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tv   Fox 8 News at 10PM  FOX  August 20, 2016 10:00pm-10:59pm EDT

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have you seen rob portman's ads saying he's leading the fight against opioids? well here's what he's not telling you: rob portman actually voted against the funding needed for the program. that's right, portman voted against the funding. and as heroine ravaged our communities, rob portman voted twice for budgets that threatened cuts to drug treatment programs.
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afscme is responsible for the content of this advertising. thank you for joining us fox 8 eye ten i'm8 bill filled jeffrey jordan we do begin with breaking news a heavyi police presence in brook park police say they're on the scene of a reporter alison brown is live in brooke part that has the latest we cana see the police lights flashing off just got through allison what we know so far. i did speak with the townsmen minutes ago whereas confirmed as a standup situation here at the end of h the drive i want to shw you we are looking we got up to this drive but we can't go much further than base we don't even know what exactly this house has
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, basically the councilman said that there is a suspect a man n his 30s possibly shot his wife this happened according to mansi about two hours ago and she was taken away.ho he also the two children are inside of the home and believe this is all going on right now we believe around that age suspect is in thes home right now along with these children do not know the agess. maybe a little bit before. lots of concern in this area according to this councilman.a not something they general and brook park definitely of concern. we do know that brooke park police swat teams also, and
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right now it's hard to see just because we br some time away some distance away but this is what counts men had to say a little bit earlier.ts we have people they know there's children inside the home at think a lot are concerned their first pulled out. how are the children and we don't know that's the big concern down there the other ene of the street as the children again i believe our police force from the other communities will hang of th this taken care. as soon as a lot of concern here on richard drive talking to councilman mincey this is not something they generally see in this area we do knowy this councilman that allegedly a suspect and his 30ss possibly shot his wife and also hea said that two children are inside the home and this is
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bring you the latest information as we did out here. we hope to pray for the best and that you go and gather more. live for us tonight in brooke park. other news east cleveland please are investigating an apparent homicidecl officers responded o calls for shots fired on first avenue that's bareheaded and when they arrived they found a moment t unresponsive was severl gunshot wounds paramedics put officer dead at the scene the victim did not have identification information about this shooting is asked to call east cleveland police. t t the decision many families which had not been made they could be good for the local economy while water kingdom will close for good on labor day fox and corey with that story.f twelve water kingdom has been a source of fun and the sun and opening in 2005 on the same property where they used to sit
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cedar fair entertainment which owns the water park located cash late in the township and aurora announced on friday that labor day would markets final day of operation. it seems that there take away our fun today's a sad day. scott deluca's and actually do bakos willll be losing a major source of summer entertainment when wild water kingdom closing its doors for the last time w there here several times a week on the season pass and say they don'tnd appreciate cedar fair's decision to shut down the parks so many people come here for so many one day prior to the announcement cedar fair released a future plans to make cedar point and sanduskyut a complete vacation transfer family the company says is planning a multiyear investment and transformation of soak city and
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how confidential. disappointed as some may be a wise mayor b says the closing of wild water kingdom is in such a bad thing frankly it's time to look ahead.kl where benjamin says the city reach an agreement with cedar fair bin and bainbridge 1062 mos ago to move forward on a master plan that should allow everyone to benefit economically. i think this allows the potential redevelopment area as partf of the entire scheme that bainbridge cedar fairir and aurora have been working on to get them most of the area reporting from the city of aurorath fox 8 news. turning to our weather a live look from our roof cam on this saturday night many dodging raindrops this evening as we look ahead to sunday believe are nott a cool down and the forecat after all these 90-degree days
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weather center with more me flooded with 90 again today. 89 degrees we're not going to come anywhere near that. heading to your day tomorrow in fact much cooler by 10 degrees we're headed back into the 70s. right now i'm tracking a few showers i took thunder out of the forecastth not seen any lightning out there at the moment here'she a look at storm fox right now. moving to the northeast right around 30 miles per hour stop the 3 clock and show you what's soaker going on from new london down to over and though die and shallh be desolate area they green that you see we do have light showers and the rain county.ha you head south and over that again these are pushing to the north than east i do expect bayville to get wet a little bi we have light showers here that's moving into hartville and then some spot showers.
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county around the lake a few light showers are bound temperatures dropou a little bit and 78 seventy-one and finley we will head to 70 degrees tomorrow morning you notice a big difference as far as temperatures go humidities will take a little bit muggy to stat off the day by the afternoon will have comfortable humidity values. a few showers lingering around and are eastern counties and around 7:00 o'clock in the morning ind think the risk of rn by lunchtime you'll sit down and enjoy some lunch lots of sunshine expected at that point. all week disturbance right around dinner time all track that coming up a little bit plus all show you what kind temperatures we have to look forward to in the a the timing couldn't be better back-to-school event for kids in cleveland who just started their newth school year on the event included free haircuts and food.
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fan talk about the importance of whator they're trying to do the cards to us lebron james. lebron set and cleveland ever and as aren't nothing as given we want to help empower our young people art theme is all about you we want to help focus on how to make their dreams come true. to 12 celebrate its tenth anniversary the nonprofit group was alsogr surprising a homeless family with the back-to-school shopping trip.k- a market that's part of fabric of south euclid and greater cleveland many families have fond memories of traveling italian market my wife's family included saturday this piece of cleveland history is about to close its doors for good. it's a symbol of what makes cleveland great. hard-working people often families making great products in this case to die for italian foods. quality meats and cheeses and
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famous grinder sub. after 73 years the market will close next saturday when they we're born the month his family started the business way back in 1943. were excited to retire but were not excited to leave our customersut where more confused who would not be with the outpouring of affection that's been showered on the family since news broke and meshes would close. the market has ofr passage for a new officers coming onto the force but the south euclid police department. when i first got hired all that apartment and 2006 my field training officer took me here for lunch for the first time kind of an inducement to the family than heating here ever cents the foot traffic has been down as of late in the spaces a little large for the needs of the store. the owner say closing was a tough decision.y
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today's been overwhelming. the response from the public an watts has occurred are never expected it makes me so proud. part of what they are proud of is the love affair they have with their customers. the customers that we had over the years have been absolutely magnificent. people of cleveland and south euclid and really enjoyoy us and we'd love them judging by they clouds their customers l feel the same way. they will continue in the catering business there's a chance the next generation of the familyly reopens the market later a different location this market will close for goodma net saturday. twos the season for football and tell getting thousands ready to pack the lot on sunday a fox 8
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rules. young boy becoming the face of suffering and syria tonight and update after another deadly airstrike. also devastating news for the biggest tourist area in the united states dig the warning hh officials have for visitors as
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90 degrees lots of summer and we did it again today so kelly find this year will a be from that he got a relief from the drought light conditions now we can use a little relief from the heat are you fan of 70. seventy's are good i don't want to go much below the 70s. seventy's great golfing weather. roundg of golf plan for tomorrow i really think you can do okay most of the showers will be out of here by the early morning hours if there are some still communities the afternoon is looking a great here's a look on storm fox i am tracking a few showers these areew just showers not reporting any thunder with and these cells here to the north and west of i 71 really lining that from portions of northern richmond county up into southern the rain county u and portions of madonna coming down at a pretty good clip a soaking
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these are moving to the northeast around 30 miles per hourin over that and grafton you get into some of the screen which is a moderate showers moving into north olmstead. out towards base village some light sprinkles. a little bit to the southig you getting into this action to. much like they gun of the ending for af year and the minutes. light showersar now just to the north than east of chagrin falls continuesch to work its way to e a look at future bill taking you hour by hour the nighttime hours after this front gets through. can't rule out a few showers early morning hours mainly east of 77th you can see it at 7:00 g right along the pennsylvania border we're seeing some sunshine and our western communities i do expect the sunshine to break out by lunchtime i'm going to be watching for after 4:00 o'clock in the afternoon a week
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way into our area 20 to 30 percent chance of those pop-up showers a rumble of thunder right around dinnertime. that's the only threat i'm seen before high pressure builds back into our region lots of sunshine as he had into the workweek. 70 degrees tonight scattered showers around muggy with areas of fogig i can see lining out te view that the actual line itself continues to work its way through the area still showers that will continue throughnu the nighttime hours. there is that front gets out of here by tomorrow morning secondaryy front this is that disturbance i was talking about that could be spending and by the evening hours that's our nextou shot lots of sunshine tomorrow afternoon right around lunchtime. were at 79 degrees look what's behind the front 66 and des moines. sixty-one and minneapolis. get my drift we are continuing
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70s we did reach 89 degrees today t 78 tomorrow. a few showers in the morning done lots of sunshine we expect lots of sunshine monday tuesday and wednesday out of the 70s back in the mid 80s our next big shotou of rain comes thursdy into t friday. enjoy these temperatures why they are here and six weeks they could go away. six weeks make a difference. 90-degree days and six weeks. it's not one of which is expected to findi on receipt still tot come what was left behind instead of a tip why the owner is banning the customers from her restaurant. negative attention for us swimmers and rio how their apologizing for an early morning incident that made international
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video that a shock the world and update it is overseas no warning in the video may be hard to watchin this boy has become the face of sufferig and syria the three -year-old was caught on video sitting, in after heof an ambience is missing from rubble following the airstrike we're now learning his ten -year-old brother died from injuries in that same airstrike.oed russia has denied responsibility for this attack. asf louisiana recovers from
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drove's of people are stepping inng to help with recovery effos fox correspondent brian with details. after devastating rainfall and then louisiana the hard work of rebuilding is just wrapping up the storm system dumping more than 20 inches of rain over four days leaving rivers andv creeks severely bloated. officialsls say 4,000 people remain in shelters and more than 40,000 homes have been damaged first responders are still effingham rescues. were going door to door. anyone's unaccounted for. is tightknit community. if anyone's missing or whatnot we're just going to making sure everyone is accounted for.t volunteers from across the country have been arriving to help anheuser-busch delivering moreel than 250,000 cans of
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providing free laundry service to affect in residence. i'm not hazmat as anyone else. it was amazing president obama has come under heavy criticism for not interrupting his doing them vacation to be in the louisiana meanwhile republican presidential candidate donald trump and his running mate mike pence iuiprdo visit his flood vn friday. the white house says present obama is receiving regular updates on the situation down south and plans to visit in baton rouge on tuesday to get a firsthand look at the damage brian fox news. devastating news for one of the biggest tourist areas in the united states zeke a spreading to miami beachs florida's governor announcing five new locally transmitted cases of the virus stay red lobster 36 people
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one and half square miles running from the beach to the intercoastal waterway is the seconds part of miami dade couny where local transmission of the virus has been found. a 12 -year-old with a very brightry future ahead spending s summer and a office instead of on the ball field are in a pool. the change we make in his community that goes beyond this year's election.'s good news for fans of a local football team health officials are stepping out to make sure everyone can sit down. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. letterman:"has a line of clothing, now where were these made?" trump: "these were made, i don't know where they're made.
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it's ties, shirts, cufflinks, everything sold at macy's and they're doing great.? letterman: ?where are the shirts made?? off-camera voice: ?bangladesh.? letterman: ?bangladesh.? trump: ?well, it's good. we employ people in bangladesh." letterman: ?ties? where are the ties made?" they have to work, too. these are beautiful ties. they are great ties. the ties are made in where? china? off-camera voice: ?china.? letterman: ?the ties are made in china."
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beginning to feel a lot like the 90s downwn a progressive field empty seat inpr the house literally the indians face off against the toronto blue jays there is a lot of excitement surrounding this team including lebron james himself allison brown with that story. the indians are red-hot right they friday night's history making walkoff home run didn't do it for you what else can. i was in my car i had to stop this is unbelievable. tether hit the first indians walk off inside park home run in 100 years.
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anxious for another win against the toronto blue jays alonga wih thousands who came.on the way they played this year. the excitement is catching on clearly check out this line give a sold-out crowd on saturday nightiv at the cleveland indians games the fourth time this season that has happened.inth this is amazing they sold out. but someone who could get into the cleveland indians blue jays game this series lebron james. they calves champion himself took toh twitter to send goodbys to the team regarding friday's game. unbelievable finish for the indians. wonderful atmosphere and their ten night.s. #strive for greatness. #there next. i think it's great because everything is going good in the city right now. such a positive five just the
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fan into it also. twitter endorsement indians fans can get behind in cleveland allison brown fox 8 news. let's hope lebron's right on new season the first energy stays in andse in the muni lot still to come an eye team report police controlling a lot on game day how often our fans busted for breaking the rules. the turnpike turnpike is clearing the waybr cars. why the new technology has
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on the scene of a standup fox news reporter how some brown is live and in burke part and has the latest. i'm here on richard. and burke part want to take you to what were looking at we are sort of cautioned off here and it's right down the end of the line basicallyutit the council e confirms and understandings. here and word tear and burke park says the suspect is a man in his 30s possibly shot his wife and his barricaded inside of a home. on the left-hand side we don't know the status of that woman he also tells us the two children we're possibly inside at the time he believes there still in the home we do not know the ages ofk these children and were also waiting for police to come over and talk o to us about exactly
10:33 pm
teams are out along with brooke pars police, police and strongsville police. we do know from the councilman that this call came out around two and aut half hours ago. i just want to describe the scene there are dozens of people out here where so much concern about what's going on again we are all being kept back a decent distance here. really a lot of concern. all of our information so far i think i'm is coming from the councilman the please have not come out and made any official statement other than they are involved in a standoff.alal they have been out here working for the last two hours are so they're notso ready to discuss what is going on because it is still unfolding but a lot of people out here being kept out
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going door-to-door talking with people asking questions i talked to one neighbor out here was out to dinner with his wife o he cae back saw the police lights just being held back not know exactly what's going on. a lot of confusion as well. hopefullysi soon like jimmy was saying he really is hoping for a peaceful resolution out here so many agencies involved. fun just a lot to take in tonight and burke park. live tonight we continue to hope and pray for everyone safety allison with the latest on that story tonight.vel it is that time of year coming up the brown season soon you'll see lots of tailgaters on sunday let's face it it can be a very wet every down the muni lotsts w many of the football get arrested itv reporter has
10:35 pm
new season a party starting for browns fans in the muni lot the eye team to do some digging every year the city puts out this morning a lot advisory rules about no alcohol and more but wemo found surprise this brown's legend passing through the how many people do you really think get it arrested here are cited here each year? actually not far off. plus on game days for the last two seasons one arrest him for citations all for disorderly conduct h but that's it. at think they respect the rules and regulations that are put forth. privately officer say no one gets busted for drinking or
10:36 pm
casesce or somewhat ignores warnings. one city officials says all those ruleses kind of like general boundaries rebecca sees it. i haven't seen anyone be arrested i've seen warnings. the police are wonderful out here. the eye team reviewed all police reports from the lot the last two years we found more thanr twice as many reports filed on days without brown's games. on those days reports for stolen cars stuff stolenr from petty theft and even in one case as shooting. the last two years only that handful of citations a dozen or so of other reports for property damage and theft and so forth fan say not bad considering all that goes on here in a season. i expected it to be higher. summary people are drinking down
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the pros to high school football where f officials we're the schl district say high school football fans will haved a place to sit down this season school board approved a contract of a local company to provide temporary bleachers for the upcoming season schools insurance companies can.dent as wooden bridges last year concerns over lead paint push back the plan to install donated bleachers temporary movable bleachers hold 1200 fans the superintendent tells us they will be repurposed in the futue
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at the ballpark today we had temperatures in the upper 80s some of us right near the lakeshore hit the low 90s. hit 92 at one point it was a hot one this afternoon unfortunately we we're talking some showers even some thunderstorms and our western area has that. in this shot here that this country is a little bit wet we did get some rain out at cedar point speaking of rain let's look at fox right here.e. no thunderstorms but shades of blue and green that you seers that's light to moderate showers westernjust line from county along the steps of my dinah and the rain and then northernai ashland county these
10:39 pm
30 miles per hour new london and west say the bargaining get the showers a wellington seeing ligt rain. att the moment. in the strongsville dry and southern cuyahoga countyan the nice ofo a soaking rain cut out for falls over can't. this really pushing out a here. and heartfelt. scattered showers around it will artie see sunshine out west in
10:40 pm
clock we read disturbance swings on and and that could bring a brief showersw are two to our aa through sundown and then eventually that little system will get out of here to. speaking of that system that cold front the first initial will be out tomorrow morning a breakl was see sunshine in the secondary cold front will start to swing into our area and a that's why we have a risk of showers. don't go canceling any outdoor plans keeping shower. around 70 degrees through the nighttime anee early morning hos but thisn is what i want to show you read 79 right now if you look to the west of us 70 in chicago 66 and des moines and omaha 70 degrees into cooler temperatures as you head into your day tomorrow. 89 degrees a normal 81 will be below this tomorrow afternoon
10:41 pm
a few showers around the pennsylvania bird are clearing and cooler in the afternoon and look for some more late day showersn on our don't do it. 527 footers here's a look at yourt. a day forecast to 75 on monday o lots of sunshine high pressure continues to build. sunny and dry tuesday into wednesday. back to above average wednesday thursday in a shot of rain comingf at us late early friday but out in time for the weekend. technology of the future come into the ohio turnpike may be the way for self driving. why not everyone. olympians apologizing who's investigating an early morning incident and rio involving for us swimmers.
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driverless vehicles. the test track to the term played driverless videos could be coming to nor there ad higher ast soon as this year time to move the test track to the real roads working for real world so
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safely the turnpike a lot of those attributes how turnpike executive director says ted companies are seeking testing grounds for the low concussions clear pavement markings and three lanes plus ice and snow challenge because the road my on aa computerized system of radar cameras and sensors. in the beginning they have drivers.s. and really pay attention to additional centers. a competitive and emerging feel like a put ohio at the foe commercial trucks. lower does transportation cuts. all file already has a leg up on other states because it has fiber optic cables buried along the turnpikes that could allow these driverless vehicles to communicate information like road conditions.s right now ohio doesn't have any regulations for driverless vehiclesesh but the testing must
10:46 pm
as we understand the technology to deploy the proper laws and bruise and whatever and else is necessary. technology could compensate with humid air and distracted driving local drivers aren't sold.d there is our enough trouble people driving them.ur some things around. any type of man function in the and berea matt wright fox 8 news. of very unexpected message left in thehe place of the tip for a waitress coming out. plus a good deed needs a teacher and tears how man stepped up
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have you seen rob portman's ads saying he's leading the fight against opioids? well here's what he's not telling you: rob portman actually voted against the funding needed for the program. that's right, portman voted against the funding. and as heroine ravaged our communities, rob portman voted twice for budgets that threatened cuts to drug treatment programs. rob portman: can't trust him to tell the truth, can't trust him to be for ohio. ? ? there are things in life that just go together. it's like they're always side by side because when we put them together, they're better. like home and auto insurance from state farm. they just go together. and, they save you time and money.
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y. united states and ryan lockey apologizing us is to grahamam account for would initially called an armed the early morning hours of real out with three of his teammates when he said he was robbed at all over visiting officials say he fabricated the storyv the cinema jack also apologize for the distraction instant cause during the games the international olympic committee has set upte a distant play commission to investigate what happened. a waitress and virginia says she received a very accepted note our customers check. have a monday after she said a
10:50 pm
couple refused to speak to her. and uncomfortable situation that take a turn for the worst. she got there check the couple broke knowing tip citizens and did not leave a tip.wi -ish and even matter. i just feel like this is rude andt disrespectful i have never met them never done anything to them. i like for them not to come here. the owner says the couple is now banned from her restaurant. that a fishing up the summer at the pool 112 you're in colorado is getting early start on political career in colorado donald trump campaign is relied on 12 your the cochair of the jefferson county campaign friday putting the final touches on his field office. they vote on paper his mom is officially in charged but help giving his son much responsibility.
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watch for me. western amidst he abides the death may not always be close thing to do is bubbling to inspire us there's. when it starts in september. take a look at this sign teacher brought to tears by complete strangerer texas buying supplies with a student a man behind her offered to pay for the items webster brown told her hit on a dollar billit and pay it forward hopes this good deed will encourage others to support more teachers and talk about education. on the a few days old but artie traveled the world for free still to come at ten the very special birthday gift one airline had for a little girl
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having a vase branch and everybody will happen to ae new mother she was on a flight from dubai which would deliver five weeks earlyly to nurses assisted in love with a crew the philippine air carriers the delivery went off without a hitch the airline pellet that do something as a birthday gift they gave be receiving 1 million era mile points the points can bepo used by the baby our family anywhere in the world for the
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tonight's to walk off simply of magic a progressive field time it up and the ninth and when he on inside the park home run indians we're looking for another went against the blue jays they got a little help from money baseballs fourth inning tied. it says bomb deep in gone. tied there. the lead didn't last long as you can see a solo shot puts them up by one herese who would you ever of the ninth hoping for some moore's unfortunate the rookie cutting get the job done by can't really blame him. the tribe falls and this one the finalhe 6-5. us women's basketball team also made history winning the 49th street olympic game and 63 gold medals the fitting spain 101 to 72 in the gold-medal game last time they lost in the olympics
10:56 pm
afternoon carry irving in american men play for the third straight gold-medalrme against serbia a country and team usa edged out them by three points during pool play the americans know the gold is deftly not guaranteed tipoff is set for 245 tomorrow. 2016 high school football season kicks off next weekba this time for another season of friday night touchdown we've a sneak peek at a perennial powerhouse though glenville high school car
10:57 pm
susan 20 of fine night touchdown is just one week away join pjd commissioner dan and john for the season premiere on friday night august 26 season 20 is hard to believe. a quick final look at our changing forecast we have showers tonight thanks to a cold front.e they're coming back of sunday monday mid to upper 70s lots of sunshine expected the middle of the weekpe temperatures backn thek mid 80s with a lot of humidity around. does recapping our top stories of the evening standoff bird of bird park according to
10:58 pm
there may be children inside of those situation at this point latest on fox 8. that's all the time we haveve gd morning crews here beginning at seven tomorrow night thank you
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mike previously on home free... we began the competition to build ten homes in ten weeks. nick: this is crazy! mike: eleven contestants set out to win a dream home for their personal heroes, and $100,000 for themselves. we're building an entire neighborhood. mike: every week, the houses get bigger and better. we will be turning this house into a beautiful cape cod home. last week was all about pushing past limits. aah! come on, val. we're almost there. come on. no, no, no. pick it up. -got it! mike: orange team conquered the drill down challenge, and patrick was given control of the gold tag. way to go, team. mike: in their work orders, some contestants failed to deliver. red tag. red tag. red tag. that left ben, carre, and valerie up for elimination at the end of the week. i have to convince val that she should go in--


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