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tv   Fox 8 News at 10PM  FOX  March 23, 2016 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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k-y touch. human remains found in rural lorain county.
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>> . investigators just cleared the scene here. about 15 minutes ago. we are in southern lorain county. about five or ten miles south of wellington. hunting ton township. route 58 behind us. we're south of route 162. we have some video from when we first arrived here. police wouldn't allow us to get very close to the scene. this is about what we can show you. now the sheriff department didn't give us any information on scene. but the i team has learned a body was found along route 58. here in hunting ton township. we're told it appears that body has been here for quite a long time. exactly how long, we do not know. we understand that investigators are still trying to figure out
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whether it was male or female. from second time in 4 months. radical islamic have come to a major europeen capitol. >> isis claiming responsibility for the attacks in belgium. where the death toll has risen to 34.
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bombs exploded this morning. the city airport. and at a metro station. dozens of people are injured including at least nine americans. as police work to identify the suspects. law enforcement agencies around the world are working together. to ensure there are no other terror related threats. >> . president obama speaking about the attacks today. as he closeed out his visit to cuba. >> . vigils are being held around the world tonight. >> in new york city. one world trade center is lit up. >> a group loaf kal college students and a couple of young entrepreneurs were in belgium. during the terror attacks. >> latest on their status. including an interview.
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incredibly as you might imagine. right after this happened. it was chaotic. there was a difficult time with people connecting with their loves ones back through the united states. >> close friend barely escaped injury at the airport. example. come down and she saw people actually really hurt.
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>> hours later. they're still trying to make sense of it all. for the past 4 years. fortunately. they were at the hotel. during the attack. and no one was hurt. all very sad for the victims. refusing to let terrorists terrorize them anymore. >> these things can happen any where. >> . so. should you lock yourself in the closet. or experience life.
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>> . so there's the thought tonight. they expect to return to the states in about a month. the kent state students are hoping to move to luxembourg next. and paris. avoiding public trapgs if possible on the way. >> you will see as a result of this incident. there has been a heightened number of uniform officers. in the public areas. on the roadways and on the ticketing and baggage claim levels. and the tsa also employed a number of strategies. to try and min minimize any risk. >> i have seen an increase in
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security today. i saw some police officers. actually there were several outside. and i also saw some dogs. sniffing the cars and sniffing my son. >> intestinal disease is prompting a local school district to close two days early for spring break. >> the story tonight. they just don't want to take any chances. >> that's exactly right. the schools are being extra cautious here. taking care of students and staff. two students had been diagnosed with an intestinal disease.
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district is canceling classes. elementary and jr. high. high school building. for the next two days. had had administrators had a meeting tonight ex-planing the process to parents -fpt the district also sent out a letter detailing the reasons. characterized by diarrhea. fever. stomach cramps. the district is going above and beyond with cleaning and dis-infecting. but they decided given the normal duration of the disease it's best to shut down early. which lasts through next week. five hundred students are in the district. superintendent explained why schools are closing. with just two confirmed case kas. >> we talked about that. again it was if we were going to be pro-active. yes. at this point with two confirmed and five pending. if it was going to carry itself out this was the best move to make. >> it normally effects younger
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kids. the main concern is dehydration. contamination food and water can cause it. spread through direct person to person contact. >> the timing works out right. >> . a violent store robbery and shooting capture on video. tonight, police hope it can help track down the suspects. one person shot. and investigators want to stop the 3 before anyone else gets hurt.
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>> the first one asks about the cost of a hover board on display. then. they make their intentions clear. >> give me everything. >> . there was a handgun drawn. but the suspect put his head down for a split second. grabbed the gun. aimed it right at hem. >> . they demand money from a customer. but the armed clerk orders the robbers to get out. >> . my employee demanded the suspect to drop the customers money on the floor. that he just took. the guy throws a couple dollars on the ground. he didn't get the full money. >> after full -bl to unlock the door the men run out. the clerk goes after them. fearing they may try to rob another family business next door. the video shows a toddler briefly walks onto the sidewalk. but goes back inside. moments before one of the suspects returns. and opens fire.
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>> . he came back. and he started firing shots. striking a vehicle. arm. >> cleveland police release these close up still photographs. hoping that someone recognizes one or all of the suspects. helping officers get them off the street. >> you're going to lose your life over ten, 15 dollars. for nothing. >> . 5 hundred dollar reward for anyone who can bring the 3 to justice. anyone with information should also contact cleveland police. >> . new at ten. former commissioner jimmy dimora is on the move. he is now serving time at the correctional institution in west virginia. medium security. a nearby minimum security satellite camp. when he was sentenced he was
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sent to another facility in west virginia. then moved to a california prison. he's serving 28 years for corruption.
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it was a crispy start this morning. but we saw the temperatures come up. and we had just enough holes in the over cast. for a very pretty sunset. tonight. we're going to be looking at essentially that from middle
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field airport. up state new york. and ontario. in the meantime we are in the warm side of the front. the high today. 62. the low 31. and that's a huge temperature spread. thanks to the high pressure this morning. and then the sunshine. and the southwest winds. this afternoon. look at temperature increase compared to yesterday. 25 degrees. that means tonight will not be as chilly. it will be cloudy. but quiet. and then tomorrow, variable clouds. with some sunny splashes. just like today. high of 58. again. very similar to today's temperature profile. >> heart stopping news for a
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of course. the contest is being held in the shadow of a terror attack in belgium. earlier today the candidates talk about the bombings. and their after math. >> trump called for a temporary ban on muslims coming to the u.s. >> . a baseball game. the president and his cuban counter parts were in the stands as the rays battled the cuban
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it was the first visit to cuba by a major league baseball team. since 1999. earlier in the day, mr. obama met with cuban activists and continued his call for greater democracy on the island. >> . five days a week. starting in 2017.
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she's not afraid to give her opinion. >> . keeping cleveland safe. during the rnc. >> what are the cities plans to bring in outside security help. the i team goes looking for answers.
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answering one of the biggest questions about security. for the republican national convention. coming to cleveland. >> what's going on with the city's plans to bring in outside cops to help. >> i team reporter with more. >> . police put to the test during this recent trump campaign rally. so we did some digging to find out what's really going on with cleveland's plans to bring in up to five thousand outside officers. during the republican national convention. inside nick's sports corner. steps from the q. uncertainty. >> so many questions about security here. for the convention. but cleveland city hall not talking. so the i team investigating. >> we called or sent e-mails to nearly two dozen police agencies. some local. some around the country.
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same question. will you be sending people here this summer. to help protect our streets. >> . in ohio. columbus police say. they'll send people. dayton too. but toledo and youngstown no. cincinnati didn't respond. >> . parma undecided. >> . cleveland's police union leader. concerned about what he says officers have heard from the feds about staffing. >> the city's numbers aren't
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instructors are telling us we need. >> privately. those close to the security organizing not worried. in fact. confident. counting on it. >> . this is one of the once in a lifetime opportunities. that cleveland has.
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one local man is learning how
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social media and other technology can help over come the anxiety. >> . i was scared for them. >> he waits to news of a terrorist attack. at the airport. where his cousins daughter-in-law travels every day. to her office. >> . ten dead. a hundred wounded. in that location alone. >> . where is she in all of this. >> they live and work all around the area. who knows what could have happened. >> contacting the group by skype is impossible. we try for nearly an hour. but get nowhere. >> there's no connection. being made. >> sending sp receiving texts seems to work. it's how tom learns on this day,
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his cousin's wife doesn't go to work. >> she's come town with the flu. >> they were shooting messages this way. we're okay. everybody is safe. >> he can hear the voice of his loved ones. smiling faces confirmation they are indeed out of harms way. at least for the moment. they admit they're afraid. local news reports say 3 to 4 terrorists maybe more have escaped the area. >> will you be staying in your homes and not going to. >> staying in the homes. >> . good spirits are comforting. they had pizza for lunch. but they know their world is changing. and not for the better. >> what is the government going
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>> stay with us for continuing coverage on the situation. we will bring you any new updates right here and of course >> . two teenagers accused of going on a crime spree. now in custody after being arrested following a stand off. on the city east side. now a lieutenant with cleveland fourth district telling us that two, 16 year-olds. who were arrested this morning after brief stand off in the parking lot. off lee road. they were wanted for questioning. in connection with with several car robberies. a stand off happened after ems workers spotted a gun on the lap of one of the juveniles and called police. >> . they have just been creating the wave of terror in the district. stealing cars every day. so. now there are two juveniles in custody. both had loaded firearms on them.
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>> two are expected tph-d court soon. several other police departments also want to talk with the teens. >> . now we're looking at more of tonight's top stories. government scientists say the state of ohio must do more to prevent fete tphol death. last year ohio had more than >> . local high school. they are taking the stand against proposed cuts in the cleveland heights university heights school district. dozens of teachers could be let go. enrollment. >> . voted down a proposed admissions tax. the city mayor wanted a 3 percent tax. on the places like movie theaters. and in order to generate an extra one huh thousand dollars
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educational chart -bl and exempt. >> . big night for play house square. they ub un-vail the 20162017 key bank broad way series. >> . kick off with 2015 tony award winning musical fun home. also on the bill. the smash hit finding never
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>> today's sky was one. here it tonight's sunset. at pwerbg lake front airport. you can see just enough clouds. just enough holes in the clouds i should say, to provide that beautiful backdrop. for the cloud deck. and we'll talk more about this cloud deck. here in just a little bit. i hope you took the time to look up. because the clouds were truly fascinating. let's pick up the action. after sun down. from the five mile crib. and you can see the clouds. on the nighttime image. going by. but there's no rain. no snow. did i just say snow. heaven forbid. especially with current temperatures near 60. but.
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in the 8 day. twice. we'll show you where. just a second. we started with bright sunshine. the then, the patchy clouds arrive. and it's what we call a middle deck. and let's take a closer look. and this is an image that was taken. snapped about 2:30 this afternoon. from may field heights. i have it up on the forecast discussion middle page. if you want to see it. called al to stratus. the prefix which means higher. typically the stratus cloud is low and rainy. alto infers it's a higher deck. sure enough there were between
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>> they'll be settling back between five and 15. we're going to stay on the warm side of the front. northeast winds here. south winds. and the south winds will win the battle i think. 49 the over night low. variablely cloudy. sunny. a lot like today. 58. could touch 60. especially where the sun comes out again tomorrow. the stationary front may try. that's a keyword. you can see some of the little green. may try to produce a rain shower. or two. especially north. but then here comes the cool down. on friday. notice the weather warms right back up. just beyond friday. unfortunately if it gets cool enough. under the right circumstances. we might end up going from showers and thunder storms thursday.
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morning. right now, easter weekend looking okay. 58. and 60. next shower may arrive late easter sunday night. or monday. >> . or snow showers perhaps on >> up and down. >> . at least we have some ups. weekend looks good.
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flowers statues. all personal items. meant to memorialize life. piled up in a dumpster. the cemetery says they gave them plenty of notice. and the family says notice or not. what they are doing is wrong. >> she just recently passed. >> as she drove through the mansfield cemetery. monday.
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she noticed, the spray of flowers above her hoer in laws headstone was missing. >> my first reaction. someone took it. but i looked around the cemetery. and i notice there were no flowers. no nothing. >> that's when she saw it. a dumpster at the back of the sec cemetery. filled with flowers. statues and personal items. >> i was heartbroken. i didn't know that hi did this. >> . we do spring clean up once a year. we try to do it in march. >> according to to susan. the cemetery administrator.
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>> march 1 a reminder day for spring clean up. meanwhile. they think policy should be rewritten to clarify what is to
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be removed. >> . still to come. a dangerous game turns deadly. >> .
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r west virginia state police say a 15 year-old boy was killed while playing a game of dodging arrows. tph fgts tors say he was playing the game over the weekend. with friends. when he was hit in the head. by an arrow. the boy was pronounced dead at the hospital.
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>> . police are worbing with the friends could face juvenile charges of negligent homicide or involuntary manslaughter. >> quick thinking man springs into action. on board a la train. after a passenger gets out of control. cell phone video capturing the whole thing. the aggressive rider ripped off his shirt. and was yelling at other passengers and threatening them. >> he was later arrested for allegedly being under the
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>> . la police. a man dropped a 13 foot python on the floor of a sushi restaurant. the bizarre scene sunday night. the man had argued with an employee. who refused to allow him inside the because he was carrying the snake. 4 foot long snake. he stormed out. when he returned a short time later. this time with a giant python. police say he threw it into the dining room and walked out. the man was arrested a short time later. python was taken by animal control.
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>> not the typical trip to the dentist. >> a goldfish. braces. but why. inside the bizarre procedure and it's not so small price tag.
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best story of the night. life. all thanks to an unusual procedure at a vet clinic. >> mr. hot wing.
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showing off his new fish braces. the so called braces rebuttal aren't the kind you're familiar with. he is having trouble breathing. and eating because he was born without a lower jawbone. and his mouth couldn't stay open. doctors did surgery. crafted this brace. from a piece of credit card. to allow his mouth so stay open. it costs his own owner about a 150 dollars. >> maybe a changed man and humbled. it's not certain if the team is going to try to sign. also word is another team. perhaps denver. trying to make a move. jackson says griffin would have to be okay with the team taking the kwaerter back high in the draft. cream rises to the top. now. jackson knows about
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and fears the most pro-ready of the top prospects. jackson says he has poise and when talking to reporters this morning. at the owners meetings. he talked of the young quarter back. needing to be calm. when all else is going crazy arpbdz him. >> around him.
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today the ravens head coach revealed they have been unofficial agreement with former browns back. trent richardson. the former first round pick of the browns. who also played for the colts. he has 46 games under his belt. 3.3 yards per carry. >> . lebron james has been part of 8 straight division championships. the wine and gold got thaoeur second in a row on monday night. we know that. and today was back at work for the cavs. as the bucks are in town wednesday night. >> he knows they can improve. he also knows it takes a combined work.
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>> president obama and first lady watching the rays play the cuban national team today in havana. rays got the better part of the home team. >> . final look at the forecast. what will it be light mild too. we'll have an over night low. near 50. tomorrow up to 58 degrees. variablely cloudy. but a strong chance of showers. thunder storms. by thursday. >> appreciate your time here.
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