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tv   Fox 8 News at 10PM  FOX  August 23, 2016 1:00am-2:01am EDT

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>> from the steel valley to the rubber city republican presidential candidate donald trump that makes makes a back-to-back visits to the buckeye state. >> tonight he was in akron for much more polished and message susan strafford was their injuries is live at the latest on what was said today. >> it was definitely noticeable having that covered him in a few months as the last time i seen them in ohio whether it was the changes for the new campaign office just about that he's been on the campaign trail so much lately going from state to state there definitely was a significantly different and more polished for direct more
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tonight in fact he was ready early to go on stage and spoke directly to those it disenfranchised voters in ohio >> revved up for bertie giuliani in their capacity crowd inside the university of akron's rhodes arena went wild when he introduced a donald trump. >> the next president of the united states of america donald drake chomp. >> who took the stage in our early monday night >> because the place is packed so why should we wait and he wasted no time laying out his plan for america rebuilding the poll industry while focusing on fair trade deals. >> the error of economic surrender which is what we've been doing for so long is over >> with increased her rages and tax cut at home. >> and a massive tax cut for
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businesses. >> he called his opponent corrupt and promised a special prosecutor to investigate the clinton foundation trump also vowed to be fair but firm with immigration reading out possible threats and he laid out an entire law and order platform promising to support the police a 100 percent of. >> i believe that safety is a right that belongs to all americans education which trump vowed to make happen to a voucher system for reaching out to african american and latino voters think the democrats take them for granted. >> what the hell do you have to lose it give me a chance in fact that's what he's asking of all voters he said it just give them a chance and he will
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>> so tonight the message it definitely resonating with everyone there inside of the arena about 5,500 people they were sitting to the inside of the arena in a earlier in the afternoon donald trump actually met with about 25 members of the fraternal order of police here locally at the akron lodge and told them he is 100 percent in support of police and has at their backs and after the rally he started early but ended late he stuck around and was shaking hands with a number of veterans people in the crowd however the latest polls and still have mr. trump trailing hillary clinton by about five percentage points or more depending on which poll you look at trump says he's not worried about it a lot of the time until november and he says he still believes he will win in a landslide a lot of people were surprised he started this event so early was he actually going off prompter. >> i don't know we couldn't see it to did you see yet i was looking for the prompter but we were so far back up on the riser i saw the lighting
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prompter sometimes they'll have it down in front of them we can see where we were standing it definitely was a different speech and was very strong very direct and he delivered it impassioned speech really that resonated with the crowd. >> prompter is whether we just don't realize how much we rely upon them in the meantime public appearances for hillary clinton today with a familiar familiar topics the fbi has uncovered close to 15,000 more documents in the investigation into her private e-mail server of the state department will not meantime more changes will come to the clinton foundation if she wins her husband former president bill clinton says he will reduce his direct involvement with the charity. >> i have this to say to donald trump because these ties affect your net worth before you go about attacking a charity why don't you come clean about your own business dealings and that tell the american people who you are in debt to. >> by the way: powell is pushing back on reports that
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report and the idea to use a private e-mail server he says quoting here her people are trying to pin on me a passionate plea from a grieving family whose son was struck and killed by a hit-and-run driver tonight they hope someone will come forward with information that can help police of finding the person behind the wheel kevin freeman as here is here whether more on their heartbreaking story. >> cleveland police say they can use all the help they can get right now they say they have no description of the vehicle or in the accident has left the cleveland family and pain and hoping to soon find justice for their son. >> i miss my son and they hurt so bad to know what that my son that my son is gone at the age of 24 and he didn't fulfill his purpose in life and. >> wilbur and bonita mccormick are heartbroken and looking for answers at around 1145 last thursday evening the 24
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vehicle that never stopped tell somebody turn yourself and let's get to the end of it >> cleveland police say he just gotten out of a vehicle in the 6900 block of kinsman road and begin to walk in the streets by say that's when he was hit by a car that never stopped so far they've been unable to get a description of the court with a driver when i was taken died on saturday. >> we want to find out who did it and it looked like look like a senseless and decent thing for someone to do it with someone on the same we can find that person said it was someone that drove up behind them and seen them on the street and there he was he called 911. >> as parents say he was close to his entire family he was the third of four children they say he graduated from
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2010 and held at various jobs as a store manager. >> very loving young man he didn't deserve to die like that. >> the mccormick said try to cope with knowing nothing can bring doctor's and now son now they hope to find justice. >> who ever believe he saw that you would come forth with the information that would help so much. >> from the mccormick family says that they the family reunion planned for this weekend and a birthday party for their grandson the family says they will hold a vigil at the side of the accident near 50 night thinking cement at 8:00 o'clock wednesday evening anyone with any information they are asked to call the cleveland police so young in a family and so much pain. >> the searches on for a suspect people in rocky river on high alert tonight after a woman was almost a month in- mugged in front of a popular grocery store melissa reid lied at a rocky river police
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river police department investigating and fact tonight they're releasing a surveillance picture of the suspect and apparently that suspect had a particular victim and mind a woman walking by herself leaving the grocery store. >> someone just got mugged and have his license plate and anxious 911 river police department late saturday afternoon a typical saturday we were just finishing up at whole foods we were loading up our car and then elizabeth cook and von augustine of lakewood heard a woman scream i started walking toward the screen initially i didn't see her but i started to see this guy running and he just like a drove right into the passenger side car door like the window was down and he literally dove right in and
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a surveillance picture of the suspect inside hole. it's moments before the attack rocky river police say the man tried to grab a woman's purse off of her shoulder as she walked to her car trying to remember everything i see what the color of the car with the guy look like and then i started running after them to try to get the license plate number and as soon as i said i started yelling out the letters and numbers are trying to remember what the license plate was. >> du another witness told police the suspect had already taste of the store she had seen him going in and out of whole foods i himself in looking at women by themselves women with small children and he was like following them around rocky river police are investigating the incident however a lieutenant tells me that the license plate appears to have been stolen and may be connected to similar incidents in other cities. >> i would've never thought
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augustine says of the victim was shaken but okay meantime and they are warning others to be on the lookout ever since witnessing the happened i've that happened i've been even more like paranoid walking in and out of target by myself today i was constantly looking around. >> anyone with any information about suspect if you recognize of this photo or the blue car or that stolen license plates are urged to contact a rocky river police department the general feeling. river is that this sort doesn't happen here but in reality if it could happen anywhere in the picture the suspect is really good you have to believe somebody out there watching tonight knows who he is especially as according to that lieutenant that he was connected to other incidents and other cities so hopefully people that recognize that voter will photo will come forward and say something. >> fbi agents as a social media may have played a role in the abduction of a
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abduction and of area agents are trying to determine if the suspect used and i happened to find where his young victims lived they are not ruling out the possibility that the suspect does not live in the area agents also say it is a good time to remind parents to play close attention when their children are online and to remember that many apps allow children to interact they do believe there can be a to be a social media and an app aspect it to this investigation so is it it's a time to remind parents very aware of not only what information you put out over social media but also what your children are doing online >> a $20,000 reward is been offered for information leading to an indictment anyone who knows anything about these cases is asked to call the fbi these people hurt three of them still in the hospital tonight after an
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through barricades before hitting a telephone pole the victims at range in age from 61 ?-dash 80 we spoke with one victim whose girlfriend that nancy nancy gillis is in intensive care. >> it felt like it was like an undertow and the beach the wilderness and up and put them on a see what happened police say this appears to be a terrible accident charges are pending against the driver he was not yet been identified good news if you take the sure way and another downtown the road is back open to make the both directions at lake avenue and if it you were taking the detours and direct access from clifton boulevard to the eastbound and sure way has been restored and there are two lanes open between clifton boulevard in the main avenue
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two weeks ago for any repairs finally the air conditioner getting a break but how long will that last andre has a first look at the forecast coming up next was he gave them a line and he became the target of a race does it see the verbal attack on a local driver and an it and exclusive. >> if you suffer from severe allergies it is a must but getting an epipen is days could break the bank how local families are trying to cope a massive party washes up on sure how hundreds of people accidentally ended up north of the border spices you're just plenty of spf 30 how kfc is helping people avoid getting extra
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>> no air conditioning or air-conditioning or ac got it right and that strange it sounded just isn't around anymore and that's the hoarding of it we live in the atmosphere do with the it the crickets are tripping they're still p here is a little cooler so the tripping is a little slower tonight clear skies but look at this is such an expanse it is such an expanse of area of mostly clear skies and when we white now even more they begin to pull in our direction
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more about just about ears tonight's sunset from cedar point webcam and that you can see clear skies it was a great paper the park today there will show you another vantage point to coming up a little bit later on in the sunset with the smear point rides as the foreground kind of cool 77 the high today 61 alone almost in the same range and will follow 52 ?-dash 58 tonight sunday and absolutely ideal storybook still to come a dog goes on the attack of the results proved to be deadly the criminal investigation underway right
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of a four-legged family member's home look euro a teacher's message to parents is going going bible and said the unconventional policy everybody keeping tabs on the buckeye from urban meyer and andy joe haden talking about
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sincerely, bernard tynes fellow vacationer and fellow citizen.
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flooded sections of louisiana tomorrow more than 2800 people are still in shelters one week after the waters burst rose there the storm and the flooding damage to an estimated 60,000 homes with many residents losing everything the red cross says this is the nation's worst natural selections of super super storm cindy struck back in 2012 we got two small children both of them are under under three all their stuff and all their 20s everything is gone perhaps they killed at least 13 people outside $110 million in damage to louisiana agriculture in federal judge in texas is blocking the obama administration's directive on transgender bathrooms the administration had directed public schools to allow transit gender access to the restroom of their choice for sunday a judge granted the
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that don't follow the bottom policy just hours after the end of the 2016 riel games the rio games the companies include ralph lauren and speedo they dropped the us olympics swimmers that counter to the values this brand is long stood before the move comes after lucky admitted he over exaggerated a story about an early-morning robbery coming up tonight as the school's crossed a line teenager says it's a violation of his rise inside the lawsuit leveled against a local school district a college professor is pushed to his death in his is pushed to his death in his two oh, hey jen! hey... are buying finish these days. i got a new dishwasher and they recommend finish.
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>> lorain county teen that is. schools over the districts of drug testing policy jack shea says the lawsuit sets the stage for a battle over the rights of students. >> under the drug policy in the sheffield issue a public school district students who participate in extracurricular activities like football or drive to dry to schoolmasters submit to drug testing but a sophomore at brookside high school who was involved in a number of school activities is challenging the policy in a
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common pleas court the 15 -year-old and his parents maintain the drug testing policy violates the rights of students drug testing policy when you're doing it without cause goes against their constitutional right to be free from a illegal search and seizures and also that everybody has the right to be treated equally which is the 14th amendment is. >> according to the sheffield issue a public school district the us supreme court has ruled the student to take part in sports and other have a lesser expectation of privacy and therefore can be tested. >> if we could test everyone we would but as soon as you attach a grade to a class then you are not allowed to take their educational right away the superintendent of the district says the drug testing is designed to serve as a deterrent and to identify students who need assistance. >> if you are tested through your and to be positive for
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have to see some sort of counseling and intervention so
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for better or worse, and a legacy lives on why in ohio zoo has a message for the internet in the wake of tragedies tragedy. >> was a forecast we can all get excited about andre breaks down the beautiful week ahead and lets us know when storm clouds could return the news at 10 continues now and the fox ai team has exclusive video of passengers confronting the driver of a ride sharing service of that driver was taunted because of his race it reporter at gallic with the story.
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one of those new ride sharing services document also a beatty a refugee from iraq there's a passenger called him a terrorist in turn violent all because of where he stopped the police report shows the passengers really got mad when the driver pulled into a parking spot at a fast foo drive-through line was too long the police report shows the passenger then slammed the car doors and they even swam their fist down on the head of the victim says he also got punched in the chest happened at last month cleveland's west side police say they told that driver to go directly to a city prosecutor to seek charges the driver and his
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she said that. >> he already has a job a day job this is moonlighting attorney ali. says those passengers were clearly drunk but that doesn't excuse in the ethnic taunting we all understand that there are issues out there in the world that cause people to happier and have a different view at a class where majority of people with the rightful reasons because of what is going on in the world here in cleveland we don't have that and a lot of the us about four years now getting a firsthand look inside our justice system at this point in the charges have been filed according to the police report the women who did all the shouting was picked up later by her father friends and colleagues are trying to cope with the young teacher's death killed in a double homicide a terra klansman rate terror crossman
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dancing with the founder of the mcardle dancer studio in cuyahoga falls where she has been since she was five years old she had also been a fourth grade teacher at boris community learning center in akron to 25 -year-old was shot and killed en masse stolen along with her boyfriend 33 -year-old michael leavitt on sunday police say an ex-boyfriend is responsible. >> you decide to start our season tonight but to maybe dance a little maybe dance none we are going to let balloons go after a prayer and people saying what they need to say to terror she worked really hard at building a strong relationship that she was someone they could trust that can trust that they need help with something i'm just learning reading and writing and math police say the
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bonner unsuccessfully attempted to take his own life at his jackson township home a feral pitbull attack and bay village an entire neighborhood tonight on edge authorities say that the bulls ran out of the home on pallet driving a tactic to your order your kids should see a mix name charlotte the dog was in her owners on at the time thomas moran is in mourning over the shocking ordeal he suffered cuts and bruises to his arms and hands and he along with a his son-in-law and passing biker did not fight the pit bulls off in time the two pit bulls running straight out of the house across the street and they were i don't know how far on the lawn they were making a street ?-dash towards me grabbed her lower half and it was a pulling down or just actually his weight pulling down as he grabbed the dog he was pulling me down as well in the other dog jumped on me he had blood all over his shirt
1:35 am
the whole back of her body was ripped open the owner of the dog is under investigation pitfalls are the very same home of attack neighborhood dogs in the past the dogs will be turned over to the cuyahoga county dog warden as the investigation continues and aquaman is indicted for a crash cuyahoga cuyahoga falls police officer 46 -year-old donald watson is charged with attempted murder assault and several other crimes he is accused o several vehicles in the police department parking lot last month and then he crashed into officer officer ted davis' greaser during the chase davis is a recovering from serious injuries and early morning house fire forced residents it to jumped to safety this was the scene from sky fox on east 82nd street in cleveland one witness called 911 but heard screams for help no one was hurt investigators are still looking into what started the
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dismantling a right of the cuyahoga county fair is home tonight reynold grams was on top of the scooter when it started operating at one point he was placed in a coma to help his recovery we're told he is now out of the hospital and could return to work later this week's. >> andre a coronary, a while ago. see more thing air-conditioner with ac and it kind of works i did i get what he was talking about it was a very very strange conglomeration everybody kind of got because of the ac is off air-conditioner and did not only that the clouds withered on the vine we had some waterspouts this morning and late last night along with some lake affect make effective affect rain showers of cold air over the warm lake but tonight all is well you'll notice on tonight's antennae
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that the sun is getting pretty close to this corner is only a matter of time before the sun will set just off the framing of the image because of the apparent motion of the sun and it where it rises and sets up but but it sure is a beautiful night let's check out that sunset courtesy of j reynolds who shoots at the sunset is actually a series of images put together seated setting up against the silhouette of severe point i told you it was well worth the wait was it not. >> temperatures have fallen to the point where tonight they're actually in the 50s in places like it was to 58 and 56 ashtabula arts were 60s but we also have the cool temperatures the cool colors note the dewpoint pardon me in the 50s everywhere which it means again tonight it's very very comfortable in those two points are pretty much going to stay put for at least
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afternoon watch what happens here on wednesday the humidity really starts to come up let's look at it graphically you can see we start dry but right here kind of the human on wednesday and thursday and that you will see that in a.d. 52 ?-dash 56 tonight but will be appear shortly right after the newscast go check it out at 11:00 o'clock and then tomorrow 80 degrees sunny absolutely storybook ideal at the dry weather will yield to happens you can see the moisture getting pulled them that means an increasing risk of showers and thunderstorms as early as wednesday night mostly on thursday after a warm humid wednesday in the behind that prompted near normal again and it dry again so this isn't the season so we start to get a lot of these dryer taxes not as humid very comfortable and we are
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said the fox trap is about more than ohio honda dealer forecast great that day's that be would be a medical center join us this sunday at the new location almost the across from the convention center standard registration get your into the five k run on them and while walking a free t-shirt the premium registration also receive a free american flag made in ohio in a lawful one of several flags flown overseas or to register go to >> and if you signed up you can start picking up your short a bit number this week and see us wednesday afternoon at edgewater beach and on thursday and friday at fleet feet stores in westlake and pepper pike he can also register for the fox trot at all of these locations we really hope to see you this sunday. >> looking forward to it as a back-to-school shopping was an expensive enough. >> how families with allergy
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massive epipen price hike plus a bizarre scene at north of the border how more than a thousand americans washed up
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there is a new price to pay to keep your kids healthy buying an mp pentax got a whole lot more expensive it is putting a pinch of millions of families
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allergies my emboli has more. >> right now he's testing high for peanuts stephanie is worried about her son justin at just nine months he's fighting eczema skin disorder that's complicating his food allergy. >> keeping justin safe along with the other estimated 50 million americans with food allergies just got more expensive the cost of epipen for some families is becoming difficult to afford i was blindsided because when we went to the pharmacy to pick them up i had no idea they were that expensive when they go to buy just to epipen's what you which you have to have at all times that can cost up to $600 even with the coupon a price is forcing many patients to go without buying epipen's i didn't realize is going good for about a year or
1:44 am
something you may or may not use is kind of ridiculous i asked representatives at my and pharmaceutical about the rising cost of their epipen they gave me the statement that says in part changes in the health care insurance landscape and increasing that continues to rise the ship has presented new challenges for consumers and they are bearing more of the cost the industry is not an easy challenge to address but we recognize the need and are committed to working with customers in paris to find solutions stephanie says that she will find a way to make it work because gambling with justin's health is not a bet she's willing to make the folks there what happens is
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the killing of a college professor the victim fell to his death but authorities say it was no accident the alleged motive for murder plus enjoying time at home with their homework by a teachers policy is raising eyebrows and getting some rave reviews [ grinding metal ] whoa, that doesn't look good. no, not you. ordinary fuels can clog your engine with dirt. it's dragging down your fuel economy. but over time, using new and improved bp gasoline with invigorate helps clean up that dirt, like hundreds of scrubbing brushes. so that means a cleaner engine, which helps you get more miles per tank. i'll be here if you need me. new bp gasoline with invigorate.
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two people are facing charges
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who police say was pushed off a cliff at the remains of 56 -year-old and media studies professor ronald beck were discovered late last week at the bottom of an 80-foot quarry authorities say 32 -year-old daniel dyer and 39 -year-old george isler plotted to kill the friend because they believed they were gain financially from a well he recently signed police say the parent or the victim to the spot by convincing him it would be a good place to harvest marijuana. >> as an excuse of mental illness as an excuse there is no excuse man on was amazing he took my sister and he took care of her he put a roof over her head police say a sugar and geyer waited three days before reporting that admission issuer is charged with first and third degree murder 17 -year-old great ape that was shot and killed in the cincinnati zoo now has a
1:49 am
space bar showed up in petitions online in everything from the renaming the cincinnati bengals to making in addition to mount rushmore ta this has been nominated for president in bombay was killed when a three -year-old boy fell into his enclosure later earlier this summer the cincinnati zoo says it's not amused at all by these means the zoo director says the stuff is still killing in the tongue in cheek means online are making it harder for them to live on summer celebration turns to an international rescue hundreds of people are fort huron put down in michigan over the weekend and it is an alcohol fueled party on floats and wraps and annotated the problem is the winds were a little too strong so about 1500 people were blown onto the shores of ontario canadian authorities were to pull the floaters safely from the waters there are also back to michigan on transit buses a good news for some second-grade students in texas they won't ever have to
1:50 am
a new homework policy letter to the teacher might he says that her student will only have to take on the same as the that they didn't finish during the day some additional work will be assigned instead she encourages parents to eat dinner as a family read together and get their children to bed early the policy quickly went viral after getting posted on social media. >> children still celebrating today still to come it is a company that knows a thing or two fried inside the standard that has kfc getting into the sunscreen business hi every body the indians are out west urban meyer molding his young team and the browns and balmy
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summer may be winding down by the sounds it damaging rays can still be a concern for anyone spending time outside but have no fear a fast food chain is here to keep you safe kentucky fried chicken unveiled colonel sanders sanders extra kiss piece on screen yes they did kfc cause an exclusive and extremely limited run of fried chicken scented sunscreen. >> the tagline says only skin i should be extra crispy this summer is on your fried chicken some worshiping actor george hamilton as serving at the latest incarnation of colonel sanders said if you like to get your hands also be made have to resort to ebay was a massive response here kfc says the extra crispy sunscreen is already all gone. >> hi everybody mdm's beginning their trip out west
1:54 am
go on the helper cleveland nine and there is no score and this week is an important week for part about joe haden of the browns who has been coming back from the injury riddled 2015 campaign he's yet to play in a preseason game is hope they can get on the field for some of the practice time against the bucs this week he acknowledges and nothing helps in rehab quite like playing the game i got playing the game but and defense in doing 1111 stop my mind is still the same i understand everything is getting my feet wet i don't think it will be too much more. >> it is also an important week for working receiver corey coleman coleman has been back on the practice field sensor he missed time with that hamstring issue how much he will practice against the box is something only to jackson is for sure suffice it
1:55 am
with the likes of coleman breyer and gordon could be game changing and coleman was asked jokingly at the browns will need to put balls i think it's really good our main focus is about winning its the whole team i don't see any or anything are my goal is to win whatever it takes that's where can i do. >> that's what they will do ohio states their season beginning soon urban meyer en getting guys game ready. >> usually i don't feel that as i don't want to say pure good but i like coaching this team they are very hungry they're anxious to learn and get better and last week has been good. >> for the monsters and 76 game schedule it came out today and the defense of the calder cup will officially begin october 14 when the rockford ice hogs invade
1:56 am
the monster's tenth season and the ahl and the second with the columbus blue jackets affiliation there are 12 friday night games and home a saturday affairs three sunday matinees at season 20 approximate friday night touchdown kicking off this friday night you can join pj there on the commissioner mr. denny conklin and that yours truly for the season premiere friday night 11:00 p.m. that's it doesn't friday night august the best high school football coverage in northeast ohio right here on fox eight just a sampling of some of the games at one of those will be mentor and massa limit and that that will be on the gto at at the osborne stadium and mentor we look forward to that. >> became the crowd think you. >> nice night for a friday night football. >> as it will be and we are looking at a similar night for tonight if you're looking for the militant not appear that will be up shortly
1:57 am
horizon 52 ?-dash 58 and tomorrow is a storybook day idyllic sunshine with a high of 82-point still low. >> is the beauty that was it
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