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tv   Fox 8 News at 10PM  FOX  March 20, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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when the saints go marchin' in, hey oh lord, i want to be in that number when the saints go marchin' in oh lord, i want to be in that number
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-- today his body was recovered britney harris with the latest on the investigation.i rescue teams were busy here at west branch state park and on sunday. they were recovering the body of luke collins. the 20 -year-old from adina ran into trouble while kayaking. ceric one began to take on water and his cap kite cap said to the second kayak offered assistance in his personal flotation device and told him back to shorts and hisol brain and useless the law enforcement manager for the dnr. he sits who sent me's and made it back to shorts and was assisted by a couple of bystanders who then called 911.
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with dispatch to -- he said they were able to locate him using equipment.a this premise taken to the hospital for hypothermia and release. that is umude was wearing flight love life jacket.ea this is why you should wear when you go put it.hy no one expects to what do it for you go boating if you don't have it odd when you are in the water it is too late. >> i just released police reported new video shed new light on a s bizarre accident where a capnt with a passenger
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cruiserli. >> -camera video for the second video for the second officer left that we should you the moment of impact from inside. ms.nt he had a passenger in theng back of his cap they determined that he was to intoxicated to drive.ic how out how they declined medical treatment and theyec dispatched another cap tohe pick him up as series of public meetings wills start as they discuss a fare increase. they're trying to close the $7 million gap. if not been increased to seven
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-- the stone thomas six street demonstrators say they plan to attend. if t you plan to call outside later this week you might need to leave the winter coats in your closet. spring is officially arriving last night. and ly it may take a couple of days to get here. it's going to show up eventually it gets here it always does. sometimes you know that times it has happened with some are like readings. it winter like 12:30 a.m. now the fun continues to climb higher and higher in the sky. at least until the first day of summer.
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theree and we even had some reports of snow this is the web camera time lapse it will give you a different perspective coming up in a few minutes. lots of chilly air to be had.
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20srere anywhere all about guests that's exactly right the entire season. we will take it. we was see you for that eight-day shortly. john kaisch is dismissive of vice president positions if ted crews or donald trump becomes the nominee. in an interview with meet the press under no circumstances that he consider the price
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running for president. in a separate interview he said none of them will have enough delegates and we will seek a contested convention in cleveland this summer.te the convention is an extension ofn what we're going through right now.
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significant she's hosting her -- the saturday crowd is coming to blows with large lead over his rivals he wants to unite the party. he is a nice guy. in john is a nice guy. it's so important that we come together and john kaisch iss giving a few jobs in if i don't get nominated there's going to be a right. on the democratic side hillary
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had her husband on the trail. making three steps. we say it's the billionaire class. we are a democracy. the chance to western site as they cast votes on tuesday still to come here tonight is a chilling 911 call a suspected killer on the other end of the line by his questions are raisings concerns about police response timee a new look for downtown cleveland f coming to one but two major rampart marks ahead what happens when a passenger's iphone exploded mid
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the scene south and east about us 30:00 a.m. the turnpike you can see the current light snow shower m. thought our if you watch jen this morning she showed you some pictures of folks who picked up some snow. enough to lighten things up pretty decent down to the south and the akron canton area it's
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those light snow showers hanging out otherwise fairly uneventful most of us will have clearing skies. is a gradual warm-upup still planning on our midweek temperatures close to 60 how to trim a couple of degrees off of wednesday's hike will talk about life at the mainfwe weather segment of the race of week aheadwe now you can see these-clouds up to 50 degrees almost those winds are
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----in there are 60 somewhere in this eight-day forecast. just barely. we will take them.m. president obama making history. more on the first him his historical trip to cuba and that message this president is trying to send. in the note left the height and
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unique luck.
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and off all it is will do you bad weight call you a free
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mcconnell also laid down the lame-duck samaria the white house is rolling their own lame-duck samaria that obama might have someone more liberal that is a good said that he is our men will stand by him through the end of the after the
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recess what they lasted more than 50 years until the obamahe administration start diplomatic relations many are welcoming thee president with open arms. >> i think it's very important. it's open almost 90 years the president has come and besides there have been many good changes. whether it's in the economy two reasons for entering and leaving the country.y f his daughter and mother and lots so he will give this speech to
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it will be targeted at the cuban-american people in the united states. thousands are gathered in st. peter's square to celebrate palm sunday mass with st. francis greatest the official start to holy weekk it commemorates the entry of jesus into jerusalem. they address the refugees flooding into europe and he compared that crisis to what happened to jesus right before hish crucifixion when they decided to say and past thehe that decision on to others the cost of the national convention is adding up the fox 8 i team investigation. what's in it for the event and how much will be spent to keep the downtown area is safe. it's a viral video that caught and national attentionit. >> the buckets try to advance in the tournament. a big day for jose ramirez and
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postseason. all that and more later in
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this wisconsin police officer is being honored by going above and beyondng the responded to a call about an out-of-control girl when they arrived there girl who
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stopop2 they decided to pay for the toy out of their own money. >> i actually got would you mind. i don't mind. he does not want to be recognized for what he did he wantsor -- when he did across the country each and every day. she was sporting her usual pink cap during a recent run-inti tickets are only for a normal looking people pitch he initially felt attacked that she is not about to change who she is. the way that i can express
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fishes to i am. the restaurant says it's a nice -- this to anybody by their stuff she said shook keep reflex heard reports out of their girl scouts to the rescue. by hand girl's mother is creditingto a scary situation on the flight to a wide.
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and erie chilling call obtained by the fox 8 i team by a killer was questioning police response time what is needed and what was
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during the upcoming big event. some. springlike temperatures making their way across northeast ohio. aj colby has the answer fox 8 news at 10:00 p.m. continues right now. >> was it off i'm about to kill them. >> what charges of way out. me and my boy got into a fight and i'm about to kill them. it's a murder in progress in the suspected killer is calling. the i team found that it took 12 minutes for police to get there. i --
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he can't hear you.enen no he can't hear you. is he a white male or blackmail. one why does all this better. he black.l it's just procedural. i have about wrapped around his neck and i am choking him. >> do think he's okay it is he needed a bills. >> i don't know what he needs. i don't care what you need police will be responding. how stupidg. you can do let him loose. no.. this went on minute after minute. the timestamp police calling for an ambulance for the first time after nine minutes. >> is he breathing. >> they come in. how long. >> i don't know if they come in from. i couldn't tell you where they come in from.
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minutese for car to become. they had wait for part -- are you letting up on the ball. no.r about a half minutes. did you hear anything coming from them. short breaths or anything like that he faces a murder charge that he had entered a not guilty guilty. we are following breaking news out of start county where authorities are investigating the death in a statement of fire technician was conducted a check of fire extinguishers and found unresponsive. he plays that i didn't have my
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will continue to bring you the latest at the fox 8 i team is looking at the cost of keeping the peace that almost never makes it news on city contracts in here they have this of security equipment from the republican national convention. hundred and 4,000 for police moment and crowd control fencing. his company us being a part of that would help our company significantly from a marketing standpoint like we were involved in this.rom where look there many more bids and services yet to come the
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choosing c from the bits that have been open. it's a place for anyone in need tone get a meal and they need your help. their hunger center is gearing up for easter sunday with a plan to serve about 10,000 people. i do need people who are willing
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wherever they may be shoot in the morning hours the flip-flop shifts this weekend seminaries pickeded that spring on the horizon.
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anyway here's storm fox and the snow is still flying there are flurries downh here in the canton area's town to go for new philadelphia. everyone else's not say that skies are actually trying to clear a little bititne were they saw sunshine today ander that's very slowly but getting here. showers and snow this is going to be a travel headache t especially boston but for us being a flurry in the morning pet said. there's a very weak) that settling south north and west as ceric now that could make its way in both expected to spend off up here in nebraska.
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2:00 p.m. this is going to prove interesting.go it takes off and heads over to chicago watches with intermediate through friday. followed by cold air. let's back up this is wednesday at 2:00. i want to show you what thet difference is going to be to the warm front into the south. temperatures may be at the lake shortth over lake erie in the 40s.s. this is wednesday afternoon 50s to the south and as we head to the southa depending on where this sets up will be wednesday high temperatures you see theer temperatures 40s and 50s downstate maybe even flirting with 70.s mid- '20s tonight still went
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partly cloudy and press. a few flakes possible for this weather system here it's going to lift out and we're going to see things form a little bit as well. we are in an march. i will take it. downtown clinton is getting a facelift here tonighta the changes coming to the rock call and they cute ahead of this summer's national convention. this photo went viral after a
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kids how to apologizing to him
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set the proposed addition for the roof of the cute the cleveland cavaliers asking the city tohe approve the installation of the huge banner promoting quicken loans arena which can be seen from above. they hope that if approved in time the lighted sign could be completed by may in time for the nba eastern conference and the republican national convention mey it would be permanently displayed in aerial shots during both events. anything they can do to promote downtown cleveland is going to be beneficial they give the final approval for the first part of it multi-ap case improvement the project will enhance the front plaza with plans of having a completed in
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that's the front entrance. that there was food for them to enjoy. that they can really enjoy not just the rock 'n roll hall of fame we live on this great lake we want to take advantage of they get people to gather. rock call officials said pitts improvement have the funds for several years they say the arrival of the rnc gives them a concrete deadline to me. and for days we want to prevent our best face. we went to show the world with cleveland has to offer. we're looking to do this ahead ofth that for us it's about the summer season, because seven people are out and about. kevin freeman, fox 8 news. >> by the recovered the city planning commission approved the changes to the rock call and they cute on friday. at the spring break story one woman never expected she would
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it gets you and i put it off under the
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alaska air says they are chain for this type of his there's very little concerned a colorado mother is thinking the girl scouts for helping to save her daughter say she was painfully shy his rejoining hurt troops they would not have been able to call 911 when her mother was ad diabetic had a medical
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i heard her fall out of her bed. this will not be sold to the highest bidder the auction house this nine and a half caribou devon it was a gift from her father when she was 12 pitch is scheduled to be auction on april 19 it's estimated you get 25-$35 million. if the photo that gained national attention and touched millions of hearts the grandfather sad after he stood up fornd dinner. how his grandchildren are reportedly going to make it up for him. ceric michael brantley has a big
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always place at a different level come postseason time. perhaps his teammates will do the same. ceric you would like to be playing extremely wellul it's not that you just work your habits ando work with these been doing over the season. w but how is not after the game the past five years. and then i cap tournament at
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lost to columbus. they lead by one at the half. of 5-foot 9-inchby sophomore. he thought throws out a left-handed dunk and that was the only highlight it was all florida. they advanced to the next round. fourteen days until the home opener this time with a run around base. tj house one for any his jacket to as the indians the seattle 3-1. so much for michael brantley easing his way into the debut last night against the chicago
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night's gameme is officially back. they also has an outfield assists he did not played today busy is expected to be in the lineup tomorrow. the amount of work he's done has been so much it's going to be surprised if there are some though be off next week to see
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very busy night. a final look at our forecast ast chilly start in the mid- 20s you0 need a jacket near 40 tomorrow that's the coolest we was see and a while. here's that eight-day forecast there's still a 60 there. chilling down for a day. that nice for easter weekend. isn't that nice. the cavaliers are in town. that nuggets are in town. out in john is there on tuesday it gets better throughout the week. the rizzo show is next will be
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cavaliers getting ready for the playoffs we don't know what they're getting ready for fox 8 presents that rizzo show and not your host, tony rizzo. hang onto years see it's march madness.


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