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tv   Fox 8 News at 7PM  FOX  August 24, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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a live look from the roof-cam on this wednesday,o track and some rainfall moving into the state and a tornado watche the wester counties.f melissa myers with a look at th forecast. updated tornado watch wooster county's including ottawa,h sandusky seneca and wyandot, especially for the las errors under tornado warning is been very active across indiana. look at weather watches and warnings just outside of our viewing area, most of it is moving north and east. lookin
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liberty center is a confirmed tornado on the ground. there i a tornado warning and henry county until 7:30 p.m. they confirm a ground tornado moving northeast at about 40 mph is no considered about eight, 10 miles north of defiance. it appears it is tracking just outside of looking g area. farther south, another tornado this storm cell. it is moving near van wert county, the northeast at 30 mph. this tornado has been confirmed on the ground by thei emergency management agency. the countie under one including paulding county, van wert and western putnam county under this mornin until 7:30 p.m. continue to
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us, but they are close so continue to track these as they may approach us. more showers/storms underway especially toward evening tracking that. tomorrow, with sunshine it will be upper '80s and some storms that could thes drops to severe tomorrow this time. to the last, severe weather and indiana causing severe damagege what age relate into the starbucks outside of the kokomo speedway. it also damaged several homes will off rooftops and knocking down tree they say that there are reports of minor injuries the weather service issued a tornado watch 422 indiana counties until 9:00 p.m. we keep an eye on
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we can also check in on the fox 8 weather app. >> northeast ohio, case of made headlines,rt ohio teacher injur after rocks were thrown from interstate overpass and now two years later one of the men involved free. jennifer jordan has more. >> keefer mcgee is a free man after servingng 11 half months behind bars, that was the minimum with a 19-year-old for his role in t headlines, he was reportedly th driver of the vehicle in which she in three friends traveled over interstate 80 overpass in pennsylvania in 2014. brothers dylan and brett lahr and tyler porter were charged with throwing rocks from the overpas the smashed through the windshield of a car hitting sharon budd, it has been a long road to recovery for the teach
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permanently disfigured, suffering brain damage and lost vision in one eye, and another tragic blow to the family, earlier this month when her husband randy budd died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, they say he plead guilty to aggravated assault and understands the heard that come from randy budd'sse death but t judge said they were not a cour to that, jennifer jordaney fox news. >> nn j county sheriff facing 40 charges, sandusky sheriff kyle overmyer appeared in sandusky county common pleas court to face charges including chairman , that an office in the session to obtain a drug, alleging that he the seed physicians and pharmacists to obtain prescription pain medication. the theft charges relate to allegations that he improperly to medications from prescription drug disposal crop
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state of ohio and most are fine upstanding hard-working people. and in this situation, we have sheriff who is under indictment remic if automatic not guilty plea was entered on his behalf and bond set at $150,000. bond se at $750,000 for the man accused of ramming a police cruiser a cuyahoga falls officer, donald watson face of the tetramer felonious assault and other charges the last ones crash c he will be in court nex week, officer theodore davis suffered injuries forcing him t spend one week in the hospital. >> one of victims hit by an elder driver and a parma height music festival diedd, city 1-year-old, kathleen macdonald was one of nine hit when a center for your loan backed out of a parking spotnt it happened sunday at greenbrier commons
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against the driver, at last check to people are still hospitalize. >> st details from a shooting at a local interstate they say that the shooting was not random, dave nethers has more. >> at the state patrol post and canton investigate what happene on i-77 this morning working with other law enforcement agencies becausewo the shooting appears to have started >> it started with a trooper that had been an abandoned on the interstate 77 about 3:30 a.m. and have been hit by multiple gunshots, liz lemasters says they were awakened at the nearby home on east valentine street by a woma who wason bleeding with a bulle went through her hand in the back of her head they say that
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fired the shots. >> it was not random event, so motorists do not have to be worried about traveling up and down the highway. >> she is early 20s and very scared and in disbelief that this happened. >> investigators are still working on this, one thing they can say is that they believe it is completely safe to drive-thru i-77 in canton, dave nethers fo 8 news. fbi try to identify two gunmen who tried to robob a ban and willoughby hills yesterday the bank on the chardon road have a ronson whaley they installed security measures including bulletproof glass that's why the telephone duty t not panic when two gunmeny ver the bank 2:30 p.m. tuesday
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killer had the alarm to men to leave and that's when one of them opened fire , the fbi says the decision to shoot reveals a lot about the suspects were trying to identify. >> 's been enough to bring a weapon into a bank and brandishing it, but when you fire the weapon inside of a ban at a bank teller, that's very scary so we want to get these guys into custody. >> rygu there now offering cash for info leading to the rest of the gunmen,ngor if you have informa call the willoughby hills police. >> a closer look at video obtainedd by the i-team, as one most unusual lease rescues you will see, police body cam video shows them rescuing a dog near galen st. clair, edna sutton
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fell down a sewer drain that's when the 5th district officers showed up call for backup, they called detective sean smith. the dog over and start a police group called badges were bullies, they help save dogs from dogfighting rings and more. >> that now look at her like she was just a dog, they say that black lives matter, but all lives matter, dog, birds, officers, everyone's wife shoul matter. >> we spoke to who have to rescue daphne said he was happy to help andnd wanted to give credit to the others who also helped. >> still to come, devastation in italy after towns level because of a deadly earthquake and what the united states is doing to help. >> eea cheap gas is proving to be
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at least 159 people dead after anad earthquake can it only the magnitude 6.2 earthquake struck as many were sleeping level in homes and entire towns in central italy several mountain vil hardest,ne workers say that it's hard to estimate how many peopl mayr be missing since the regio sees a huge influx of summer residence in vacationing tourists, president obama and secretary of state kerry have been in contact with italian leaders. >> atwo offers deep condolences on behalf of the american peopl to the people italy after the earthquake that struck overnight, mr. obama's one of the quick action of first
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have been working to save lives. >> offer any assistance that italy may require in place to stay in close contact. >> c at the vatican pope francis led public prayers victims p an dispatched a vatican rescue tea to the quake zone. >> uhe in ohio voters will have four weeks of early voting pseudo- five, ma the lordh ruled in fav of the democratic party said that five weeks would be the early voting time, a federal appeals court deny that bid from republican said that ohio has a just not a time to casta early ballots with 28 day ohio secretary of state jon husted agrees said that ohio ha a longer and more comprehensive early voting system, more so than almost any state in america. >> shortly after labor day, every registered voter in ohio will receiver an absentee ballo application into their home, if they filled out and turn it in
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without leaving home or to wait in a long line. >> davihe says that he to make process in ohio easy to vote an hard to cheap, early voting wil begin october 11rl, election da is november 8. >> > voters will have our choice of to w picking a president in november, libertarian party candidate gary johnson will appear on balance, ohio secretary of state jon husted says supporters gather enough names included and the election, ohio does not recognize libertarians so he will appear as an independent. >> pehillary clinton expects to receive her first pacified unti it's reaping saturday, it is standard practice during a presidential election to make sure candidates are up to speed on current events,e the briefi will focus on cyber threats, islamic state in russia, donald trump received his last week. >> time again to check in on t
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busy day today. >> associate us outside of our area to the west since it is close t will focus on that, mr. counties of ottawa, send wyandot and seneca under a tornado watch. means condition are ready for a tornado that ha occurred just west it is in effect until 11:00 p.m.t some areas under warnings so take a look at radar to show you the storm moving on, looking at wood county, lucas county until some 45:00 p.m. with a tornado warning, confirmed tornado on the ground near liberty centero and just near the polling movin at about 25 mph. moving toward light house at about 740, bowling green and
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and look a little farther south, we look at another area with confirmed tornado on the ground located to move north amazed at 25 mph. and 10 miles northeast of van wert. the warning until 7:30 for this storm cell van wert and western putnam county there outside of our area but moving east-northeast at about 25 mph so we continue to track that. western counties have the conditions more ready to go in terms of severe potential. there's nothing eminent for warnings. it has been hectic across central indiana with tornado warnings. continue to watch showers/storm
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scattered storms overnight in the watch these developing tomorrow evening between five and 9:00 p.m. because of the passing cold front. at this time tomorrow could be some severe warnings may concern would be damaging winds. today high of 87, the normal is 80, record from 1947 with 94. the winds have been active in the south between ten and 20 dewpoints are higher in the las is just another ingredient to support severe weather . when i get a break from the humidity till friday.n the cluster stor but does not look to be severe overnight. the watch again about 5:00 p.m. tomorrow a squall line made available on
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to severe. before we have some drier conditions are looking good friday. be tonight about 70 degrees, tomorrow near 90 ma concern after 5:00 p.m. for strong to severe storms and then for friday, through the weekend, >> tonight at 1: protest northeast ohio woman sends a message by. all she speaks out about what goes on the product or to sit outside i the nude . >> that will be 10:00 o'clock tonight back w >> >> . >> . >> . >> . >> . >> . >>.> >> . >> . >> . >> ..improving economy and chea
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then there is a different price paid traffic deathsi in the first ha of 2016 were upin 10 percent, city council says factors including increaseded rural speed limit a lack of hally yust is does partly blamed the increase on low gas prices and improved economy.ea sippo lake on under fire for what regulators called illegal workplace policies in its employee handbook, the nlrb determined criticize workers for criticize the company social media and also change policy that prohibits workersa and talking about and religion. the lebron james those from player to
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a new tv series about cleveland, produce by the lebron james beers tonight, cleveland hustles, is reality show in which 20 entrepreneurs pitch business ideas to for investors, each with a work with them tof given challenges part of the idea is to revitalize underprivileged neighborhoods, they joined us o the morning show to tell us why they gt >> ne once you get to a certain place in life,n you're more tha just profits, not even call it getting back as much as sharing in the wealth. plenty of peopl out there we met with how that cleveland grit and never say no attitude.. >> the red carpet farewell take place at the take five lounge o superior avenue
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sunday we ran to support louis stokese va medical center, today many people stop by to pick up the race packet edgewater beach if you don't make it today you can pick up youri shirt/bib ib thursday friday at the fleet feet stores and westlake and pepper pike can also register pp foxtrot at these locations the next rac registration at 7:00 a.m. the 1 mile walkc at 8:00 a.m. and th fun and music from todd meany's band ace molar. the teacher how to make his students more accountable on the first day with a rap song. >> en what inspired you to do this claim good question. >> sif i can get the kids on board with mei to connect with before i even made them that i
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>> secret the sun to address himself to his grade students, while new to teaching the helps of song makes them more accountableng while focusing on hersi work, respect and positiv tv . what you think your first work will be to them in the classroo i see that you heard my song. >> he still has time to finish decorating the classroom the chicago public schoolss start classes on september 6. >> join us again tonight at 10:00 o'clockht have a wonderfu
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