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tv   Fox 8 News at 10PM  FOX  August 24, 2016 1:00am-2:01am EDT

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the light wife of a man murdered in the drive-through fast food restaurant and lorraine is speaking out tonight this comes the same day as $15,000 reward in the case melissa reid is here with the story. there hoping that money will motivate someone to come forward. i was working when i got the
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he needed to speak to them it was just utter shock. the 49 -year-old was killed in an attempted robbery at the taco bell drive-through on oberlin avenue last august a very big heart. he loved everybody. he would be willing to help anybody. anytime i ever needed a lightbulb change of dogs were brought he was right there. any time i needed a ride somewhere are needed something i was right there. police are not reviewing how he died the melissa says he did not suffer pittsburgh's an eyewitness says that he took off from the taco bell onside.
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tan or yellow shirts as well as can keep it sends attend college baseball hot. for any information leading to an arrest. we know that is something that he's that money is awfully good compared to my friendship. anyone with any information that you are if anybody thought
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that will help in this case. we do have some breaking news out of sandusky county they say that he deceived doctors and premises in order to obtain prescription pain medication they will be in court tomorrow. gunfire inside of the local this two men tried to carry out a pulled robert there working to track down the dangerous suspect kevin freeman is with the very latest on this case today. even though one of the suspects that fire his weapon for chilly
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they say around 230 p.m. they walked in a one holding a semi auto the fbi since that they ran up to a tablet money. according to investigators one suspect apparently knew what she was doing and away from the counter the fbi says that man with the revolver his bulletproof glass protected her they've made have robbery proof. they can't anything get to the tellers or around them.
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the bullet struck their window and both suspects ran out without any money. he says he is done this fourth ten years with no problem. he is careful wherever he goes. >> nowadays it where there are constant bank and money you are afraid these days. >> we're asked to call the plays that willoughby hills of the fbi. >> thank you. edit. think anything camping out near the plate down for months peggy gallek has more on this from
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>> those living north ridgefield are shocked to learn was livid behind the building and close to the playground. it's very scary. you never know. he can't believe anything anymore. you just have to watch wherever you go. he was arrested monday afternoon us marshals the north that show police were able to find those locks no longer with my behind this since hiding behind that she officers subsequently taken into custody without incident. there were looking for him for his release from and december. >> she said that he would not his not looking at the address
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of the several charges including rape it's a make the wood like he was located was between an elementary school and a church. during the time of apprehension there were two small kids on the play got there were a few. >> it appears he was living there for some time it's not right to be that close to a score. the police department says it's possible that he had contacted with the children because of the lake in north ridgefield, peggy gallek, fox 8 news. select he's being held in jail scheduled to be back in court since an escapee from a minimum-security jail remains a
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county sheriff's office daniel perkins and 26 -year-old jason shockley pose as trustee or trusted to help perform various jobs around the chest they were carrying trays through event of the parking lot when they suddenly drop them and if he was a rating trial on charges from crimes that included he was whereabouts are currently unknown. his last known outages he said he was homeless and the akron area was summit county sheriff's office says they are reviewing
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will will
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will we talk about any take that
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northeast ohio the bugs that drops right of the trees we explain why my's are causing concern for many families. >> creepy crawlers in overtures
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eyes. people are wondering trouble that's hard to avoid when you are outside spoke mice are sign a landing on some crime-fighting problem is most people don't know it until it's too late. >> this is the first that i've heard of it larger they are fifth smaller and had dinner these big put pressure with coast look like your not the main target they just have to pay and that way by learning with that mice like to in overtures how do you know you are standing under and out treated for starters have to get her up close and get a look at the league she's going to keep an extra for her kids.
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books. tc experts say it does not want to keep those myself. when will people actually be able to use the drug legally.
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for emergency assistance the white house says that $120 million in aid has artie bee
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i've done something wrong you you andenjoy of the people whose animals these their pets as they seem like this is pulling a woman from his thinking, when she please for her pet very he
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not all owners can be reunited with pittsburgh care for them amid a disaster. that animals moving to different parts of the country where they can be assured the texas they have the states than the stuff to ca always know that they not only change their own without somebody should be available for adoption started as soon as this weekend if you are looking to help but can't at the it's
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appearing adopted and monetary donations. thanks for taking to the hospital after his hap musical engine manufacturing facility on curtis boulevard they have not said type of chemical was released. they are investigating another atm smashing grab raise ten suspects with us three minutes will soon be legal to use marijuana in the buckeye state
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law goes into effect on september 8 is not expected to be fully operational for at least another year. was is signs arkansas engine will take effect here and stay on september 8. three government agencies all the way out the pain over the next several months for the creation of the medical marijuana control program $1.8 million will be used by the state pharmacy board department of commerce and state medical
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managed patient care to registration. they will have to qualify for some medical condition including alzheimer's and emma's was written permission for if that helps them i think it will be a good thing. i think if people need and that helps i think for those wanting to own a dispensary dispensary for much of a certain distance away from schools.
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things always do change around here it is under with all the details tonight. we're going to show your 19 alex said going to take myself out of the frame in just a moisture all law for very pretty and pretty
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brought down here not going to see it because it runs into a lot of things this is what they look like little bit more difficult to
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amarillo eventually that one coach. 74 degrees and after i 83. his 60s by 6 degrees. we can see the difference will do for his idea matchup and calm and not as cold tonight afternoon clouds will start to little things up in the skype look for them moon looking for on the early side. is that shop air. that moisture will get squeezed
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thunderstorms possible mostly on thursday will notice that weekend. sunday was great. member of the local family it's all lama the mysterious circumstances surrounding a missing animal. he did it for loe lost his life how one man was there to impress a woman
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his uncle mom on the link or his -- suzanne scheafer has more on the missing animal. disappearance it really is a mystery their own system message it is almost and hate being alone which is by their desperate to five the long and returned the safety of his spouse and more. with the locking up along looking for a needle in the haystack on the new so it's back here she is searching for her
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and you're the corner of 619 and 44. i see nothing. the most well behaved. lama's never leaves their morning of august 16 they gave a sound oh and all of the llamas
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information should contact the start county humane society for the township police department were both also looking for jewels. i'm sure they are just worried. and they are worth thousand dollars. he said beautiful coats of families actually done it the wolf in their animals to people in the incident really hoping to
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location. a businesses also special requests now find out how it became the subject of a very angry debates he may be the last person you would expect to be
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the denver man season series charges accused of impersonating a doctor. it was fernandez has a surgical system my son practicing without of life but performing surgeries and procedures these are women who went to someone they thought was a doctor that could have put
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they would not be allowed to fly. shot beyond delays and walked back
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the includes a candle in the dress. pictures of the creation were posted on facebook and madison that they streets started getting backlash the owner says some people took this playful image and turned it into a real life to me. civic rights we did a lot of the negative, because i didn't want this to be a big drama and then i was surprised owner says she did lose some follow us on facebook due to the overall the response has been positive. here is check for four hours
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narrow degrees tilt stays through hopeful to the restaurant ball and he was bleeding but waved to his feet as he was a wheeled on gurney. >> here is doing it to impress a girl authorities say that what is going to be a broken ankle. every software does have enough mean that summer been done before now he's talking about
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it's a minor league baseball player gets a moment as you did not last long enough speaking out about his grand slam surprise and it was really got brandon thomas had to tolerate home run with the bases loaded the celebration was bittersweet when he realized once the ball left the park it smashed his own windshield i didn't realize realize that this is happening in that situation is just can't be too hot. it wasn't just a crack that's
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how always have the windchill repair bill to remind us that they, dictate. he low speeds with the breasts and he does not want to be traded well rgiii through a couple of pics seven on seven job they also had interceptions of their own as the browns and that's how the joint practice. a lot of attention went to the
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preseason futurist three of his success stopping the run. not tackling lovely be putting it mildly the linebackers says this the guys in the position to make the play we just did not make it. we have sturgis go back to work and practice and worked on some of the techniques. look out for the high-scoring capabilities of them mentor offense. their junior quarterback sugars and shocked cactus that's pretty potent there's fifth several first 5 acres with the south
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defense they could have a very, good season. they open at home against the massillon tigers and season 20 of friday night touchdown to marry the speak here are nominees the first game of the week. they take on the tigers and mentor and division iii cj. that mckinley and how far west g. that chardon. go over to to vote. andre get on your computer and start voted. polls close at 9:00 p.m. and will announce the winning team on fox 8 news at 10:00 p.m. sound effects are courtesy of entr?e. vote early and vote often.
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it's going to be cleared tonight overnight lows about 60 not as close last that's okay 85 tomorrow maybe a shower late. thanks everybody and joined the morning show group 4:00 a.m. and boating again.
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