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tv   Fox 8 News at 7PM  FOX  August 16, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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brain is gone for now, a look a the current conditions l outsid of the studios. >> can see the sun is beginning to peek through the clouds. rain can be on the way. >> get a ride to melissa myers with the forecastst. >> we had some downpours earlie but for the remainder of the eveningng besides a few showers it will not be a rainy evening dose of them will dissipate overnight.
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into ashtabula county. a few light sprinkles nothing having. looking towards burke lakefront into the lastr getting some pee of sunshine.
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that's a look at wednesday, but to get close to the weekend look at that in the 8 -day coming up. >> solon police released a phot of a truck links to two instances of someone trying to lure children. >> tws both incidents happened the past ten days,nb the father sai last week that is 8-year-old daughter, said that a man in a small black truckck said someth about getting into the truck before you drove off,k then sunday and mother saw a man driving a black dodge dakota pickup truck try to talk to her daughter, and she snapped a photo and the police now want t question himapap. >> it was similar description o
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description of a young or white male hispanic interacting with young girl. >> ntnot clear if he had broken any laws , if you have info contact the police. >> also in solon investigating threats made against the elementary school someone calle roxboro elementary school four times in sunday they're not releasing anyolsu specific taken the matter very seriously asking for help authorized a strike leaving parents concerne they've been negotiating for about one year talks have stalled another threatening to strike one issue is the transformation plan which has
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calling for teachers to be paid based on performance than the experience like most teachers. >> pe what was critical to have a system of fair evaluation and compensation. neither of those have occurred both parties had committed to working together t find better solutions to the problem faced. >> back to the bargaining table, ceo eric gordon sayst the plan place teachers walk out. >> man dead after a police involved shootingng in ashtabul county. >> matt wright has the latest. >> the coroner's office identify 36-year-old d as michael s martin said he was shot and also a head injury in a related crash autopsy completed
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cause of deathy in time for deputies are on paid administrative leave as investigation gets under way. >> surveillanceced footage sho the wild scene in rome township it went through three backyards for crashing into a utility pole,t ben tate surrounded the dodgeville road were started fussing 30:00 p.m. deputy investigating an overnight s robbery in rock creek tracked the suspect to the backyard. >> debbie's a person aware that it was occupied the vehicle drove off
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copps told them to put your hands up suspect, was found dead, fisher says investigators found a gun he had.he >> investigation is at the early stage are putting together this to let bci take it to use proper protocol. >> a woman inside the car was uninjuredro becher says the suspect had a lengthy criminal history, came to this mac the deputies were injured or a k-9 officer that was deployed it is unclear if the suspect fired any shots, the woman was taken to the sheriff's department for questioning. >> jefferson matt wright fox 8 news. >> > police arrested three suspects wanted for smashing
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storefronts to steal atms, the i-teamam there as pole let away a suspect this is part of a man team doing atms in cleveland parmesan strongsville the i-teamro broke the news that the thieves had a few months ago. >> nt two people are facing charges for stealing dangerous drugs from a local animal clinic they say thattete patty and sky park rosa dedic broke into the vet
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they came to the clinic asking for drugs for a dogid that way they may be involved in three o the break-ins at animal shelter across wayne county. >> l early-morning fire destro a storage facility in avon on lear industrial parkway around 2:00 a.m.m. five departments fr several towns fighting in the roof collapsed in the building is a total loss. but there was no injury. >> proposal to raise the minimum wage $15 an hour. >> but the group is not giving upt the current minimum wages a ten hour. it's a reason to 15 of being bad for small business so they just the plan calling for p gradual increase beginnin at $12 an hour on january 1 window increase each year until it hits $15. now unclear if the
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fox show benefit veterans at louis stoke ba, some registration for the 5-mile where the 1 mile walk, for preregistration get a flag andnd when one of several overs and the south.
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police and coast guard continued to rescue people trapped by rising water as scott mcleanan as the latest. >> rainfall and flooding has overwhelmed baton rouge in storms expected to continue throughout the weeke. >> this justs massive amounts of rain. >> acome back to record in 193 got to throw out those because we have surpassed them. >> > left his baton rouge home in a truck came back in aboutt, he won the lucky ones the floodwater stopped at his foundatione but his neighbors
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they're shifting their sites to the challenges ahead. >> we had to go to every house, once the water recedes these houses that are completely covered we had to go insidehe t check for anybody who might be in those areas. >> as it dries out, progress is closed this ooding road for days that using this massive aqua dam they managed to get cars moving. >> msmall step forward in what will be a long road to recovery in baton rouge, i'm scott mclean. >> 'it was fire that caused problems in northern california. >> in large one fire destroyed
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about 2 miles from san francisco a 4-year-old man is now under arrest were started the blaze started with 17 counts of arson. >>
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still a deficit for about to have inches almost five manie have a surplus in a few showers in southern counties into western stark county. also holmes county in grand county and moving into richland
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a service tomorrow the northwes could be partial corporate for shower. seventy-seven cuyahoga airport it is humid. rain-cooled air from buffalo to cincinnati and paducah outside of that dc with 92 it feels like you have not had that we've index concernav the past several days. severe thunderstorm watch in upstate new york in the finger lakesse pittsburgh and maryland with those warnings and some excessively concerns in no delta, dc with flood watches from michigan into texas. tonight a spot shower
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showers/storms in the afternoon. partly/mostly cloudy hillary clinton e-mail issue not over. but they found on her private server the oversight committee is reviewin the fbi report that includes notes fromt interviews of clint her aides and othersin fbi rule that she was extremely careless
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find any evidence of wrongdoing the house committee and the state department continued to investigatee if she committed perjury duringe sworn testimon before a committee investigatin benghazi attack. >> cpennsylvania attorney gener plans to resign tomorrow after convicted of several crimes including perjury and obstruction of justice . >> but she did, while she was the attorney general, the fact that she would commit criminal actsom while she is the top prosecut >> she was accused of abusing her office power to smear a political rival than try to cover it,ar tom wolf calls for her to do the right thing and step but she keeps to fight until the afternoon when she agreed to resign wednesday her lawyers say she still plans to appeal her convictions. >> > h healthcare giant aetna pollen out of obamacare and 11 of 15
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the third largest insurance company says it has lostst $430 million since the health exchange opene in january 2014he, in 2017 they will only sell obamacare products in delaware,he iowa, nebraska junior. >> zika continues to spread in usus 49 pregnant women tested positive in new york city since april one woman gave birth to a baby with severe birth defectse 49 cases were part of 3400 at risk women tested under the new york action plant they say most the cases came from women who infested areas, health officials say there have been 420 total zika cases in nyc nyc. >> a texas man got taken for a terrifying ride. >> cameras rolling when he tried to stop a fee from still in his car. fturn around and grabbed the
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ride. >> was picking up his mail when they suspect jumped into his car, grabbed the door handle b the suspect took off dragon an down the street, when he let go the rear tire just miss running them over. >> eaundon't try to stop someon stealing your card, you end up getting hurt. >> is going to see his day in court and were going to be ther to make sure he does. >> the ofgo ur the car recovered and now they hope the suspect faces justice. >> to window washers in cincinnati who were revived stories in the air when a wire snapped leaving them hanging 20 were able to claim to allege an escape a it took several hours to carefully lowered the scaffold
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college to smokers to out. >> for banning tobacco from the campus including all products in around in a university building and michiga stateng they say that they want clean and green campus the smokers are feeling burned. >> it is a punch in the face. >> i don't feel that places hav the right to dictate the air? >> is more about education then about you to damage or breaking a rule. >> their offering smoking
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programs to students staff and their partners. >> fffor those people hookah smoking it could improve your health >> so shall the kick in the habit might make you more popular they studied 1500 peopl tried to quit after three years those who succeeded also added at leastit two new friends to their social circle they see th people who were trying to quit smoking got a lot of support from people they told the struggles and ng often develop into new friendships. >> > . >> acumen daredevil broke it will record with his eyes closed, he turned it into a reality by keeping his eyes the prizeze and behind a blindfold, he rode his motorcycle for almost santiagot cuba thanks to a poli escort and some guidance from cheering crowdsso who helps to have the right direction.
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