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tv   Fox 8 News at 9AM  FOX  August 12, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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children the other two are very little o the band soon. arty grooming him. they were born with temperatures on. they would put me to shameld she's five years old and
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they were amazing. good morning everybody it's maz 12th day ofity august 2016 say it again it's friday. another storm slams herlam disterhoff we are live on the westside the fellowship damage and more power outagesell does mean should be different age requirements to enter bar. was see if you agree it's the topic of this morning's downlow screaming for the cleveland cavaliers how you can be a part for were arty chainnn gearing up for the fall season. a rainy weekends check in with scott sabol to see what's
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rainfall that will lastwe door-to-door this weekend the storms yesterday were fairly but it was this panoramic shot 60 or 70 of them on our website from the shelf clouds this is not all that uncommon it does omppenr day came right over's and it did in that rain there and that rhymes backup you end up getting this she's that xers ahead over the main area of rain damage occurs on the backend no
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developing ahead of it se the bk of the widespread rain does not moving until tomorrowow one morf day in the 90s before we start start to drop temperatures as we canart just looking ahead may be august 12021 thing he get theret is a refreshing change coming n the w this time the westside was the lesser recite jessica dill and lakewood with an update good
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the corner of thousands in lakelandndt another tree went dn service is home for many as an accurate trees came tumbling downacc the orchard park and detroit wasn't just a lesson storm brought down up floor
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many in cleveland heights thath it goingat on d3 he is ever sine the first storm on tuesday night.t. we look at all for another. general. we bidid communicating as they still as possible was no but door-to-door greetings in meetings.oo
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at the trees have sections caution off because those guys are still down. thank you. >> is ensuring you hear pictures all morning month this may be oneis of the best who seen so r this is from captain kidd of the good time three you can see those storm fame absolutely spectacular pictureolut thanks for sending s in. it's so dramatic.r s this shot refers stacy kids us that are dear of how low the
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clouds you can see the light on the far endyo as you said thish little shelf is easy to sendi photos this way is over and comments in other news make it fit fun and rents taste as we sit to other cities school buildings will be open as normal parents need to send their children and for squirrel will do so when the main office opens
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university says they were sent in erroray and it's working on a solutiont' and of our students expressed their frustration on to otherd o for his employees ti would be feels these stolen to smashed into the
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the company under says the
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positive unclear my apartment will be headed to a little italt tonight for one of the oldest it's been going on for years. i can almost small boat now. it's going to be a great
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are inside. it will be all good coming out on fox 8 news in the morning. should bars have different age requirements for men and women.d the question is is it legal the story and your comments in this morning's download was an inmate trying to impress the judges see whatp her did in court and wet e judge did next. a it looks like a little tour game.e. at the top act to follow.l i double dogl dare yo-.
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off-camera voice: ?china.? letterman: ?the ties are made in china."
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sam sometimes you can get strong went here's a quick picture from a list down lakewoodou he this a picture given to us about a half an hour growthiv no tornadoes along the cold front will make
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track on this storm on the system and southern elements are drop temps into the 80s widespread rain is very far different than the rain this postseasonth because of the hugu chunk of ohio five sunday late afternoonggc. out of saturday and sunday
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is there anything else shoot dollars cerrado shut the first mccullers to order will receive a visa gift card to's
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it happen yesterday afternoon near pittsburgh the ride was so roller coaster happen a seatbelt i this by the
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children's is under arrest. those children with aw three -year-oldi alone in a car for more than a half out the windows wereal in florida with l the heat this summer the doors were locked. the six rolled remove the baby for me car seat multiple times back and forth that he thinks he slammed all my goodness that mom you see here 62 years old she gave birth using artificial insemination is the perfectsi preserve sperm dor
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the fairy couldn't reach the pooch so smaller fishing boat veggies he can to help financebo and they were able to pull ?-ellipsis of the ocean. the dog got off his leash and ended up in the water looking for some fish ond the family dit even realize he was gone he has been reunited with his family. and they were able to get that
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up next a local school house goes up in flames but it was not an accident.ext find out where and when he will be in the temperatures are going
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of the green bay packers because of the field conditions are so that g all actually waited to me confessions in the fingernail sales. we do know now memorial services are in place for steer monitor at his funeral be heldte the 62 -year-old passed away earlier this month following a long fight with pancreatic cancer
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casey'so violate a human rights interesting.
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it's how you be not your age. you can't really tell that they're going to be like it doet stink in no way this is the loe to society as long as it's not
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that age choices very interesting.g. you never know. i'm thinking it's a good thing.i that forever young thingn the moving and dancing. the anchors can try dance that's not tribe. we'll just let them do that thing and we will do our thing.
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come on now. . you're laughing. go to the website to make your vote, think the conversation going on oursie y facebook pages well. let me put you on the spot
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we are going to talks about some auditions to be part of that cavaliers screen teamng he auditions are taking place this weekendit check out those mattes they are awesome i love you
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?? there so good i don't think that they need me at when that new auditions coming up this weekend. if you think you have what it
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are so excited things get started this if you're interested dancing years have you been in there.
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there crowd favorite. we're lucky to go back and show that we can dance like champions. you are nai saw you guys and they were interviewing some of thee cavaliers during the championship wins think what are we going to do now pitts director of other jobs do i drie
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competition thing can be bol god stuff. you guys are amazing. to you guys do the basketball tricks as well.e we have like double teams going to what he looking in for they all have amazing dance abilities that they are superstars the business of making memories enoughin of the screen team does every single time. read as other but i thought a game or parade or hospitaler filtrate and memory are thinkine needs t they make use a happy ad make you think having fence and what were looking for several
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and you know it to you said it. it's not just that receive in regard to theno people are justs happyar to see as they are somem the cavaliers which is a goode thing. use as popular.r. that's one big family. our producers they stop stalling very are you guys ready. it's cold. one, two, three, four.u i'm going to get rid of this
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you have to bring at all the way back. 5678. look at that. there rico. we can do that. we don't have to move violates. five, six, seven, eight. we love you guys.uys you are so awesome. don't forget the screen team auditions at the recreational facilityetm to see it
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welcome back. they have both been put on paid administrative leavep right now this comes after the superintendent received allegations that band members were heaped in dineen the littlt during a camp activity this summer.r. the superintendent says the district is not toleratee s this type of conduct is underway. an we will have more on ninen -year-old boy in utah says he escape from someone who had abducted them thanks to his smart watch.h. he escape because of the watch
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the gizmo watch along with some quick thinking and brave actions are the reason the nine -year-old isson safe and sound tonight he was walking through his own neighborhood when a strange man in a strange suvs pulled up beside them. a and then just charged enemy i ran as fast as i could i'dou tripped and fell and he coming. he just tried to put duct tapect over there was very scary that's any he jumped from the suv spraining his ankle. j
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called his mom. my stepdad answered it and then with an eminent agent was packed with his family they gizmo watch and allows them to make calls and received calls to do for different people.e. the watch out us as a built-ins gps it was as he doesn't know how long he may have been hidinh behind that dumpster without iti that's an amazing story speakine of escaping were getting a
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the passenger presenting the little guy to tsa agentr one se the game biggest police say the passenger short all the e proving them i can listen fact that therapy animalh he said he was really sweet spending cause any problemse 30 years old his davis, griffin and he decided to towardsav the judge was not amused he waswas charged with burglary and burglary the judge was like you
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his bond was set at 18,000 $500. how does this guy get that he's 30 years old the age for years
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the rain tomorrow evening and tomorrow and into early sunday morning we start to see a lot of streaks of rainto especially ars further south. it has in some parts thert area could see more. today, you can click in walk in or call in to the number one care in ohio. cleveland clinic is here for you, anytime, anywhere.
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- [david] welcome to new day cleveland. i'm david moss. - [natalie] and i'm natalie herbick. - and i say hold onto your hats, not because it's windy out here in beautiful wine country, lake erie wine country, it's because it is going to be a whirlwind, - we are going to take you to numerous vineyards throughout pennsylvania and new york state. unbelievable sights to see and wine to drink. - give you some tips on places to stay, places to have maybe some dinner, but most of all, meet some great people who make this wine country, this area, really special. you see beautiful lake erie out there and you're gonna see acres and acres of grapes. and an opportunity to maybe taste, through our experience, dozens of wines. how about that?


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