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tv   Fox 8 News at 530AM  FOX  August 15, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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good monday morning. 2016.t 155 let's get right to scott to see what's happening weatherwise. i highly doubt was see anything tried for a while pooh-poohed it is how you are already beginning to see the initial push of rain i get thing front that camehat through over the weekend is still stalled out. that's why we keptl this forecat showers.l t the problems when you start to factor in tropical moisture systems a lot of times as has a
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were starting to see pieces of thisie rate work into northern ohio to the west i think that's where weest was see the core ofe heaviest rainfall out the tipton. the indians to have this one ten makeup game today. maybe you want to try rta will
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did up the rates on 70an they wi be close for 120 daysll new line to get off work for his attempt to exit of 25th takeet that to do trip and take it back to rest 45th t to 71 at broadway watch out for overnight work know iss there starting the project on to 70 went they were doing some overnight workct waye and natalie back to you. honoring and remembering person family part of the fox 8 who spend there was taken way
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long battle with cancer. c there was an outpouring of love this person assuming return home good morningo everyoned just 12 years old he touched so many lives in a short timeeaa it was very clear gastricr ati international airport in his body return homeoo away afterars battle off neuroblastoma cancer of the nervous system he faced it withw such strength and hope that scared he brought people
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family two. he was a fox 8 investor for thee past four weeks for students in they traveled theor country in rv is in all the places he wanted to see yesterday big parts plate this but once inference a wayis to the returnt person who made such ausu difference in people's lives no one knows that more than his brothers and his parents who walked off this private jet. that's hard not happening nearea we know he's been a bett place. he's time pain anymore. to the kindnesses changes there isha the to travel home togetheg foxtrot sent the budget big enough for theehe entire familyf even for his body to fit comfortablen f he had the body
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people will be headed to little italy for the final day of the he stillthe assumptioned had a good-sized crowd yesterday despite allod- the rain and many people sporting are both werew mr. said there was ae lot tot enjoy go so much so her granddaughter travels to cleveland justice six share this east with her. t wonderful. they called it pride in this ale.e. if they did pull off an evente that only a few weeks ago was a
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after another group canceled the gay pride parade 18 groups put this festival on without a hitch in less than two weeks of planning and on saturday theyay pulled it off. select the communities that wet had to be able to come together and show that we are strong and we are proude ar and that cleved is an amazing city. >> organizers hope to make this what they term as a cornerstone
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visit the washington monument should be able to get some exercisew they plan on taking te
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the latest on your morning commute as we do weather and traffic every eight.
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good morning. welcome back a quiet, calm start. we are going to see rain and scott willll more on that in just j
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to tell you about. route two eastbound the inbound is short with the rent to eastbound the there's no detourd they just choose the other side of the rente right now it's calm coming. the humidity has been kind of problemdi we saw our first wavef stormsaw it was thursday with those ominous looking clouds that came through.thu because this is one of the corals pictures and one of thef corals cloud formations we have
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they do occur quite often. there were no tornadoes they typically do not produce torn at his activity. this is one of the pictureses from thursday evening's a quick looki at the saturday you can see yellow spent rested indicate 2-3 inches of raine there's been some low station sentencing after an inch. it was an entirely different that rain just did notnot left as far north as we anticipated there is set for 76 caps on the majority of the rain
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once again there's more rain in golf moisture to once again stay steady o lower 80s for high with the heaviest rainfall in primarily last some showers approaching norwalk as this continuesomm through get into lake erie. study rain further west as thelt skies a so we look at accumulations alll lot near tiffin i think were going under a quarter bench in clevelandth overnight hack couple of showers left overove a low of around 70 and it looks like
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showerse with the front finally starting to inch pack further east and we will see some showers developingee during the day and by wednesday we lista this thing up and out of the and another front comes otherwise, the conditions will trend aond little cooler at leat the humidity will start to fall to ten highs the lower 80sidi pollen count will start to go up that will be the dominant pollen until the end of septembere look at the eight-day forecast partly sunny aay little more ht lower and middle 80s in the secret shower saturdaynd follod by 70say for highs. their yuko. showers them for everybody for for some of us. it's all because of some
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longsom and landor time is saido take part in sa the first of ths is of test flights yesterday before the clinch happenedig itt part plane aparts 130 can trave speedst reaching 90 miles per houres in remain in the air for two weeks. ai it's unclear when they will try totwoit' launch is again.gai the washington monument as close lookt this morning because as that doesn't always come dowo the elevator got but twice and 12 hours over tht weekend 73 visitors had to take when thes downhe elevator quit working on saturday technologyele credit fe sundayd when it stopped again with a worker inside.ns he was closed for the we can fli messages take the stairs a lot
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she's 5:50 a.m. is your she has one of the best voices in pot is it and now sheest speaking out about itnow inmate tuesday squirrels gone wild how they finally freed this little crater weather come.
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5:59 a.m. is your time. waking up to 72 degrees.s.5: in the news during world war ii 70 years later many of them returned to workate some of that localized spring red bandannas were real-life those think they
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no space hoping to set a new s record for the book of life. good at morning. the forecast as we look to the west and further south showss bs further south and portions of southern louisiana solved more


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