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tv   Fox 8 News at 4PM  FOX  March 22, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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subway station close to a number ofof european union offices, both attacks at peak morning hours. >> belgium's federal prosecutor says the two men in black, and we're responsible for the suicide attack at the airport, officials are searching for the man in white as a suspect, just four days after the rest of the last suspect sought in november 's paris attacks,th noting it is still very early, belgian security forces told cnn it is their working assumption that the network that carried out the bus attack, it's the same thatt attacked paris, president obama address the situation at the top of remarks in havana. >> do whatever is necessary to support our friend and ally belgium to bring to justice those responsible.od >> in the united states there is
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security and transportation hubs like at washington chicago los angeles, karin caifa fox 8 news. >> there is increased security has some of the major airports and train stations, ande northeast ohio public transit is stepping up security. >> pantomiming at hopkins joins us.. >> the airport in director director ramped up press conference and said that>> hopkins has increased securityth resulting from the brussels attack shooting officer k9 to the public areass homeland security says passengers playh a key role, if you see something, say something., >> seems that her indulgent and us passengers on high alert. >> is just a fear of the unknown
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closerrk it is for a reason to. >> it has a little trouble this morning i decided to close> the app and not necessarily read about it knowing that i was going to travel the next four hours. >> those at hopkins put our faith and in tsa, and handles all security yawned the checkpoints the city response for everything else, checking, baggage claim and drop off various. >> there has been a heightened number of uniformed officers in public areasas on roadways and the ticketing and baggage claim levels in the tsa, and has employed a number of strategies to minimize any riskst. >> said they say that they have noticed more police presence. >> has seen an increase today i saw some officers, outside and i saw some dog sniffing carsou.
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for anything important make sure to be safe myself and those around meor . >> rta is increasing police visibility, andnd when you see something that is happening around the world it is concerned . >> he says the transit police have 104 full-time officers and eight canine bomb detecting teams on patrol. >> that makes you a little bit more aware to concentrate on your surroundings,estt on a daily basis our officers are out there . >> onboard cameras are deterrent rta relies on passengers to report anything unusual including unattended bags . >> the passing of anybody with the system should look like. >> you can download the rta special add to your you can send in a tip anonymously to the transit police oran call them at
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there are 800 security personnel at hopkins on any given day, and so those resources are being shifted to the public areas.d >> happened it happened at the departure terminal the most vulnerable part of the airport, i cannott can only imagine that it just helps to know that there are that manyte security forces there to keep people safe. >> it is possible, a couple of officers behind the camera so he travels at hopkins i noticed the difference i think many people as well . so some reassurancen people say they said they felt confident in the police and tsa at the airportayfe. >> the bombings in brussels
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on the in their hotel room at the time, they arrived in brussels about five days ago for a two-week study program scheduled to leave for luxembourg tomorrow , include their trip in paris we are told they were not close to where the attacks took place, they were not impacted by themey have had had the chance to jk with their families and their professorth, donald williams who is familiar with brussels and message that everybody is okay, the university says they went there without any indication that there could be trouble in the
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sure that there was anxiety as i haveo anxiety because my students are over there, so there is no question that you cannot eliminate the anxiety butut all of information i have seen from the professor calling over this morning and from the students who contactedhe their parents, which i was not personnel but they said, i think they are holding up very well and probably better than i would predictably as an undergraduate stud train stations in brussels are now reported to be open, they may now ben heading
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said the fox 8 news as we continue to bring you the latest from belgium,nt we will bring you any new updates here on fox 8- cam at fox >> jose two teenagers who have been creating a wave of terror are in custody,.rsc >> arrested after standoff on the side this morning, as peggy gallek here with more. >> police say they have been looking for the two, 16 -year-oldsolhe for a while and are glad there are handlebars . >> they have been creating a wave of terror in the fourth district, stealing cars stealing cars everyday. >> lieutenant weather scene 4th district talks about two,e 60 suspects arrested tuesday after a standoff in the parking lot
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>> standoff happened around 830 tuesday after ambulance workers were called to the same because two males were spotted inside the car and appeared unresponsive.sawoe >> police say the two juveniles were wanted for questioning in connection with numerous aggravated robberies of cars that have happened in cleveland as well as other nearby communities . when police arrived, theyic attempted to wake the males but got no response, a few minutes later the swat team arrived which shocked many who live nearbyby. >> i've just been sitting here, the czech away, never saw anything like that. >> swat team then surrounded the area. >> polythene rather have one of the individuals said that her son was in the car and that
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was a very dangerous individual. >> a short time later the juveniles surrendered. >> there was no resistance . a they came out peacefully, they saw thatme the jig was up. >> there are expected in court several othera police departments including maple heights want to talk to them. ghost riders taking the stand outside of cleveland heights high school over teacher cuts, dozens ofc teachers in the cleveland heights, university heights school district will be
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year, inn their blaming declining enrollment to say since thousand seven the district has lostn 900 students and expect 800 more to leave over the next 10 years.ex >> city council, over a mission fax proposing 3 percent tax on things like events at the hockey arena movie theaters in anywhere to pay fort admittance, educational, charitable and religious organizations were exempted, they hope that it would generate about $100,000 each year for the general fundad. could we see snowfall in the forecast? >> melissa mack is standing by, is it true?
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that it does not last long and not expecting accumulation . but you do not think so with mid to upper 50s and some 60s . insert testing up to 40 mph in just transport the outer conditions here were some of them from stall to the north and are in the water sector, watch a few of the showers that break off heading into the snowbelt tonight there could be a brief sprinkle but most of it is staying north . it could scam its way in here, tonight mostly cloudy and tomorrow, i thank you could see a few sprinklesi in the
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tomorrow near 60, with raindrops possible to the north, talk about the snowflakes coming to. judge in a hit-skip that left a mother of four dead. >> jennifer jordan is here. >> they say that nicholas cantie had been drinking before the crash last augustyla driving about 70 -- 75 when he ran a red light on the wade park avenue striking a pedestrian and then into a van and took off on foot, she was killed in the crash today he was sentencedin to 10 years prison time, the yankee learned that he was driving with a suspended licensern and had already been convicted five times for driving with a suspended license once forn with no license and once for
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hit-skip . >> before sentencing the judge told him that this was no accident,t, family members tell us that they believe that he deserved more time behind bars.el
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we have wind gusts up to 40 mph.
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i got caught garbage yesterday the empty garbage cans began moving so i got that into the garage it is a beauty out there .emo a few more clouds it is now overcast but not raining . we have temperatures above normal, upper 50s, looking at the wind gusts between 35 and 40 . these are southwest wind's brain is warmer temperatures . well a few of the showers . to ho creep into the snowbelt and you could get a rain raindrops were
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pressure responsible to keep it for, area low pressure will move in here from colorado . it will spread west to east on thursday with showersto, there are areas of storm warnings and watches, wyoming -- colorado, the central plains into minnesota, wisconsin , michigan . if you want snowfall, that friend is not close enough we are south of it .we tomorrow, slim chance of a raindropsl to the north . it is fraught moved further south and east it could get very cold
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loads that 50s tomorrow bloom timeha and then cooler at the lakeshore . tonight mostly cloudy . thursday , scattered rain with a cold front that one, with temperatures dropping with some snowflakes possible friday morning . tonight mid- 40s clouded, tomorrow, 50s and then some 60 s south, the chance of a
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been switching over to rain or snow early friday, 6060 for the weekend . there is a shower possible sunday afternoon . >> the battle between the fbi
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toronto mayor rob ford died after fighting a rare form of cancer . he started
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elected mayor in 2010 and 213 and a video surfaced with what appeared to be him smoking crack cocaine denied any wrongdoing andeo that more calls for resignation, n he later told reporters that he probably spoke the drug at some point, he refuses to the site even after he was stripped of most of his powers..te >> the fbi may no longer need apples out out to crack a cherished iphone, according or that waskk to have the date was postponed,to a court hearing that were supposed to happen today they say that an outside party has shown the fbian a method to access method to access it is not known who that is. >> in california, foster families devastated after a six-year-old girl>rn that had been cared for was removed from their home,h lexi had been living with the family for four years, monday children family services remove her from the home because of a court orderchs and deals with the indian child welfare act
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american children, she is part native american and even though her biological parents relinquished custody years ago, her extended family in utah has been fighting for custody. >> she's the happiest show that you will ever meet today, she wants to do the month last month at school for how caring she is for people and people don't return the >> the county of la always talks about how important is to maintain consistency and permanence for children, yet they violate that in its gut wrenching. >> they've been trying to adopt her over the past several years. >> the death of a mother is not easy but for a a new york family , a mix i made it a you know where situation, dodging the donald died of lung cancer
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open casket service some came as far away as australia, turns out the funeral home sent the wrong woman's body to the service and then eventually to be cremated. >> palace overlooking a wall of my son said, that don't look likekemy grandma and i realized afterwards because it will look so much like my motherd , figured after solana the hospital that the estate for cancer it would actually change you that your appearance would change that she would look totally different. >> the funeral home is reimbursing the family, to state two state agencies are now launching an investigation.te >> the quick thinking of two gas station clerk's' in ohio is so produced out armed robbers in be their tracks they have the disguises and a gun the gun but these two men don't have a key figure in the second time, clark
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army could get inside, he knew something was not right especially after a similar situation happened down the road last >> looking at them eyeball to eyeball . what was that like ? >> it was scary because yet again. >> because of the lockout bandits they want people to share photos on their social media page to help track them
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we are talking about the weather, once again
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everyday we get something different and what is in store for us next? >> there is always the weather to talk about . the land is really increasing from the south and west today . it is bringing us the warm temperatures . most of us upper 50s and some low '60s . sustained winds between 15 and 20 in gusting up to 40,
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. overall, we will stay mostly cloudy . tonight mid- 40s, cloudy and the same deal tomorrow . warmer to the south, in the 60s as their front is really close . overall, highs in the mid to upper 50s . >> follows out the details out ofof belgium after the terror attack , jennifer jordan is here. >> belgian officials searched a home in nearby neighborhood discovered an explosive device , among other things officials say they also found chemical
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flag . isis has claimed responsibility, belgian federal prosecutors say that information needs to be verified i . more than 30 were killed and 190 wounded in the two bombings at the airport and thereby simply states that .. fox 2 news reported nine americans, are among the injured, two suicide bombers were killed when the authorities are now looking for a third man who acted as the guide airport security has been increased across europeas the prime minister says the country is increasing security at the borders . >> budget crisis in battle over where the money should come from the disputeeb brings out out a sea of blue and lorain, suzanne
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forces are upset. >> they're the first people called in a crisiss, and also at the top of the list for budget cuts, proposed by mayor chase ritenauerp in lorain. >> the chief cuts center $50,000 from the budget. >> creating dangerous situations says the local sop president. >> we had an increase in shootings and the heroin epidemic is out of control. >> at the same time, the city is taking a economic hit losing hundreds of steel industry jobs and need about three half-million dollars to balance the budget n by march 31 as mandated by the state. >> i look at it as trying to be pragmatic, 26 votes to do anything what we can do to move the needle to get the budget balanced. >> administration suggesting police and firefighters retire at 50 with or without the page,aa
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agendaa for monday's council meeting after backlash from safety forces forces who showed up in force. >> firefighters union president says they're willing to work with the cityr at if the city does the same. >> the mayor says that was just an idea and they're open to other ideas, some council members say w w they will try until the clock runs out. >> who will start from the top down look at wages and date ranges and the right size them for the economic conditions. >> point i'll i'll firefighters and police and putting the city and jeopardy is not the best way to cut the budget.utdg >> suzanne stratford fox 8 news. >> rta hearing from the public as they propose options to close a 7 million-dollar cab, a public meeting will be held in maple heights
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raising fares were training services to the the budget shortfall, the fares have not increased in seven years.t >> every cut is important, for some of your viewers, cutting a bus route is like taking away their carar so it can be very serious they cannot get to work or to school it is a personal issue,crir so these routes have low riderships to cost about $50,000. >> the changes are likely to go into effect until august or september. >> the team of smart students at university of akron came up with an innovation that was just one of the best new ideas in the worldee . >> jack shea spoke with members of the team and joins us. >> the idea is to use bricks have foundi to grow plants and to build housing for the less fortunate.w
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has to do is to plant the seed into theseh premade polls and then just have water it once or twice a weekend if you can see it absorbs all the water. >> the team of students believes that these blocks of phone can help solve some of the problems facing the poor as a population continues to grow .s a lack of adequate food shelter in income . they can be recycled as building materials project was response to a challenge by former president bill clinton for the annualal pulitzer prize conversation 300 universities worldwide competed, at a ratio competition and divide the mercy of atkinson finished in the top six make in their concept one of thehe 30 best new ideas in the world.0 >> is motivating it empowers you that we can do this that anybody
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to take it all the way. >> in a way to get back to the world and to not just with her but to make tomorrow better than today for many people around the world. >> the competition is not over for this team from akron they for a spot on the world finals to be held in september.n >> the new year ushers in a new theater season for playhouse square, tonight's playhouse square will announce which shows will come to cleveland for thep broadway series the shows will stay in cleveland for three weeks making for a total of 24 performances, playhouse square is committed to bringingl4 the top shows to the area for the cleveland fans that love theater
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record-breaking 32,000 season-ticket holders, higher than any theater the nation . you just might bump into me down there tonight i can't miss this exciting event, i happen to know the list of musicals andte plays i think the crowds that is going to be extremely excited . we will be airing a full hour long show duringng new day cleveland tomorrow morning for those who will not be there tonight so you'll get to see the complete
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good weather for easter weekend. >> with temperatures in the 60s ,, trying to stretch this . you're going to love the sunshineo although it is cloudy . with war clouds from the front is producing rape in snow in
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. 60 degrees cleveland, into 73 in st. louis, you can see, the front is clipping ashtabula county with a brief shower, high pressure mostly keeps the broadway program the low pressure area that is is developing with a cold front attached is the front that will come through . bring us
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. early friday . tonight cloudy, tomorrow but the 50s . . the little warmer 60s to the south mostly cloudy wind flow from the southwest and then on friday, the snowflakes and rain go away .. on saturday, for easter sunday, i think the first half of the day will be tried,tt with a few showers and the afternoon . back to some rain tuesday, the first week of spring . georgia teenager he called is called a hero after
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>> because he knew cpr the girl became unresponsive on the school bus her brother ishmael and a friend were alerted by the bus driver so he checked with her vitals, that's when his cpr training kicked in he had learned in school never thought g that he would use it on his sister on board a bus with the help of his friend he was able to save her life.tlpfe >> i started doing cpr . my friend helps and we were taking >> i'm happy that she is here today . >> she made a recovery and is starting back at school, georgia is one of several states requiring students to take cpr
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>> upon a shared by a sheriff's sheriff's department emeril is getting attention. a >> pleas for calm after an 81 -year-old woman with dementia was reported missing, after 40 minutes they located her alone a walking trail, she was confused asking of the deputies were out walking,, they said that it was a beautiful day,. >> also morrison, picture by the hand and kept her company, helping her to get home safely, but for us as officers encounter different situations each day and this was one of the rewards of police work.oo it's march, the rg3 fascination continues for the browns. >> cavaliers tried to grab of of the attack with the players on
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>> robert griffinn iii j is a changed man according to hue jackson as he said at the nfl owners meeting inhe awkward tom gordon jackson said rg3, was humbled by not playing last year and he knows there's a lot a work to get to where he was,kn and the brines cite rg3 ? nobody says for sure but it seems like jackson would like to have him here, and acknowledging there is a risk that he could sign elsewheremhe . on monday, people wonder why lebron james unfollowed of the the cavaliers on twitter but the bigger story is what they will try to accomplish ig towards the second season the playoffs, lebron james posted his 41st triple-double on monday, so common as you try to lock into force the playoffs getting ay extractions like twitter out of
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to cover myself mentally, so just to be more single-minded . the plants around the corner and is going to be challenging.a >> the cavaliers hosting milwaukee on wednesday, it has been going down to 7:00 p.m. and is no longer on espn will be on fox sports ohio the usual home of the cavaliers. >> are you confident that they can play that way in the playoffs? >> how well they do defensively i think i saw some ways to increase development that they still have a ways to go to have to really sharpen up the defense . you cannot just flip the switch as the playoffs approach
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habits in practice and etc. so we see what happens, by the way i am unfollowed fox 8 news. >> don't you dare you're not allowed to.. >> how many is too many returns
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following. >> you can find in any product with fast shipping and easy returns, the company under fire forst reportedly been in banning the customer for returning too many itemsin , greg nelson says his account was canceled after returning 37 ofon 343 items purchased on amazon he claims that they were all justified. >> is a uk allows customers to return items within 30 days but when i say many are too many, amazon has not responded to his
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isis claim responsibility for the rash of attacks at an the airport and metro station in brusselsanh so far that they have claimed his allies injured scoresso. >> tonight which are asking to identify the suspects . leland vittert has the latest. >> the real fear continues to be of more attacks as the city is opening up as they are just now getting the mass transit up and
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. just hours after two explosions at brussels airport and ael third bomb at a nearby metro station the police releasedthet this image caught on camera inside the brussels airport that shows three men, to bring gloves on their left-hand lead to be connected to this morning's attack. please have at least one and detonate suicide vest at the airports and looking in a suitcase bomb was packed with nails, they targetede areas before the checkpoint prompting us airport in rail stations to re-examine security even though


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