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tv   Fox 8 News at 5PM  FOX  March 18, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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paid, report shows that on from october 2014, april 2015, report shows that persons unknown falsely endorsed endorsed financial documents and use electronic means to cash themnonoen it appears they are cashing in on this theme not have walked into the bank david brat checks the pm or banks have apps that let you deposit check by signing them and taking pictures with cell phones we went to the building with the office of community policing unit that oversees crossing guards the city hall says it cannot, and folks like you have plenty to say with tax dollars involved and talk of a possible tax increase. >> and not checking up on stuff it will go >> macteam checked with the
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that nothing there were charges but now it is a scam coming into focus and coming up at 6,c and now more than paychecks are in question doesn't . >> investigation has been so hushed there is not a suspect named. >> investigators are at the scene of a murder kevin ammerman for trying to ease concerns of neighbors, lou maglio joins us . >> in tuscarawas county, sheriff's office is working to determine not just the person responsible but also the motiveng for the death of the three minor woman they say thatde, we're back
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removing bags of evidence she was found stabbed to death in her beded . on thursday the city outside of her boyfriend called 911 and said that he had a confrontation with the man he found in the housei of the teenager lived at home and his father kim isaacs told fox ap had had a great relationship with a victim who loveda him and thought of him as a son he said that darlene was a loving woman and he cannot imagine why someone would hurt her. ma >> why did they pick our house? and my spirit we are hard-working people . repair bills, you try to get ahead in life feel like i've been robbed
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unrelated charge .s 30 years after the murder of a general clay county by the family speaks out to keep the killer behind bars and sit down with c matt wright who joins us . 1984 seemed like yesterday they go before the parole board hese figures to keep their son's killer locked up, daniel dahl was 10 years old common in october 84 he was found strangled to death in lake erie near bennett road beach in madison township he had been there with a neighbor to see a fish that his neighbor can't count the secure was of his murder and sentencedec to two years to life, he's now up for parole, and they met with the state parole board to keep them behind bars during . that he
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to.g >> his parents get to see him in prison only get to see is the gravesite tells him they say that michael symon you've been through something like this,, it goes on but the tears and heartache is still there. >> he is a chance to make his case before the parole board next month , they reached out to him for comment to the department of corrections but have not heard back, thet o'donnell's are collecting petition signatures to keep him in prison, and weon have information on that at fox . >> workers at city hall opened the purse bids from companies to provide security equipment for the summer rnc on the equipment the city buys his police bikes,t
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send vast fortune companies turned in bids, only four are from northeast ohio including rust belt weldingff delves to think it is exciting, this is the largest project that we've been involved with the learned a lot in the process and a much better start a campaign to place like this in the future, the city board of control will review the bidsi can pick the winning companies. >> changes are coming to the q. and rock hallll. >> bill sheil is in front of the queue with more,>> these changes were approved today? >> the planning commission gave the green light to changes thatat bring a facelift to the rock hall and aa roof at the q. the
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severing thousands downtown . >> rock hall is an iconic building from air result handle 45 . most people experience the rock hall from the crowd in a fieldfr about the entrance is utilitarian but too much cement mills and a new proposal approved friday with a portable stage, food and beer garden and a long lou brock sign, it would give people a new place to take photos and free life to the entrance a . >> i am in favor of it because it is underused, it is how the
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that they want to change.i >> the idea is to put a sign on top of the arena it'll actually lay flat on top of the queue and shear-like recovered to be captured by blimp shots and will not be visible from the street,ca if you live downtown in the building above the queue, would that cause a problem , the cavalier say that it won't. >> tlaxcala into people's windows.. >> is led technology is optimized for aerial coverage the light thrown off his dinner from what you see at the casino. >> which are designed more for pedestrian traffic. >> bayerische person of the in time for the rnc.
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the queue is calleded changeable copy, they can change the copy the code for advertisement that they have would have to get further approvalala from the planning commission but they might change the cover such as red white and blue for this summer's convention.s >> more than 100 signed up to take part in the fifth annual saint baldrick's fundraiser0 at rainbow babies and children's hospital it was not just money donated,it more than 1 million has been donated by the saint baldrick's foundation for money goes to the oncology department at rainbow babies and children's hospital includingf patients and staff who shave their heads and others cut their hair short and donated the lock for ways to. >> the second time i'm doing the
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shaved and solidarity . for grace who is into treatment and hopefully be finishing up to 17. >> has been pretty busy all day we have won four people signed up to shave her goal is to raise $110,000sr but i believe perhaps $85,000. >> the largest volunteer fundraiser program for childhood
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just link use your powers of observation,
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>> we're on the air. >> we can hear you. >> you are wearing green, is that it. >> been wearing green on the day after st. patrick's day . but i allowed to do that because i am frenchi so i can wear green afters st. patrick's day. look at web cam time-lapse, look
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patchy clouds from the north this will pull in cooler air . it will keep it going heading into the weekend it is not an impressive band of cloud cover that this could be an interesting sunset tonight there are a couple of white flurries locally is to rethink to the east or south this will come into play this weekend this will be the mid-atlantic system but east coast . we will keep an eye on that eye-to-eye genaro in
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yesterday . it is still in the '50s and 60s . tonight, partly cloudy . tomorrow, 38 with increasing clouds . the system that we looked at operator tomorrow, it looks like thet snow in southern ohio south of i-70 then on sunday, some may be pulled northward . on sunday warning watch out for snowfall potential this is the probability of precipitation through next friday, it gives
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going oni these of the snow showers from the east coast systemthh sunday morning quickly dropping and then give us some trouble to lay some scattered showers midweek also chance of rainfall increase wednesday friday with edstrom from go from the 30s to near normal tuesday . the wednesday through friday the 60 with the potential for wet snow sunday morning in the monday morning . travel to the south and east would be
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if you think thank you know celebrities, were about to put you to the testa along that it's too and it is caught on camera, kent with gabe spiegel polio-like viral video's this
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woman vanishes before your eyes to the left side of the screen, it slow motion this a few times with no editing involved, and what just happened to that woman ?? maybe she is related to jason bourne or jason from friday the 13th ? you can see her blue jeans in the gap between her arm and body, she simply leaves the shop with just the right angle
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the answer to the pub quiz .. >> how well do you know your celebrities ? so let's go with, is this taylor swift or katy perry, which has more followers? >> leonardo dicaprio or ryan
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and the beyonce or lady gaga ? is lady gaga she has 57 million and a beyonce only 14 million . kanye west for kim kardashian ? it's got to be kim kardashian. >> she. >> she has about twice as many, she has about 40 million he has about 20 million . and then one more, tracy mccool
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bill martin has more twitter
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it is match stan case medical school that is the day where their hard work pays off al. >> they find out where they continue their training as a began their medical practice as roosevelt leftwich joins >> it is sort of like a dating game for theso top medical
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hope to go to the teaching hospital of their dream,o a wide range of specialties, and they will move toto teaching hospitals all over the country but theseea graduates or finish of years of medical school with a drive to go out and help,or they take at least two residency programs where they would like to complete theirde natural training in their specialty and they get a chance to take a the train back to their hometowns including cleveland.aktr >> be good to be close to them, . now that we stay in cleveland we canan hang out till we start residency. >> guy welding 198 grants, about all of them got their first choice which is not bad considering the competition from other medical schools, and the
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in cleveland. >> if you think the presidential candidates speeches are childlike you may be right, analysis finds that most of the candidates have been using vocabulary and grammar of middle school students. >> overall their language scores settled betweenn sixth and seventh grade reading levels and contrast to abraham lincoln's gettysburg address that scored the highestst for grammar at tenth and 11th grade level, george w. bush's speeches have the lowest grammar , then add a fifth grade level . the republican race has been interesting, now with only three candidates remaining w the attack ads are about to get nastier, jimmy kimmel got his hands on a new
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. >> with his victory in ohio many think that he is the best show toto topple donald trump and this new ad makesto a compelling argument for why he should be
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we have been mostly dry this dry this week but does those april showers are around the corner. >> if you want to avoid getting caught in the rain at this smart umbrella isavra up your alley, it will also an alert to your phone if it senses anyyo incoming rainfall also measures the temperature, pressure and the daylight all you can check on your smartphone is partially made of kevlar . it is now in the crowd-funding stage, it
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watching the system for the weekend, you drive south of pittsburgh, towards dc, the route taken, will be something to play close attention to . it could be a little slippery, not the kind of bright sunny driving . lots go to cedar point, there is no activity, we used the webcam
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sunshine to cloudy . the cloud deck is unproductive, the skies clear out tonight i mentioned,s that just in case you see a patch of no cloud cover, you might want to check orion it is a wintertime consolation that you can still see low in the western sky . after midnight, there is orion's belt you can take that three stars, then draw a line you will run into a very bright star called box store .
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me have freeze warnings, advisories and missouri and arkansas . also oklahoma, a couple of winter storm warnings in areas just west of denver colorado for us, will be cool in client 26 degrees you can see the system2 advancing the time of into saturday morningti . people started out sunny and then increase clouds with a high of 38 degrees,un now put this into motion through the weekend then pause and noon saturday if you travel to the south or northern west virginia there could be some accumulating snow for us just increasing clouds, then advance to 11:00 p.m., looks
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even diminishing return the watchet sunday morning, we get a brief batch of snow shower activity might be enough to sugarcoat the ground into something . beyond monday, and tuesday you can see that it will be closer to normal . a chilly three-day period, saturday -- monday and then monday, it should be quiet and return to normal tuesday and wednesday -- friday near 60 with thunderstorms increasing thursday and friday next week
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suzanne and those days when you are stressedt to the max? >> there's a is a place that
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. peyton manning honored by his first team and the ultimate experience when stressed beyond belief.
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the update.. on suspects in the paris attack has been captured alive,, brussels police conducted a raid after they found fingerprints in an apartment this week he was injured in a shootout that ended with his capture, the police converged on the areaa, he allegedly took part in the attack that leftee 30 people dead in paris . two people have died in a plane crash in florida . from the airport on davis island they say that the plane was headed to pensacola the faa is investigating. >> closing arguments wrapping up empty hulk hogan civil trial against gawker he is suing them
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video of him having sex with the wife of his best friend, their legal team argues that they're protected by the first amendmentnt . >> super bowl champ in peyton manning receiving honors from his former team be indianapolis coltsts will put up a statue outside of lucas oil stadiumu and retire his number 18, announces retirement earlier this month he was with them for, 14 seasons and won his first super bowl with them . sometimes you feel like smashing stuff, and now someone is profiting, this is the new breakroom . they can rent a room filled with breakable items . the slogan is
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goal . lake erie monsters will play tonight at 7:00 o'clock the home team has a cigarette fromy, a, boy's wish to ski with his
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cheap trick is coming to cleveland,
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into the rock hall they will play a concert to benefit the rock hallth . >> tickets are on sale, prices range from 17 -- $55, for a link to my ears go to fox >> ticket sales benefit the rock hall of fame educational programs bro, march madness has begun has begun now the coaches going viral but not for the game . >> university of arizona loss to wichita state many people commented on how sweaty coach sean miller miller looks, o comments included that that wichita state is of some in the first half but somehowa sean miller already received the gatorade bathea. >> espn tweeted out that sean miller makes over $3 million a dollars a year, undershirts are not that expensive andnd it is 11
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twitter account me. >> slicken-up march madness is not fun to be eliminated especially would upset by a lower seeded team, answer questions about the loss not any better in one of the star players from baylor was not in the mood to answer survey questions. or >> of surprise, rebounds of 36 -- 32 and how does yale outrebounded baylor? >> you go up you grab it with with two hands and then you come down with it and that is considered a reboundd , so they got more of those than we did. >> anymore questions for the student athletes? >> yellow sea baylor 79 -- 75, the other ranked fifth and yale was 12. >> lake erie monsters welcomed a new hockey player
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>> he is only four years old but the team is confident he has what it takes to help them win asfoahe greg harris reports. >> robert gibson, four years old decide that the lake erie monsters earlier today and tonight will make his debut. >> robert gibson, the newest member of the lake erie monsters , he signed a one-day contract with the team on friday , is family was turned on its received his jersey. >> to see the smile on his face is the most precious thing i can have it is amazing . >> she says that he has been through a lot withh kidney disease and underground 14 surgeriesun. >> status quo as of today, he is
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>> led to the locker room figure represents is not used to put it on the gear's debt held, after that it was time to hit the iced. >> ever senses about two years old we watch them play in the house so we have a family friend who had just carried over. >> would not have been possible without thep generosity of special wish foundationof and the lake erie monsters, and they say the least they could i can do after he has been >> to make the the dreams of these kids and their families, what they fa have gone through, we can make their dreams come true especially with a local wish like the monsters doesn't doesn'tcici a good thing he spent time to get to know the recipe because he'll be playing with them as they take on the manitoba moose we asked him if he thinks that they will win.
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the mohawk. >> there are still tickets to tonight's game against the manitoba moose, the game starts at 7:00 p.m.,, so come on now out to check them out on the ice. refill that cool crispiness into the air and it will be even more this weekendt with possible light snowfall sunday morning aside from that it looks like a generally fair weekend to start th, i ran out at shows a spritz or two, mostly to the southwest of coast just clicking on saturday
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cloudy . with overnight low 26 tomorrow, a bright sunny start with increased clouds from south, . then they thicken at the end of the day, a high of 30 degrees with some snowfall or snow showersgh saturday into sunday, if you travel southeast, and the mountainous area of virginia and west virginia, there could be some slick travel sunday. >> robots are taking over. >> theater chain says they have invented the ultimate pizza delivering.
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yesterday we told you about nike's correlation is today and about the pizza, and a domino's is working on the call of the domino's robotic unit, the pizza chain can follow a map , navigate sidewalks, avoid obstacles and keep your pizza hot and fresh while delivering into your front door . they can even holdpi cold drinks, as of now
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customers, and just a prototype, no word about whether or not it accepts tips. eit heats up in cold case, authorities taking a closer look at what happened to cory barron, the 9090a ended up in the trash chute and progressive field. >> utility worker is up in the air when a blues cruise your crasheslu it is caught on camera. >> postmortem pain, learning how they criminal investigation after the city pays a dead
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the i-team exclusive, giving new leads into the death of cory barronus. >> refresh broad details of investigation last night, tonight they say that they are learning more, as peggy gallekn has the details, they say that thanks to viewers are getting closer to finding out what happened to cory barron thousand g from. investigator spoke to matter in front of the developments in the death investigation of his son into your cory barron .on since the story ran thursday,
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.ve >> gotten several calls one believe they have identified one of individuals in section e 541 he died in 2014 jason aldean concert and progressive field his body was found in a landfill four days later, investigators, who spent eight months looking into his death and don't believe that heort could've gotten into the garbage chute voluntarily do believe that some play was involved. >> something happened and we feel that it was a conflict.. >> they believed there were injuries caused prior to his


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