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tv   Fox 8 News at 4PM  FOX  March 11, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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he spent a good portion of his free time parting of the country he did rehab last year before the season he could face suspension from the dallas, texas incidentd with his ex-girlfriend a grand jury is looking at the details the that make office today said the investigation is ongoing .. his publicist released a statement about his release . and it reads -- the trade talks involving the sentence centric cisco 49ers are trying to trade colin kaepernick,
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reported as saying he was to play in cleveland he wants to play with and for hue jackson . they have cut ties with johnny manziel . but that doesn't work that then we have the draft coming up.o >> no matter what, if they want to go that route to trade for colin kaepernick they said that they would likely draft a quarterback in apriltefo. >> judge has denied former akron police captain douglas prade motion for trial in connection with the murder is what he was convicted in the late 1990s of the murder of hisi wife doctor margo prade he was great and
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a judge ruled that the dna by mark evans was not from that raised questions as he was was thew killer, an appeals court sided with prosecutors, a new judge, christine croce ordered him back to prisons as she she reviewed the evidence in and today she concluded the dna evidence was not conclusive that have been left accidentally by someoneav other than the killer he said the state presented overwhelming evidence that he wasn't out of control ex-husband who have the means and motive to murder. >> three decades after the murder of a local woman who police believe they're on the verge of making an arrest to increase the reward for information to close the case, there never joins us with some new details. >> the case onto battered the police believe almost 30 yearsrs later the killer is still in the
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of time before they make an >> 1987, her 4-year-old analia zavodny is found stabbed to death in her bedroom apartment. >> she suffered a death at age 24 should not have died in the person who can do the crime is still on the streetet. >> those apartments on broadway are gone almost 20209 years after her murder police believe the case is new momentum in. >> evidence has been rescinded and sometimes dna evidence that has been stored for a long time as a low threshold, due to launch its allowing laugh to amplify what is their. >> and they say they have had help from forensic specialistsy part of a specialized organization in philadelphia that has provided a profile. s s >> the killer has to know that the end is near, she has exposed you for the failure that you are
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driven in your coffin, given what i know, i would not go to the store and buy green bananasha because it doesn't they believe that somebody knows knows something about crime and is going to talk. >> thinker that has a mother or daughter who they cherishsh and love, and nobody wants to see them suffer such a gruesome death without the person responsible been held accountable and that's what this is all about. si >> the reward for information and give her family closure has been increased to,er $10,000, the police or crime stoppers hope that it helps someone do the right thing and call . the cause of a propane tank explosion hancock power crews
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as construction at the site has been stopped roosevelt leftwich joins us. >> in the shopping center at crocker park is back open andg full of people full of people, and work on the american greetings office has stopped as they try to determine the cause of the explosion .l investigators from bci were on scene assisting state fire marshal's office, and officials from american greetings also toured the area taken photos andd assessing the damage to what will eventually be theh new new headquarters not know if this will delay the project, the explosion and fireball closed off the area for hours and stopped all building theirir those by those who saw it will not forget it. my 911 is your emergency?
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crocker park. >> it is the american greetings buildingng. >> we have an active propane explosion, about three or four explosions. >> there were so many calls, they had been notified, some people are calling that they tried to transfer the calls, and they responded after. >> andnd >> the construction workers want to go back in to get the tools as they fled the sceneac, have more for you coming up later. >> capture the moment when a freight train slams into a emt .
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park. jack shea joins us.. >> he went around the crossing gates,. >> when i realize the accident was going to occur because i heard the train horn, he was hundreds of yards down the road and probably took him another half mile to stop and they don't stop like a truck, where car they have just thousands of tons behind them and it takes forever for them to stope. >> bill meany, middleburg heights councilman and father of fox 8 anchor todd meany,, shot the video of the crash thursday afternoon . brook park police say that an employee of at&t drove around the gatesp at the crossing at route 237, the work fan was heavily damaged in the collision,n he told investigators after he drove around the gates in front tire got hung up on the
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when the veteran police officer earl duncan pulled up and pulled him it out of the way just before impact.t. >> was impressed with the the brook park police officer his training kicked in to get this guy out of the way, the man watching, perhaps as jobs go away,rh he was worried about his job as the work fan was destroyed. >> regarding further allying, you knew that the car wouldng explode and probably hitting that he was not further away. >> the driver was cited for going around the crossing gates said he was grateful that he was pulled out of harms waylee.
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push for ohio will be ,e so? t om nt t oe tsp one hour house for a a repeat of his upset victory in michigan . hundreds lined up for the rally most of them younger, many supporting his plan for free college tuition .y it's a critical outrageous calls for campaign finance reform and increasing the minimum wagefo, opponents questioned how he h
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also if it would pass congress, is leading him in most polls in ohio but they're hoping for another convention they upset .e a lot about his campaign that resonates with me . >> hi stand with most of his views on things i wanted to enter nursing next year and i want to attendss a kid to college and want to go for free because it's a lot of money. >> on his plans for affordable college, it is something that i feel strongly about . a lot of things also like tax reform and al am ba cumbus, they await bernie sanders here
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live . >> it will be a busy weekend in ohio, as three presidential candidates visit, donald trump will stop at the i. x. center in cleveland at 2:00 p.m. tomorrow, john kasich will host a town hall meeting:0 at gorman rupp in mansfield at 6:00 p.m., clinton to hold a town hall meeting at olivet institutional baptist church at 2:00 p.m., donald trump picked up another endorsement todayd. >> donald trump, talks a lot about making america great but it's not just talking means it. >> ben carson is now supporting donald trump, the endorsement wasme announced today in florida, marco rubio marco rubio's marco rubio's campaign is calling for ohio governor john kasich to score a victory in ohio on tuesday, isal quioccasin director saysui the only way to the trumpet in ohio is to vote for john kasich, he is encouraging
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on tuesdayng. >> ohio's election is next tuesday, with real-time results at fox once the primary term start to come in and stay i with us for complete election coverage. >> 1,000 people gather in southern california for a private funeral service for nancy reagan,n, the former first lady died last week of heart failure she was 94m those at the funeral today including france family, politicians and celebrities,ne personally wish obama was in attendance among those also former nightly news anchor tom brokaw. >> and when i admired about her is her ability to protect her husband husband and her president and also her own place p . to stand her ground and what it was resolved to move on. >> she will be laid to rest next tot president ronald reagan at the conclusion of today's
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>> he went from johnny football
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. tomorrow, will be the dictate of the weekend, you can see all of the clouds from a few hours ago, at burke lakefront, then the sunshine begin to pop out . if you're on the shoreway you will the region for those sunglasses are . but she will open those
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degrees lakefront,ec live and is only 40 degrees the wind from the north northeast,ee pretty light, and akron-canton about 50 degrees and tuscarawas county about mid 50 . way from the shoreline and away from the embrasure temperature goes up quite a bit .fr it is cooler then yesterday, one of clouds some sunshine outside of cleveland in the snowbelt, they're just now started to see some sunshine . in mentor they're getting some
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tos push northward, that tomorrow , it is all about sunshine .. the rain continues to fall as flood warnings and watches in areas of mississippi and louisiana in east texas . look at the front trying to push slowly northwarde because the high pressure is blockaded the cloud cover fromsee moving this way but it will eventually win out on sunday, tonight low 30s . the twins will be very light even through tomorrow, the onshore winds will keep you a lot colder,r, at the lakeshore, about 50 in inland, about 60 . if you wanted to be warmer just
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absent a good day to do indoor things than monday continued showers, and then on wednesday, we have colder airne moving in, st. patrick's day could be a rain snow mix and some snow showers possible for the last weekendpd of the winter . we will soon enjoy the delay for
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time to set your clocks one hour had.wes >> daylight saving time begins but is it necessary there is a proposed bill in california to call for the end end of daylight d saving time, two years ago it was expanded and they claimed it wouldxp help to save energy, when daylight saving time again some said it was to allow farmersrs more time in the fields but a historian says that's not the case. >> new york invented the metropolitan daylight savingoty condit refused to give it up and after that bostongi, detroit and most every major city in america was magnetized by new york's economic power and we want our clock is close to the new york time as we can get >> for one reason that people do not like daylight saving time is that we lose an hour of sleep.ey >> grandpa's cheese barn open open a new store in martin. >> if you want the worlds
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to wisconsin .stst in mentor was cosmic and those that have the best cheese in in the world, and was crowned the winner of this worldsnd cheesed chairmanship took them 20 years to create the creation. >> it is a hard earned cheese, alpine style, is what we like like to call it that they can on greene county. >> it is the first american american cheese maker to win the world series championship since 1988. >> if you like to take pictures of your picked up your meals and impose them on instagram when you go out dining? >> if so it might improve the ov taste, according to a study in the journal ofdy consumer marketing, people post pictures of their food to social media because it makes it taste better , they say that when
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take a moment to photograph photograph the food it increases attitude and taste evaluations, and people who do this perceive their food as healthier than those who don't photograph the meal .. coming up, say goodbye to a political legend. >> funeral services are being held for former first lady nancy
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some good news and bad news in the weekend forecast , thanks for staying with us. >> the bad newsan first, we do havedo more rainfall headed our way but the good news is there
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.ras. >> one day to figure indoor activities like grocery shopping and monday for sunshine, on saturday .li teachers go out this weekend, near the lecture it's going to be colder . make sure, do your outdoor plans away from the lake otherwise bundle-up . there is some sunshine . near the lake there was an aversion to hindering sunshine of 77, and
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. inversion to my mostly clear, t tomorrow late day clouds, they will be chilly tonight, low 30s 50 five lakefront, otherwise 55260, dear and though her parents on sundayan. >> about 1,000 people have got to say goodbye to former first lady nancy reagan,.. >> crystal joins us from simi valley california with more on today's private funeral service .
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can see around me, the weather is is not cooperating, if it's raining heavily with increased winds it is getting very cold and windy but the world is watching the funeral services for nancy reagan ea, described as the closest advisor to president reagan is staunchest supporter and protector and the love of his life, a close friend who said that they were defined by their lifelong love for one another, and so many people aren't out here, 1,000 guests with all different walks of life . all over the political spectrum, what is so interesting to see is that these people have put aside any political differenceswes, any squabbles and they are here to, remember and celebrate the life and legacy of nancy reagan .rere that was closely tied to her husband, president
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michelle obama, mr. mrs. bush, hillary clinton, governor brown and arnold schwarzenegger, a slew ofn hollywood friends and pastors, bo derek, tom selleck, john stamos, the list goes on and on, becausen this is a group of people from all walks of life and medical backgrounds is a testimony to how endearing and conclusive and connected that the reagans were, the service, lasted about two hours . r he came to a close, i can hear the bagpipes here on the grounds, the casket was taken to the gravesite, they wereh asked to pay their final respects their her casket will be placed within 1 inch of her husband, that's the way they wanted it, here at the reagan presidential library
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reported, back to you. lake humane society, in mentor isin in need of donations after rescuing 70 animals in less than two weeksr . the nearest joins us with more on where they came from.inin >> they're dealing with three different hoarding cases that's where they came from, many needes medical attention, this is a 6 -year-old german shepherd she is malnourished and has lost a lot of hair, her owners facing charges, the other to surrender their pets and will not be charged, the director says they found that, some good news, classic on the group will match every dollar the shelter receives in donations. >> we are not a huge shelter, you get 70 animals in a short
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staff supplies . we just do not have a lot of people that work here, i am proud to say that all of the staff and volunteers have been working very hard to make sure that these animals haveee the care that they need and deserve. >> if you like to donate go to fox >> . several are ready to be adopted, most of them still need radical attention, hopefully, these guys can all get forever homes. trump and clinton have more books read thanks to the generosity of students nd, more than 1,000 books were donated to the newest little free library and include them at the police department 3rd district on
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were collected by students from chardon middle school,oc the police chief calvin williams says it's great that people who do not even live here are willing to help. >> the kids in chardonon felt enough about giving in service to do this fors kids kids in cleveland is fixing that we are one big community. >> the little free library is named in honor of wayne leon,, eight officer killed in the line of duty back in june 2000. >> but he was drafted, johnny manziel said that he wanted to
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your messiah, a bumbling brother and a national who might change his ways. >> is danger lurking along
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>> here's a look at what is now showingng. mary elizabeth instead and john gibbons star in, 10 cloverfield lane . after surviving a car wreck she wakes up in an underground bunker with two men who claim to an undergroundshu accident and poison the air outside the she escapes to uncover the truth, and is rated pg-13.a >> man who brought you grunow is
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sasha baron cohen returns with a long-lost brother long-lost brother who is not an an assassin in the the junk is robbing them on the run and try to prove their innocence, the brothers grimsby is rated r. . stars and the romantic comedy the perfect match he plays a bachelor who coaxes a woman into a casual affair, when she turns the tables on him the questions that she wants more than just as one night stand, the cricket match rated r. >> mary elizabeth winstead a story about jesus the jew may not have have seen, and it
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jesus, the ministry of his divinity begins to unfold in his early yearss terms to his printer answers, but they are afraidh to reveal what they know, rated pg-13 .wh since i begins that 2:00 a.m. sunday morning so spring your clocks forward one hour .
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. will is in an air is so 6:00 p.m. sunday sunset is
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church and brunch to scattered showers . tonight low 30s . tomorrow, at at the lakeshore, highs in the upper 40s to lower 50s . city -- he defied further south west so enjoy the sunshine .. in the summertime, and the water is too
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in justifying he said that he was retiring the famous money hand and gestured my pattern resisted efforts to start until n the second season do not want to hinder the job on it over 12 he was pulled over while fighting with his girlfriend in avon, she alleged the structure they had been drinking, no charges filed, in a number of video services of himi partying during the bye week he was disciplined by the coach. >> in his mind he thought necessary to get the harsh point across to me. >> lynn one game left in the season he was spotted in las
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the legend of of billy manziel was born allegedly wearing a disguise .il the troubles continued in february, in dallas a domestic incident i his former girlfriend obtains a obtained a protective order after he allegedly struck hergta . she maintains he was spotted and threatens to harm both of them his father saysem he will not follow suggestions to return to rehabl the case has been referred to the grand jury . and what is next ? will he play again in the nfl ? you can be sure that whatever course taken, it will play out before our eyes. >> not take long for the database to line up with comments about johnny football. >> most of them are happy to see him go, she writes, a smart
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apprentice and a new take responsibility for your life. >> wishes another team the best of luckck and says, does anybody really want to bring the drama queen to their team, what a waste of talentq. >> he makes reference to his intimates text when drafted said , thanks fored wrecking the league, more like wreck in the team.o >> he says that the nfl needs to weigh the johnny manziel, we will have more of your comments
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tv news news industry relies on the viewers to send in tips about stories, an australian sees some take the advantage of their local news stationus. >> they use the love of the fox tv show the simpsons to have a
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>> in this case anderson and text of the station having photos of a man who may be stealing people's wallets, but asked for a photo he sent advantage from the sense of showing the character stake claim to be a walled inspector, meanwhile, then send a tip about human interest story claimed a man in his neighborhood invented a new car and the station asked for a photoca they received a received a picture from the simpsons the one shows homer in the car he developed with his brother and a simpsons episode,th . luke was concerned about his neighborhood so he sent a text to a new station claiming a crazed maniacn was driving around their school posed a danger, once again when asked if he was having video he sent them an image from an episode showing homer simpson eating an ice cream cone while driving a truck
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>> a man soda tax said that he had seen a dog attack . the figure before the new station sent back an image of bart simpson and his dog said that said that we are a cross ong that one thanks, a leased the station had a sense of humor and did not tell the tester to eat my shorts
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today johnny football's cliff greer comes to them end leaving behind a trail of money phones, swans anda wigs with mustaches . the browns made the first move
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johnny manziel. >> p.j. ziegler has more on this move. the browns, have efficiently can't johnny manziel he is no longer on the team after two seasonsnono with the browns, the browns were waiting to see if theye could get something in return forme manziel in a trade, when that do not pan out they pulled the plug on he was originally drafted 22nd overall in the 2014 draft . in two seasons, he played in 14 games, threw for over 1600 yards , seven touchdowns and
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day that he arrived, he spent a good portion of his free time party and all over the country, he did a short rehab stint last year before the off-season workouts,sb he could still face suspension from the nfl for hisul recent incident in dallas, texas with his ex-girlfriend, a grand jury isisi hearing the details of that case . that investigation is still ongoing, manziel's offices released a statement on behalf of the johnny manziel today about his release from the browns and it reads -- there are trade talks around talk surrounded the cleveland browns and the san francisco quarterbacktr colin kaepernick to


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