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tv   Fox 8 News at 400AM  FOX  August 16, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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there is the thunder higher chances of seeing thunder theater further east. traffic time with patty harkin. things a few things happening right now.w. things are looking pretty good. local and express everybody this earlyg wellll hour and therefore no problems
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as you are traveling wayne and stacy back to you. we began with the picket line that may be looming in the metropolitan school district.oo they've authorized a strike todd meany is here to get the latest. firsters score yesterday the timing was not great and lotions have been going on since november of 201515h the statemet releasede by late monday that
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that hour will be issued with more the timing of that may be an with what the teachers worried about palaces be here from them we will have that informationrom just after 2:00mes were poor al
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after trying to robert of the cooper people a car he killed her.bee we will get hosted galleries we did the garden together. they consider him armed and clevelandvictories man who spent decades behind bars for americans are no longer facing charges in the eighth district court of appeals ruled that they deserved a new trial
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them and they were accused t of killingclifton second 1995. commanders now behind bars accused of shooting a womanond jogger found bowman after should shot three times in the headhe into ancient arrested for attempted murder. some dancing in messages waiting
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person until emt nearby students must have full permission can stop at any time.hav activities taking place meant to break you down. my hope for some might all caps he is twice here on theig distrs is lookingtr for an interim ban torture to get students ready to perform. the gnu fight to city hall their
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may also louisiana passive disaster declared a statessi criminal moy look at the rateal river band of
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erie islands before race start tos filter back in their those something inch their way to the easts there will be an all day rain the official start to pick up again with a higher chance of
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sound have. you know i'm far from the back in the day. don't get yourself. his got a chuckle all the love that. until scott that all the time. let's take a look at radar your were starting to see some breaks
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continue to move through the northeast and truth backri to akron violate my with any break of sunshine ever been on the cold front that's going to get things active later today so wee will finally will the system out of herell since his had any sort of prolonged timehi from june 1f the middle of last week with hardly any rainfallll to have the support from local is five to nine in ohio primary we are anticipating temperatures of a break of sunshine climb
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is that when you start to see clusters of thunderstorms portage county and eastern summitsto of a few showers left
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after the last couple of free a we're looking at temperatures in the middle 70s will you and 50s. burgess overnight work overbite
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and they get goal on reynolds wrote wednesday highs. you click on the gas tracker tab click on that and hopefully wher wayne and stacy back to you is cleared a major disaster in the state think it up for even more rainisthe this is going toa long-term thingoin that river hi
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they need to take heed in get out every opportunity they can.n. wildfires continue to burn through parts to northern california. thousands of other are also without power have additional firefighters coming in from other ineyeyh thy were prompted by the deadly shooting a minuteere on armed african-american men in the city's north side nearly a dozen officers were injured working people were arrested for
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the element winds he's known trying to stir racial tensionl and was only trying to sell food. your traffic every eight minutes just ahead.ur the chapel or criminal trial. >> the. let you know why. the road to the white house isue full of twists and turns one of poster leads donald trump to the buckeye state what he had to say
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the turn left or right there was a 5050 shot we took itrn chancea a checknc turn right if that was the case they would have activated before nonenforcementy camera.
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is still alive with the ball in the spring facing multiple charges that include two counts of attempted murder.wo they were quite reluctant when firstte interviewed by investigators but when showing the evidence of a photo enforcement cameraintt became cooperative in this investigation. due to others will follow it is 4:28 a.m. keep it right herere . scared at the fair. find out the shocking thing that happened to a fair berger what he was shutting down the bumper cars.g bottoms up a local winery picking up the pieces is run after last week storms caused major damageer why timing is
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