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tv   Fox 8 News at 5PM  FOX  August 11, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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it goes all the way down to heading east at 25 mph. it will be newburgh heights about one minute and maple heights at 5:15 p.m. and shaker heightsts 5:18 p.m. and warrensville heights also 5:18 p.m. this is part of the structure of the shelf cloud. the inflow was coming up in over the outflow. the outflow is it looks like
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that we can tell. anticipating that willis arrived she will get aa brain and potential of winds of two 60 and penny sized hail. there was the hail core. from cleveland and to the point.south of the east at about 25 looking at the broader perspective. this is one of many cells around the area today. the only one that is severe is at cuyahoga county. moving east at about 25 mph. you can see other cells in the area. now there is enough space between these that if you are away from one you can
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take some photos, but not while the store is occurring. here it is and the bigger perspective, as we widen out the view looking at their frontigt way out west has very little to do with the thunderstorms developing her now.s eventually, that front will be a more organized band of showers/storms. talked about that yest the front that would, have the potential of more widespread rainfall saturday. then back to the radar. it is bringing heavy rainfall to downtown cleveland extending into parmamaai those of you in strongsville,e, north
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going to brecksville, you can probably see the shelf cloud. if you are in euclid, or i mentor or kirtland. looking east-southeast you may see the shelf cloud lolled the leading edge of the system. looking at some lightning, but first looking at another velocity scan. we are looking at to the thunderstorm. these right here, are predicted to be up to 60 mph range. right now i see about 45 and maybe 50 mph in some places. looking at the lightning, it is aa fairly electrical system. currently
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lightning strikes. rather compact system but it does have a wallop. looking at the trees outside of the studio, looks like were getting some wind gusts ofloke 20 or 30 mph with rain just beginning here at east 50 5th street that means that downtown cleveland getting some pretty good rainfall along with frequent cloud to ground strikes, severe thunderstorm in effect for cuyahoga e , ty intel 5:15 p.m. that will be moving east. those of you in places liketh mayfield heights, lyndhurst, euclid, highland heights. be on the lookout, it will be arrivingon in your area and aboutin 15 minutes or so. we will continue to monitor and break-in if needed. >> ilnd receiving some damage reports. >> roosevelt leftwich joins us on the phone
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storms on the lecture we see downed trees. time of those dark clouds i came up quick one minute it was sunshine then the next minute we got very dark clouds. it has not yet rained d of b lightning. it just lights up the sky, lots of people looking for cover, driving down mayfield road into little italy, lots of people taking cover. the biggest concern is of storm damage that happened on the side tuesday. if we get more high winds, some of
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fall causing more problems. we did a story about power outages and cleveland heightsts still several thousand who do not have power, they hope to get restored today or at least early tomorrow. that will impact you love the work done because the power crews will not be working in lightning that would be conditions so that would slow down the recovery in we cleveland heights to restore power. the storms cannot haven't had a worse time for many people. >> > ad storm is fast-moving,
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at this strong cell is affecting a high density population area at rush hour. it is kind of going up things. we will continue to monitor, we have received reports of localized damagewe is not surprising because we have had quiteaa a large shelf cloud indicate the outflow would be strong. >> this is a look from our roofcam. you cannot see the city because of reduced visibility . we are shut down by the heavy rainfall and essentially the rain moving through the area.
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mph. it will be moving into eastern cuyahoga county. look at the weather computer, the lightening tracker. we had about 3200 ground lightning strikes as it works into cuyahoga county. really is a man, some of the downtown with an area there is burke lakefront airport. which is right here. many lightning strikes downtown cleveland and that will
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between cleveland man parma there are some very heavy rainfall. and some heavy rains just offshore from euclid as it moves east at about 35 mph. give you some ideas of. the cell that is starting, perhaps part of the outflow boundary in euclid. moving east at about the same speed. if you live in wickliffe. and
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and willoughby hills added 5:22 p.m. it is possible that as this moves east,, if it maintains the current strength, that would be a new thunderstorm warning issued for perhaps parts ofof lake and geauga county. there is the velocity scan=.x'm?k=.x'm?k as though there is this is much closer to the center of the rain. probably still see a shelf cloud as it moves east , very ominous clouds. that would be
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we continue to monitor to see if there are any other reports of damage. that their may have been on social s media, etc. of downed trees perhaps in rocky river also indication that some power outages etc. as roosevelt leftwich mentioned earlier. this is working east at about 25 we still have a decent amount of rain it appears as though we're starting to get some new cells open it is now approaching moreland hills.
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5:16 p.m. and 5:22 p.m. moreland hills and chagrin falls 5:27 p.m. all of these areas you can participate some gusty winds. as the storm arrives parker then widen out the view. >> you can see it is part of a, very spotty coverage. but the one storm cell erupted, to produce criteria have so be in the downtownv area so that will continue to present problems as it moves east a severe
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it is not appear that will extend these we still have another two minutes of the war until it expires, 40,000 homes without power in cuyahoga county some edgewater live has been canceled tonight . parts of ohio wednesday believed to have claimed the life of a 9-year-old boy spirittif though i was struck news family's property is dave nethers joins us from the fox 8 studio at the university of akron. iit happened in coshocton county about 80 miles south of where we ares and not far from warsaw at the time there was no rainfall. >> incoshocton county ems director todd schroyer
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horses back into a barn on the family property, firefighters with the walhonding valley fire department were on another call when it started to rain. at the moment they were dispatched to me child struck by lightning. while accounts there was a brief. of intense rainfalle the family's property may be at one of the highest elevations in the immediate areaea b it was dry and then you drove to my house there was raint we've not been been there very long ande' there were a couple of l strikes of lightning. >> we heard but not see it. >> eea there is no way to know if the elevation of the property had anything to do with thef lightning strike.
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they did everything possible to save the boy's life but there was nothing that they could do, hehe was taken to the hospital he later died. >> wpi lake state how to track down a driverer injured a wickliffe man then took offff the exit's father that right. >> victim remains hospitalized with serious injuries including several broken bones the family and police area pleading for information to lead to the person responsible. >> plpl the news that no parent wants to hear, the 27-year-old, was hit who left him for dead saturday. >> wickliffe police say and happened as he crossed drone expo drive near euclid avenue between two and
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walk home from a bar. >> > at first, i was very angry. and disappointed that someone cannot make a phone call them take responsibility. pthe impact was so forceful that it left a tire mark on hisft hands. they say he crawled to the sidewalk in front of a nearbyt gymnasium and at least four hours passedg before a woman walking her dog found him. >> e dwe feel strongly that the individual who did this with no but they did, sis you run over someone and be unaware. >> o says that he has not been able to provide clear details about a suspect or vehicle. >> blab a no stopping leaving someone and i kind of conditionin you invite more trouble yourself. >> was married just six weeks ago >> i would not wish this on anybodydy >> and now some hope for healing with a long recovery. >> > w
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>> so the driver leave? they say that car likely has front end damage, if you have information you should call the wickliffe police.y matt wright fox 8 news. >> > and asthma day at an amusement park near pittsburgh boy fell out of a roller coaster todayy at the idlewild easter park reported as a happened midpoint of the right no word on how far he fell the rider shut down while they investigate. >> rfollow part of his verticall trip yesterday and spent today we know more about suction cup steve after he wasst dragged inside of trump towers. >>
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pools are turning a mysterious color. >>
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a lot like outside it looks like some dark clouds of moodt out of the way but not enter some damage.. 54,000 homes in the area are
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andre bernier is tracking everything for us tonight this is eig and just to make people aware as power lines come down, do not touch anythingng make sure you call someone. >> the system is beginning to progress eastward. there is not much left in terms of warnings.h that's a good thing. we still have some very powerful systems, storm cells that could reduce gusty winds and frequent lightning and torrential rainfall. in a very short amount of time. this is at the inopportune time of rush-hour but at least we no longer have the severe thunderstorm warning. flood advisory remains in effect for ashtabula county coroner
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cell. is moving east so in chester lynn arriving and abouti six minutes in western lake county. arriving at mentor on the lake at 5:27 p.m. in painesville at 5:40 p.m. looking at the doppler scan. the actual
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wind. this does appear to be calming down a bit.. there is a rush of wind between 35 and 40 mph and i could certainly produce some localized damage. just be on guard, any one of these could begin to push the wind, gusting higher into the severe category, on guard as you see theseus clusters moving east. it is part of a warm humid area see how scattered they are. we have scattered showers/storms well out to the west and all-around. looking at the lightning. and then
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starting to come down a little bit but still plenty of lightning strikest in the area. on maps in motion, it shows high pressure continues to push away. there is the cold front, this weekend that will assemble all of these oles much more cohesively. instead of just a hodgepodge, it will be much more widespread saturday. it is the weekend but we need rainfalll to break the back of this moderate drought stop would you believe that the month of august is running above normal in terms of precipitation? >> al but, although that rainfall came within the last two, 2.5 days. it's much better to be spread out. we will see several more days of this culminating
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cold front move slowly through the area. next week it will cool off a little bit too near normal and then dry outut with lower dew points. the watches/warnings. there are none it is fairly quiet. the storms are moving into lake county, geauga county. some good news about lebron james signing a new deal with the cavaliers. >> nedgoing to espn has agreed to three-year,g $100 million contract. >> summit nonsense and rumors of him >> .ru. >> he is coming back.
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saint nick michael phelps, he is like a machinee, are you want to talk about any other networks or anything, but ik like the highlights, those are pretty much my update. >> in south america one of their olympic swimming pools?7? is discussed in the debt in full turning tuesday. turns out officials did
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chemicals to treat the swimming pool. yesterday the water polo swimming pool, he was swimmers , complained of eyes burning because there were trying to overcompensate theology with chlorine. health officials say that despite the color, the water is saf they have ordered more chemicals it should be elusive, elisa matches the green and the real logo ?-ellipsis like the
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so many hungry people but we throw away millions of pounds of a new app overseas tries to fix the problem. it is called to good to go, and lex and users to logon pick a restaurant and pay for the mealsan of leftove f the food at a fre designated time usually after lunch, we are closing is about $3 for a quality meal, unuseded soup, salad and veggies all healthy and safe they say that it can reduce the amount of food wasted..t united states estimates that americans waste of two 40 percent of restaurant food also gives you the option to donate a mealre to those in need for only a dollar. there is
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states but it is doingh really well in six european countries. so hopefully we'll get that here soon. >> u tg. or to come, andre has an update on the stormsm right now. >> we are tracking a
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central lake county and western geauga county and southernrne geauga county along route for 22, heavy rainfall that nothing severe, does not take away from the fact that it will be a
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a live look outside this is the storm. clouds moved oute the rain stopped for the most part and looks like rush-hour traffic has that to normalr. there were some power outages, more than 50,000 without power. >> 20 minutes ago you cannot even see downtown and now the sun came back outn. >> we will probably have a pretty decent sunset. this was localizedd is
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started putting out some wind gust and him. just a lot of wind gusts and power outages. >> we want to slow this down becausee want to see what happens. this is webcam from burke lakefront airport, premier flight academy, looking at the west end of the runway you can beginning tou move in on the left there comes the shelf cloud and rainfall.. then it is done. >> >[< is impressive, as we see the storm cell in lake and geauga county. on the radar, you can say that the cluster is
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those of you in places like chardon or about to see that.o perhaps a remnant of a very well-defined shelf cloud. but some pictures up on the fox 8 whether fanpage and fox roda lee lots of them. one of the most well photographed shelf cloud'sh it went through when everybody was goi the main front assembles more cohesively and more widespread distribution as opposed to the hodgepodgege that we currently have. seventy-six burke lakefront.
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cluster of '90s into the southern part of the state.o august, everything above normal. averaging 5.4 degrees. not a single below normal day so far. the first day of august. looks like we're in key west florida. seventy-five. key west florida nighttime low temperature. you see the thunderstorms dying downt into the nighttime. in the afternoon it fires up again with scattered distribution. the area that it is a
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still to the west on friday, we will get a hint of itit in northwest ohio moving east into the region for saturday. today a jump from 40 percent of two 8 percentof chance of storms there is a good likelihood that a lot of places will get between one and 3 inches of rainfall saturday alonew. and that will be great to put a dent into this moderate drought and then sunday it could linger and then get out of here monday then tuesday wednesday friday, with lower dew pointsri, if you like it more mild of the next week will be your focus.
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reports of some damage after the storm moved through. >> roosevelt leftwich from the east side to west side and monitoring, what can you tell us? >>it's not easy to go from the westside.n here on the shoreway. coming up on edgewater park. it is amazing how fast it has moved through.. we were on the east side and once i on mlk day was pouring heavy rainfall. once i get another mile down the road i start to see clouds breaking up. receiver reports of trees downed , rocky river, fairview park with lots of trees the ed down by fast-moving storm. it
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getting off work and there is construction on the shoreway, every route west is backed up, i-90 to dead man's curves with reports of completely backed up a couple of fender benders and up with the shoreway construction and heavy volume of people leaving work av it is a mess. the rain is gone, the traffic is still very heavy, you c of me there is lots of heavy rainfall. a lot of people to the east are still getting rainfall. o as this continues to move
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continued team coverage, matt wright has some pictures that viewers have sent of the storm system. >> ctrwere getting some impressive pictures from viewers that we posted that fox the skyline of downtown cleveland of the giant shelf cloud. also of it from lake erie. this of burke lakefront airport. alsosopo damage. after a lightning strike in north ridge road downing a tree and power outages in trees downed especially to the westside, wrestling,g, fairview park and traffic signals are out are as four-way stops. on the shoreway, as it moved through andd impressive pictures, another one of the
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it is very dark, allis crowds and is something that you are sending photos to us of the. yesterday he climbedy trump tower live. >> today he pays the price, what he is now
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beginning with, two people dead after a massive explosion fire at a maryland apartment building and quickly spread midnight injuring
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three firefighters were among thoseh taken to the hospital for treatment there still searching people in the rubble. >> othe man climbing trump tower yesterday identified as 19-year-old stephen regatta of virginia we brought you live coverage as it happened,d, he was on the side of the skyscraper in new york city for three hours he was charged with reckless endangerment and criminal trespassing macy's closing 100 stores nationwide the stores will be announced at a later date thewi leave the cutback will help grow profits they currently have seven or 20 storesse across the country. >> sydney oprah house is getting a makeover to the tune ofdrax zatv? one and $54 million, regulations include improving4 the acoustics and accessibility at the concert hall renovations
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rev-up in the yeari 2,020 the largest upgrade for the historic site since 1973. >> disney pulling the plug on its main street electrical paradel announcing that the nighttime parade that features half a million led lights will go dark in octoberherea will haven't let it run at disneyland in california early next year and i said what if anything will replace them parade.
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about 54,000 people without power as they worked to restore power. >> andre has been tracking the storm system enjoins us with the latest. >> db going to start with a panoramic image of the shelf cloud approaching downtown cleveland at 4:45 p.m. about one hour ago. as we look to the south and then west. the shelf cloud is on the far right-hand corner of the screen. it is well to the east.
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middlefield. some places anticipating the arrival, middlefield at 6:01 p.m. moving east at about 25 mph. lightening tracker indicating lots of cloud to ground strikes. it is settling down but still plenty of locally heavy rainfall as you drive home this evening it will settle down and then fire up tomorrow, more organized band of
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we will be right back after this
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it moves east, they are
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lots of power outages. an exciting day in lorain county, the first cabela's outdoor shop officially opened, the store features a wide range of outdoor supplies, got a library in cafe and also, luke bryan, the country music star showed up, he has a line of apparel cabela's. he is in town for shows and blossom tonight and tomorrow. we cannot be a city where we tell our citizens that were not going to respond.
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better comes to helping people, but how will they do it?? ? >> a man across the street isa run down, left for dead, the place as were held to bring the driver to justice. >> another round of severe weather, and are we in for another rocky night? the fox 8 news at 6:00 p.m. begins right now. >> another round of severe weather, system blew through the area with strong winds, heavy rain and downing trees. >> , and now are we in the clear? as melissa myers joins us. >> some are. depends on the location, to the east the same cluster of storms headed towards geauga county, ashtabula and trumbull county. looking at radar,
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specific line of storms that produced thee shelf cloud. they came through during the 4:00 o'clock hour. looking towards lake county, towards portage county into summit county those arere heavy areas of rainfall. potential of some gusty winds just ahead of the front j. we don't have any watches/warnings. you have lots of lightning. more than 5400. most of it east of downtown. the heavy rain moving east,, we started off with sunshine today those storms in the midst of
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with this tropical-like moisture you add the sunshine and that's what it takes. there is some signs of weakening towards sunset. then overnight it will continue to be quieting down. is still near 90 toledo where it is not rainingn we made it to 90 degree 21st day today at hopkins.2 we add all the heat indices it feels like 100 degrees in toledo. looking at this


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