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tv   Fox 8 News at 5PM  FOX  March 11, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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day that he arrived, he spent a good portion of his free time party and all over the country, he did a short rehab stint last year before the off-season workouts,sb he could still face suspension from the nfl for hisul recent incident in dallas, texas with his ex-girlfriend, a grand jury isisi hearing the details of that case . that investigation is still ongoing, manziel's offices released a statement on behalf of the johnny manziel today about his release from the browns and it reads -- there are trade talks around talk surrounded the cleveland browns and the san francisco quarterbacktr colin kaepernick to
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jacksonkaka, stay tuned on that, and johnny manziel has officially been cut by the cleveland browns . ic presidential candidates are making a final push for the ohio vote before tuesday's primary ia. >> bernie sanders is speaking at ol kior
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n sis we nuteo ofeuo oeeha in ss , thpller o l
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h smijole grs stt a will be a busy weekend in ohio as the presidential candidates visit, donald trump visits the i. x. centeren at 2:00 p.m. tomorrow, john kasich will host a town hall meeting at thehe gorman rupp in mansfield had 6:00 p.m., and clinton with a town hall meeting
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baptist churchcha at 4:00 o'clock, donald trump picked up another endorsement today. k >> donald trump, talks a lot about making america great is not just hockey means it. >> talked about this yesterday, ben carson, now supporting donald trumpmp announced officially in florida, marco rubio's campaign is pulling forun john kasich to score a win in ohio on tuesday, marco rubio's education director says the only way to be trumpma in ohio is to vote for john kasich he also purged voters in florida to choose marco rubio on tuesday. >> the ohio primary is next tuesday we will have results have results that fox once the results are to come in stay tuned for complete coverage. >> noted three decades after a while was found stabbed to death in her apartment they believe
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catching her killer . >> dave nethers has more on the new developments in this case.. it is clear, the place have not given up the expectation of solving and today it is likely to happen sooner than later . analia zavodny was found stabbed to death in her apartment in march 1987 they say in in the last year they they reached out to a philadelphia organization whose members are forensic specialists that have resubmitted dna evidence for testing that was not available before now,me that gives them a profilea profile of the killer and they say the evidencep creates multiple connections to a person of interest who they are not yet ready to identifynnnn. >> the killer has to know, that the end is near,, she exposed you for the failure that you are the final nails are being driven into your coffin, but i know, i
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buyowow green bananas if i were you. >> the police are also increasing the reward for information to help seal the case to, $10,000 they leave someone out there has information nearlyy 30 years later that they want to share and you should call bedford police or crime stoppers.. >> a judge denied former akron police captainin douglas prade's motion for new trial in connection with the murder of his wife is connected to the late '90s of thete murder of his wife doctor margo prade he was freed in 2013 for about a year, a judge ruled that by mark dna evidence on the victim that was not froms doug prade raise questions asra to whether he was the killer, an appeals court
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judge ordered him back to prison while the illness was reviewed the judge concluded that the dna evidence was not merely conclusive and could haveve been left accidentally by someone other than the killer . >> will cause a propane tank to explodee that crocker park ? that's what they're trying to determine . this construction stocks are stops are trying to determine the cause as roosevelt leftwich joins us. n n >> the shopping center area and crocker park is all fun and the construction stoppedheke in on the offices try to determine the cause of yesterday's a propane tank explosion and fire, and they're looking into this with assistance from the bci, their taking pictures and assess the damage that is what will eventually be their headquarters is not known if this will delay the project, the area was closed
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construction on the building for those who saw the explosion and called 9112 do something they will not forget.. you can see some of the damaged building you can could also see nbci giggles have been here all day to get more information, working with clean fire marshall's office team fire marshall's office, is to the fire marshall's office they said it will be quite a while and
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exact cause . that one of our viewers captured the moment when a freight train hit saying van had they had had the crossing of brook park, the video wasas shot thursday afternoon, the police say an at&t employee drove around the gates at the level crossing at route 237 the work van was damaged in the collision with the freight train .wo the person we were told investigators after he drove around the gates the front tire got hung up on the tracksg he was standing nearby when a police officer harold duncan pulled him out of the way just before the impact. >> was impressed with the brook
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taken to get this guy out of the way, the man watchingi his job perhaps go away asi he was worried about his work van being destroyed . . he got the guy further away because he knew that karlkn would probably probably explode in the debris field would probably hit him if he was not further align.d >> the driver was cited for going around the crossing gates he told us by phone he is grateful for the actions of the >> dignitaries, statesmen and celebrities are dozensg who pay their respects to nancy reagan many share their favorite moments of their time with her..t >> those lunches and initiate microscopic amounts of food, tiny little chopped salad and one chocolate chip cookie and the iced tea, i was so terrified
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role role to the table a better source that she cannot see at. >> date services were held out the ronald reagan presidential library in simi valley california, she died sunday at her home in la of heart failure she will be buried at the presidential library next to her husband, nancy reagan was 94
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he is one of northeast ohio's best last year he won pop album of the year from the ohio music awards, ronnie chaseono. >> looks like good time on a friday afternoon . >> the sun is coming out . but
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short-sleeved polo shirts for jackets . but what do something that i normally do not allow during the next hi to have -- three minutes, you may map while i walk over there . , i will brief you on the forecast after the showl . the clouds were with us, looking from burke lakefront airport,d you see lots of cloud cover, you see some strange flickering, that's the clouds in the opposite direction . that is the high cloud deck with lots of
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still pouring into louisiana . what we see is i clouds that may be lower clouds flicker . by by the lakeshore, it took a lot of time . for the upper levels to release the moisture . we waited for the sun a bit longer than hoped for in some places . the moisture sources still coming into louisiana, it is pushing east, to the delight of everybody north of lake potty train . were they picked up about 6
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the cooler air of a desolate, a north breeze it is having a chilling effect in erie pennsylvania . at 36 and the school down but we will get milder of this weekend, tonight, we will complete the clearing process and most places away from the lake, 33 the overnight low . tomorrow, plenty of sunshine to start the high is almost misleading dependent on where youe are in relation to the lakeshore, the lakeshore areas will seet an onshore breeze to keep in the 40s thatb further inland 60, 65 with increased
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monday, the temperatures back into the 60s again . this is the time change weekend, so sunday morning router clocks forward one hour, spring forward or you will be late for everything on sunday .fo looking at next week's cool down coming up in just a bit . police officers, to everyday persons and to have ponied. >> will consider heroes tonight about this year's american red cross
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are for showing courage to save someone's life and improve the ve lives of others, three cleveland police officer saved a gunshot victim fromcl blue to death by administering first aid, a first energy technician helped a carpenter who injured his hand andden peaked upon input many smiles on the faces of six children.n i don't consider us heroes, we did what we were trained to do. >> is an honor to be here with some amazing people i think to be the and this is the first animal that can't be greater cleveland red cross award. >> the present ceo of metrohealth was givenen the committee leader award for his commitment to health care in our
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he said that he want to wreck this league but he may have wrecked his career.he >> john manziel is burning up the internet has gabe spiegel is
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johnny manziel is out as the quarterback is started with the strasse signing and less than two years ago . browns fans, have paid for his drunken parties from miami to las vegas . f we got a two and six record . seven touchdowns and seven interceptions,si i just wish that our offensive line was not so amazing over the past twot because we pay to protect them, and what did we pay for really smart we pay for headlines, exactly whator many of us knew it would happen, the browns got him , they traded him for having. >> our offensive line is pretty much gone.
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and shared this posting. >> like to recognize himself for as a member of the browns
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i pay for jerseys and to support , it is too late, of the 8 million-dollar contract that he sighed signed, a four year deal, seven . $7 million was guaranteed . not to mention, . the money from the marketing deals . . >> also mentioned the of the abuse, assault but not . >> she claimed that he ruptured her eardrum and she filed a restraining order. >> peninsula, we need him out of here and i don't honestly think that any other team would take the risk, the browns took the risk.t >> he might be suspended, so why so why would they pick them up if he's not going to be around
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>> colin kaepernick or rg3 and. >> and right a bride on her wedding day,> chickasaw, this is a picture of madeline stewart . she is lovely, for she tears up the catwalk during new york fashion week now she's getting more modern offers thanan the blue-eyed prisoner, jeremy meeks .. if a photographer sarah houston says once she posted a few photos, andon on her instagram page, the offers are flooding income advertisers are taking note, but people with disabilities, and not only by o lots merchandise they also get married. >> animal shelter in need of
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sham primary response to a lawsuit related to bernie sanders judge has granted a requestaw to let 17 -year-olds about in the swing-state presidential primary in ohio allows some heroes who will be 18 before the election to vote in the primary with limitations, they cannot vote on the issues i can decide onno a gracious home legislative and
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>> drewry street collecting and nominating cobb 30 years of election law that secretary of state jon husted look at world original that they cannot vote but nine , said he will file suit and this will be appealed, so the secular state said a judge should not be allowed to change two decades of legal historyy solely to see what happens . 1,000 people gathered to say goodbye to nancy reagan. >> a private service to standard as chris wolfe joins us from simi valley california on today's devotional service. >> nancy reagan has been described as president reagan's strongest advisor and supporter . and the love of his life . the
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it ish cold and rainy and windy, the service today was heartwarming . interesting to see so many diverse people come together from different backgrounds and all walks of life from all across the local spectrum . they put aside any differences or outside squabbles to come here todayy to remember and celebrate the life of nancy reagan . people offered their memories and anecdotes her family members and friends interiors vips national leaders, first lady michelle obama, and mr. and mrs. bush, roslyn carter
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bo derek, angelica houston, john stamos, and . norman lear, a liberal, was a friend of the reagans he said he danced with her 40 years ago and liked her and the president, just a small piece of evidence to how endearing and loud that they really were, anden memory of nancy reagan, chris wolfe reporting. the lake humane society in mentor in desperatet need of donations after rescuing 70 >> rehearsed lines and.
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differentntrs hoarding cases that's where these animals came from,ho many of them need medical attention . french is malnourished, that honor is facing chargest charges, the other two surrendered pets so they will not be charged the executive director says they found also good news that classic otter group donating a dollar to match every dollar donated. >> you get such a large amount in a short amount of time it taxes the staff and supplies can we do not have a lot of individuals who work herew, i am proud to say thate although the staff and volunteers have teamed together to make sure that they have the care that they need and deserve . >> if you like to donate, go to fox
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ready for adoption, the rest need medical attention. >> turning out to our weather, it is an okay day. >> i think that we have been spoiled . you seem to be grouchy, i think that you need another three minute napbey >> so go ahead, but put your head down on the deskso. >> what has been on this desk, some h morning show animals ? >> go to the thomas edison bridgege across the sandusky area, on route 2os you can see sunshine, it was much more predominate to
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middlefield,o geauga county, allow more sunshine at more sunshine at the lecturer that hung on onto the persistent cloud deck that is now vanishing . what is not, is a giant curly cue . it is moisture and will pressure inside of the where the area is close to here is the good news . for louisiana, up until last night i checkeded out that there is a fox 8 int new orleans i watch their newscast and saw some of the video and some of the rainfall amounts were amazing . they hope that this batch would move east,, and it did and now they're beginning to dry out .
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mississippi and alabama are getting some of that moisture, eventually we will get some of that moisture . yesterday 50 degrees we held in the 30s, the 41 degrees occurred at 4:00 p.m. today, this novel departure and 32 inches . . tomorrow, sunshine gives way to clouds increasing, from the system, which has been working
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stationary front another one to the to the chunk of cooler air, has the propensity julie banderas direction slowly power drop into the 40s tuesdayr and perhaps thursday friday and then the warmer so snow showers, with the cooler air . get back into the 60s
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say that practice makes perfect, but when you see what these
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millions of good jobs lost. communities devastated. the jobs moved overseas. only one candidate for president has consistently fought trade deals that ship ohio jobs overseas. bernie sanders. sanders opposed the disastrous nafta trade deal. opposed special trade status with china. now he's opposing the trans-pacific trade deal. while others waffle, bernie is fighting hundreds of thousands of new job losses. for jobs. for us. bernie. sanders: i'm bernie sanders
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nearby state park the faa is investigating what happened are still trying to determine the cause of a massive fire and los angeles, the flames could be seen for miles, the firefighter struggle for control of the commercial building fire, dozens of
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themze . mudslides in memphis, on city streets that have been hit with torrential rainfall all week . they put up some large concrete barriersth to block more mud from sliding off the roadway . it was the final meeting, lebron james, had a difficult time of garden kobe bryant as they faced off one more time before kobe bryant retirement,o kobe bryant is still lebron james scoring 262 lebron james is 24 points . if you don't succeed,ja try again . and california a pair of would-be critics fail to break
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not shatter so they gave a good still ahead, get a look at how
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we're changing the face of public square. >> jermaine kearse oversees the project as the director of thehe plan commission. >> this isis a space that was underperforming separated by lots of concrete turned into a
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city. >> it is no coincidence that it is on target for an on-time completion of june 1.iss >> we had a plan for the arctic frieze freeze out the last few winters so we ran double shifts last summer.. >> the 10-acre public park as ben bell with finishes to last, the details of the promenade is is hard to see that the papers have been putting incentive to prevent the notorious freeze and fall cycles from causing cracks. >> you see the trees come in, the cafe is being built the fountain on on the plaza is coming into shapee. >> the the soldiers and sailors while it is still standing proud the butterfly shaped pathway is coming together, but that's not all that it brings.r >> every dollar spent on public spacent infrastructure investment
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impact. >> the public square will no doubt make a lasting impression on visitors,arar promising a lifetime of enjoyment for the rest of us who callsisi clear that our home, lorrie taylor fox 8
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this is ronnie chase . he's got some fantastic music out loud .s . tell you upfront that there is no .2 this story we just wanted to share this because we have not seen molten copper poured onto a big mac . as you can see, and i discharged , the burger seems to be taking a beating, the
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placed directly into the molten metal and burned to a crisp, i mentioned lou maglio's name, he is in as encyclopedia restaurants if you give him any exit you he will tell you about fast food is available.. police say a life on one of the city's busiest bridges. >> he's on stage in toledo hopes to make a last-minute plea to win your vote for the democratic nomination for a one-on-one with bernie sanders . >> a train crashes into an at&t van but the driver escapes in the nick of time the witness
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>> began with the news that we've been waiting for, the browns have cut johnny manziel. >> p.j. ziegler with more on this anticipated move. >> it has a level that we have been waiting for we expected to wednesday, about two days into the new nfl year the browns no longer employ johnny manziel they cut him after two seasons with the the team, and many an people wonder what they were waiting for, they were hoping to make a tradede appeared when that did not happen, they made it official . he was attracted, 22 nd overall in the 2014ra nfl draft in two seasons he played in 14 games, through 1600 yards, seven touchdowns and seven
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arrived y he spent a good portion of free time partying over the country he did a short rehab stint last yearve before the off-season he could still face suspension fromh the nfl for his recent incident in dallas, texas with his ex-girlfriend,d, the league office says that investigation is ongoing, the grand jury hears the details of the case , his publicist released a statement on behalf of johnny manziel today about his release from the browns and it reads -- there are trade talks around in the browns andnd san francisco 49ers, trying to trade quarterback colin kaepernick to cleveland, he reportedly wants to play for the browns and hue


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