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tv   Fox 8 News at 6PM  FOX  March 18, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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.ve >> gotten several calls one believe they have identified one of individuals in section e 541 he died in 2014 jason aldean concert and progressive field his body was found in a landfill four days later, investigators, who spent eight months looking into his death and don't believe that heort could've gotten into the garbage chute voluntarily do believe that some play was involved. >> something happened and we feel that it was a conflict.. >> they believed there were injuries caused prior to his
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section 541 that before he would miss if they saw him having an argument with a young man, elana said that when cory lefty was funneled by the man in friends. >> the more more people and we talked to for information were going to get lele the witness provided pictures of individualspi in the section who are witnesses that investigators want to contacton, the family, says that they just want to know what happenedmi, his father spoke to us friday and once again asked for the public's help. >> anybody who may have information, was at the concert and the section 541, tried to think back about anything you might have saved that might help an award of up to $10,000 offered for informationa leading to the arrest and conviction, if
6:02 pm to get the contact info. say that people forget or they might think is something they have captured under from beitit naseem reported that could be. >> 19 . copy of a wrongful death lawsuit filed against the city of cleveland and two officers filed friday by the mother of a general brandon jones was killed at place march 2015 entry broke into a corner store near parkland and primrose in cleveland the suit states the officers shot officer shot him even though he was not armed and not resisting,, the police union said it was justified, administrators say they have not
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comment. >> an officer under arrest accused of assaulting a womanan who say that the officer got into a fight with a female acquaintance today 5:00 a.m. he was off-duty at the time the department says you will be suspended without pay until investigation is complete. >> micro investigation into the case of a school crossing guard who was paid after death ti doesn't uncover more about what happened to the money is ed gallek here with more. >> in 19 getting answers, the police report was just filed> and fills in some blanks about the case of the paychecks issued to a crossing guard who wasasc already dead . it means that there is no simple office makes himt city hall has been doing internal investigation into claims that a crossing guard died but the city
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were cached,g not investigation into that fraud and forgery. >> couldn't crossing guards are paid $20 a day plus medical benefits .. the city hall audit discovered a crossing guard had died butd we're still getting paid per cup than a police shows the theft went onpo from october 2014 until april 2015, the report shows that persons unknown falsely endorsed financial documents and used electronic means to cashman . it appears that they may not have even set foot inside of a bank, maybe deposit checks atm or banks have apps that let you deposit them byept signing in and taking a picture with a cell phone.
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office of cleveland pd policy unit that oversees city crossing guards now says it cannot comment onn the investigation, especially with involved and talk of a tax increase. >> a question about paychecks and worthy benefits also used to markl we checked with the county prosecutor's office, and nothing there for charges but clearly a scam is coming into focus. their two key key questions if one is to cash the checks and blood broke downwo to allow this to happen the first place that was discovered by an audite?
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led to the murder of a tuscarawas county woman, her 9 -year-old darlene renner found stabbed to death in her midvale mobile home park her boyfriends sent your son called milo on yesterday about 4:00 a.m. said he woke up to her screaming when he encountered an intruder,e his father told fox 8 that he had a great relationship with the victimt who thought of him as a son.t >> why did they pick our house ? and why us ?he what did we do it to mark we are hard-working people who pay our bills and try to get ahead in life, we were happy and i just feel like i have been robbed. >> his son is being held on an unrelated charge. >> police arrested a third suspect in the murder of a five month old girl, d 19 reported an arrest warrant issued for
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they say he was involved in a drive-by shooting that killedt five month old aavielle wakefield in a car that was shot on a 245th last month to believe the wrong car was targeted, two other suspectsts have been indicted. >> ran under arrest accused of shooting cars with ak-47, they worked with the us marshal violent fugitive task force to arrest 20-year-oldal aaron enters charged with felonious assault to say he fired in a five-part cars on wade park , syllables went into the house but nobody was injured they identified him through dna found on shell casings. >> the fox 8 i-team given us the first look at keeping the peace for the rnc>>u, but these people do almost never makes the news they
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then opened up its own security equipment for the rnc, $565,000 for police bikes, when 4,004 helmets and vests and were whether $60,000 for crowd control fencing and also more for worse trailerss and water packs, the people from rust belt weldingth bid on supplying police bike helmets. >> is a big event to be part of it would help our company significantly from a marketing standpoint they will now start choosing from the first bids
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rock hall and at the q.. >> bill sheil is in the queue with more.. >> they were approved by the planning commission to changes in essence of the rock hall there will be a facelift to the front door at the queue, be of a change to the roof . these two locations bring thousands downtown each yeart. >> rock hall is meant to resemble a 45 record . in the plaza is the 45 itself most peoplepl experience it from the ground and feel about its entrance like they do . >> it is utilitarian, commencing
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>> that proposal approved friday fr by the planning commission with a portable stage food and beer garden and long live rock sign with a video display board it would bringb the placing photos and life to the entrance . >> at that right now it is underused.. >> it is how the queue will look from the sky that they want to change. >> the idea is to put a 360 by 90-foot side site on top of the arena who actually90 lay flat on top of the queue and shoot light directly out to be captured by blimp shots will not be visible on the street, if you live downtown in a building above the queue,ouou but that was a problem ? the cavaliers say that it won't? >> it is led technology is designed to beo optimal for area
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off his dinner then from what you might see at the casino were things of that nature which are designed more for pedestrian traffic. a >> either from the sky over the ve queue or from the ground at the rock hall, cleveland is nd producing up the look in time for the summer rnc.. >> the site here has changeable copy that can change the color to make it red white and blue soul for the rnc also put ads but the planning commission said they have to get approval to do that . it is interesting and they they said it would be dimmer,te the images there is darren vann
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better on the television show. >> place where anybody can get a meal and they need help,, saint augustine hunger center getting ready for easter sunday surfing about 10,000, the males will be served at 16 different sites plusus delivered to people who cannot leave home, with easter just about a week away but there still a need for donations and volunteers to deliver the meals. >> about 4,000 deliveries that we do this easter sunday, giving people who are willing to come and take the food to the shut-ins, wherever they are, the psycho eyesight or southside. >> anybody willing to deliver, pak meals were served meals or to donate food,ls or if you request an easter meal, called
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has been viewed more than 35 million times v in just three
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>> wonder what the joke was, that was wonderful . i will be out tomorrow at . last saturday we saw out bobbleheads i have been able to come up with a few morere this will be at the discount drug mart tomorrow and elyria . but the anti- iran were 50th anniversary of that event and looking at not much going on . see the beginning of spring patch 1231
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will get some snow, that is appropriate for the end of winter we have sunshine out there and freeze warnings and flooding the south . as we conclude winter, we have only 25 inches inches of snow, the novel is 35 .in . looking at
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cool weekend . it'll kick up some cloud cover as we say hello to spring time sunday morning we may see some flakes, tonight 26 . a sunny start tomorrow high of
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, monday 39 . boston has had the same amount of snow as us,, last year they had 108 inches of snow . breaking news about joe haden with
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brown announcing today joe haden had surgery wednesday on his left ankle injured in week number eight against the arizona cardinals . this effect to be ready for the 2,016th season he played in
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. never wear a light fabric while coaching andnd they were marina he found out last night as the wildcats of arizona lost to wichita statete
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antiperspirant could save him last night . the cavaliers are in florida for two games tonight versus orlando magic despite sitting outd the game against the dallas mavericks lebron james expected to play tonight and saturday in the miami heat,, taylor said everybody will play tonight and tomorrow, even kevin love who did not make the shootaround as he was under the weatherh company say he should play tonight . kids get to the thrill of a lifetime this weekend in columbus. >> you want to do well and win the trophy, cornerstone christian academy beat wellington schoolc they're going to play for the title on
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play westerville south at 8:30 p.m. and the division i semifinal in columbus, garfield with another shot at winning the state title if garfield lives they will join fellow northeast ohio powers, saint vincent-saint mary and villa angela and their title games . the colts announced today they are retiring the numberc of peyton manningbe during his career and in the annapolis the team owner made the announcement he is the eighth cold honored, the first seven were baltimore quotes . tree walker died of head injuries due to a fatal motorcycle crash thursday in miami aboutea any pitch clock he was wearing dark clothing and
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they fear if the killer is released he could strike again, they told the story to transporting.he >> 1984 seems like a a long time ago but to the o'donnell family it feels like yesterday, that's why it is emotional before the or ohio parole board every few years to plea to keep their son 's killer locked up. >> o'donnell family left with pictures of ten-year-old danny o'donnell. it still feels like yesterday you got this hole in your heart that doesn't want to heal.. >> october 23, that two me
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passing by his home invites them to the the beach to see a facet that he can't, and danny later was found face down in lake erie , the fifth-grader wasn beaten and strangledr. >> it was horrifying than i said , where is jeff dillsls? >> jeffrey deel, the six-year-old neighbor was convicted of the murder and sentenced, 15 years -- live now up for parole. >> they say that life goes on but we've been through something like this, the tears and heartaches are still thereee. >> been met with members of the parole board downtown friday, making the case for why it jeffrey deelel should stay locked up. >> his parents get to go see them even though he is imprisoned, only get to see is a
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>> bell 47, template for his freedom before the parole board next month leaving them in fear. >> he said that if he got out he would kill the whole family.> >> if he's the same person he was then, he's going to do it again . >> they worry that others could suffer a heartbreaking losss is a . >> i miss him so much, especially holidays like at easter.isim >> we have reached out to jeffrey deel through department of corrections but have not heard back, the o'donnell familyen collecting petition signatures to submit to thehe parole board to keep him in prison we have more
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minerva man is under arrest after police found a missing missouri girl in his home, 41 -year-old eric shotwell says he met her through the messaging app, she went missing last thursday after police say he shi drove to missouri and brought her back to ohio is charged with kidnapping, rape and assaultaa. >> this crash last night in westlake say the driver lost control before crashing into a parked truck . to use the jaws of life to cut her out of the suv,o she was cited for driving under the influence. >> avon officers dash-cam roll-in as he crashed into a utility truck about 2:40 a.m.m. yesterday on state route 83
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elevated bucket at the time, both he and officer were taken to the hospital, but neitherk was seriously injured, the crash is under investigation. >> think of it as christmas mixed in with nfl draft is how you describei match day for medical students at case western after four years of medical school, where they find out where they do their residency ashe roosevelt leftwich has the story goes a. >> after four years college and for more medical school comes down to a few minutes,r as everybody wonders what is inside the envelopes on the table there is some nervousness but many smiles this is where the graduates spend the next five -- seven years learning their craft hands-onrs . got her first choice,
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clinic this summer . for four years is a long time, it is super long but it came faster than i thought it would.isn >> the medical world offers many opportunities, most of these students m look for teaching hospitals here the hometown, shall be a resident at the hospital where he was born in baltimore. >> it is a surreal moment i appreciate everybody's help family friends and faculty. >> mashed up as a couple and i'm i went to stay at the cleveland clinic for neurosurgery. >> also the graduates got there first choice for residency, that shall be considered the competition from other medical schools doesn'tsi is a huge relief to know that we stay in
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the 16 will be in hospitals nationwide and have specialties that are wide-ranging. >> many families made sacrifices to support these grants for medical school, the chapter is about to close up the stories continue nationwide and many other places around the country. >> and took a half >> most of the members of the members of the class of 2016 got the first choice and the bulk of the students will stayme here in cleveland. it was beautiful today, could be warmer but likely to complain, we had clouds and sun sunshine
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some 40s but mostly 50s . they we have sunset coming up at about 7:30 p.m. ande high temperature today 51 . portis to the north and then to the south 50s . the cooler air cool air has been slow to work inle it will be a slow process we
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just in time for the arrival of spring and have thell ion the moisture content in arkansas, missouri . have to watch this which is responsible for a freeze watch and warnings across the southern plains and missouri arkansas . it has to be cold enough otherwise you get the rain/snow sloppinge mix . it will be tried tomorrow, saturday night, into sunday .
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points east . then they can't in afternoon to early evening . could be anywhere from according to an interview by midday sunday . most of us less than 1 inch . it has been official first day of spring, to the east, from dc, delmarva to boston, new york there could be some mixing the latest projections show a lot of snowfall . stay tuned the forecast it will be spring break and travel so stay tuned for the latest night mid- 20s partly
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with highs in the upper 30s . sunshine in the morning then increasing clouds monday 40 increased chance of showersth tuesday -- friday then it will be more springlike near 60 . secret service investigating after hamas claimed it had donald trump least ga they said his cell phone number and social security numbert revealed their alleged findings the need to set aside two unite information including phone numbers and information associated with people close to him including his campaign manager and family, they're not saying whether any of this is real. >> with tromso forehand in the polls there is a movement and the republican party to stop him conservatives that plotting anyway to block
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raising third-party option a top aide has threatened to give up his credentials as a delicate and leave the party if trump is blocked most are pushing for ted >> your choice is between poison or shot and you're still dead using donald trump on social media with posting and had ted cruz and hillary clinton choosing this event being sued for step four at university california was inspired by isis they say that hewa visited website for isis and others including he may have self radicalized and drawn inspiration from
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except for the suspect who was killed by the policece, the missing suspect from the hearse terror attack is in custody they found his fingerprints in apartment this week they captured him in brussels, 26 -year-old-year-old has been on the run since the november 13 person taxi killed one of 30 people, is believed to have been the driveris dropped three of that one of the attack sites and wore a suicide belt thatan was found on the street after the attack that did not explode. >> man accused of killing natalee holloway a decade ago has reportedly confessed to the crimess, joran van der sloot appears to admit to killing her he can be heard speaking in touch, he says he lied to the place about her death and says he is guilty and accept everything he has done,de he was the last person to be seen with her, she vanished on a high
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he is imprisoned in peru for killing a woman in 2015 .mp but the light salon to protect us so why should we ?t s. expand a group of local students do their part to protect important tenet .
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a gross gesture came full circle told you about the 11 -year-old who wrote a letter tohe canton officer ryan davis offered her allowance to help pay for a bulletproof vest for k-9 officers, he is the one who lost his partner jethro in january, p the day she met up with officer davis and his new k-9 partner . jethro's death inspired another group. >> visited black river middle school after the raise money to give him a bulletproof vest the
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council said they had extra money they decided that this was the way that they could put the money to help the entire community and they were so excited to meet him. >> she's a sweetheart, she is a sweetheart, i just matter, because to wearing it,eas she can do it and is doing her job. >> the school got together for the assemblyth to present the money to be ashlyn sheriff's department . go to the cuyahoga county animal shelter as we do on each friday, and case number six is rosetta, about two, pit bull mix, very
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she is curious and likes to check out surroundings, she home . in case number 25, about one year old male pit bull mix ready for attention . his happy-go-lucky can put a smile on everybody's face . he is very quiet there, in case 37 . he is a 3-year-old boxer pitbull mix . is any great walking partner, responds to commands is friendly nd and enjoys his time with these volunteers he would like to be here forever friend .tv in case number 42, is a black-and-white
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can be your best friend . he will make a splash into your heart and be a good time with you . in case number 45, clementine . she is a 2-year-old bull female, she has been well loved . she can be shy and misses her home in upset somebody steps up toto be her family she is gentle and loving,er and in case number 48 . a the 1-year-old, boxer mix female, is active and she wants you to know that she wants to be
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makes a great activity betting, and tomorrow, will be at discount drug mart in elyria on abbe road from two -- 4:00 p.m. we ran out of bobbleheads and will have more of those tomorrow and sunday at the i. x. center, two -- 4:00 by drama . in 1934, steak 'n shake decided the world didn't need another hamburger. it needed a steakburger. so they used 100 percent beef. quick seared to seal in the flavor ... ... you'll only get from a steakburger. steak 'n shake,
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lake erie monsters welcome my new hockey player. >> he. >> he is for yourself the team is confident he can help them win as brittany harris reports. >> robert gibson, signed the thing monsters today tie he makes his debut on the ice is robert gibson the newest member of the lake erie monsters he signed a one-day contract on friday his family cheering along . see him smile is the precious thing has been amazing. >> he says that he has been through a lot in yourr with kidney disease and has undergone 14 surgeries..
6:56 pm
>> if they start out by going to the locker room to care a him his father helped him .he then time to hit the ice nausea he has been talking since two and a family friend who has been into hockey so i just carried overnd. >> thanks to the lake erie monsters and make-a-wish foundation, they say it's all since t what he's been through. >> weekend do it like with the monsters that's what it all about for us he. >> he will be playing with them as they take on thel manitoba
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the game starts at 7:00 p.m. at the q.h, there's still time to
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a fox 8 i-team exclusive giving the give a new lease into the death of cory barroniv repot you details last night, tonight they say they're learning more, here's peggy gallek. investigators with the group spoke to a member in friday


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