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tv   Fox 8 News at 5PM  FOX  March 9, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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the cleveland clinic says that the study which has been planned to include 10 womenysst, will continue with hope of providing more options for women and families o. parents in elyria on on edge on edge after a high school student reported a man tried to lure her into his car on her walk home from school. >> matt wright spoke to the victim and is at the elyria police department. >> parents and students are on high alert alert and police increasing patrols near schools after a high school student says a man started following her on her walk hometu. >> strange encounter on the walk home from high school foror each year of pamela vancs tuesday. >> i do not want anything
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i'm not trying to get kidnapped.n >> said he drove up alongside offer her a ridesa despite her refusal, he continued to followes. >> the first thing i thought was just to try to ignore him and that he would go away . >> she went to a foobar and told workers about the suspicious van and they told him to leave. >> is focused on getting away from him and try to get somewhereaw someone could help me. >> the suspect described as in his 40s with white hair and beard driving a>> black four-door car possibly a ford. >> the schools alerted parents, a spokeswoman says they urged students to walk in groups and asked parents to keep tabs on the kids routes. >> colozza walkers and malaria so it's important to us that the
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the parents toa keep them safe. >> she keeps in close contact with her mom and is changing aroundnd. >> after several attempted abductions and malaria iner in lorain, police say they do not believe there is a connectiony as the suspect in this case has a different descriptionse. chagrin falls police department located missing missing teenager mikayla barrett the 15-year-old was last seen leaving her school yesterdayi doubly hard for her after the family tells fox 8 she was found in cleveland and is
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>> the investigation continues into a brunswick apartment fire that claimed the life ofto of a poor little girl they girl they say that my started on the outside of the unit at the hickory hills apartments, a makeshift memorial honoring her is growing that you identified as keegan is the subject of a go-fund-me account that has raised thousands of dollars,ec her mother was injured as she saved her other two children, she told authorities that she thought all three of them out safe,,. >> children react differently from adults, often times times we do programs we focus ons that age group .oc to be into them that this is what you need to do when there is a fire. >> animal families families lost everything they're now being held by donations from across clevelandl mi. >> the the divorce attorney
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duringr the aliza sherman murder investigationer back in court bob continued at $5,000 or gregory moore . they say he was unprepared for her divorce trial she was killed, and he declined to discuss the case with fox 8. w >> just days before voters go to the polls for the presidential primary v candidates are are stepping up campaigning, a local city welcomes them but once the campaigns campaigns to ante up for whatever cost of ip, upfront as dave nethers has more on the request of joins us from transferring. >> this request as a result of bills that were not paid after er candidates visited north canton and the last presidential election four years ago, vice presidential candidate paul ryan visited walsh university in north canton, august 2011 and then ronnie returned in october
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campaigning in front of thousands beaver stadium that it had cost the city $10,000 police fired ms ininad streets or us the money that the mayor says was not budgeted, and the city building campaigns but was never paid so realizing how important stark county has been for presidential campaigns he is letting all of the present candidates know that they are welcomed but they have to pay in advance.islc >> you always incorporate, and set aside budgets for emergencies but in this case the presidential campaign is not an emergency it is a political campaign and that's why political campaigns raise money by their donors to pay for not be usingt' y, we feel, our emergency fund for a presidential campaign. >> he does say he believes it is
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eat the cost of these visits, he believes that illustrates a disconnect between dc and mainstream america, and with local cities like being government are expected to balance the budget . the defense is not just about credit cards and bank accounts, and they're stealing billions of taxpayer dollars through bogus income tax returns . >> and what happens happens to you it could tie up your refund for monthsha as roosevelt leftwich tells us how the theft of a return led to a new log. >> identity theft can happen to anyone it is a problem for all consumersrs just ask a congressman . >> nine times out of 10 when people send in their tax forms there is no problem so imagine
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renacci felt he got a notice from the irs that they need more information on a comforting tax return that he had not filed it .a . >> offered up by the rs and contacted them i realized somebody filed a returnct to my name and my wife's and are social security numbers. >> they even have a duty to form fo from the congress that contained a fake version of his tax information,on the irs canceled the bogus return and he refiled, they they say they do not catch everything in the chair millions of taxpayer dollars are lost and thousands have to prove to the government that they are who they are, including the congressmanthve. >> reason is the irs files lawsuit against you to get more information about this case . >> it has a more direct process to deal with identity theft and the irs
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camp between the time they get their w-2 in the irs gets copied from employers. >> the irs contract it much quicker . >> this time of year, their seems to always be someone trying to steal your tax money or your informationon . and i used they use the fear of an audit or trouble to take advantage of that as he says if you have questions or issues you have to seek help. >> i hear about it as a john demanjuk demjanjuk now i hear about it more as specifics hn. >> if you have issues with identity theft, either with your taxes or other problems, now until 7:00 p.m. you can get those questions answered on the fox 8 facebook pagest, we have experts team buying standing by from the attorney general's office, s federal trade commission
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these issues,si just go please go to our website at fox 8.comgo spack >> in the free agency officially began an hour ago and that means that the browns could replace johnny manziel. >> p.j. ziegler joins us as we begin john watchoi. >> happy new year, the nfl new
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as of right now, he remains a member of the team . he is his immediate future, he has the country for the last month andve, in florida, las vegas, last night at a la club until 2:00 a.m., he was which attracted 22nd by the browns in 2014, the brownsth in a statement a month ago said they would takee action in the league allowed . today is the day, there is a chance they will hold on to him for a few days hoping to maybe get something in return before cutting him loose, he could still face suspension from the league for an incident with his s. girlfriend in dallas . while we wait on johnny manziel will went on johnny manziel will be no waiting for center alex
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reunited with kyle shanahan, he could receive more have received more money to re-sign with cleveland ei but opted to sign with the falcons , it is a five-year deal , he said it was an extremely difficult decision but said it was time to start a new chapter . >> and he's not filming browns player leaving, travis benjamin goes to the chargers he had a great way for time cooking season with a career-high 68 receptions, massachusetts charts which ranked second on the grounds he also had five receiving receiving touchdowns, according to reports he received a deal that includess $13 million guaranteed . reports claim that they have an offer forr mitchell swartz but they pulled the offer off the table,s so have to wait mitchell swartz there was one signing today that but it was the cavalier signing jordan
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the cavaliers . stick around for continuous live updates on the johnny manziel situation as we bring youu several more a live report,u whether you want them or not !!! controversial, or just to
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a layla katz layla katz the panel taking a questions live on 7:00 p.m. tonight ato questions about identity theft concerning credit cards in tax refund all kinds of thingst. >> we have these expert stimuli from experts standing by from the attorney general's office, theavrt ftc and fbi to help guide you through these issues.
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keep going ??. >> looks like some rainfall? >> just some scattered showers county will increase tonight and tomorrow .>er let's go to geauga county airport and middlefield thanks to theirga at times it was sunny
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as far as i know we have not hit the record in clevelandk but a lot of these are records . . 68 is a new record at toledo and 68 ties it at mansfield . showers
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tomorrow . it is rainfall from cleveland to the last southeast, southeast portion probably will not seet as many showers but still be in the mix . so 1 percent chance of showers then bedded driesell friday behind a low pressure trough that produces eight northeast wind briefly n . the flow remaining warm and somewhat unsettled into the weekend . we should see
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march . as with us since since we last spoke to pj. >> has johnny manziel been cut yet.
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happy hump day, halfway through the workweek and listen to the zac brown band your heat can kill two stones with one bird and sharks have a week dedicated to him and now he is going awayve. >> plus the disadvantages in the workplace, here isis gabe spiegel with trending topics . short men and everywhere it may be shortchanged in life they analyzeded genes that affect the
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between the 40s and 70s they lower levels of education, and job status and incomeo especially in men, greater weight leads to low income and greater hardship and women they said there have been several successful short men and curvy women suck genetics should not be the reason that someone does not try harder in liferr shortening of hollywood, discredit standing doesn't grilled burger was a curvy woman and was a major movie star giselley is the most interesting man in the world is ending a marketing campaign, dos equis beer is officially ending jonathan
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a pitchman with thise- farewell commercial, the marketing team says it's time to reboot maybe like batman or james bond, but mystery catapulted the beer brand from being popular and only two states 10 years ago to a national household brand name erie canal there showing him the most interesting exit door ? think about some of the favorite quotes,nk but his blood blood smells like cologne, urging him only makes it more desirable, he wants parallel park to train, his passport requires no photograph, he gave his father, the talk . is there
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understand that everything has to be fresh . i don't wish you the news to the news, when i do, the emmys have been statues of me .. the craft beer market is exploding maybe they want to move that way. >> these marketing campaigns sometimes they slip up, i think it is because i think he is very cool .. everything about the most interesting andnd, who is in the past, so maybe they want or have somebody younger or more futuristic stuff. ohio's primary is less than one
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the rnc will be in town in just a few months and downtown businesses are >> the sherwin williams headquarters at> jazbec in ontario, some workers will be required to report for work others have the option to work from other locations or from home . . also the security zones depending on where they're located some will be forced to close others will give the
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who live and work downtown. >> my life is going to be a prude i won't be able to use my car, public transportation my workor is going to be impacted that think by think that in this day and age he should be able to have security and still havege a life continue as usual. >> restaurants and bars will make out the best during the convention some establishments are concerned about how their employees will get to and from work. sod ohio primary is next week it looks it looks like there may be a controversy on the republican ballot. >> and lorrie taylor says there are two contestst of the election of presidential caliber but only one contest counts.
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the delegates,s,e the republican ballot hasli two opportunities to vote for two kinds of delegates is causingf so much confusion that that the ohio secretary of state and our own board of elections islam tta weighing in with an explanation. >> look at the two boxes on the sample ballot both made the last 11 republican hopefuls that it was drawn up including john kasich, marco rubio donald trump and ted cruz,, the first box allows voters to choose one of those names for at-large delegates and alternates . but then given a second time to vote for the same peoplee 4th district delegate and alternate which as it turns out the board of elections says won't count one it is done .w. >> a part of you that word that
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intended. >> e-filing art laplace i would be worried but i plan to work both just to be safe.. >> ohio secretary of state released a statement that reads in part -- there were two contest into a 15 day change how they award delegates to a winner take all process to clarify the rules for awarding delegates would be based on the winner of the at-large delegate contest . election ballots are not supposed to be confusing that it but it happens, this is a example, if you intend to vote republican next week remember to
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one that matters and remember who the candidates are otherwise you will squander your vote on someone who has dropped outua. it's finishing his finishing that since we spoke to pj s, let's return to berea for another live update. >> , has johnny manziel been cut ? >> is still a member of the
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take a weather flight, above the clouds come they have beena a bit hollowness solicitors make it down to the deep south . there's quite a bit of moisture . this is even to a greater degreere . the precipitation has filled them coming from memphis, down to louisiana some places that the computer model for the next five days indicates up to 12 -- 15 entries rankle . a number of flood warnings down and there . the first raindrops reaching
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showers will fill in . the clouds were ominous but did not do anything now they're going to open up into the night t . so the last few breaks in the clouds at burke lakefront airport thanks to premier flight academy, but it isp pretty much filled them now shows signs of thinking tonightow they will eventually mean rainfall . it harkens the
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friday's sunshine, 52 and still above normal back into the 60s this weekendck it looks like intermittent showers saturday, sunday and monday . today we celebrate the retirement of a longtime call for action volunteers, mickey katz beachwood joined the call for action team for three years ago. >> he was a senior vice
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after retiring he joined our consumers with problems he spent his life helping others he served incoob world war ii and the navy and continues to be a volunteer with the va, thank you mickey katz for 23 years with fox eightsck call for action . nancy reagan's funeral will be on friday but president obama
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if you're you have an issue with identity theft, we will be here, between now and 70 and you can get your questions answered at the fox 8 facebook paged we have experts standing by from the attorney general's office, the ftc and fbi y to guide
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.h go to fox and follow the links . a massive blast injures nine firefighters in seattle. >> and say goodbye to a user dimension as gallagher because you're with the update. >> former first lady nancy reagan passed away awaken anna faris that president obama will not be at her funeral on friday, organizers for south by southwest say that he is scheduled to be in boston for the music festival he is to give the keynote address at the annual event, and this week the white house said that personally wish obamaon will attend the funeral and hillary clinton said that she would be in attendance smack my firefighters injured in an explosion that leveled greek
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as this lady was caused by natural gas, and scattered debris across the neighborhood, and windowsasde shattered two blocks away nobody else was injured smith. >> famed beatles producer george martin died today at the age of 90y his partnership with the beatles over seven years left a mark on pop culture he worked with and others including cheap trick, and celine dion . she got the same senator last night's solar eclipseshe taken aboard alaska airlines flight, and at 6,000 feet, astronomer convinced airline to delay the just one of the flights and passengers can see it, one of the passengers also brought specially filtered
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board the. >> goodyear says it is working on a new spherical tire designed for self driving cars they said that the tires would move in any direction and navigate tight spaces like parking spots in city traffic, they would connect to the car usinghe magnetic levitation . ibm, slight break from their georgia plantation trying to make their way to ohio
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underground is a new series premiering on wgn america parlay . >> it is more than about slavery does about the human spirit as gabe spiegel spent some time with the cast in la in la and here is a sneak peek. >> wgn america's riveting series
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story of slaves breaking free from georgia plantation to ohio it is about the human experience . >> we can identify say this one is white and understand her story and this is a real slip, a housewife and decide that they are mothers and women who are at a lossth trying to figure out how to make choices to make america workrk. >> it follows christopher meloni as august pullman, a man who walks a tightrope of morality and survival.onanw >> watching it, it is almost like a template that can be moved from one page to the next we are still struggling, emancipation has come and gone and civil rights, but we still wrestle with issues of race and
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equality is relevant in 2016. >> people fill a property metaphorically, properties of state and corporations who want to be paid a fair wage want to gor to work and not be pulled over at a stoplight and wind up went to dynamically sale they don't want those things to happen to them this is a continuation of that conversation. >> and hemingway has a captivating way to tell the story, the musical score is by john legend . >> aldis hodge plays the realtor who leads the escape,o and in his life, he has had a the beginnings he was homeless three times he says it is an honor to playo a strong character like noah is. >> a respect and a margin margin he is drawn and what to do whatever is necessary to get the
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>> beausoleil, never have been off the plantation it is hard to dream about life outside and he's the first person to acknowledge sharing those dreamsls .i >> underground, a story of slaves risking everything future families and freedom. >> he prepares tonight at 10:00 p.m. on wgn america . that's returned to the state secular and green for another update . johnny manziel then cut? >> he has not come and will not be today by the browns, but he
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that's the latest, back to you.t this is a letter from someone who's here. she has to take a brand name drug. been taking it since the early 1980's. at that time it cost approximately $180 for 10 shots. the latest refill was $14.700 for the same 10 vials and the company is called valeant pharmaceuticals. i'm going after them. this is predatory pricing and we're going to make sure it is stopped.
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your chance keith urban for free . vdh column . and receive two tickets to the show have blossomed the summer . tickets go on sale friday march
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>> have a great night and news at 6 begins. >> a setback in the surgery but cleveland and the the national spotlight what went wrong with the uterus transplant andt what that means for others in that clinical trial.t >> 70-year-old man thrown in i jail in boston for a chronic problem as the i-team investigates. c >> a nice rear wall and finally got what she wanted and that was before . a couple days ago i made headlines around the world, the cleveland clinic perform theouou country's first successful uterus transplant to help reverse infertility in women.
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let's read has been following thisl from the start and joins us, just so unfortunate. >> it is heartbreaking, this woman spoke out two days ago about how she had prayed to be able to bear a child, tonight, learning that doctors removed the uterusto from her . the cleveland clinic said the woman identified as lindsay recently experienced a complicationon leading to the removal of the transplanted uterus . she was born without one and never able to carry children . back in february that cleveland clinic announced that the nations first unit a transplant had been performed and that she was doing well . two days ago she spoke to the mediao how grateful she was l
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she released a statement today that said -- the doctors are still reviewing what went wrong as for the cleveland clinic companies say that the clinical trials, to include 10 women will continue . this is groundbreaking stuff, the doctor say that this is a trial ands while it does, thanks to be learned they will continue with the other women. >> the i-team found 70-year-old


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