baby by c-section because they don't know how i transported uterus will respond to natural childbirth keep everyone informed as it goes forward is still to come cameras capturing a shocking crash a garbage truck drives driver's amazing story of survival is next to transported a sick child ended up getting suspended for it tonight there's a major update
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the wife of a finally member following what please: accidental shooting 63 -year-old lana ray meissner suffered a single gunshot wound when a rifle she was handling accidentally discharged shot her in the head she was the wife of former eagles basis between the meissner police say randy was cooperative throughout the investigation they responded to the home earlier in the day into the domestic to give domestic violence report the two incidents don't appear to be connected he cofounded the
1:48 am
take it to the limit to volunteer firefighters in virginia has been reinstated it comes following the controversial suspension for transporting a sick child to the hospital and a fire truck they were called to a mcdonald's when they arrived they noticed the child was blue and unresponsive that's when they opted to rush to grow in the hospital and their fire truck because they thought the nearest paramedic would arrive on time the care provided to the patient was not questioned our focus has transport the patient in the fire truck the decision to transported the fire truck was based on information available to the officer charged at the time in his assessment findings we did however find the department medical protocol for this type of that would be addressed for the individuals with all of the the captain says the open girl appears to be doing well falling of the site of a breach of this is in florida
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the wheel of a miami garbage truck moments later loses control following a hundred feet off the side of the highwaymen in a parking lot officials say it's a miracle he didn't lose his life would you see him hitting the left guard rail twice and then overreacting and going off i-95 it's a miracle he survived driver was hospitalized but has since been released in florida highway patrol continues to investigate whether california police have a real mystery on their hands at the driver of a minivan painted to resemble the mystery machine from scooby doo led police on a high-speed trace reaching speeds in excess of 100 miles per hour before giving officers the slip police are now searching for 51 -year-old sharon k terman who was wanted for alleged probation violation she abandoned the car in a parking lot police say it's actually in 1994
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minivan a day at the ballpark nearly turned her tragic a dad's quick reflexes and save the day tonight he is speaking out about the incredibly close call up next brown's ready for free agency and what teams are sniffing around for some of those brands free brown's free agents of plus cavaliers
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r. me. for massage and intimacy. every touch, gently intensified. a little touch is all it takes. k-y touch. and him believable scene at a spring training game check this out one father's reflexes kicked in at just the right time way back comes flying at a senate to happen between the braves and the pirates we were celebrating their son landon's birthday land and had just borrowed his dad's iphone to
1:53 am
down for a second and that's exactly when the bat slipped out of the hitter's hands dad's a big save it was capturing camera went into dad mode that mode and started looking him over and making sure he was okay. >> i think i would have died or would've died or went to the hospital as you can imagine the photos midway lead instead of going viral despite a very close call they say they will go back very soon. >> time and warned it could happen the team with injuries comes into your home and there is a tendency to let up in a heavenly cavaliers trailed all but the last two minutes but they still cannot pull it out in memphis wins if this were not the queue as we take you there when the visitor you're getting their offense going thence carter that's the ageless 179 -
1:54 am
here cavaliers close the gap to just for them after a turnover here comes kerry irving goes the other way cavaliers have a delayed 98 - -dash 97 with about two - -dash 40 to go than here's lebron after the other team scored he's got to censor the hoop in the calves cabs of 199 but mario chalmers gets this buccaneer puts the grids up at 101 - -dash 100 cavaliers connected the lead back there is a real shot at the buzzer nothing going cavaliers lose by three tonight i just thought it was tempered and up to night they played harder and announced cap with the city of gutter respectively by deleting together one gets a paycheck, return the ball with 25 times give up 30 points no turnovers they shot 67 percent am thinking the first quarter and a half and they just attacked us.
1:55 am
the game and other cavaliers will head out west for a few contests and while reports indicate the browns it might have interest in the likes of marvin jones one mr. sununu we are learning as strong as dressed in mutual's words as to be expected the atlanta falcons could be one team teaching the snack mr. mack according to the bleacher report also there is interest for mitchell swarts several teams bucks giants vikings falcons they are mentioned today the browns it re-signed linebacker ted hank carter today they also decided to guys including valley forge high school in actual universities jamie meter is exclusive rights free agents they made qualifying offers to four guys including tp roll prior lineman austin pastore who could replace mitchell swarts if he leads by the indians got their first cactus league win of the season today who is a ramirez and giovanni are shallow they both poked
1:56 am
first inning and the indians posted eight - -dash five win over the dodgers did a salazar scoreless over the three innings on the hill today how about this a first round mack tournament at the mack center can state facing bowling green after a block this is click spicer and he scores for the golden flashes falcons david joseph to spencer parker spencer gets it to go in the golden flashes cashing in from rashida while of the falcons were out of the falcons by way of cooker alabama he scores in bowling green registers the upset they knock out the sixth seed can state golden flashes 70 - -dash 69 the final that is sports a good night and goodbye to peyton manning who struck a relevant court today and saying goodbye to the national football league after 18 years he played the game the right way he got everything out himself in the
1:57 am
out of everyone else that he played with quite the career and yes indeed mr. manning we will see you in five years. >> very emotional press conference it was awesome it was really awesome. >> pushy at your time here fox news at 10:00 o'clock morning show crew ball will is and in
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