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tv   Fox 8 News at 7PM  FOX  March 11, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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today browns fans have been waiting for, just before nan, they officially cut johnny manziel as p.j. ziegler has the latest. >> today's intubated nfl season, the browns have cut qb johnny manziel after two seasons . they're waiting to see if somebody would trade for him when that did not happen, they thenp cut him he was drafted 22 nd overall in the 2014 draft
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games,wo threw 6000 yards, seven touchdowns and seven interceptions he spent a lot of time partying he was in rehab briefly last season before workouts he could face suspension for recent incident in dallas, texas with his girlfriend, it asked the nfl they said the investigation is ongoing,he grand jury has heard the details of that case, he released a statement today about his release from the browns that reads --
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between the 49ers and the browns , for colin kaepernick, he has said that he wants to play for the browns andnd under hue jackson . it remains to be seen what happens with that,i for now, the browns are done with qb johnny manziel they have cut him from the team . p.j. ziegler reporting. >> john manziel's nfl future depends on the outcome of a grand jury investigation in texas,el he is accused of assaulting his ex-girlfriend colleen crowley who claims he la hit her several times and ruptured and eardrum, the judge issued a protective order barring him from contacting hera dallas police turned the investigation to the grand jury
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be charged, d we'll bring you any new developments . >> the ohio primary is just four days away on tuesday, as the candidates make their final patch, bernie sanders just finished speaking at a toledo rally as matt wright was their. >> after this rally held by vermont senator bernie sanders, he spoke for one hour here at the convention center filled with 2,000 people he tacked to the stage at about 5:00 p.m. the chairs of mostly college aged audience hope for a repeat of his victory over hillary clinton in michigan said it is possible the ohio if enough voter turnout he highlighted his differences, his opposition to trade deals as he appeals tos the collar workers in toledo and called for finance
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wage and opponents alike hillary clinton question how he would pay for that andonll pass congress and listen to what he said.. >> if we can have a similar type of turnout here in ohioc were going to win next tuesday . ohio has the opportunity to leave this country forward in a political revolution, let's do it next tuesday. >> hillary clinton to campaign in cleveland tomorrow than both democratic candidates attend a dinner sunday in columbus to make one final pushsh for votes before the tuesday primary, matt wright fox 8 news. los angeles bigot in toledo a judge granted a request to let
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placete y to voters who turn 18 before the election novemberw the could only vote for candidates, not on any issues on the ballot, the campaign filed a lawsuit allow senators to vote in all presidential primaries that decision is on hold,pa ohio secretary of state jon husted try to block the motion and now says he will file an appeal d. >> it reads in part -- to continue to follow this story and bring you any updates as they happenu . ohio has three more days of early voting if you cast your ballot in person at
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saturday from eight to 4:00 p.m. and sunday from one to 5:00 p.m. last day of earlyne voting is monday march 14 from 8:00 a.m. till 2:00 p.m.m. last day to mail your absentee ballot be election is tuesday march 15. >> undecided voters have chance to see the candidates in person as doll shop only at the i. x. center tomorrow,n a john kasich has a town hall meeting at the gorman rupp manufacturing plant in mansfield, and clinton has a meeting at the olivet institutional baptist church . donald trump picked up another former republican presidential >> donald trump talks about making america great but not just talk, he means that.ri >> dr. ben carson endorsing drunk during an event and florida, where marco rubio tries
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tuesday primary,w the marco rubio campaign urging supporters to vote for governor kasich says the only way to the trump on tuesday the. >> will have your election results tuesday, jack fox for real-time results we will haveeej results in reaction at 10:00 o'clock. >> the places are close to make an an arrest in the cold case murder dating back to the 19 80s , someone stabbed amalia swatting to death inside her bedroom for department in march 1987, now almost 30 years later they gave the dna evidence to a team ofhe specialists in philadelphia for new state-of-the-art testingia that gave the bedford police and profile the killer who is now a person of interest in the mortar . nd >> the coating of snow that the end is near, the final males are being driven into your coffin, given what i know i would not go
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bananas g. >> bedford police have also increased a reward, $10,000 for information that leads to an arrest. >> just a night doug prade's de motion for a trial in connection with the murder of his wifeot the former actor plays captain was convicted in the '90s murder of his wife in willoughby a judge freed after dna evidence found that a black mark was not for himnd a year later and appeals courts in back to prison while a judge review the evidence today that that just determined that that dna evidence is not conclusive so he will not get a new trial. >> crocker park is open tonight as they tried to determine the cause of a propane tank explosion yesterdaye a team from bci spent the day outside the new american greetings building working with the fire marshall's office tone g assess the damage and
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explosion and fire ve, the company says it is unclear if the fire will delay their >> learn more about a freight train back raced into a work van parked on the tracks and brook park . they say the driver, drove around the gates at the crossing along route 237 and got stuck on the tracks, a veteran officer harold duncan pulled it out till the dangers of seconds before impact. >> impressed with the brook park police officer whose training kicked in to get this guy have a way as the guy was watching maybe his jobas going away, he's worried about his work van being destroyed . he pulled them further out of the way that he was because he knew that that car would explode in the debris
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him. >> the driver was cited for going around the crossing gates he told us by phone he is grateful for the actions of the officer. will have a 50/50 weekend due to rainfall chances the lecture we have authorities, got some sunshine around 4:00 o'clock i decided that it was warner because you have the sunshinee . with the unsure when the kids
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tomorrow mark lime from the south, it started to rain saturdayt and sunday morning . tonight low 30s . much warmer the southwest . correctly or the lecture expecting the libraries to penetrate with upper 40s to 50s . going to get away some sunshine tomorrow . rapper red cross honor heroes today it
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courage and compassion to save someone's life were to improve the lives of others three cleveland police officers say the gunshot victim from bleed to death by administering first aid lawn with a first energy technician and a pony who helps to comfort sick kids. >> will consider as here as we did our job and we did what we were trained to do.ll >> the first time he has been honoreded we are pleased to be here with these amazing people that think it is the first animal to have gotten the award. >> the president and ceo of metrohealth was given the qt leader award for his commitment
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celebrities and dignitaries gathered in california to say goodbye to former first lady nancy davis reagan..b >> was not the president but he could not have done what he did without her, i think the public knows her a debt of gratitude. >> in attendance was the first lady, george w. bush, hillary clinton and mrs. reagan passed away sunday at her la home she has been honored and remembered by family and friends celebrities andmi political dignitaries. >> ronald and nancy reagan were defined by their love for each other . they were as close
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in one person as it is possible for two people, she is exited the stage to join her husband and eternity. >> she will be laid to rest at thehe ronald reagan presidential library next to him. >> president obama was speaking at a multimedia festival in texas he spoke at a panel at the south by southwest festival but urging at technology expert to use new tools innovation to tackle big problems in new ways announced that his administration is trying to make internet access more available and find ways to use technology to improve research into disease he is the first sitting president to attend.hi >> doctors revising their zika travel warnings the cdc says it's okay for pregnant women to
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destinations at high elevations ty they say it is spread through bites from a specific mosquito that is common in brazil and parts of south america so the cdc advisedp pregnant women to avoid traveling about three dozen countries w and in the caribbean that kind of mosquito is where above 6500 feet. >> torrential rainfall and problem causing across the south with flash flooding and landslides, and memphis tennessee mudslides forcing closure of several city streets for the second day tonight there enough large concrete barriers hoping to block but from a few roadways impassable, in mississippi firefightersw are evacuating 100 homes on a flooded streetet the sunflower river has reached its banks and large still sending water into the area for using boats to rescue residents some buildings
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water with more rainfall tonight .al the pick day of the weekend will be tomorrow, we havee clouds socked-in about 4:00 o'clock billy got sunshine . today a high of 41 and 36 the low . record high was 73 and 77 sunset at 630, daylight savings begins sunday morning with sunset sunday night at 7:32 p.m.
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we have some clouds, to the west and south, and outside of the snowbelt got sunshine earlier so you want into the 40s and 50s as opposed to hear . it's nice to see them getting a break in the south, earlier they just cannot catch a break . we're not mostly clear, the fact clear sky in the heat of the day will escape quickly . . the sunshine started off the morning
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and then midday sunshine with warmer temperatures because of them after about 2:00 p.m. .. soak we will remain dry along the lake sure it's going to be cool for them sunday morning, it will be a rainy sunday a good day to do some indoor stuff . tonight call tomorrow and sunshine and the afternoon . about 60 day 65 away from the lake, along the lake about low 40s 50s . daylight saving time begins sunday morning . bob rainfall
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wednesday, with 50s in the chance of showers, on thursday, about 40s a rain/snow mix possible with overnight lows in the 20s and maybe some snowfall next saturday should be the last weekend of winter . st. patrick's day is next week is time for thehe tradition at saint baldrick's, they raise money for tv after cancer research, almost 100 got shaved last year's event raised $50,000 they hope to top that number
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bill eyssen time again sunday, he set your clocks one hour headbutt is is a necessary california lawmakers debate a bill to end it, i they say that it it saves energy and maximize the sunlight but critics say it was designed to help farmers who do not need it >> block it happen in seconds especially during march madness, take a is sent uconn , into a
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if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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we were worried about you. don't be melodramatic. i'm just getting on a train and leaving foreve so a few things don't go your way and your best decision is to ride the rails like hobo? leonard, i am overwhelmed. everything is changing, and it's simply too much. i need to get ay and think. shdon... yes? i'm gonna miss you. of coursyou are. you just made that easier. excuse me. is it at all possible


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