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tv   FOX 8 Sunday Early News  FOX  March 13, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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this morning donald trump makes his way to the buckeye> state hours up after protesters shut down a rally in chicago. one-on-one with hillary clinton. she sits down exclusively with fox eight news. what she says about the upcoming election. ab i hope you don't forget to to change those clocks. everyone is waking up just a little groggy or this morning and ofitt course aj is always al always tempered and why don't wait. >> he has fuzzy slippers could. >> he is not. >> he is not even listening to.
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you hate to catch him that way. >> i know. that is a real-life look at aj colby. good morning sunday march 13th look at this. waking up to dark skies. but there's a lot of people out there hopping on the road already. a lot of cars out there to do it got dark skies and hopefully you're wondering because you springng forward. >> change the batteries and the >> good morning. it is seven ohoo 1:00 a.m. in case you didn't get to change a clock yet. thanks are waking up with us. >> hopefully aj is wide awake.. yet? >> now he is still he's still an hour> now behind. aj, look alive man. cameras on. >>s at looks like we're on the air.a
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>> what is that red light doing on. >> ear year along betty. >> oh your own buddy. >> oh dear god. ear be think goodness. they're jumping up and down fortunately i have the show ready to go.una i'm a little tired. here's the rain moving through here is the rain moving through right now.w. south of mansfield there's a little break in there.h of m sorry if this show isn't quite what we expected. forty-five at hopkins, 51 at akron canton. ho today temperatures in the mid-- fifties with rainy periods. just a wet soggy throughout the day today. a look from the crib cam.
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up about now it's already 61 degrees at huntington southpoint and we6 have thunder that rolled through sin city. sunset and tonight is that 7:32 p.m.nd then another round of rain mondayh r afternoon. tuesday looks it's fantastic. some areas could eke out a 70 the most areas in the sixties. we will collect 55 today. some areas may sneak up to 60 especially across the southern
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showers continue to knives and a low shower bruschetta breezy andr a look at the full day day outlook. everything is all accelerated today for some reason and i'm sure i'll be able to find my tie and suit coat as well. >> i'm so sorry we caughtt you off guard. >> i'm so sorry for not being ready.orr >> that is a lovely code. >> do you have the matching flippers? >> i was rather comfy. >> i'm looking forward to that. >> freeze speech.. free speech. free speech. >>'s supporters and protesters clashing outside the eye of senderrtid this weekend just one day after the candidate was forced to jte postpone chicago after
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>> matt wright tells us the confrontations with protesters remained p largely peaceful. >> no homemade signs. >> trump trump trump. >> trumpp go home, trump go home, trump go home. >> and they came amid rising tensions.nsio >> he is going to say what is onis his mind. >> once ben carson endorsed him i was on board for sure. >> you cannot come to this country just to dump your because for me it took nearly three years to get my legal immigration.n. >> police are on alert as a vocal group of protesters gathered outside the i eye ex- center. >> if you will do that during campaign time, it will be chaos in wi august when you have two bring so many people.
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>> inside trump due did his usual talking points on immigration and trade. >> we are going to be the brilliance country. we are goingg to be so smart. >> he hit his opponents very hard especially john kasich. trump leads over kasich in his homele turf. >> kasich is in favor of amnesty and can't be president. >> trump interrupted over and overer by protesters. >> was a crowd. >> the crowd of 10,000 not to harm but to surround them chanting trump until police threw them out. >> i held up a sign and i told everyone there that they had to remember what happened the last time we elected someone like donald trump.r lect >> we are proud to work alongside a lot of muslims who
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>> after the rally trump supporters came face-to-face with protesters.. >> he's calling me a communist speaker. >> and get anger on both sides. >> for b years trump then trump came to kansas city for the final push on for votes this tuesday. chon >> ohio's governor and a presidential hopeful john kasich making a finalp plea and glass nine people in mansfield engaged en with them during a town hall meeting. >>'s message was clear, the race for president is not over. >> i represent ohio and i want an the low road to the highest office in the land.wo i will take a the high road. >> he says he is sticking to the
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keeping ascot access to health care and jobc growth. >> my career has been always to fight, frankly, for those who don't have any power. >> the republican governor and presidential hopeful spent the day in and in mansfield at a pump ma manufacturer. not once did he speak of his republicansp competitors by name, but he did give reference to recent di debates. >> i will never create a toxicto atmosphere were people show up at political events and fight with one another. >> with his wifefe at his side, those words had a big impact on people inthos this crowd. t>> he is not back lashing any of a the other candidates which is awesome. >> it's kind of like their hei bullying each other. >> governor kasich is known to be on thisver crowd which is all right. >> quite frankly is a would'veo voted for trump and i want to change it kasich. >> when it comes to this race,
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far from overs at this point. we are only at half time. the reset button is on tuesday. >> it's going to work. we just have to put into play. >> supporters say he's just not concerned about the drama. >> he said you know what i'm not going to stand here and look like an idiot like the rest of the people who are running. let them throw the mud at each other.. >> he believes actions speak louder than words.el >> kasich says he has made his voicee > heard and as president he says he would bridge the gap between republicans and democrats to make those important decisions. >> onrt the democratic side, hillary clinton is trying to roundnton up more votes ahead of the ohio primary.. clinton is campaigning all across the buckeye state and stopped in cleveland to meet at voters that all ofnd that baptist church.
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round of applause for secretarycre hillary clinton. >> democratic candidate hillary clinton spent saturday on the campaign trail making stops all around northeast ohio before visiting with voters no here in cleveland. >> as you know, tuesday is a big day here in ohio. i hope everyone turns out to vote because there is a lot at stake for our families and our country. >> the town hall meeting gave her a chance to step away fromf the podium and answer questions from the audience. >> as president how would you use executive power to streamline the process for thoser t who have been in prison for far too long and don't deserve to be there in the first place? don >> i very much think we have got to go m further and provide more clemency to larger numbers of people, and i know that thetha
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ono this. i expect he will see more clemency requests granted during presidency. >> clinton addressed a number of issues while on stage, like a keep companies in the us. >> i will jonie tell you what i believe. if a corporation walks out on ou america, they are going to have to are pay an exit tax and we arewe a going to take back all of the tax breaks they got from a city, county, a state or our country. >> she also talked about police corruptiont and gun violence and hownc she wants kids to get a quality educational matter their background. >> i'm going to do everything i can to try to make our education system child centered and provides the resources so that a child in cleveland gets as much of an educationalldunnch opportunity as
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>> meanwhile former president bill clinton made an appearance in northeast ohio aso m wellell campaigning for his wife. he was at the national underground railroad freedom center in cleveland saying that th hillary is the best candidate to raise wages and incomes as well is to as to tackle social barriers. coming up in the next half hourha our ownlf stefanie schaeffer sits down for an exclusive one-on-one interview with hillary clinton and that is coming up att 7:30 a.m. 7:12 a.m. and still ahead, was it an accident or wasn't premeditated? >> one dog is dead, others wounded during the iditaroda race. what led during what led to this accident? the astronaut who spent the longest period of time and space.e. find out when one he will call itw quits.
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chicago river dyed green but he you won't believe what color thatyou die starts out as. >> but first, here is a look at our dark skies over cleveland cam. aj is and after the break with a
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welcome back. police in alaska san apparent drunk driver plowed his snowmobile through two teams of sledile dogs. the crash killed one dog and lefted o to others seriously hurt. the dogs are part of a four-time champion team, and witnesses say it was no accident. in fact, officials say the snowmobile are made snowmobiler made o of repeated attempts to a harm a female racert and her teams. the injuries to her dogs will likely end theirir
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>> they've got a gorgeous dog team and we had a good time. >> police have identified thent suspectif is 26 euros arnold muskie. 2 his attorneys claim he did not hit theto dogs intentionally butl says his client was quote blackout drunk and he faces a number of charges this morning. at least one person dead and two others missing after a type tugboat crashed into a barge on new york's hudson river. witnesses say the tugboat hit a barge as part of a construction project. the 90-foot tug boat sank to thek bottom of the bay to in a matter of men minutes. crew members were thrown inton the water. divers recovered one man's body butcove the other two are still missing.. astronaut scott kelly is hanging up his spacesuit. he plans to retire april 1st. this month after a 340 day
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after retiring, kelli will continue to participate in the ongoing research related to his one-year mission. he holds the american record forrd the most time spent in space. st. patrick's day is not until thursday but i irish eyes are i always smiling on the already smiling on the windy city.lwah first it was time for another colorful's tradition dying of the color of the chicago river. ever since 1962 the city has dumped in an orange powder into the river and you can see it turns bright green as soon as it hits the water there but it is safe for the environment and only lasts for one day. but what a sight to see? >> and have no idea what have no idea what you're talking about.dea >> what was could you what was really somethingou was aj's bathrobe. >> we caught you offguard this morning.
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was really during the week with everyone starting at 4:00 a.m., this is still a gift to commentcom on the weekend and start at 6:00 a.m. >> we all know you like to slippers. >> bunny rabbit slippers. >> occasionally her head still in the towel from the shower. >> exactly. >>er. and reading the paper. >> and a cup of coffee. >> as we all do. do. >> we decaffeinated little extrali thistt morning.mor >> we did. >> that was financed the fun and the producer makes it allnan happen thanks maisie. >> she loves being called maisie. >> she ca does and for some reason i feel like weather is over with so back to you guys.her she is like and you are done. [laughter] y what a day yesterday. we made it into the low sixties and now we are contending with a heck of ae lot of rain coming into the area.
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plan on some extra drive time because of all the moisture that is going here. ol this is a look at what is wh happening across the buckeye state.e. nothing but rain and the yellow areas and even a few embedded orange and red areas there. you may even encounter a rumblee of thunder but especially tomorrow there is more instability around. look at how much rain could fall by monday afternoon. this is it. look at that bull's-eye, all couple of inches of rain.' minor flooding not out of the way and here is a gander at the rain as we look through the day. it looks like around six or 7:00 o'clock there could be aco lowly inu the action but lull in the action but there's plenty ofac water to be had out here. computer models are showing about 1 inch orodel more, especially south. fifty-five today. cloudy and mild especially with
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right now 45 akron canton dover native philly new philly checking in and 52..nat here is a look at what these other models are doing. by tuesday morning where looking at three quarters of an inch or so. dover new philly 46 and in mansfield over an inch of rain. pretty impressive. impres showers continue forsive tonight. again no surprise, 49 degrees brisk and breezy with an east wind at 10 to 15 miles per hour. we will head into tomorrow morning to see how it shapesea up and it looks like that drivek patterne is persisting. it is a drier kind of a wall wall in the actionrier here for tomorrow morning. i think by the afternoon we will get another surge of precipitation as well. when does continue to cut and out of the east and eventually
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down all bit on tuesday but otherwise breezy conditions and a continued soggy for tomorrow. high will be warmer though, 64 degrees where the winds outou of the south become west at 10 to 15. a bit of a complex weather system and bears the fronth sliding through from monday but b it doesn't pack much punch. if anything this next surge will allow temperatures to rise well into the sixties. here is the fox eight day outlook and we head into st. patrick's day here the good news is for st. patrick's day wes were able to d eliminate snow and brought up the temperature by a i suppose it is a little bit better for the parade.i it has a little kinetic energy. forties on the ki way for friday and saturday. >> he looksay insane.
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sunday. a week from today the vernal equinox and i believe it is at 12:30 a.m. eastern daylightday time's out it arrives nice ande early which it sort of has already. >> it has been very unusual. it almost makes me nervous. >> itmos does? >> are we going to get one of those spring >> like opening opening-day snowstorms. >>op it just seems too good to be be true. >> it is >> right? think about that. i'm just saying. [laughter] 7:23 a.m. and still ahead, up next in sports, the latest on former browns quarterback johnny manziel.nzi a wild finish at the mack tournamentfi as akron looks to punch its ticket to the big dance.
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howdy do. good sunday morning to you. johnny manziel is still morning. he has approved waivers and is free to sign with any team. saturday afternoon no one put in p a waiver respect to hisu 2 million two to year $2 million guarantee. welcome to march madness officially underway. saturday night the tournament conferencece was tournament t champion was crowned at quicken'sp loan arena. lookingan for the big dance for a fifth time as they took on buffalo. josh williams buries the three forrjo akron heading into intermission. a but they took a 14-point lead
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reggie mcadams buries the three and 14 akron with the lead but with five seconds to play blake hamilton comes up with a shot att the three pointer system, 14 for the game and the last chance for akron there insidet pass and the bulls are dancing 6451 and they got their second ncaa tournamentame championship. >> all of a sudden we where playinggm guys a lot of minutes which still had it still had a game one.l h they had to throw two bombs into beat us really. high school scoops regional finals action. jimmy berger gets the easy land entire mustimm back and wildcats couple into two.
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for the bulldogs and they get a five-point lead. right before the half and a jackson beats and third-quarter they get the loose ball the bucket and the foul. this thing goes to double doubleble overtime and garfield heights takesar it and they are headed to columbus next week. and the akron regional final canton mckinley fallse lima 68 / 6 61. bay / village wins and punch their ticket to columbus next week and in the c divisional regional final the vikings are looking for the first state title in the last four seasons. and a new state champion in division i girls basketball and this morning thegir trophy at home for northeast ohio is wadsworth
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she faces a game-high 28 points and in the first half johnson drives thef lane and wadsworthads led by 16 at the break. nation down by three late in the game but wadsworth closes it out and that's their second state title in school history.h in all of northeast ohio fair to say hockey tournament in columbus. saint ignatius wildcats when theirr second state championshipion saturday afternoon. 21 days until the home opener withth the boston red sox homers take a want nothing lead and in the seventh inning padres are offf one doubles off the wall to
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three. and ashton then is women's basketball teams both lose tournament.t. ent that is it for sports. have a great sunday. >> you to pj. >> ahea fox. >> fox eights own stefanie schaeffer sits down with presidential ean hopeful hillary clinton. super tuesdaylla saturday and now it looks like a super tuesday also. we will let you know where you
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welcome back. >> it is> w 7:34 a.m. and kind of dark out there this morning. >> way hop forward. >> that's a hard transition to make. >> especially when you have to get up soec early like we do and you lose that hour ourw sunshine but it's always sunshine with aj. >> you are our with sunshine. >> it's coming down in buckets today. >> it is rainingc sunshine. >> yes. liquid sunshine. [laughter]r] s. that is a positive way to look at if i suppose.
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showers but it's coming in the month of march and that rain will continue persistent through tomorrow and that will begin to dry th out with some mild temperatures as we get into tuesday and wednesday. w not bad yesterday with 45 the average high and we hit 61. seventy-six is the record high on this date. no snow of course. sunrise coming up at 740. sunrise sunrise tonight at 733 and tonight it will be 732.e here is the rain and it looks like a bit of a wall.ere is you can see the initial round of showery weather that came through a couple of hours agohow but we are getting a break. currently 84 the lakefront. not much of a wind chill. 35 at hopkins the number all across the at state and we are looking for numbers near 60 down
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is a look at the rain from the gulf of mexico. there are a couple of surgeons ishere that will bring in terror fronts. wi focusing the rain in our neck of thee woods and there is a slight risk for severe weather on tuesday around here.eve right now it doesn't look like that has the best chance of materializing but we will keep you posted.b here's the rain fall at leastlea according to commute computer models a half inch or so down around inc mansfield and the disturbance in the upper levels begins to fade away as we get into tuesday.e aw by the end of the week there is still aofthe cold although it's not as aggressive with the cold air. details and an eight day da forecast you don't want to miss. presidential candidates stumping hard throughoutsi the buckeye state all weekend long.
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days away hillary clintonton campaigned at mount olivet institutional baptist church on saturday. >> she sat down with stefanie schaefferow and in an exclusive interview when she talked about ohio's gun violence and recent trump rally clashes. >> i think it is very distressing and disturbing, and as i have tried to point out, we can we can have big differences of opinions, but no one should be encouraging violence and aggression, and what i have seen over the last an week has demonstrated as part of hishis performance, his presentation, donaldp trump does incite his followers, his voters i guess, and i really had to have to speak out against it.
7:38 am
epidemic in america. we have so many deaths that are unnecessary, senseless deaths. gun violence is the number one cause of death for young after african-americans so i do say we checks. we need to close the gun show loophole t in the online loophole.e >> let's talk about tuesday. how we do in ohio? i can. i have a great group of supporters here who have been covering the state. my husband's been here, my daughter's been here. i will be here today and tomorrow and reach out the best i can do doingorr interviews and things like we just did at the church, having as much time to communicate with ohio voters as i possiblycat can, and to encourageg people to come out and vote because that is where it all happens.en
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vote on tuesday than they lose then they lose their right to complain, and there is a lot to complain about in america. we need to start working together and that can only come with new leadership. >> both democratic candidatess will speak at the annual event in columbus today which begins the buckeyes before the buckeye state holds its primary.. we will bring be in columbus and to bring you the b latest on fox afo news and tonight on fox eight news ate 10:00 p.m. and while governor kasich was in mansfield saturday he will make a stop inn strongsville today. he will make an appearance at the ehrenfeld recreational centers at 1230 and the event begins at one.s the event is free but you must register fr online. ted cruz will appear at the performing arts center in columbus this evening.
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again, the event is free but you must register if you want to,. an appellate court judge issued a major ruling friday granting ajor r request to let a 17 -year-old boat in the ohio t primary. ohio law allows candidates to nominate someone for the election if there will be 19 by that time but the ohio secretary of state said they're but t voting for delegates so it should not be allowed. an appeal is not likely because the court will no not be allowed to hear the case into until after tuesday's primary and don't forget you can head to the polls before ohio's tuesday primary if you're ready to vote. cast your ballot at your local board of elections from what i i 1:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. today. tomorrow is the last day fora early voting 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and is the last day you can mail0 p your election in and of coarse election day course election day is tuesday the 14thn and we will have real-time results as soon as the
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of the resultse w and plenty of action on fox eight news at 10:00 p.m. 7:41 a.m. and still ahead, ah a construction zone. >> cleveland's own public square getting a facelift just in time for the republican convention.n.get we will have a look at that progress coming up. she went to the dentist for routine procedure but it left her paralyzed.d what her parents plan to do next.. a wet start to your sunday. if you are headed out and about to church or to run errands aj will have a full check of your
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welcome back. in cleveland you can expect a big beautiful new public square. there is a big plan for the
7:45 am
done just in time for the republican nationaltim convention.. >> laurie taylor takes us on a tour from high above the constructionon zone. >> hop aboard sky fox for review of public square like none other you will ever see. the vision of world renowned landscape architect james horner finally is emerging from the artist renderings to the ground below. >> what we are really doing isd changing the whole face of >> jeremy harris is overseeing the project is executive director of the groups plan commission. >> this is taking a state that was ita underperforming and we are turning it into a world-class publicit space right in the heart of r the city.h >> he says it is no coincidence that object is on target for its june completion. >> we had a plan for the arctic
7:46 am
we ran a couple of shifts last summer. >> they say the 10-acre park is beens sa built with finishes to last in the details of the promenade is hard to see down o below. >> have seen the perimeter trees come> in.. the cafe is being built. the fountain in centennial plaza is coming intount shape. >> the monument is stillt standing proud and the i butterfly beautiful for sure but that is not all the project will bring to the community. >> every dollar spent on public space, infrastructure and investment yield $6 and economic impact in economic impact in the surroundingienomi area. >> the new public square will no doubt make a lasting impression on visitors to ourlst city while promising a lifetime of
7:47 am
call cleveland our home. >> it is so nice to finally see those renderings coming to life. li it is going to be beautiful. >> especially once it's green andbebe> springtime. it will be fantastic. >> we need all of this rain right? that's what we're going to tell eachh other. >> april showers at some point? >> be showers are already popping up out there.> be speaking not to mention the croakk i, crocuses. we had aj here yesterday talking about that and we are all from today. not that it hasn't already been these rain showers will tonight.ll
7:48 am
the wi action. i'm going to have to use the word lulls youu can bust out your google it was also commander data'swa daughter in star trek ther next day and generation, the walls. that is a fun fact and may bed ma more than you ever wanted to know.ou here's also some pretty heavy rain down around marion and some of the mac is that you see there are yellow and orange and that is higher intensity on radar and localized flooding cannot be ruled outloc today, especially since this stuff is moving very slowly. t visibility is down around 9 miles and it is a mass compared mess compared ton yesterday's fog bank that cut visibility is down to half a mile. this is pretty decent. we will show you the perspective
7:49 am
originates on the gulf of f mexico and may be a little atlantictla moisture being wrapped into the system.m that rain is very extensive right now. ra daylight savings time is here in case you didn't notice.vings we are coming up on 8:00 a.m.. it hope you set hope you set your clocks ahead onehop hour last night. it is comingg up on 7:00 a.m. sunrise it 742 the sun will set at 732 and some pretty soggy days ahead. a unfortunately we will not reallyre have the opportunity to enjoy this laterpp sunset because the skies will be flooded by cloud cover.r.s rainy periods likely in the day monday and some backyards may see over a half-inch of rain. computer models have been pretty consistent about that.mpu later in the week seasonal temperatures arrived. we a wintry mix is questionable at
7:50 am
the latest computer models are are quite a bit better than they were yesterday so we are calling for highs in the forties and not the upper highs thirties as was initially the case. i think that is okay with a lot of folks. forty-five at hopkins, 51 already in akron canton, dover new affiliate 54. forecast today 54, cloudy skies, mild and tonight we are calling for a shower, maybe a rumble of thunder into tomorrow. brisk and breezy. 49-degree life nighttime lows and highs in the mid- sixties. i think it is soggy as you said. perhaps a rumble of thunder as a complex weather system to deal with otherwise no wintry mix on this fox a day outlook like we had yesterday.a da tuesday and wednesday looklo
7:51 am
mid sixties, mid- sixties, around 60 wednesday. highs approaching 70 tuesday. showers on st. patrick's day not mixed with snow and cold air coming in friday and saturday. next week and 46 sunday and spring arrives at 12:30 a.m. a week from today. less than a week away. >> that's nice to see. it will not be >> exactly. it will be a little damp. >> and people that are in the parade am sure will be veryople happy. >> absolutely. >> and the cavs will be able to drive safely without sliding around. >> that's very positive. >> that's right. a houston-area family says they-ar are four -year-old was lefta with devastating injuries after a visit to the he can no longer walk, talk or speak. the
7:52 am
severe brain damage after being sedateddam at the dentist. she was supposed to have a tooth pulled and the doctor has since beenth suspended tiki how could you do that ton a four -year-old? anybody?ou >> we never would've thought something like this couldner wo happen >> the child's parents say they plan to take legal action.s plus size retailer lane bryant's is filing firing backze at companies that refuse to air their campaigns featuring several full figured models. they say this nbc and fi abc rejected the commercials saying it needed toto be edited to quote broadcast indecency guidelines. lane bryant saidcy they do not plan to edit it and will feature the ad on their social media
7:53 am
one rockstar calling out overseas customers accused of scribbling on one of his prized possessions. bryan adams says egyptian customersa defaced his vintage six string this week. he posted a picture on social media were you can see the green markings on that guitar. this anger posted on singer posted on facebook thinking hishis fans and assuring them that his guitar will be fixed.h he also said he had an amazing time in egypt. 7:53 a.m. and still ahead it is nice to it is safe to say humor is going a long way in one oregon ng city. >> some residents are using funny signs to bring attention
7:56 am
a neighborhood in oregon is
7:57 am
disgusting and stinky situation. >>iy residents are getting frustrated with people notple cleaning up after their pets so they t haveh put together some proper signs and planted them next an to every dog dropping leftp on the lawn. last reporting they had posted 300 signs and they hope residents get the message about havingh a clean neighborhood. >> n a subtle hint some time sometime some time might work. >> that is not a a bad strategy. >> not at all. a lot more coming up in the next a hour.
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it is 8:00 o'clock and thed sun is finally up. when we got up it was dark outside but the sun is coming up. it is kind of gray but you can see some sun son over there. >> just a tiny bit and a little bit of a breeze out there. it is a little bit rainy.ez >> good morning and thanks for waking up with us. around. >> he is he's ready. he's on his game. >> his coffee is kicked in and


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