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tv   Fox 8 News in the Morning  FOX  March 11, 2016 6:00am-8:00am EST

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share close to 60 at noon. we're on the in about issue with
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old were you going is the rta tries to fix the problems that they incurred yesterday eastbound are real writers from tower city east will be replaced with buses this morning otherwise we're doing great with no problems whatsoever back to you guys in the during that debate ted crews and marco rubio pulled back of that attacko stacy fry is here with the wrapup your they've had all lot of debate. they're running out of time to stop donald trump. with delegates up for grabs for john keswick and mark overview cannot when their home states it's over for them pit a much more civil tone that we've seen
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name-calling conversations started with talk about trading made a transition into immigration. afterwards they commented on the mood which was much more about issues and insults. i guess will hear from them coming up in a little bit. kaisch is more police that he's had it gives him a lot more time they remains that backdrop of the squabble and efforts by the republican establishment to block him from pope winning the nomination. he expects to be in stores ben carson later today. bernie sanders meanwhile will hold a rally in toledo looking
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primary. john keswick will hold a town hall in mansfield at six. hillary clinton is holding a town hall at the institutional baptisti church at 2:00 will have real-time results on is the ohio ohio primary results come in from the ohio state fire marshal takes over today to try to scare were caused massive probesc painting to leak and then explodes jessica dill is looking at the investigation that they need to sift through. goodou at morning. there's a lot of damage areas
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american greetings, the company that was being told it says they're not sure how this will impact construction and how much this will set them backth they are so thankful that nobody was injured. it's surprising a lot of usju after seeing that video coming ing from people there by at least ten fire departments responded. it began as a small fire then it one take it exploded. theed officials say they let that take burn off and stop the leak in the second. they confirm and has opened an investigation into the last. it's not being considered suspicious as for those working inside their happy to be a life including some whose instincts kicked in after hearing something that justice not seem right.ha we're standing here watching that come outdi we were told to evacuate we started running the next thingng you know there was a
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everybody went running. shaking the vibration of the fire. your heart was beating fast. it was crazy. very scary are a lot of construction workers said the force slam the doors shut and locked to some of the doors they had to kick their way through the locks to evening kit out fast thinking. fortunately come and they all okay.. meanwhile back here in cleveland police are trying to figure what led to a shooting inside it strip clubs of round a.m. on rockwell avenues in the city man who was shot was taken to metrohealth medical center. they have not said miss any suspects were or arrests have been maker the driver of a dance
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could soon face charges. fox 8 has exclusive video of the crash that railroad gate was arty tablet the driver went around it and got stuck it happen around holland road the drivero of the blue and white van wasnd able to get out before the train slammed into her. she's chicago's public school system has filed a $65 million lawsuit against barbara bird bennett. that was back in october when the former ceo of the chicago public schools pleaded guilty to taking kickbacks to steer contracts for school. she was ahead of the cleveland public sports their current ceo ofei the school is this is morning there's not enough money to finish out the schoolyard so
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that cash from her and in her codefendants in this game. she's facing seven and a half years behind bars and she is cooperating. it's sad to see her go down like that. weather and traffic every eight minutes is coming out. ambush see why police say that the shooters who killed six people had the attack all planned out. a us officials as we know who was behind as cyber attack at the sticks it raises all whole lot of other questions. temperatures on the outlook temperatures will struggle a little bit today we will talk more about that with rain chances over the weekend and whether or not we could see some snow by the end of next week. we are in sky fox the roads are
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a problem if you read the rta
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good at morning. we still have some high clouds and rain from the rain showers that came in yesterday with the temperatures studies in the upper 30s and lower 40s once again as we look ahead the temperatures hesitant to his faults we have a height of 60 degreesgh is now we was see the temperatures drop through this 50s we have 40s here's south and some 30s especially here along the lake erie shoreline. that's how it's gone over the last 18 hours as we look ahead storm fox rated not all lot going on the temperatures will be steady in the upper 30s the cloud cover is much thicker further south.
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keep the cloud cover north and northeast went. we'll have both of those componentsn later on today. up through late county and down intoan strongsville in you head up allou long 303 and along 82 further east into northern summit county we have widespread 30s and a few spots above 40 south of canton.0s are bus stop forecast a course start the kids head home today it will be noticeably cooler with a strongl northeast component. it won't be a windy tape that it will be a fairly dominant very fine keeping the cloudsnt a little bit further south.
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breaks of sunshine's especially here later on today arrangement the chair afford it to the north lower 50s further south much coolerwe along the lake erie shoreline is rich off the temperatures to the 30s it might even see some fog early tomorrowy morning. we mention that texas has been the battleground here. most of the showers has been both of those southwest of thousands going to track further north and west more showers our have won't develop and late evening.g. we will get some breaks it will be breezy and should keep
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is just that rain forecast and dry things out early next week. that mild air show's further south and watch what happens as we drop their cooler weather whether or not cap next systems river office whether or not that is strong enough to produce some snow that's the question. at this point we will transition to colder air maybe even some upper 30s by the end of next week. we we've all at just a week all law of time to do that.ek it is traffic time with patty harkin. if you do read the rti want to give you headsetnt from farmers to the east the rapids are down. those will be replaced by buses from tower city east. rapid writers will have to use
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south end of 77 you doing okay. she's we either have a stalled vehicle or an accident h traffic is starting to backup as you make your way up 71. lane is blocked 90 eastbound for east ninth will fly over in sky fox back to users in the studio. in the news this morning still no arrests in the rumors six people at a picture of barbecue outside of pittsburghtt investigators raise the death tollsb to six because one of the victims ise the woman who is eight months pregnant. one shooter fighter handguns us for a second shooter is an ak-47 was ready. he's leaning their pushing towards the door and to this half of the rifle.
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hospital police said might have been the intended target there's a $20,000 reward for any information bit of a man who dedicated his life to teaching others how to survive an avalanche has died in an avalanche pretty was the director of an avalanche center and oregon and taught classes on safety for the scheme offense and he was caught at the top of anop avalanches carried 600 feet now of vertical slope and she survive the fall but died before it's rescuers could get to them. that's what a justice department has reportedly foundj out. back in 2013 hackers got into the control system at the dance and riper 20 miles from new york city. that allowed that hackers to probe the systems they prompted a federal investigation and indictment is expected to be handed down.
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recalls good they are all made by nestle whichth says they may contain small pieces of glass know it has been reported hurt but it deals products that hass spanish and then. we have a full list at seventeen minutes after 6:00 a.m. a huge shakeup at that wonderedwo worry foundation. the two top executives includingin the ceo has just been site see
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to work in the community, turning schools after hours into centers for healthcare and safe spaces for our kids. after princeton and a marshall scholarship, i turned down a job at google to work improving education. elected to city council, i've helped create 5,000 new jobs, took on big banks to clean up foreclosed properties. now i'm running for the senate and approve this message to offer bold new leadership
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i am patty harkin we are having a problem of the end about
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cleared away.y. ninety eastbound this is before the east ninth exit for we do havee the assist on the scene. and he will push him he's not really going to push of us that he's going to help them that on the east ninth ramp there. hopefully that right lane will be open i don't w want to alarm vitaminsdo they don't punish people off the bridge. anyway that's 90s 40s night. you can see that backup.. this growing 70 went as backed up almost west 25th it looking out the window here in sky fox 90 also getting very busy from west 25th this incident will be cleared shortly. let's send it back to scott with a look at thet forecast. good at morning. look at these temperatures. it's pretty normal to see
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shock to the system when the '60sys and 70s that cruz had over the last several days. under mostly cloudy skieski although there is a light went that temperatures really won't drop a whole lot it's a light wind in the cloud cover. as we fall back into the 30s giving way to a warmer tape tomorrow.r the pick of the two weekend days with a high 65 late tomorrow evening showers start to spreadsp to us they will be scattered
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first wave of lightning we start to crank it up there and bring more widespreadin sunday on -- sunday into monday. the puts a good three quarters of an inch on the ground by sunday evening and eventually more rain on monday it's going to peace and unsettled and to the region. the bigger question as to receive cold enough therere for some of that other stuff. in their news this morning that woundedd todd meany joins us now it's a big shakeup. j run the second charity purposes.un we really run this like a business. he made no boness about the it's
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makes more k than $400,000. she's only 50 percent of donations ours on wounded vets with the rest going to administration and fund-raising one staff and in the habit a five-star hotel in coloradoit it repels into across course newington million dollars.ol my salaries is less than one tenth i'm running organization that is helping hundreds of thousands of force if you're only fixation is spending the most on program that stealing goods that not as though doing injured run a lot of program activities is that a lot of monthe's note doubt that this organization that secondha 170
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of after complaints from more than 40 employees the board of directorsye decided to fire all officer. for nowg he will take control of the charities says it's time to put the focus on the men and for our country in need our support.lyou thank you, todd. we have an update on your weather and traffice every eight minutes.ig we're going to come up with solutions i can't believe how civil it's been powder. it was strange. a different kind of debate last night. stacy fry has more on that issues that discussed.y our rate at a million-dollar home what was the fbi looking
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welcome back. 6:28 a.m. scott sabol has a temperature of forecast.s a little chilly. not too terribly cold these are fromes temperatures like it was yesterday morning at 60 and them into the 30s and that's a little hard to tears as we look at our forecast in the short term it is drawing. we are beginning to clear out as the rain fall numbers from yesterday brother expenses and then the temperatures drop from a high is near 60s back to the 40s. we have been polo 40s since about midnight.po for little stronger along the
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have a range in temperature and into the afternoon a good 5-7 degrees a little cooler along the lake with some breaks of son you are south into cuyahoga falls ill be in the low 50s later on this afternoon pets are bus stopr forecast we do have the range in temperatures was from pizza sunshine all a lot cooler at the end of what it has been. the system developing in the country willth start to lift and we will see more cloud cover late tomorrow. as the sky conditions will become mostly clear w that's going
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texas and moves into the great lakes and the stalls. eventually as time temperatures climb into the 60s on sundayy and monday we will have frequent chances of rain. we'll see some breaks in the restrictions on monday as the quarters of an edge of rain on monday how cold will we get on the other question is will it be cold enough for some light snow friday. will need to keepndnd an eye on that this is the timeat of year we can't completely out limit eliminate snow chances.
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our mind for thursday and on friday. fox 8 news is your officials school closing station is in every do were not looking at major accumulation at might only be a couple of inches.ig 6:32 a.m. is your time. we are still in sky fox above downtown. this is a disabled truck. they push it past that is said exit there is more of a berm. but the damage is done of theories 30/stream stalled vehicle those blocking the right lane is no longer block in the
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east ninth exit in the berm with a couple of us is that your backed up on 71 i 90. that's causing for delays as well when and kristi back to you. the republicans debate of us that just days before the crucial o ohio primary. there are several important students. three winner take all states had to s the pull on tuesday the migration was a picked the topic. the musicians is something that brings jews in the vibrant into our countries our countries
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trump called for pen on muslims defended justms he made on wednesdays marco rubio hit him for. you told cnn and islam haters i mean all lot of them. the problem is presidents can't to sayn anything they want their consequences here and around the world. one of seeing in the debate is consistent that offer per they provoke an establishment to park trump from winning theg nomination but this front is getting more momentum. he's expected to endorse donalddo trump later this morning. perfect week next week. john kaisch says he does not as he is out if he does not win ohio.
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we are the place to be. leaking hundreds running for their lives. we are joined from crocker park by jessica dill we are thankful was injured.y good at morning as incredible nobody was injured out here there were hundreds of construction workers some are still behind as you can see the hundreds of people all hit in the surrounded businesses really incredible that that explosion did not hurt anyone.le our clouds arrested for no space stark in this fire around 1030
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workers and customers in nearby businesses for i it is accurate as firefighters race to the saints fortunately, crews cut under control and no officers they had one person says that happen fast movie. by the time i started running away i heard boom. later come when i looked back by seen a few cars that were alike in mid air from the explosion e just picked them up off the ground i thought i was dawson. they could not here for my ears were ringing and it was very loud.ld right after this explosion they were stuck in a lot of me said that their keyser inside the building where it exploded so somewhere here until late him
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as we look at her fake fox 8 hour the sky conditions will improve they'll be and little while since we seen some breakstt the overcast but the lack of any significant so close to cooler with the north and northeast temperatures from for all the lake. she stated be a prefers all along the lake pitch sport and 5:00 today to for considering the coffee quiz coming up.
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seven.the the bees that could have been out in thebe they be coming in from the westside's theory slow as you make your way to the develop all lanes are now open we have a problem thousand ridgefieldve at the exit the right lane is blocked in the cards hit the cards well. that exit ramp that is blocked and traffic there is the coming of 77 north. let's get plugged in with todd.
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before.ra the cavaliers bit though lakers the last chance to be lebron and did not do it. sorry soon. we are taking your thoughts and comments on your friday at the top ceric good morning. my name is fred it i'm calling from cleveland. it is friday.g i'm just not getting know fitted check in thing catch up with you in with watching the cavaliersie on the way that they have on the west coast. they are doing a good job edges wants you to know i watch her show from wouldn't tonight come and i was wondering why don't you showed that all whole lie all lottery numbers. have a good day. ceric i was listening
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claimant is there talk about taxes. what are they doing with the moneywi from the casinos. >> good point. a lot of fog that up. sherry says i will believe itie when it's plugged in. it's space bar modifies .-dot restaurant. he likes just a pair of hotdocs although you can get as happy doctors coming up this weekend's ind was so intense pergamum sitting in with the child. s >> twinsburg they say that's amore. it's a a pasta didn't that benefits that dance.
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music for some of the dance play.. see you out there. so think you i really appreciate that of the students work great somei ha amazing musicians i'm excited. test all time kinds of that and mellow harmonica. a lot of stuff going on. here are the ways to get all hold of me. your time not is 6:45 a.m. will play the coffee quiz a scott when we come back.o it's time for the career jobre board of the day.
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welcome back. we can shape this year of 71 it is stacked up from west 25th onto the in about bridge. there is an accident before the brecksville road exit. that's causing for some huge
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they will is you the eight-day magnetic you marry too much. it will trend a little colder. factor in some 60s as well. that nice weekend for the most part it's coffee quiz time. right now. i heard.d. somebody told me. you should try of the project on the questions. we did the beverage question the sooner i knew figured out during the beverage question..
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what is a herb her child was when i worked with the new data's joint this every time this is play alongry is it a tiger went them on a report or lake o erie cartel what you think. this is a hard run. i think it's a pair of it i think i it's a long island ice pick another one. i'm counting on august it's an
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you kidding me. i always, always, always. it's a powerball. this kid. the distance and night that would really work. i think we've won three firsthand this week. give it out scott. monday is pipe tape. perhaps. let that be the segment for the coffee let's place to you want. fourteen that's really a good
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we will talk to you later. what a sweetheart. not iowa and all that. we keep it right here. right now let's check in with kenny crumpton. good at morning. i remember i know you remember the j curve fit fit we drink it's a cool spirit. kicking it with kenny, stay with
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millions of good jobs lost. communities devastated. only one candidate has consistently fought trade deals that ship ohio jobs overseas. bernie sanders. sanders opposed the disastrous opposed special trade status now he's opposing the trans-pacific trade deal. bernie is fighting hundreds of thousands of new job losses. for jobs. for us. bernie. sanders: i'm bernie sanders
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carolina. donald trump even >> i'm so far i cannot believe festival it has been a pair. >> in order toarol d keep theh presidential campaign alive ted cruz tried to position that . >> the democrats support that because save your was far too many of the republicans doing and as cheap labor. >> and that is 2016 he could not the find the name-calling but theth establishment continues to stir the pot in an effort from winning the nomination in july the front runner is gaining momentum doctor ben carson isen
7:03 am
showing him neck to neck with donald trump to does not tell the whole story for a cap sam another. >> thank you very much. meanwhile, the democratic ha presidential candidate bernie sanders will prisoners will hold a rally recent polls suggest see each rose by 9 percent p and then a rallyd in our area tomorrow donald trump will as it and hillary clinton a townhall at the institutional baptist church on cleveland's east side beside at 2:00 p.m. we wait will have real-time results of the ohio
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84 complete collection covered. >> hundreds of people are running after huge fireball on a shoppinghu center. we have more on where the investigation stands. >> good morning. the investigation right now is in the hands of the ohio state firest marshal. look at everything they help to go to this morning the buildingo has a lot of damage property or even though it is under investigation it is not considered suspicious. incredibly, no one injured in the explosion everyone accounted for with in a few moments it happened around 1030 to
7:05 am
propane tanks involved minutes after the call the explosion people started running from everywhere of course they are t
7:06 am
some units side about walsh trainer chamber we still have an update. thank you. >> investigators are trying upd to determine a house fire in beirut village. several worked on the false like put least. an elderly couple of them a home sadly one of the residents did not escape the firede firefighters sharon the ceiling collapsed in manyli and names of the victims of not been released. >> train whistle.t >> fox eight has exclusive video ofra
7:07 am
around island road. the driver of the van was able to get out just moments before the train slammed into it. >> city leaders could have tough choices to make. taxes the playoff workers with a jewish $63 million loss and state in state funding and revenue$ is calling to invest $25 million with the quality of life issues. he also talked about the importance of education urging voterskean to reno out that renew about bloody this fall. o >> this fall i am proposing one
7:08 am
which is enough to purchase it .-dot that we will need with the adjuster. >> and that is with the justice department last year seven out a how they retaliated. >> had made to regular will be laid to rest. we will let you knowdes more about her final resting place. >> good morning, everyone. there is a cloud cover here will set temperatures in the 30s
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a warmer one, but i'll let one. walk in or call today find your way to the best color care at
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the men man who escaped ofes mississippi person is dead after breaking into her home holding a family or of such police say the film mark squires first a couple in their family into a bathroom my wife cut outto with a handgun and shot him she doesn't freedsn her husband give him the cardm and he shot the cloud again.
7:13 am
relocating the amount of lamb. it is perfect at 690. stay away from the accident in the right lane.o today show you the direct
7:14 am
head up towards to 71 over all 40 minute a 40 minute ride. seventy-seven northbound we sendnd it to scott has a look at the forecast. >> not much today but tomorrow we check it out was the time lapseeck look at what we were. where we were. late morning early afternoonon around 60 and then the temperatures drop withi the northwind .-dot ten - -
7:15 am
the cloud cover 48 - - 50 should do it this after noon lord 50s this car lower 50s the start with more breaks oft sunshine back into the 30s tomorrow into sunday we start to back up. and then you have the heavier rainfall in the deep south this one will slow down. several days in the 60s for usw and a couple of shower chances sharp chances for us tomorrow eveningl and even if they did get some rain sunday may it won't be widespread sunday and monday anticipate. the rainfall that will amount to probably probably closer to an inch as we look at the temperatures, which up slightly.t is it cold enough for
7:16 am
we just keepat a slight chance of snow at the end of next weekli fox eight news is your official school closing station. maybe an inch or two that does not last a long time. t it is the free for all friday morning. wayne and i were just talking about the possibility of thatf number two pick goes to another guy. a couple of the defense offens guys a lot and comments coming
7:17 am
get ridf rid of somebody.y >> figures always that is always next year with us new regime.e. layoffs and tax hikes that look
7:18 am
a lot of people talking about that. facebook tweet at me yet todd meaning on instagram our text numbero in the voicemail ontario. >> i love it when it is free for all friday. >> tomorrow is saturday. 7:18 a.m. >> diaper duty - - we will let you know when the diaper they are setting thing. >> plus is daylight savings time hard on the ticker? we will let you know. >> kenny crumpton. >> we are here with the mayfieldhe club as you can see they are rock stars.u they are getting
7:19 am
what it is. when we come back, kicking it with kenny. stay
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will come back. fox eight news in the morning it is 7:21 a.m. according to scott, and in him he is the mantra now, the sun will shine a bit later you guys
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>> thank you very much. >> it is pretty much my career. let's talk about the shoes everyone is wayne. years you can see we have two different types of bottoms on the shoes. this is called are river show r are all water sure if you are right handed what makes you be able to fight on the ices and then you will see they all of that with the bones of the iceberg we go to ice that we don't to these right here. >> a big controversy they
7:24 am
were totally able to dictate it is a little more basic and it is not quite sure there as closer to the front of the house with your opponent atlanta that is i allegedly the 12th the area. >> 's with things in sweepings
7:25 am
she wanted it is actually i thought it can make it go further and illustrator although we were talking about this a few minutes ago. it takes us the opposite direction. so they are watching s the trajectory and giving the demands. and with the strategy of the gamehe and that is based upon the road they may be tried to take
7:26 am
between nice shot. and right here with the mayfield talking about you guys. >> kenny, i forgot to say i like what you have on today that is very nice. >> we both have the wardrobe with the diana ross. >> can't way. wait. the jacket is smoking. it is 7:36 a.m. last night before the crucial ohio primary coming up next. >> and find out what police say a driver was to it while he was w heading in the wrong direction. >> and the sun is expected to
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good morning, everybody we have some sunshine that is keeping things up a little fasterep as we look at the around 60 back in the 40s yesterday 37 in elyria even akron right now at 40 this is how it will go the rest of the morningo and we start to see the temperature jumped lower 50s further south rain will develop as you look farther ahead and
7:31 am
rain sunday and monday right now it is traffic time unfortunately we have another accident this one is located in lorain county right before i 90 as slate construction zone moving quickly over to northridge road as you come in from the west side in lorain county. the accident is 77 northbound that has cleared away the bad news is there are plenty of delays the accident has been cleared away 77 northbound this is a little that have bit have a about over all 77 in richfield
7:32 am
pretty clear and then reports out east and it will be like that throughout the morning rush hour. pressure is on with five my primaries next week including ohio and florida. we have our a wrap up of the 12th and most popular today. >> these candidates are running out of time to stop trump ohio florida and missouri.
7:33 am
fireworks or name-calling john was happy he actually had a little more time to speakw and that is always a good thing donald even in a marking the time was last night reveal and cruise dialing back on the attacks it because it is not it just seems it doesn't matter what they say about am a games moore support and in the polls. heading into next tuesday's primary it is crucial. >> it is a very elegant debate and i thought the folks it a great job i felt it was very fair, and we needed this kind of k debate and home. >> when it comes to this partial molt stuff i will never do this again.
7:34 am
some time on the debate today. it is working out great. >> ra, donald trump saying he expectsat to be endorsed by ben carson would website is name? doctor ben and kris christie and wonder if they are trying to find themselves to become the vice presidential running mate. >> and there are a lot of people comment you absolutely. >> you do imagine seeing ted cruz on the same ticket? would work. >> you know,, hillary and president obama went at it and thenwe they ended up. >> you have to do but you have to do to win the nomination just
7:35 am
ted cruz. it can happen. >> yes. thank you, stacy. >> and other newsws the fire marshal looking into a massive explosion that could be heard miles away c. >> my god, it just exploded been involved to large propane tanks at a construction sitela witnesses heard a small blast initially fires shooting uph under construction and moments later a larger blast to across the seat street were there at the time. >> and it just started getting louder and louder and all of a sudden we saw firefighters running our waya with the construction workers so we knew
7:36 am
>> i was kind of in shock. >> unfortunate and fortunately nobody was seriously hurtt it is unclear how it may affect the construction. >> an fbi investigation is ongoing following a raid at byve the endi of bay village home at probably road agents were seen removing boxes of potential evidence including two computers an fbi spokesperson says this is parta of a child pornographyy investigation she says the several ways around the nation the fbi will not say if us if anyone is arrested . >> the man accused causing the c deadly one weight crash is now facing murder charges -year-old was attempting suicide s when he drove the runway along
7:37 am
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will come back. the white house is launching a new initiative to make it more affordable for low-income families one of three families hasr trouble with papers for their babies with the help of the program that it would be up to 25 percent cheaper in the programerce it is set to start next month. >> and taking the next step to help people become smoke-free they stopped sellingp tobaccoto products in 2014 and are now starting at five and $50 million initiative to help them people stop smokingto they want to deliver the first smoke-free generation in the united states with more traditional ways aml w
7:41 am
>> seven timestgh they add heart attack and stroke risk lies in the first or three days after and there are often more car crashes.a >> 7:41 a.m. our name is tahoe. >> after the break we let you know how she got sucked in stuck
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am going to write you loveve song and let you know how i feel nothing is going to tear us tea apart. no no. because you've got my are in your pocket the cap my heart bring it out. bring it out. bring it out. yes. yes. >> you can check him out as the music supper club with the 33rd cd coming out as return the corner and start the 8:00 o'clock hour and we have
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clouds early on cl so highlighting some breaks of sunshine but we will have a cloud cover off the lakewi with low 50s in landan tomorrow, march the best chance of rain is saturday night and widespread of showers sundayi and monday. next week, we get a break late tuesday into wednesday right now the sun is coming to the end n of next week i think we will be strong enough to call it down with maybe a snow shower late tonight early fridayay not all that unusual to have a touch of light snow even thoughu it has been warm we still have the time fox eight news is your official school closing stationf.
7:47 am
we have a pretty good rush hour. a lorain county an accident with a construction zone cou route to eastbound three cars involved as you see we have st them coming in from the far west side the other accident is to 37 northbound at up by 480 police were responding to an accident and earlier accident 77 northbound the accident is gone but the backup is not it's getting better this is 77 down by route 18 no problems you're coming across the inner belt bridge what is good as you head intooune town along 77 northbound average speed is about 33 with a nine minute commute there.a very slow from
7:48 am
had to be rescued from a very unusual locatione the it started when an officer this little kite show up next man our next ran under the carsh and jumped into the undercarriage. he stayed under the vehicle luckily animal control minutes to get her out she was in the undercarriage forr about 20 minutes. in it will control has dubbed i her and if you no one claims tahoe within three days your time right now is 7:48 a.m. >> getting ready to dial coming up in the 8:00 o'clock hour we're giving away tickets to see
7:49 am
it is time to check in with the coolest i man in all of northeast ohion. >> well, wayne, that's pretty good. all right when we comen back they will show me how to push this bad boy although way down there. kicking it with
7:52 am
welcome back to the big show it is eight minutes after eight minutes till 8:00 o'clock e. >> he has been in my closet again.> >> if i was in your closet i had to take some i had to bring the thunder. we are here and as you a
7:53 am
was a lot of funn part of the game is here this is called a delivery.h and julian your has excellent formul this is the john madden play by play. and we could maybe be trying to draw the yellow rock as the person holding the broom in the hat. we will slide back and do a nice little one right here. and then she pushes it with the greatat fall a grateful look how well she isf an talk about what we are seeing here. >> she is following through with the delivery
7:54 am
through with your arm in thehe right motion you've got a pretty good line. >> and she was laid to the ice does that help? >> you want to keep balance and your gravity well like we are w about to see. >> we have one of those. i will put my love left foot down and i forgot to bring it is. i willil use that but it is said to push out a little bits and then move
7:55 am
the hard side you are a >> it is going down. going going. all right, excellent. and let's see you - - can you give us one more? people see us and want to come out there are links on their where you can sign up we always have an open house in the fall and sometimes on a weekday if you like it we have that at the beginning of the season usually some combination. >> making it look like a beautiful hood ornament back to you guys watch this - - in the studio. >> we will check back in with
7:56 am
don't go anywhere . >> good morning, it yes. theit presidential debate the candidates were much more civil and subdueder who helped most? i will have some of the points coming up. >> good morning, everyone construction workers showing up your trying to get into the place where they the left their caseac and coming up i will tell you where the investigation leads them. >> and the cloud deck overhead there is some mystic graveyard some points but mr. graveyard some points but nothing significantve the weather will warm up lotsea to talk about cavaliers versus the lakers last night and we have more plugged in. >> we're giving away tickets to
7:57 am
>> and prepare your taste buds when we come back. happy
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, cleveland and all of northeast ohio. friday morning in the city the 11th day of march. friday morning in the cityrc. >> happy friday the way it ist one everything is significant with the low cloud deck here. the north and northeast wind is keeping us in the 30s coming back up by noon or 1:00 o'clock today it everybody in the middle


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