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tv   FOX 8 Sunday Midday News  FOX  August 21, 2016 11:00am-11:31am EDT

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standoff in brook park. an argument inside of the house leads tof a tense situation between one man and te police in mac it's not a strikeout, it's a sellout. indians are red hot red-hot and ticket sales privet. the end ofo ann era for one italian mainstay on the east side.. elections closed their doors after more than 70 years of business. >>lososa 70 well be very hot hud weather ise being shunted out of here by much cooler canadiandi air. how long is that going to last? box eight news in the morning starts now. good morning. it is 11:00 a.m. sunday august 21st and those clouds
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big puffy clouds. we may have some rain but i think they willll have puffyu clouds and cooler temperatures. with the man who knows for sures is ajur colby who is outside in the front yard with the latest in yourd wi forecast. >> it sure feels nice out here. those crystal clear skies that are so characteristic of a canadian air mass this time ofa year will be with us albeit briefly. w there is another working behind w this drive slot that is coming in right now. ths here is storm fox and there are a couple of showers how out east..a this comes back out over the water right now.his the ball on or the lion's share of ther precipitation coming ino pennsylvania. look at these gorgeous clouds, a time lapse from down at air force academy the puffy plot
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buffy fairweather clouds and that is from time to time and a substantial cloud this morning. 78 degrees water temperature. 73 at hopkins and you can see off to thehe73 west clear skiet clouds are filling in quickly to the north and west of therelli t and we are expecting a change ih clouds. seventy-fivean down to 59 but that is comfortable. even getting to 5t t below the y category wins out of the west and our maps and motioned his other satellite radar composite maps here.ate high pressure to the west and a dry west and a dry spot coming in right nowoo but much cooler r behind that secondary cold front which will drop through tomorrow afternoon.hich rosie will have a look at noono
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going to get and what to expect for the weekt a ahead, moments away. om in the news this morning one man t is dead after a standf in brook park. de a authorities say they were negotiating with a male suspect inside a home barricaded inside a home and thenr took his owns life on richard drive in brook park.n r police say the man got into ann argument with another mango at e home and the suspect shot him. batman was that man was taken to the medical center in serious condition and his condition now is unknown. there were two children inside home c at the time that they hae been removed safely. that after six hours with no contact withaft police, a robot was sent into theoli home for the man wa foundwa dead.e police sayad he shot himself but did not identify the suspect. stay with us and at for new details. us cleveland police ae investigating an apparent homicide.. investigators at a call for shots fired in new haven. they found a womann unresponsivv
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paramedics pronounced her debt the scene.. the victim did not have any id. anyone with information about the shooting should contact east cleveland police. >totin it is a market that r of the fabric of south euclid and greater cleveland. many have fond memories of traveling tove relations that italian market but they are about to that they are about to close their doors fortalt they . >> it is both just a family market in south euclid and acl symbol of what makes cleveland great. hard-working people, often families making great products, in this time to die for italian foods.o old world needs sponsors and of course their famous grinder subp but after 73 years the marketable close market will close saturday. the co-owner was born the month hiso family started the business in 1943. >> we are excited to retire but we are not excited to leave our
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we are more confused. >> who m wouldn't be with the outpouring of affection that has been showered on thehe family since the news broke that they would close.h the market has even served as a rite of passage for new officers coming onto the n force of the south euclid police department. >> when it he first got hired on with the department department in g g 2006, in my field trainid officer took me her for lunch here for lunch for the firstcer time and kind of introduced me a little bit to the family.e since. >> foot traffic in theic i neighborhood has been down as of late and the space is a little large for the needs of thend t e but still the owners say closing with a toughe o >> very bittersweet. today has been overwhelming. the response from the public and what has occurred i just neverer expected it. it makes me so proud. >> part of what their product is a love affair they have had with
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>> the customers that we have had over the cus years have been absolutely magnificent. >> the peoplelut of cleveland ad south euclid and around the country really enjoy us and we love them. >> judging by the crowd crowds thisg weekend, their customers feel the same way. >> they will continue in the the catering business, and there is a chance the next generation of the familyy met reopened market later at a different location re but this historic market in southis euclid close for good n saturday. on the timing for this next story could not be fo a back-to-school event for children in cleveland who just started their back-to-school year.rj it includes free haircuts food andde giveaways for students and in talking about the importance of what they're trying toout doe called you out but lebron. >> lebron said in cleveland everything is earned, nothing is given.
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is it is all about you. we want to focus on how to make their dreams come true. >> to help celebrate their tenth anniversary the nonprofit group hosting the event is planning a surprise for a homeless family with a back-to-school shopping trip. th at progressive field after tying it up in ther ninth all in the park homer to win the game. indians were looking for another winn last night against toronto. they got a little bit of help from lonnie choose and hall choosing huge bomb with two men on. they tied up at five / five but the league did not last long.a a solo shot for the jays up by one righthot here. but who would you rather have at the plateho the bottom of the ninth then time to make tyler make when hoping for some theene winning luck but he could not get the job done. we can't blame him.e he might be tired from the last two nights of saving the day. the tribe falls in this 16 /
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houset a last night as the indis faced off face off again against toronto. alison brown tells me there is a excitement behind this team, even from lebron james insults. >> himself. >> the cleveland indians are red-hot.>> h if friday night's history making walkoff home run did not do it for you, >> i was in my car and i had to stop. i i was like this is unbelievable. >> tyler nicke th when hit the t indian walkoff inside the park in 100 years. >> i was going ecstatic at home. i couldn't believen it. >> anxious for another win against the toronto blue jays among the thousands whoi came ot for saturday's game. >> i s think they deserve it because of the way they played thishink year.e >>ar the excitement is clearly catching on.g
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indians games. >> it is amazing that this sold-out. my daughter tried to get a ticket to come with me tonight and couldn't. to but someone who could get into thene game this series, t lebron james.s the cavs champion champion himself took to ch twitter to sd good vibe to the team kick. re: friday's game he wrote unbelievable finish for the indians. wow. wonderful atmosphere in there #-number-sign strive for greatness #-number-sign bear next. >> i think it's great because everything is going good and tht city right now. it's such a positive r five and just the fact that he is endorsing it also helps fa giveh cash get the casual fan into it also. >> a twitter endorsement indian fans can twitter endorsement indian fans can get behind.tnd 11 oh 9:00 a.m. and still
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this little boy has become the face of suffering bo in syria ai we have that up next. w plus water is finally receding receiving receding in indiana. wate many people across the nationio are working to do their part as well. n wo we are getting into some fun now and much cooler temperatures along withw and muh lower humidity levels. itm feels soi much more comfortable out there. you can open the windows.. the changes on the way are not necessarily for the cooler.e w we will look at the full full the hopeful a day forecast coming up around the corner. today you can click and. walked walk in or call into the number one chair in
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it is the deal that has shocked the world and now we go to a tragic story overseas but we want one is att theor video u may about the scene of they be hard to watch for some of you.t this little boy has become theeo face of suffering in syria. he was caught on video sittingn calmly in the back of anf
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from rubble following an was airstrike. where learning that his 10 -year-old brother died from injuries and matt airstrike and russia has denied responsibiliy for the attack in that area. ree as louisiana recovers m historic levels of flooding, drove the droves of people droves of people, are stepping p tore s help with recovery effor. here is more. four after devastating rainfall in infou louisiana, the hard wow of rebuilding is just ramping up. the storm system dumping more than 20 inches of rain over four days leaving rivers and creeks severely bloated. about 4,000 people remain in shelters and more than 40,000 homes have been damaged or destroyed.d. first responders are still >> this is a tight community but if anyone is missing or whatnot are just going through and a
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accounted for and taking caree f >> volunteers from across the country have been arriving to help with anheuser-busch delivering more an than 250,000 cans of drinking water.han and that loads of hopefully that providing free to providing free laundry hoat service to affected residents. >> i'm not as bad as everybody else but a nonetheless it was is amazing. i >> president obama has under heavy criticism for not interrupting his new england vacation to be in louisiana. meanwhile donald trump and his running t mate visited flood victims on friday. the white house says presidentid obama is receiving regular updates on the situation down rc south and plans to visit batonon rouge on tuesday to get a
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tough news for one of the biggest florida's governor announced five new locally transmitted cases ofloca the virus which brs the the statewide total up to 36. zika has been found in an area that is one and a half squareun miles. it is the second part of miami-dade county where transmission of the local virus has beenis found. found. >> hillary want to find it quickly and respond quickly. that is what we are doing along where there is documentedthes transmission. >> the cdct says the high-rise buildings could pose a problem for spring for the type of mosquito that is notoriously difficult to control. i firefighters are makinge some progress against thee massive wildfire just outside of la. the first people are returningri to the fire ravaged homes and one family left a message of thanks for the teams of firefighters risking their lives
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and t the fire has already scorched almost 60 square a miles but cooler temperatures are starting to help the more than 1,000 firefighters who are still onll the ground. it is just such a terrible situation up there and down in louisiana just really really bad weather in some parts of the country right now. rr i >> we are getting out of the whole thing pretty easily. even in ohio there were two tornado reports downstate. one was around your favoriteorit town to grass and the other one neargras wilmington so it was a definitely a pretty windy night. for us we did not have anyny severe weather in our neck of the woods.s cloud cover this morning is exiting very very m slowly. those clouds as they head out to the east and a dry slot right in
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clouds, son, back to cloud cover again so expectedback that if wo see full sunshine briefly which i doubt that will happen.i thell clouds will be close on is heels.ds what a gorgeous time lapse. look at the different clouds moving at different heights in different di high-level clouds, puffy clouds and some mid-level in there as well. here is a look a it looks like one little strand of showers in lakene l county mg perhaps toward mentoring and painesville. that is very light. it might be a sprinkle. our summer of 20 2016 rainfall amounts have beenf deficits including two.71 inches in cleveland. that is definitely a very drye situation in the soil.ry for the month of august we are running almost a quarter of an
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of them all is at least when it comes to the officially reporting stations. th mansfield almost half a foot of soil moisture underneath where we ought to have been.nd for the month of august still running a bit of afor deficit df at.03. another chance for rain thursday we like to keep background charged up especially ke since e are now in the normally dry to modera d these dewpoint levels were moist speaking out we all know the tropical levels but look at what is happened over the last few hours we are down in the low sixties down to 59 currently at hopkins cu airport for the dewpoint. it feels a whole lot more comfortable out there.h currently 73 degrees on land temperature, 72 in ashtabula, 70 in toledo.o a fairly homogenous well mixed and mass out there and here
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after a brief dry slot you can see wea that by this evening cls still back in. there could be some random showers but the good news is they will be fleeting and passing.hey a lot of folks have stuff to do outside after may maybe ask outdoor activities or chores on the back burner and view to the you to the hot weather.tivback 78 degrees today. variable skies, breezy. if you showers around that l generally isolated scattered stuff. the overnight low less humid. it will be a great sleeping night forw sure into tomorrowr morning where we are still showing a couple of showers on the east side but that will be the exception rather than the rule. tomorrow 75 with bright sun. a delightful day.
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day.ike partly sunny. great race weather.r. the step off temperatures 68 degrees and that is a very earlyres look. >> 68 degrees no degrees no humidity. >> perfect.segr and up to 85 on wednesday coming more dn humid juicing up thethe atmosphere in thursday's rain but that whole system is expected to be out of here th the weekend. >> just in time for foxtrot. >> that's rise right. met 11:21 a.m. and still ah, a game being played on unconventional board. we will show you how farmland
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no trouble on these blue skies that are floating around. big fluffy clouds no trouble at all. they are heading east those. begone withl you. in an ancient game becomes a field field of dreams for farmers in spain. a group of local farmers in that country are playing airplane tractorl chess as a way of as a way of staying mentally active and in promoting agriculture. me the board is cleared off the field with alternating shaded squares and named players give commands through walk it commands or walkie-talkies and roll into their assigned placesa about 3,000 people from around the world gather to watch the game. arturo fernandez was crowned the winner of the cornfield cornfield chess chess game. interesting. everything is and john deer green purity can't beat it.a
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>> it says farm. >> i remember well when i worked on a farm. embe we've got the fox troto week from today. a wonderful forecast. let's hope we can hang ontot this. on to this. sunday august 20th. registration is at 7:00 a.m. anm it looks like great race weather. state unit. we will have the latest on that forecast if there any updates to it and let's hope if anything it is just sunnier. >> prone to niceness. i like that. it's going to be nice. >> i will be here. thanks for watching fox fox eight news fo at home and rememr 24 hours a day news updates at
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