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tv   Fox 8 News at Noon  FOX  March 14, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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all eyes are on ohio, john kasich, in green, trace to seal the deal before tomorrow's primaryy. >> stacey frey is an akron where barry sanders also hopes to secure last-minute mostly for the primary tomorrow. >> talked with presidential hopeful hillary clinton for a one-on-one interview, andid what she says about her plans to win ohio tomorrow. >> the temperatures are already rising, close to 60 degrees, are we going to seel more rainfall
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begins right now. >> a heated race in ohio as donald trump and john kasich>> are back and forth in the polls. >> know how important ohio is, soo they have rallies planned, and jessica biel, is at the maps air museum in green that's where governor kasich will be in just a few hours . he loved to hear until 3:00 p.m. doors the doors open at 1:30
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getting set up . john kasich, not the only one to visit, also bring along mitt romney, he is only mission to end the ohio primary,m that romney has not officially endorsed a candidate but has spoken about hisasas dealings against crime so he is pushing for your vote to go tor john kasich this is a winner take all,, something that does not come off for candidates,in the republican who lives will get an additional 60 delegate votes whoever loses gets nothing, and john kasich's been all over ohio he stopped in stronger race and a chance to talk with them on his biggest issues he has been pushing is helping small business grow . >> they pile on these regulations,s, she is a small businesswoman with her husband every time they pile on a
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quitting because it is hard . lin t we need to respect this . we need to have some regulations obviously, but let's not hammer these people into the ground with lots of stupid things .he >> this is a very close ohio race race some polls have them tied some two have kasiche up about five percentage points, it comes down to the primary tomorrow, if you want to have more info go to fox to rsvp for the event . hillary clinton and bernie sanders were here over the weekend, as stacey frey is impactingie, where a sender's
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here at the civic theatre, bernie sanders will speak at 1:00 p.m. today,,e about 2500 people will be in the theater, hillary clinton has been enjoying a double-digit leadd in ohio according to polls leading up to the primary, bernie sanders has begun to cut thear leadt to single digits in some of the latest polls, and is counting on the youth votete to mobilize those people to get him through mega- tuesday, five states including ohio with more grabs if he can pull off upset lake michigan, why not addd to his delegate count butot showed that hillary clinton is vulnerable, and polls show her beating him in a head-to-head
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they were not packing it with each other, and their harshest criticism for donald trump they say the culture of violence they say he creates on the campaign trail.. >> donald trump is running a campaign of hatred and fear for one reason, and to get votes .> he is encouraging violence and chaos, to get votes . he is pitting americans against each other to get votes . . >> nobody's talking about building a wall around the united states,,ta of course we are going to trade, there is one guy though that >> on the republican side, ohio winner take all state, democrats do not have winner take all states, andat delegates are assigned are assigned proportionally are assigned proportionally so what does this close like in michigan,e even if she loses she will get more delegates . he gets a little
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two parties, she is still ahead in the polls going into tomorrow's ohio primary. >> many people say that she's going to walk away with but bernie sanders says not so fast. >> you look at those polls, he is putting a in her armor here in ohio. texas senator ted cruz off to make some inroads with a big columbus rallied. >> millions of high-paying jobs created. >> wages rising for everybody young people coming out of schools withhj two -- three or t four job opportunities. >> veale center rally and a performing arts center in columbus yesterday taking shots at donald trump said that if he is the nominee than hillary clinton whence the white house he says republicans need to come together to stand as one, front runner donald trump
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return to the state today after florida yesterday he will lead a rally at thee youngstown airport at 6:00 p.m., we will have a coverage at fox and on-air .8 >> on saturday night democratic town, she spoke at the olivet institutional baptist church where she took part in apt q&a session, and i sat down with her for an exclusive interview we talk about all sorts of f topics including how she hopes to win in ohio. >> and is going to keep working as hard as again, i've i've got a great group of supporterseas, they have been covering the state my husband has been here, my daughtereeee, i'm going to be here today, and tomorrow, and just reach out as best i can to do interviews interviews, events like we justne did, at the church, and have as much time tot
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then to encourage people to vote because that's where it happens, if people do not vote on tuesday, then, they lose their right to complain and there is a lot to complain about and we need tott work together and i that can only come with new leadership in.t >> you can see the entire interview with hillary clinton and fox >> election results tomorrow night stay with us for real-time results on fox and and all of the results in plenty reaction of fox 8 news at 10:00 o'clock.l >> surprised by how good she looks considering that they are crisscrossing the country andprok, while the shear-like off camera? >> she was very nice, because of
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running behind,t she needed to go to youngstown that she gave me a lot of time was spent about 25 minutes or so together, with the only reporter speaking to her . her camp said that this tv station is such a leader so they chose us to speak to so that was a good thing for our station, she was very genuine i felt , and gave us a lot of time and able to ask lots of questions. >> the primary tomorrow, then they take a break from ohio and a little bit, you still see them on tv for commercials. >> it is currently cloudy and gray out there now. >> it was not too bad, i went out of my to my car earlier it was beautiful,i scott sabol says
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in. >> sunshine is something that we do not want at this point, we have a system developer like this at this time of year, oftentimes the sunshine cames dual storms currently, this morning it was foggy the cloud deck as broken up a little bit . any breaks in sunshine, and a south wind can increase temperatures into the 60s, which is where we are,e generally low '60s region wide, i think we stay in the low '60s all day, along the lake in the 50s . as we look at that huge cluster ofs rainfall pushing into counterclockwise it will move north might see temperatures increase a little more . i was m concerned about the early
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cover, this afternoon i think a cluster between o'clock this evening the main area that will start to lifts north .0 widespread rainfall holds off until six -- 9:00 p.m. tonight . johnny manziel, will be in the nfl again, according to him . two my mom back at home and have a texas all of you. >> he says he will play football again, tmz caught up with the him as he left a hollywood
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not signed on any other nfl team . still to come, how does some
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massive cleanup cleanup effort is is ongoing in the south, thousands of homes have been destroyed by flood waters,up louisiana and mississippi were the hardest hit, flood warnings remain in effect in several states as rivers remain high,in they say that more rainfall is possible today that it won't be
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emeril novice or data opened fire on the playstationon two calls it an unprovoked attack . somebody shooting at the first officer they saw on sunday, thei 20-year-old officer was killed, the police returned fire hitting one suspect who isi expected to search five the second suspect was also arrested the word automotive. >> iditarod masher jeff king wishes he could forget this race thange a snowmobile crashed into his home docking. >> i cannot believe what happened, as the dogs struggled with broken limbs, in the throes of death for one of them . he had to enter dogs and one of them was dead, a suspect has come forward,, admitting that he was driving drunk when he struck
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i turned around, because i was concerned,i i just had so much adrenaline, mason like i was driving erratically butn, i felt really bad. >> he did not stop to help, he kept going and said that he was too scared, he says he was not trying to hurt anyone andh asking for forgiveness, he faces two counts of third-degree assault and count of reckless endangerment, and reckless driving and also disagree mischief. >> vasco fans all over the there ncaa brackets, f the kansas popular pick, the westgate superbook in las vegas gave gave
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tournament, kansas is the top seed in the south the other number one seeds include north carolina, virginia and midwesttvaco oregan out west,d gave start tomorrow with first
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temperatures climbing close to 60 degrees the windst will pick up, a southwest wind that shifting, sustained between 10 and 15 some testingg higher, looking at radar, we will seed development of isolated showers later probably near mansfield, ashland near tiffin and norwalk that will be lied at first then spreadt cleveland and akron looking at brunswick through painesville, looks like ravenna and 61 degrees . the storm cluster here in this low
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this will eventually move into v northern ohio when it slows down , we will get a temperature boost . should be about 65 today , along with the slowdown and potential of rainfall, this afternoon a few pop-up showers about 4:00 p.m. and then the main cluster develops behind it between six and 9:00 p.m. tonight it'll mostly be rainfall with a rumble of thunder possible embedded in the showers as the temperature and humidity etc. is conducive to that this will take us through about 9:00 p.m. then by men that most of the should be gone . these are rainfall projections of will
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a couple of localized one-inch rainfalls are possible before midnight tonight f as the showers move out, we wake up tomorrow to some drizzle .w tomorrow high of about 65 degrees . then tomorrow night the cold front moves through this could be interesting as we get a line of storms developing tonightgi and wednesday then a slow call them, take about three days to drop into the lower 40s at the end of the upcoming weekend because have a touch of light snowfall .he friday said it looked pretty, into the 40s withfr rain and some snowfall possible on sunday ,d this time of year you need something big to get any significant accumulation and even so it would not last much with the highs above freezing . nini fox 8 the official school closing station with closings
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nintendo wii movie snow plow sticks on the driveway? today is pi day. >> pizza hut helps you to celebrate with lots of free
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it is national pie day. >> if you are an math whiz and you like pizza like pizza, you're in luck, pizza hut has a special contest to win free food for a little over three years,d three . 14159, to be exact just go to the pizza hut blog answer three math questions ranging from high school to phd difficulty levels, the questions
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ado 24 hours to complete them, the questions are not easy, if you want toh try your hand at solving that we have a link at fox . >> . cbs has lost nearly $2 billion in sales after stop selling of tobacco products after the drugstore pledged to spend $50 million on an antismoking campaign last week, they want to have a tobacco free generation by reducing the number of young smokers and double the number of college campuses that ban tobacco use. >> actress jessica alda's product companies companies in hot water again in the wall street journal says that the laundry detergent contains sodium laurel sulfate, a cleaning agent that the country promised to never use that another report says that his detergent contains an ingredient thatat offers a gentle alternative
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says that the report is accurate or not there first company to call into question last year,fi the brand has evolved into lawsuit centered around the sunscreenen. >> and california lawmakers propose a bill that would give parentsnd paid time off for school related activities with kids it would allow parents to take up to three days of paid time off each year so they can be more active in their child's school lifeayay it would not affect small businesses only larger ones i that can afford to give people time off, supporters say parents should not have to choose between,s paying the bills and their kids but some say the proposal is only a good idea in theory.e >> baby showers not just for the moms-to-be, about the dads are getting in on the action what is called dad-chelor parties, it's a baby shower throat or four in the expectant father they get out to do something active like
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of course beer,,so the dad-chelor parties feature the own form of baby shower games like diaper changing competitions and some
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the nomination for president causing a heated race with dropping kasichchp back and forth in the polls.b >> know how important the state is for their campaign,po so they both have rallies planned, to jessica dill in green where kasich will be in just a few hours, good afternoon. >> it is getting exciting here at the museum, they are setting up, they added a few more chairs , the event is not start until 2:00 p.m. when john kasich will be here atat 130 when the doors open and, mitt romney will be within .. the covers on a a mission to win the primary,rs mitt romney has not endorsed a candidate that has spoken out
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fishing for your vote to kasich, this is a winner take all race something that does not come often for candidates, the republican that winds will get an additionali 66 delegate votes whoever loses gets nothing, state stopped in strongsville yesterday talking about his plans if elected, vi but his one of his biggest issues is to help small businesses. >> what this government does is toto pile on regulations and she is a small-business owner with her husband every time they pile on regulations she thinks about quitting because it is hard . we need to respect us and we need to have some regulations, but let's not hammer these people into the groundti with the lot of stupid things.w >> this is a close race in ohio, some polls havese john kasich ahead of trial by about five
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cbs poll has cbs poll has them neck-and-neck, if you want to join in the crowd go tol fox and get yourself and rsvp for the event .. and vote tomorrow and the primary we will keep you updated here and at fox state hard, hillary clinton and the weekend. >> stacey frey is in akron where a sender's event began shortly. >> hillary clinton has been enjoying a couple leaveveh up to the primary, bernie sanders has narrowed that gapap cutting the lead to single digits in some of the latest polls, he relies on thetilt youth vote to mobilize for him tomorrowy, i'm tuesday in five states including ohio with more than than a thousand delegates if he can you can pull up enough that lake michigan you might not add to his delicate
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that she is vulnerable the poll showed that she will be beating him in a head-to-head contest both were ready for a fight they were not takingdd at it with each other about their criticism was cultural mindset they say he creates on the campaign trail and they they say that he is running a campaign of hate and fear and isc inciting violence and chaos is pitting americans against each other they say to get votes,p the rally begins at 1:00 o'clock at the akron civic center, with full coverage beginning at 4:00 p.m.. >> today is that last chance to vote early before tomorrow's ohio primary, if you are registered to vote you can cast your ballot in person at the local board of elections by 2:00 p.m., today is the deadline to mail in the absentee ballot, it must be postmarked by midnight.t
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election results tomorrow nighte stay with us for real-time results and have all of thes e results on fox 8 news at 10:00 p.m. tomorrow. >> young woman is grateful to be alive after a tragic accident in bay village, the 23-year-old the car down a steep reading while practicing to get her drivers license she was inside the car with her mother at a memorial park she said that she accidentally hit the gas instead the break and went down the ravine .tt he said it was a 30- foot drops. >> i saw it was down there on the hill i thought it was the worst thing that could happen. >> there were only minor injuries, the bay village police
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we are hoping for nicer weather tomorrow so that we can get out there to cast your vote. >> you might need another outcome of this is a look from the roofcam .a scott sabol says the rainfall will move in today, let's talk about tomorrow for the folks who will be going to the polls tomorrow.ou >> sometimes whether campaign issue like in november it is often rainy and cold, tomorrow the raid threat is virtually nonexistent .ro we do have rainfall developing today . it is moving through indianapolis
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western ohio, looking ahead, allow this to get in here by evening rush . typically, these are not the uniform areas of rainfall often times a strong wind breaks off little pieces of showersre so perhaps between four -- 6:00 p.m. some some of them break up but most of the rainfall to the southwest from southern indiana gets inherent between six -- 8:00 p.m. tonight showers and some grumbled to be locally heavy .s it will breakoff and then by 9:00 o'clock a lot of it will lift out .
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. >> actress in the last two days in la the cavaliers got back to work taking on one of the top teams in the western conference the los angeles clippers. >> and the ncaa tournament brackets are sent here is p.j. zieglerth.r display the cavaliers but on sunday at the staples center center would have made center would have made the golden state warriors envious they they shot 40 percent from long distance as they cruised past the laoug clippers on sunday, a strong start to the cavaliers . . they put on a show in the second quarter, lebron jamess closing bell, and then they jr smith scored 11 straight points
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cavaliers knocked out 18 points clippers 114 -- 90 winning three straight . this is the road trip that we needed,, to see where we need to go and we started off right right right away so far we are off broadway so far there are three in zero mini road trip we got one more in utah tomorrow tried try to close out the right way to the most for the most part we played some great basketball. as the ncaa tournament gets underway, masculine kansas virginia for the determined that the buffalo bills received a 14 seat face off against the miami hurricanes on thursday . ohio state in akron, should invite to the nat term and they will face
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penn state basketball team chose postseason s to finish the 19 and 15 after losing a monday night in the first round of the mac tournament, to columbus this weekend, five of those teams will bet from northeast ohio division i, broadview heights facing on fridayst in the semifinals . bay village facing new concord john quinn st. vincent st. mary at 515 on thursday .
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has first-ratee ncaa wrestling championship saturday in south dakota finishes his career with a perfect 131 and zero career record the first wrestler ncaa division ii history to win four championshipstl while going undefeated in the process the notre dame college team finished winning for the colin kaepernick ruin to evolve, where the land and the holdup ? cleveland remains in play for a trade browns want him to restructure his contract included report to does not want to take less moneycl on a bad team that has lost . lost nation phoenix sunday carl
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because this is eight victory in the national raceway .
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who needs more sleep, man or woman ? the study says that our brains work harder, they say that they will be tasked but also perform more complicated tasks on a daily basis they say that women's brains are wired differentlys from men's brains and a more complex also tend to
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that also impact the quality of sleep .. but it has to held company love the best doctors and the best best care at. >> and health minute, mary moloney considers when choosing the right position.s >> get the routine physical or a specialist, they say that searching through a list can be daunting to consider these tips, ask for referrals . the blessedd this place is with family friends and coworkers both people feel comfortable with the doctor who is highly recommended you could also ask anotherrkrk healthcare professionals, think about logistics, proximity is something to keep in mind, if that is an issuem find one that
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communicate,fit visit the doctor, nothing beats a v taste of face meeting, set up a console to discuss your health needs or history .ao should be somebody that you trust and feel comfortable with, in the health minute, mary moloney reporting. >> we check in with rich demuro for today's tech report housing
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. shared wifi hotspots can be an easy target for hackers. >> and the tech report rich yourself d. this is inspired by the usa reporter was on the flight and somebody read his e-mails
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show you a couple easy ways to protect your information when you surf on a public hotspot. plot computer attackers the biggest weaknesses human. >> biggest place for hacking his public wifi, there's a chance that somebody might see what she do. >> there is. w in inherent danger you share the network they might ht be able to eavesdrop on your conversations like regular people in a regular conversation with. >> derrick song is a panelist for guard site and a cyber rockstar. >> to help you protect yourself on public wifi, look for a lock in the address bar when you
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e-mail or credit card. >> that is using a layer of protection for your conversation , people that try to eavesdropinf won't hear it correctly it's going to be jumbled.r >> use special software called a virtual private network. >> would use the analogy of people talking to each other, the vpn is like a portable soundproof can't. >> your code might provide one or you can subscribe, two providers including private internet access. >> they run several dollars each month, it is worth of protection if you connect to lots of hotspots,wi be careful with the free ones, cyber ghost is reputable wider. >> recommend that you do researchou and get to know the vpn provider.g >> you could turn your phone into a personal hotspot and connect through there,u you might defeat the purpose of free wifi but at least you're surfing will
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>> these do apply to public wifi hotspots not to your home network as long as you have a good passwordsme, and have not shared it with your neighbors,, if you want to see these tips will wartime go to , i'm rich demuro,
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sir pan canceled a donald trump campaign event in florida at. >> reports that her husband was injured and eight snow machine crash in alaska yesterday, he is in intensive care, she is returningi to alaska alaska to be
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hosted the back on the campaign trail soon,,a donald trump hasn't been support and be back here in ohio tonight in youngstown area . president obama's daughters attended their first state dinner last weekend a total of 14-year-old sasha obama is going viral.s >> pitcher out there for general talking to actor ryan reynolds, her older sister malia gives her
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there are those who say we cannot defeat a corrupt political system and fix a rigged economy. but i believe we need to lift our vision above the obstacles in place and look to the american horizon. to a nation where every child can not only dream of going to college, but attend one. where quality healthcare will be a birthright of every citizen. where a good job is not a wish, but a reality. where women receive equal pay and a living wage
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where after a lifetime of labor, there is time for rest and grandchildren. a nation that defends our people and our values, but no longer carries so much of that burden alone. i know we can create that america if we listen to our conscience and our hearts and not to the pundits and the naysayers. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message,
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today on "the real" -- >> girl chat will scratch that seven-year itch, baby. >> that seven-year is really itchy. >> and stop. put down the bacon! no. >> we're showing you what do when kitchens attk. >> plus ed quit dos and don'ts. >> a wife must always defer to her husband. >> hell, no. >> i would never survive. >> on "the real." this is our time don't waste another minute this is our time


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