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tv   Fox 8 News at 10PM  FOX  March 9, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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first successful uterus trans-prapbt. >> this procedure was supposedsu to help reverse infertility in women. but now the clinic is saying the procedure failed. >> this is just so sad. >> . absolutely heartbreaking.t the nation first uterus transplant patient spoke out just two dayse ago -fpt about how she prayed for years to be able to bear a child. tonight we're c learning doctors were forced to remove it from her.
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>> . this 16 year-old woman gave hope to infertile women everywhere. thee. cleveland clinic announced wednesday that doctors had to unexpectedly remove the uterus. from her body. >> we are saddened to share that sheshe was born without a uterus. unable to bare children of her own. monday she touched hearts everywhere. as she shared publicly. p how grateful she was for the
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>> there's po potential for this to be a huge team. and spoke to fox 8 before the surpbl reu back on february 25. she says there is a known risk in transplant surgery. s and that the plan was for her to be on antirejection medication. for a year. >> before then we would transfer the embryo into the uterus. prepared for pregnancy. that would give that woman really her only chance to carry her own buy logical child. >> . already the mother of 3 adopted children. is said to be doing well. and recovering. she and her husband released a a
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>> all right. new at ten. for you here. cleveland police investigate a.nv
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the first happened here the west 43rd and clark. we'rela told. two people were shot. and one died at metro. >> second happened at west 58 and. 3 men were shot. one died on the scene. >> a man parking at a cleveland clinic facility comes face to face with an armed robber. who steals his suv at gunpoint. an on board navigation system helps police track down the vehicle. and put the suspect behind bars. safe. >> around 9:30 wednesday morning. police say a man parked his suv in the south parking lot of the ep health andp surgery center. in strongsville. police say a man approached him withi gun.i
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they say the victim got out and the gunman took off in his vehicle. and jumped onto interstate 71. >> a short time later. cleveland police officerse tracked the vehicle down. to this mcdonalds parlts. at broadar way and. >> . officers were able to arrest him. happened. that was surprise you.
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>>o . for more information about this crime. they say the incident has remained under investigation. >> scary situation. >> . investigators here still trying to figure out what sparked a fire that killed a 4 year-old girl. the blaze started on a patio. outside the apartment building.
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involved encolluding cigarettesi ands a grill. a me may recall was created. her mother was hurt trying toto save her other two daughters. investigators are now looking into whether she may have gonea back into the unit. to grab something. >> . police are stepping up patrol near school.ol after a teenage girl says a man tried ton lure her into his car. while she was walking home. it happened around 1 p.m. tuesday. 18 year-old says she was walking high school. when the suspectig pulled up and offered her a ride. r she said no. but the suspect kept driving alongside for about ten minutes. until she got to a convenienceie store. where she toldld employees.
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>> 234u classes are canceled at alliance high school. in stark county. tomorrow. because of bedbugs. a posting on web site administrators say 4 bedbugs were found at the school. in the past 4 days. tomorrow the school will be closed and treated. should reopen by friday. >> .
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browns fans figure the team would release johnny manziel. >> there's a catch. >>re . we're not talking about a catch. this is like a scenario nott playing out.a the catch is, the johnny manziel remains on the roster. r so why is number 2 still a member of the browns. let's get b one thing straight. s the team would love to swiftly send himif packing. but. for a day, perhaps two. they will hang on. to the former heisman trophy winner. in the chance that a team might offer them a conditional late round pick. however. logic maybe, that teams are thinking entirely about free agency today. however the chance slim. though it could be.e. remains that one team just mightu be in the market. if nothing happens then probably by friday, johnny will be released. so johnny football remains but how many of theai browns free agents are no longer on the
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we will have all the details later on. > . do we have a center left. >> not many. >> . it was a tough day.
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those are the it's march nine. n i don't think i've seen them this early. it's warm: rainy. it feels like may. not can we keep it going. for a little while longer. the rain is moved in. i'm out here umbrella. u just light amounts. but you look west where it's been raining longer. about a quart e of an inch. there's a lot more where that came from. we pull out. and you can see the jet streams has filled in. compared to the big gap that we had last night. it's a giant streamer. gusherm of moisture from phaous ton. to cleveland. andnd buffalo. and even burling ton vermont.t a record high today.
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we got close. the high of 72. the records 73. so. we were within one. but. we did have 4 records in the state. more on that in a bit. showers on the increase tonight. over night low 55. that's fairly typical for the end of may. tomorrow despite the periods of rain it will be mild. not as warm as today. with some of the sun. we'll still be 62. that's way above normal.l. still in the low 40s. that's a little slap of reality. low 40s is the normal. probably cool off i would imagine. but not really much in the next 8 daye period.
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when we began. this campaign i was 3 percent in the polls. probably 60 or 70 pointsts behind. the secretary. we have come a long way. in ten months. >> . before last nights result.t. clinton was expected to cruise through the nextne set of primaries onn tuesday. >> . with the ohio primary less than a week away. a fox news poll showssh john caseic with a five point lead over trump in the buck eye state. however. a cnn poll released earlier shows trump with a 6 point advantage. considered vitally important to trumpsnss chances of winning theth >> . it appears president obama will notap attend nancy's funeral on friday. organizers say the president is scheduled music festival. keynote address. at that annual event.
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former first lady clinton will be in attendance. >> . here a florida mom could face charges after her 4 year-old son accidently shot her in the back. while riding in the rear seat of the truck. t woman was taken to the hospital. said to be in stable condition. thenl sheriff says the 31 year-old mother owns the gun. it's a misdemeanor in florida for somebody to store a loaded weaponw where a child can able to reach it. >> . 36 buildings were damaged in an earlya morning explosion. in it left nine firefighters hurt. they were on scene toto investigate a gas leak. however the blast cause remains unclear tonight.
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republican national convention right arbd around -lt corner. local businesses are doing their best toin get ready. >> some aren't sure if they'll even be open come convention time. >> when street closures. de-taurs and more than usual pedestrian it will befi anything but business as usual. during the week of the rnc. july r 18. through the 21. for many who live and work in downtown cleveland, expectingti the worst would be an under statement.
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telling fox 8. while some executives will cityw report to their offices downtown. others will be given the optionp to work from other locations. or work from home. >> this area is right in the middle of the rnc. only central personnel are allowed down here. >> >>h while unconfirmed. we have learned there will be 33 security zones. sp depending on where businessesb are located.l some will be forced to close while others will be given an option to remain open. >> heightened security measures which will be in theth international spotlight. this s summer.
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>> a new controversy over the confederate flag. being sold at a local countyn fair. >> that's right. tonight some people want the flag pulled. but the fair board is refusing. >> we have reaction from both sides tonight. >> many fairs across the country have stopped allowing the flag or items with it on it to be sold. from the ohio state fair. to newo york. and kentucky. but so far one local fair boardoa isn't budging. >> . the history it represents.
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the civil war ended a new battle has begun over the flag. and its place at the hror lorain county fair. >>c . i won't feel comfortable. >> it's a brutal reminder of savory. and her families history. as well as the nations history. >> you could go to flee markets and fairs. and you can see representationio of african americans like cookie jars and that's how we feel. her job as executive tkrebg women. and eliminate raceism. whichm is why she approached the fairch board in february. and learned the flag would be
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>> the flag is still used as aa symbol of haeult today. among groups so she's hoping other vendorsve will pull their stands.ta or peacefully voice their concern. to the fair board. and sellers. >> this is going to be a campaign about changing the hearts and minds. >> . some people did talk about a boycott. that's not what she's talking about. she saidid people do want to pullp out or say something.
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>> a kaourt appearance for the attorney accused of lying to theof police. during the sherman murder probe. a bond was 5 thousand dollarso for gregory more. prosecutors say that he was unprepared for shermans divorce trial. which was to begin the day after she was killed. >> . . a teenager has been reunited with her family tonight. 15 year-old was last seen around lunchtime yesterday. and a missing person alert wasas issued for her. her familye tells us that she wase found in cleveland. and is doing okay. >> . word of warning to anyone feeling a hreult under the t weather. the ohio department ofof healthh now says the flew is flu is widespread across ohio. in fact. last week morere than two hundred people were hospitalized. due too their symptoms. doctors say this years flu season has been relatively mild. >>ly . well new tonight. a thief strikes another local church. in fact it's the fourth lorainlo
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since the end ofc february. >> . it causes the church a hrolt of
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this because we have such a high deductible. this damage will comeme out of our pocket. it will mean that there's something we can't do for the community. in terms of food pantry or breakfast or something like that. >>e . in the meantime.. st. john united church of christ not far away. in lorain. was also broken into. sometime late monday. or early tuesday. you might rib a jug filled with five hundred dollars ined donation wason taken from washington avenue. in aleer kwra in late february. it was meant for the clevelandn children's home. investigators still checking tot see if all of these are related. >> two pwoufl days in a row. we have rain out there rightig now. the question is. is it kpwoeupbg going to washwa away the right temperatures. >> not initially. that might have some little dips. in the temperature of the over all. very warm
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even in those dips, it is going to be well above the normal high temperature. which at this time of the year, remember. look at your calendar. it's earlyda march. we should be in the upper 40s. low 40s. with nighttime lows in the 20s. and some of this should be snow. not rain. but we're starting to see rain hit the camera. so. it is going to be a very nice period. even in the dips.i but over all this is going to be one of those warm periods thats
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>> everybody tonight in the 50s. 59 in cleveland. what about those records. did we see any. a sure did. in fact all of these are new for a while we thought they were tied. some actually went up and over. 68 new record toledo. mansfield 7 is 71. akron canton 73. 73 youngstown.
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>> 50s inland. back in the 60s this weekend. with periodic showers. another break. perhaps another lake shore breeze. on tuesday. of nextn week.. and then back in the 60s again. a few more showers. in the mix on wednesday. or early thursday. this is something ih think we can livein with. for now. that's why the tulips are coming up. >> . anyone can become a victim of identity theft. >> a a congressman in washington.
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northeast ohio talking about his ordeal. experts explain what you need to do to stay safe.
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you are not alone. >> get this. one bold> thief even tried to rip off a member of congress. >> how it happened. >> . nine times out of ten. when folks send in their tax forms. there are no problems. imagine the surprise district 16 congressman felt. when he got a notice from the irs that they needed morem information on a 2014 tax return. that he hadn't even filed yet. >> . then after i notified them. and got in contact with them. i realize somebody had filed a return. with my name and wife's name. and our social security numbers. and information. and it was very shocking. >> the thieves had a w 2 form from the u.s. congress. that contained a fake version of the the congressman's tax
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the irs canceled the will your return. and he had to refile. but they don't catch everything. and each year billions of taxpayers dollars are lost. and thousands of families have to prove to the federal government that they are who they say they are. and that includes congressman. >> there aulsz seems he says if you have questions or issues.
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and seek out help. >> eur hear about it. as a general idea. i now even more as specifics. s and individuals are coming to me. saying that happened to me. >> if you think you are a victim. the first step is file a police report. next. contact the ohio attorney general office. whichf helps those effected by identity fraud. and if you have not been effected. but are trying to protect yourself. check your credit report.
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police say she was lured into a group waet beating. this happened in w eus of mansfield. it's captured on a cell phone video. which shows a 16 year-old girl attacked by another teenagerg girl. moments later two other girls are seen joining in. teen suffered life threatening injuries. and the and is recovering from a ruptured spleen. fractured ribs.
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>>l . many people record the fight. but no one bothered to call police. they're trying to identify everyone involved and theirei roles in the fight. >>he . >> california pediatrician is facing kharpbg kharpbl charges for leaving her small children unattended in car. while she worked. >> . arrested after authorities found her twori year-old boy. and nine month old baby girl alone in the car. in the parking lot. of a medical plaza. p the pediatrician was allegedly treating patients while the kids were in the car. for as long as 4 hours. the crying children were initially discovered by an employee.
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>> . elsewhere. french authorities openede. an investigation. after a child was found hidden in a woman's care on bag. on board an b air france the airline says the childch didn't have a valid ticket. passengers reportedly noticed the bag moving. during the flight to paris and told thea crew. police met the plane once it landed. there are con conflicts reports regarding the age of the some saying she may have been 4. >> . country music keith urban coming to town. here's your chance to see him live. be the eighthh caller. we will set you up with two tickets to see keith. on his rip cord world tour. the show is set for friday july
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>> . millions of good jobs lost.
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the jobs moved overseas. only one candidate for president has consistently fought trade deals that ship ohio jobs overseas. bernie sanders. sanders opposed the disastrous nafta trade deal. opposed special trade status with china. now he's opposing the trans-pacific trade deal. while others waffle, bernie is fighting hundreds of thousands of new job losses. for jobs. for us. bernie. sanders: i'm bernie sanders
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>> state health officials are investigating whether the milk is the tkauzer cause of their fever andei vomiting. now the governor signed a bill making it legal to share and drink raw milk. so they celebrated by enjoying however. they deny the that the milk is to blame. pointing to a stomach virus. circulating at the capitol. >>e .
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trigger on johnny manziel. legal issues resulting intont whether he assaulted his former girlfriend. remains on the the team didn't cut the troubledr quarter back. he he remains on the roster. we have been told he will be moved. not today. >>
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he signed a 4 year deal. 24 d million. 13 million tkpwarpb feed. in san. diego.o. not to mention travis will be catching passes from a very goodo quarter back in rivers. >> . joins the jags. and will get a reported 35 million over five years. not bad. for an un-drafted rookie out of wao u. back out of wyoming. back in 2012. cavaliers begin a 4 game west coast trip. tonight in sacramento. they trail s by 4 with 6 to go in >> .o high school basketball.. garfield heights faithful.
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>> . in the second game.e. taking kaeurg of solen. s scores there. at the otheror end. david gully among the giants getting it to go. for the comets. >> akron beat toledo in over time. >> . will find brown. for the basket. abg rob
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eastern michigan. and central michigan. that of course tomorrow the men will get on the court for a quarter final. and akron will open things up at noon. >> . very cool. >> . appreciate your time here. >> i hope we have a buyer for the house. me too! what are the neighbors doing here? bill! hey! come in! i didn't know your home wifi could stream so many devices at the same time. dad, it's time warner cable internet. crazy-fast. dad! you can get wifi all over this place. cool! make your home as connected as possible. get internet with unlimited data starting at $14.99 per month. and ask about free installation.
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