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tv   Fox 8 News in the Morning  FOX  August 18, 2016 6:00am-8:01am EDT

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the happens every morning here in theap green room. that's the news at 5:00 a.m. on a thursday the news at 6:00 a.m. begins right now.n you should see him striking poses in the green roomu s out my apps. as the anchor man'sck hello everybody my name is wayne dawson.very just call me feel. i'm in for kristi capel just don't pull your pet or tweak your whatever. will run into an issue let's
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river quick shower that develop will take aower look at the curt temperature and brunswick the alone shower break. very small on radar butlo fairly potent. we are also have some drizzle or quick shower in clevelandha. heading into north and geauga county. our forecast nowin is nothingn really organized we still have some fairly disturbed air isotyo what you could call from recent storms yesterday theth overall coveragee on anything will be about 10-20 percent there will be a few random storms and spent a fair spent a fair amount ofms sunshine with pictures or '80s we highlight a quick shower to theor east is cleveland earlier in the should begin to die away we've got some fog early this morning and a lot of stuff to talk about for the
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menuti out there for shirt gorgs us that illuminates the city which will be carted tonightus browns in and in some paul mccartney all s going to be downtown maybe public transportation will be your best bet it was certainly be your chief is because parking will be at a premium.rem as you exit into downtown talking with the find folks at out of richmond heights they to have a water main breakf so tht ar continue to repair that water main and down and ashland 250 remains closedrhl as they do haa fatal accidents wayne and stacy in the studio. topping the news this rain the city of cleveland will be path p incident with upwards of the hundred thousand people expected to beaa after three events were planned on the same night it wae
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wayne and stacy good morning. >> if you're heading downtown aw sure yount save yourself a lot f times three big events the browns in the indians game of the paul mccartney there was not a browns theme there is a concert and in and in skin's people said that a normmn normal 30 minute commute to them about two hours. to park trying to avoid t >> very convenient with rta just go up on the rapid and grab the rapid. o that's always a good idea especially if you plan on drinkingpl if you plan on tailgating for today p browns ge open pit fires are charcoal phase in space is this prohibits
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at 8:00 p.m. against the atlanta falcons human paul mccartneyc concert at thec q is that 8:00 p.m. this will be the second shine cleveland after rocking out last night.t.s we're going to have a party in this joint tonight. >> is party tonight for that show picture you give yourself a lot there's a lot of information for you. we have them in the odds down there with traffic updates the shore way is closed which is something to keep in mind wi is have that clear be willy that ae even bring a personal decisionc if youi do bring something make sure it's clear so they can seec through to make sure everything is safe.a
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in other news several suspects have been arrested in connection with an atm smashing grab spreer they arrested have beenee people and five can investigators say the crew could be to blame for 5200 sister of 2015 they hope that this is a message to will work together my recognize the common problem ann we will find themd expect more charges and more arrests connected to to the primaryyee c charges have been dismissed against the man who says w to his clinton police officers gave him as he doing to the hospitalalo they tell the f8 i team that he pet is goings today and said he was g handcufd
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the two officers involved her is not wants them to face criminal charges. claim cleveland mother's for changes in demanding answers after her five -year-old daughter was put on the wrongo person dropped up 3 miles fromng arianna chipman was headed for the first in schoolol in cleveld on monday for parents were going to pick up and they got a callen for all of run saying that they had a bus driver dropped her off with her cousined on west 100 17th street a home safe in the month still searching for here that you can apologize for that doesn't was dutch are taking to ensure that does not happen the school district says they're trying to determine why the child was able to take the wrong place on the first day of schoot hillary clinton focusing on the economyt during a campaign stopt here inop cleveland and john
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shuster in the school andol maye was students who demonstrated robotic cars in three d printers she is ad schools program as a springboard for her speech. she called on more spending forp infrastructure and education republican challenger donald help solve theire wealth and hammered physicalir which affects the states with more than five and half million dollars.h a f it's time for the wealthiest americans whoever you arerei as those corporations and wall streetth to pay your fair sharen taxes. p his been successful on this country because of everythingv this countrye clinton met with some supporters after the w it is 6:07 a.m. weather and traffic every eight w minutes jt
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questioning claims by your swimmers they were rob actually been a party but it may be toqu blame for brian block d. some sunshine today how walmart into before we see widespread rain will check it out in a few minutes.s. we are in sky fox on checkinghe out the city to let you know that does notgng
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? ? take me high take me low anywhere we want to go ?
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you can barely make this thing out. our forecast shows plenty of clear skies were going to need to keep an eye on that cluste the humidity has dropped a little and it was had a few ofro them on radar but for the most part we are not looking at any organized strength a good day to move on everything screened we are have to good days to take care of ifays you sit to mow to move on over the weekend's funeral time today or tomorrow the private do iteefu saturday. we'll talk more about that in take afew moments hereatt
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this.r developed or 15 minutes ago felt them on and broke apart for starting to see the vestiges of those showers and another moving out into geauga county for the most partse were not looking at anything they'll be much morec significant than what weh are seeing right now sylvan is a big deficit looked at the rainfall numberse since june 1 to be ovr thee 1 last two and half monthst even though august for the most part-iev normal. still need some rain even though things have green down and sunday it will be the dayayt thh we who's the overall outlooka with chicago and for wayne.wa as for the focus of attentiony will be today. they will be random with nothing significant fog will develop tonight and any storms that do develop south both 80 way it
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giving wayer to a nice tapec tomorrow hase not. he's with me on friday this is the big one though start to drop the temperatures will start to climb overem the weekend and that will most thes big dropt in the temperature on sunday length and even better strap on monday morning as we look at theennd temperatures saturday skies 80s and '70s northwestth went so that's a pretty good indication of next weekn is going to featuretu temperatures that we normally see through the third week in september.e t a few of them saturday evening press chance saturday night into
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donovan ashlyn i have av fantastice months to 50 close just about a mile and a half south of the daily lake.ak wayne and stacy back to the
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good morning everybody the temperatures are already going up now we arerea generally in te lower 70s they have fallen into the mid- 60s with the following clearing south.mi right off the lake it's now drifting into portions of northern jacket county. as our forecast indicates
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shower from we are highlighting nothing real heavy here in the form of showers ahead of the hng otherwe sunshine can't rule rain and storms and spots will be primarily south house fireres ww
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5:00 and then eventually they just dissipate as the sun goes down it's a full moon tonight very pray for months with some claim w with a touch of fogog tomorrow morning 66 a little warmer tomorrow has been the middle 80slr there's the cold's monday into severe highlighting a big pattern shift starting the fourth weekn of august which should be the 21st and that's exactlyf a a wht right on cue as if dispute go i temperatures on sunday will be in the lower 70ser for push ofo late september and oppression of
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trafficca t with the lock in sk. not good. we appears to be an apartment buildingpp as you can see it isp
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folks yo coming over the high re this as well involved it will keep you updated all morningi long from sky fox back to you in the heavy amounts of traffic in the cards are expected tonight as people pour into downtown but not one but two big eventsur i
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mccartney rocked the q last night and he is back again tonight there could be upwards
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most going to be packed as well. enjoy. maybe that will stick around for tonight as well. we're going to miss these causing chaos. why not do it again tonight. we can handle anything.y thankt you very much. >> in other news this morning police are asking for help in finding a suspect with two armed robbers neg in later barberton r rappers looks like he wasarbwas
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go from this just as we mentioned he did you everything is something that wasn't negative expensiveing will take your thoughts and comments here's a hold of us. hit us up on facebook. she's into me at todd meany on instagram tod and text as well. interesting topic.i it is 6:39 a.m. weather and traffic eight updates everyc.c. eight minutes. simply which airlines of the most customer complaints this year inco which were rated the
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premiere jo august 26 at
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we will back in two minutes.
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we can see five consecutive days the mid-seventiesnse i'm kind od thinking up with should go look that up in case you arec wondering.a maybe next week maybe monday.n you can look that up.d i think wrong.o on the phone with us is. johnson of cleveland. the kids areg heading back to school and then you've gotba to arrest the kidsi
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his accomplice we are talking school lunches today.e absolutely. anyway deficit that i'm a hiti the buttons for you. here is the this has been in figure with lot of kidsdst there hope the school
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exit there is a correct answer is that miami kansas city minneapolisan he was visiting hs family had written usv here plae is your chance. i was attending yesterday all i can tell you i'm pickingi news or its i know listen that's obvious answer i'm going with kansas city. let's good answer.
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the obvious answer is new york. i noticed that. i know you do shoes not losto since she's been hampereds smart we really ramp it up. you have a good day that get ready for school. we'll talk to you later.r s i'm learning. it's time to
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bonding session that we had to do some bonding.s we had a pedicure and manicure.a that's the guys do whenn we come back. the flats east bank they're showing usas some of the great works of the american artists we have an our city this weekend will tell you all about it when we come back. kicking it with kenny, stay with
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?slow, building african-style m? it's the little moments that make the biggest waves. kalahari resorts & conventions. the world's coolest indoor waterparks.
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welcome back to fox eight news in the morning. it looks a little like it did yesterday at humidity was not is not as high as it wasas mas yesterday. rigw we check in with kenny on the east lake of the flats this morning. >> thehe art festival tour my favorite things to dohe we have another big one here. >> that story. they are really trying to makeke that huge. its the first one (used man can will kick off tonight at 638 with
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competitors here to tell us all about it good morning how are you? tell us about your group will what you guys are trying to >> tonight at 530 all the proceeds are for help stay on for hope love educate protect. we are invested in education and community development back in malawi, africa of this is our ten year celebration breaks of food in produce stands for bikes restaurant participating the boozehe goes without saying open bar for a lot of fun and lamborghini is i breaking is we have tj computer and the band caps on starting at 630 going until at least but not always a 100 percent of
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>> in addition to the outer solar great opportunity to preview all the orders we also have an opportunity for our guests to have an afternoon. our guests get lots of bang for their buck. >> good morning.s the proceeds help to benefit the you guys have been able to produce is that correct? >> that is rightc all of those things but we don't want to be giving handouts we are keeping him from all developing. >> you are mentioning earlier this week in the area of development in schools there's no running water is that
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to give them education to work that out on a map on. >> do you see them just lighten up? what type of energy does
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we are moving very clo friday. that will be nice.lo i've got an up on a saturday and thinking i am late for work which is crazy. does that ever
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for the weekend and pick you are late for work but when wait a minute it's saturday okay. give the coffee go in and then i'll it was 235 on a sunday morning and it was it was a saturday morningaun if got toe kidding me anyway g better than late for work here we go b us le rolling off of lake erie drivinl is called self a couple of areas of radar have moved out most of the areaof is not in the form of rain spiking some times where you have different layers of moistureu and different temperature players startsif to fall. sixty-six in canton. forecast today ?-on our eyes are on two things the northwestern pennsylvania most of this
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northern ohio i still think it could fire up a few south of mansfield today most of us will be charged with high temperatures today we have a handful of days in the 70s we take a look when we have had consecutive days in the 80s coming up. >> breaking news and six this morning. fire crews cap et got cap et al. are on 625. an empy building on west 54th street south of clark they have been battling out most of the 6:00 o'clock hour. here we are at 730 it looks like they may have finally, all got all the flames out. issues with the far left hand corner of their. good news. this is west 54 west
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are on the scene. the streets around that are blocked off for sure. along i 90 we see delays with reports of an accident off to the right hand side out there none the less we send it back inside to wayne and stacy. >> thank you very much the city of cleveland will be happeningci tonight with upwards of b 100,00 people outside this after three thin check in with jessica dill with a preview of all the fun and warnings.. >> good morning wayne and stacy good morning, everyone if you are coming downtown tonight make sureig you give yourself a lot f time it will be crazy busy yesterday there were two eventsc in indian came in the paul mccartney concertan people were saying a normal 30 minute commute was taking two hours
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a lot of people are trying to avoid traffic all together. >> my thank you. very convenientl with the rca go and grab w it. >> it is better especially if you cannot drinking if you plan on tailgatingki in the muni lot yearly goals were released the "there is no charcoal per usual, no alcohol is don't need alcohol have fun today the browns kick off at 8:00 p.m. against the atlanta falcons the cleveland indians up against the white soxs white sx and paul mccartney at thete quicken loans is at 8:00 p.m. his second show in cleveland after watching out last night. >> good evening, cleveland.
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>> okay we are going to have a party in this joint tonight. >> another big party tonight not justot at the close queue club queue for all over downtown cleveland make sure you head over to was everything on our website traffic concerns and the sure way is so down that wall cause issues parts of the sure way shot on i should say that will causes issues is wallowing in the game may have the clearar year it's best if you don't bring a bag but if you do it's best to be our wallet size faded as big as to be clear that they make you toss and it has happened before just don't even bring it. >> okay. thank you very much. >> a new residence hall at case western reserve and university will be nameda in honor of late stephanie tubbs jones april date
7:36 am
to represent a high on congress she died in 2008, from a brain aneurysm. a a former naming ceremony will take place in october. >> cedar.preparing to make an announcementke later this mornig about the 2017 season. that is reportedly already making plans to replace a wooden roller coaster that replaced the mantis last yeart stay with fox eight on air and online at is the announcementco comes down at 10. >> the time right now is 7:36 a.m. students getting taste ?- talking about the situation this morning and the question is have youris kids hae been the victim of been the victim of hazing? and are times when it's not a t big deal? we are talking about that todd is
7:37 am
when we get plugged in. >> and season 20 of friday night touchdownso is a kick off in jut eight days. be sure to join the season premiere on friday, august 25,at 6:00 p.m.
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that means it is time to get plugged >> streets per hour marching band and people are texting us and telling us at all you have to vote and students is sentences that are prop basically allow quietly atlanta. >> when what i'm trying to say whether have anto happened or dd not happen with springs borough. >> were wondering if is this is president present prevalent personal and as it once was. some like the ideao can be degrading as well. >> if you can't deal with his things and i suggest staying
7:41 am
>> allegations and streetsboro ridiculous. voicemails that came in. >> this is jurors for ten plugged in is discussing is in a mother of five i know i hazing still takes place with the boys, it is high school varsity football and also in college is also the boys none of my girls were hazed in college. >> good morning mrs. frank from parma on this hazing business they need of a crackdown the fed is out. cut it out. >> this is so split of a deal as it was? what do you think of it in general are there to reserve grazing are some things occur
7:42 am
the one guy said earlier doing push-ups ?- is that hazing? is it is and if they have to do five or 50? where do you draw the line on that? we will take your calls and comments this morning. facebook and twitter with the ways to get a hold of us this morning we will have your place. >> 7:42 a.m. is your time and other bathroom change of target the move they are making their transgender policy. find out why so many millennial's are not taking vacation. >> a live look outside we're going to enjoy a cool down. but
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good morning, everyone. almost 13 minutes till 8:00 o'clock. we have clouds as we look at downtown clevelandu was shot net two sheridan those are gone now showers start to shift in the next couple of warm up mma temperatures drop take a lookk at the eight day forecast. very small percentages on the eight day until late saturday into saturday night the cold front comes through right onon widespread rain and storms sunday afternoon looking dryer we falllo into the 70s sitting and high 70s from next thursday the last time we hadi
7:47 am
, 3rd. a month and a half since two consecutive days or more the last time we have five in and i in a row was the middle of may. it's been a long time with was in the 50s next week as well. >> we have an accident reported at 90 eastbound on the area of west 17th as you come in from the west side west side commutersrs crews are battling a blazeas on west 54th. the 3200 block of west 54th south of quark we slide over to first sky fox they after six with an empty building. they are still throwing water on and for sure. a three-story building there are
7:48 am
full it is empty that is the good news crews remain on the scene on west 54th south of quark an empty building, but plenty of activity for sure. back to you guys. >> target is adding single file bathrooms at all the stores they are investing $20 million for the upgrade and all the stores. earlier this year they came under fire from conservatives forhh allows people to use the restroom it corresponds with their gender identity some even though to boycotte they will create don't walk that bathroom that will create homily for everyone. >> millennial's skipping vacation more than any other generation showing more than four in ten workers to skip vacations are indeed millennial
7:49 am
they are dedicated to the job and also fearfuloic and have greater guilt about taking time off. >> instagram is no longer just pictures there launching a video channel that just rolled out in the explore section of the capital will showcase videos from concerts, sportsit games ad other life events users may be interested in it uses an algorithm to feed wind live contact as well as international events. gives back how thehe pop stars helping flood victims in louisiana right now we check in with kenny. kicking it with kenny on the east bay. when we come back, we will talk about the east event arts festival used event arts festival it will be call.ts kicking it with ken stay with us i will go on
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good morning, everyone we are at the east bank with a tremendous arts festival. over 150 artists will be here we have 100 different performances beginning. this is a willing and cameron from the cleveland school of the arts you guys go ahead. tonight, and you out the
7:53 am
go to the school yard which is very cool because that is encouraging young artists in our community while weekend to experience some of the art and tolerant of young people in our community. you have to love that.. we toss it to a holistic good morning. how are you? >> good morning. great. >> this is what it is all aboutm it may even play for pay four for of the ella r chill of viola marcello cameras and film equipment and instruments for all of our major. >> the second you get it, it is going right into everything and anythingng. >> absolutely it goes right back to the students. >> they were talking about that
7:54 am
students to study earth are have practical applications. >> it is extremely important as young artists they are experiencing the art with equipment that is both for artist so they are ready to enter a 21st century. >> colusa had a really cool project good morning. how are you? >> that is all those t your project. >> this is a piecesusu cited for that i did for the cleveland clinic clinic program we had to look at a research topic previously researchedt select a topic and make up used to go with it. i selected a topic about children with bleeding disorders here what i of creek we created the basic under age boy like third grade with a an empty page book. nothing down
7:55 am
it so they are actually going over his head. i basically did this at the digital camera and then photoshop over all that was all very good experience for me it was interesting to look into the topic you want to make sure the information you look like him in on is accurate. ra, they are there with thene so it is not mean he cannot grasp of the world we just have to findus a different way for hm to grasp it and put it on paper and learn when we come back, lots to show you guys. the eventsts start tonight at 630 we go backrt with you guys cannot studio. >> foxing as your local news weather and traffic until
7:56 am
the hour ?- thousands expected to mak? the three events planned on p the same nights night including the first home preseason will give you some words of warning if you plan on celebrating today. >> brief a allocations for a location surveys in the news. is it something youn are concerned about?i >> radar still require clouds coming is fairly quiet clouds to wait until the weekend? >> also new at 8:00 a.m.e banans are going extinct. we will tell you why. >> ande how to whip up some sala with all those tomatoes you have a round randomly fox eight recipe box. >> that's right when we continue on this friday eve on fox eight
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time to get a check on the t forecast again with the sky. rain coming and going showing
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a 73 in mentor brunswick up and two independents and right now in north olmsted at 68. we need to keep an eye on cluster otherwisesu in the lower end is a south wind


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