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tv   Fox 8 News at 10PM  FOX  August 26, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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>> first on fox more pleasing video todayfi from the aftermata of an altercation between a brotherhooda the county judge and her adult daughter the daughter of cleveland defense attorney was arrested and charged are kevin freeman isan live at theem justice under u tonight with details in the body can video to go along w with the story tonight. >> that's right this is the building where judge or shirley strickland sampled has been on the benches in 1795 but it is also the same building where her daughter a 30 -year-old daughter faced a misdemeanor charge of domestic violence this morning. >> thursday evening just before midnight 30 -year-old sydney sampled>] no police after getting into a physical
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>> her mother is cuyahoga county commonr pleas judge shirley strickland stumbled an officer goes inside to get the judge's version of what happenededff. >> she had me call me a she didn't come until late ice cream to her about coming in late she got mad the mac when i popped her back the mac she's a really intoxicated. >> according to a police report said he pch mother in the jaw in the judge defended herself outside sydney refuses to tell officers what happened. >> she is a a defense attorneys are what i can get much out of her and i asked i saidar defense attorney or not your mother is a judge to call the police you understand how the situation as your drunkud t and you've goa cut on the side of your face police escorts in the insight to drop off her three -year-old she agrees to make a written statement of them changes her mind . >> i'm not going to make a written statement that the. >> why not.
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daughter refuses medical treatment and officers become moreer frustrated when she continues to refuse tell them what happened. >> you called us t i realized that the mac according to their report officers determined that sydney was the aggressor the arrested her and booked her for misdemeanor domestic violence the video shows that judges off all became very upset when officersse told her that they were arresting her daughter and i actually pe not to take her into custody without sidney saffold pleaded not guilty this morning she is outui of jail on bond in her next court appearance is scheduled for august 301. >> an unfortunate situation thank you a high school football season is kicking off tonight always an exciting time but also an emotional start before one game at a fierce arrival as can be got on the gridiron for a very touching tribute to a young player who passed away this summerchut suzanne straffod
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emotional night. >> it really was it was something to see him talking to people from both the scores the 15 -year-old player was by all accountssc tough on the field until he collapsed suddenly this past summer and never recovered his at north canton community immediately rallied behind his family but they never expected the competition to support them as especially at their home opener. >> season kickoff and for brush high school here at the home of the arts.. >> but this friday night everyone keenly aware of one young man in the fieldld over vikings at number 40 zachary roth o is a good person to everyone always nice to everyone hard football player always worked and did everything he should have the. >> this is to ask a jersey respectfully placed on the visitor side where he undoubtedly would've been nice night but tragically the 16 -year-old collapsed up from a
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in july he's a left a significant impact on our community and all this group of guys and they want to get back to playing football and hopefully honor him in the way they would go about that tonight and honor him a dead but not only the north canton vikings which stickers on their comments but the south you could south uk lyndhurst district as wellco stepped up. >> we watched on the news earlier this summer and as we were kicking it around the athletic department said hey we wouldw like to do something special just before kickoff of a truly solemn moment of silence. >> afterward it was. down to business with both teams playing hard to win while also demonstrating that in the game of life compassion and sportsmanship are far more important to be so gracious to our team and to be g thoughtful in that manner it certainly speaks to their character and to remember him and honor his family. >> is really respectful i think that it's really nice
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>> everyone and everything willve they did that tonight it was really nice but certainly the vikings will honorht his act on their home opener but again they weren't expecting brush to do this and there were so happy that they didd first up on the field always the hardest for ao team after losing a player the first time playing would be hard to see what made it a lot better for those kids also a trust fund has been set up to help outu zach's family and some charities with information on that at >> we talk about the value of sports going far beyond who won and saw an w example of that tonight. >> talk about good sportsmanship and just friendship come out commodity you name it was all goodn. >> the fox ai team has uncovered new information about why some people have to wait andeo wait when they call for police and firefighters in an ambulance tonight i team reporter ed kallick shows us how much you are safety forces are
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called for ems and it took probably about an hour'c a loved one having trouble breathing vital signs and dropping joyce cook said on wednesday the wait for an ambulance agonizingoid she turned into the it and sends that she knows we've repeatedly instigated investigated short staffing and delays with cleveland ems police and fire and now we can show you just how much of the city safety forces have been shrinking. >> it wasn't until an hour later where they were able to work on him too long. >> the biggest drop in the size of the police force in the last two years 100 fold more officers have leapt to the city has hired we recently heard a dispatcher given assignments that had come and up to 24 hours earlier low priority calls it but that kind of response. >> several vehicles parked in the driveway dollar tree the
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>> fire staffing way down to in two years 44 more firefighters left in the city is hired actually the city says ems is stepping up by 13 employees yet the city has struggled to meet its goal is for keeping ambulances on thet roads to keep up with a number of calls back to the police the i teamup calls that wanted to talk to the cleveland police achieved about this his office even said should be availableaa but when a the it would be doing the interview suddenly the chief's office said no have we become a city that says b it don't fall fordo an endless replays unless its life and death recently the mayor told us at city hall is studying the problem and i team has learned that the city is starting the process of hiring more policece were joyce wonders what about the need for officers firefighters and paramedics now.
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increase is as follows of the city will have more money to hire more officers to my police are asking for the public's help to identify two masked gunmen who held a public county gas station early this morning a clerk was working alone ata the shore station in willoughby went to gunman walked in around 145 and announced to the hold up as she 3omplied with the gunman ando are colluding by handing over the cash the other suspect the neighborhoodhe he went into the back office of theb station to try to open the safe he was not successful the two unaware that they nearly came face-to-face with the willoughby police officer who had responded quickly to that 911 callpo they were in and out of the store in less than a minute and they were gone so even as close as an officer was at the time of the incident they were able to escape police believe the same two men t robbed a bp station in university heights just two hours beforeh the hold up in willoughby. >> a happy ending to a story we first brought you last
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store owner thinking fox eight tonight for the safe returnow with more of what happened a bit of a crazy story does amazon parrot wasn't even for saleev but two people caught on camera spoke the need to take it yesterday and now the bird is backh where it belongs at this all happened at the whispers wings and wild things pet shop and get them the store's owner says the two people came in and stuff the dolly in amazon parrot into a pet carrier and walked out w to steal a parakeetr that bird wasn't going without a fight fighting with the suspects and saving us up'tou we erred in ths video yesterday of the crime caught on cameraer then today at 1:10 a.m. someone dropped a cage k job at the pet store inside the cage we are proud
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safe returnn tracy no word on the identity of the suspects we are glad that dolly is back with her family tonight. >> what was she belongs in. >> stevie temperatures in the forecast coming up tonight melissa will let us know just how warm it will get this weekend j is a fixture of the nightlife in vegas in new orleans but could cleveland be next inside the proposalne andd what it could mean for the black new beginning in northeast ohio people lining up to adopt petsli in the wake disasters. >> story moment that a county fair see how people pitched in to helpodt when a roller coaster collapsed plus it may go love the incredible amount of work that went into one man's marriage proposalbl o we are jut minutes w away with the season premiere of a friday night touchdownay during jt pj and danny immediately following fox news at 10 j proposal action
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>> alike take share from pickwick camera is for the street clevelandro the fine dining on the establishment zone is the fourth in environment to run is before the end also a nightou it is gorgeous and a lot of people out on the field for the first of friday nightgo l games and te boys mother nature really cooperating for everyonesh although all the details with the forecast we could have asked for a better way to kick off friday night touchdowne th coming up after faxing is a 10 why not for an evening at this low humidity barely a breeze that there are no a look at the northeast ohio temperature is just how comfortable it is outside th 63 ashtabula and western europe is 62) 67 all of the majority northeast ohio still located in the 70s
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very low dew point it fills a very comfortable for late august of days. >> year is how it looks a high pressure is really in control for tomorrow wen all know they did tomorrow probably more closet start to develop in the evening hours and a brief brief sparkle osha recordkeeping on the sense that ourur overnight lows in the mid- 60s with the scattered cloudsds of a nice quiet record overnight tomorrowet near 90 we to make it a number 25 we are looking at partly sunny skies sunnier to start talks a foxtrot looks like middle and upper 60s partly sunny looks great for the walk at a pivotal beginning at nine registration starts at 7:00 a.m. starting up next week with temperatures above normals7:ar but if you like this were comfortably cool will take a look at the restt of your a day forecast 80
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>> powerhouse high school football team didn't take the field tonight take you inside the hazing scandaldike with the season opener yet there is no stranger to controversy but this time he isn't making national headlines. the obscene voicemail at the center of it alli the tribes looking to bounce back against the rangers a sea of they could get their bats going in
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the fda is issuing new rules to protect the nation's blood supply from the zika virus of the agency wants all us-led banks to start screening for the diseasert that means every state willme need to begin testing blood donations of corsica previously that requirement was limited to puerto rico in to put the counties of but there are fears of more cases could pop up in the sunshine stateas we had two additional counties were miami-dade is one of canalis one up and always for gays and one case in palm beach. >> zika virus has spread mostly by mosquitoes but can also be transferred through sexual contact a can cause a serious birth defects of blood banks already screened for hiv hepatitis in western isles the death toll from central italy's devastating earthquake is again rising three more bodies were found today bringing the total to 281 most of the victims will appear in the town of homage which ith
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video of that area which shows all the destruction w aftershocks have also damaged a pair of bridges leading to the town leaving authorities scrambling to find alternate routeswn had a reward is being offered forre information leading to the suspect in the murder of of parabens the bodies of the victims were found it yesterday in mississippi after they failed to show up for work at a clinic authorities have not revealed a motive for the attack the clinic where the people in the forest county and the stateore a florida man behind bars to buy for allegedly trying to fly a plane while intoxicated the charter flight was set to take off for michigan the copilot was removed it from the plane after p the pilot called police when officers got on the scene the men was given a preliminary breath test and blew a .3 that is four times the legal limit no passengers that there were onboard a. >> still to come to an
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videom sensations. >> the heartwarming story between the cruiser conversation betweenb the local sheriff's captain and a very brave young girl and a terrifying parting gift from a relationship gone bad what a man mailed to his
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have you heard the news at football season is here and as always it friday night touchdown northeast ohio's cover the season premiere just minutes away jtr pj and daily will bring as all the the highlights are from week one coming up in just a few. >> in the meantime the local sheriff's department captain sitting in thee front seat of his cruiser talking with a young cancer patient it is a video that is comparable on the reason. >> date in others it spoke with a captain and not strongly little girl's motherers about what has resulted in an overwhelming response. >> hello and welcome back to daily update from wayne county sheriff's office am captain doug hunter. >> the video viewed over 27,000 times it since it wednesday on the winds county sheriff's office space bar page. >> the specialff episode of the inmate cruiser with the captain and as you can seei i have madison with me. >> matters in madison is six
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she loves her animals she loves art and she's a great little girl and the february she was diagnosed with medulloblastomae and it's a rare form of brain cancer >> madison. >> madison what were you supposed to do yesterday'sn . >> yesterday was my first day of canada i couldn't go because i haven't get a blood transfusion. controversies to do something good for a tough little girle going through some tough times. >> and that when i was in the hospital i had and actually there was a big one i wanted to get in bed with me but used to he was too vague and there was the small one in i got it. >> the guy took the interview in a direction i didn't expect it to go but i just let her talk. >> hunters daily update has a loyal following on facebook people here are some cards ofar
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and fundraiser and maybe send a gasay card to help with frequent trips to and from the hospital in just two days time the response has already been overwhelming. >> my phone is not stopped going off and there's people wanting to help is a k-9 officer from the zanesville area wanting to bring his k-9 wanting to bring therapy horses medicines treatments will take months it will not be an easy journey but her mom says that she's drawn strength herself from her strong little girl on the surprising response from people they have never met. hi h >> in worcester did neither his foxy is it. >> she is so sweet i wish her well and blessings to allr of them without coming in from all over the o country it's a great thing the football season will start late for one local team inside the school is responsive to a hazing scandal as peoplesi in the community are weighing in plus a police rescue a baby from
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story n behind this heartwarming
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alcohol on the go in the proposal could change the flats in a very big way what will happen if open container proponents get their way the standsir are filled superheroes to make the story behind the incredible show of support tth for a local family plus gorgeous weather in the forecast of but for how long you never know around here at melissa dixon as they takes an dixon is the deadlock and was headed our way the news at 10 continues now. >> lead developers of the flats east bank in cleveland have applied for the citiespe first ever open containers on
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petition that is explaining how exactly would work okay but he can't bear to go soon that you may be able to drink in views of the riverer with drink in hand fox ate there is obtained towi cleveland's at first petition to an outdoor professional area during weekends and evenings evenings the opengs containers on and come to think the entire east bank complex including bars and like pure heart of us together under the proposal all alcoholic beverages mustst be purchased at an east bay bar or restaurant the business would supply in official plastic cup for a dollar each that would help them find added security and staff to clean up among the policy or you can't just buy a beer at one particular cross the street to another bar that isre not allowed under the rules ofu this proposed out the refreshment area theaters legislation at any time point
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the city council can alter immediately councilmanc has been working with plus developers to add moreh detail as to the plan including restrictions on parking lots the outdoor refreshment area would eliminate the need for temporary liquor permits during the floods nearly weekly best ofof all the folks to have the most to lose out the developers of the fact is banknk and so they have him to complete intention to make the business run properly and for the best so it's a greatt program and face but also saves spaceat play in the in play in the flats say they support this proposalny i think it's great we kind of already do with the festival as is wonder if it's a great way to keepl the people down her mouth for it as well as people aren't out there getting to shortstop i think it's notntastic ideaer a done deal just yet the position will be approved by councill t is no time predictae that would happen and when windows nt take effectct they
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cap at high school did not but not the school forfeited the t the incident occurred when the teams spending several days at a football camp at john carroll university the exacting detail as have not been disclosed by john carrolld pulleys and to take a report on the incident the school will be baking soda began the investigation that violate their catholic values people inventory this week was supposed to be a really good game i don't know i just hope everybody learns from those and it never happens againw j in a statement the school calls is ahe serious issue that require the disciplinary actioner of a one-game
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this is the team did not have enough players to field a squatter. >> and a great great moment at tonight's high school football game and mentor the students of their dressed up as superheroes and memorye of jacob cost of the fifth-grade student back off of away a week ago after a courageous battle with brain cancerft jacob was known as a superhero in the district of the students at tonight's game were their comic book financed to pay tribute to hime said is that they appreciate all the supportpa from the mentor community that is terrific very well done the national weather service now is confirming at least five tornadoes touched down in ohio earlier this week foror the twister sister van wert county during and in a state lines emergency officials say they are fortunate that the tornadoes rolled across mostly rural farmland crews are still assessing the damage and paulding and defiance county's's
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east ohio get used to this vice president biden will visit thebi area next thursday by the will hold rallies in the cleveland areaaa exact locations have not yet been announced in the packages continue to arrive for the greater at the ymca in willoughbyu member of posted cards of bald eagles die shirts tie-dye shirts can see bill is enjoying each and every one of themee we did a story on bill earlier this week i hope you got it he has a beautiful smile to a perfect night for his parte we definitely are itw will be a little morew hard or harder and more humid but at least it
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weekend so as wen take a look you will machine the beautiful sense of sunset of berkeley confronted with a high-levela clouds just as a little more picturesque kind of sunset when you have this cloudsur i will take out a strange wake up at the billy just a partly sunny to the morning however in the afternoonwa temperatures will be middle and upper 60spp overvalued and asked for better racing whether that's for sure 80 for the today's the low again it was hot yesterday we had a number 24 hit 92 today at the better it was less human sunset was at 809 this evening temperatures across the board 60s and the 70s of their 68 mundane0s echo to lower your and 7371 and mentor right now will be 7468 in solon solon and 71 a bedford as of sunday is across the board still the heat is on because you are well into the 90s in dc and rally and upstream your
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comfortable in the mid- 60s we have these two points well intotw the upper 50s and that's what's made this keep so much more comfortable today that today would be different to because it will be hotter humidity will start to climb actually even more humid on sunday high-pressure continueshl that one loss of this clause may be a cloudy tomorrow as we go to the afternoon hoursc writer one sunset that's just a w strayst shower kind of squeezing in here for the most part they won't survive thatato spot showr around that most of sunday morning dry partly sunny t and won't be widespread and even if you have outdoor plans don't cancel them just realize there could be a few showers
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are in your fax a weather tonight mid-sixties sting very comfortable mainly clear to most partly cloudy tomorrow nearing 90 potentially the number 25udo hopkins could hit 0 again partly sunny more closely in the day to day for boating great pulled a you and we willan go to cedar point today for that to do as you head into sundayth the besthe chance of a shower again or thunderstorm in the afternoon just in spots not widespread is still above normal the heat is on for aju couple chances of rain monday as well as wednesday then after that we kind of fall off to 70s comfortable thursday and friday for friday night touchdown week number twoco . t looks like a lot of 70s and 80s there and it will hit 90 de. >> very nice in my sunday morning which the next key for us to. >> is important speaking of which are for three years we asked you to help a charity by hitting the road in downtown cleveland for the fox eight foxtrot humor response
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so far more than 12,000 people have helped raise about a quarter million dollars during our annual five k run and one-mile walk this sunday you'll help us do it again for the fox eight foxtrot presented by your northern ohio honda dealers will benefit the loose spokes veterans hospital in hospital in cleveland it's the sunday at mossy race day registration starts bright and early sunday morning beginning at 7:00 a.m. the mile tomorrow one-mile walk caps off an hour later at eightororth in the big five k ru hope to see you there can't wait till sunday morning will they survive while they survived some really devastating floodingw of their ordeal isn't over just yet see how people are stepping in to help animals displaced by the disaster in louisiana plus saving the day how bystanders spring into sprang into action to save a group of kids when a rider suddenly collapsed we are kicking off season 20 of the emmy award-winning friday night touchdown jt pj and the danny given proper for the big
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from all over northeast ohio
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escaping disaster the deadly louisiana flood it not only destroyed houses that they displaced thousands and
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you dogs rescued and brought to the geauga county found in the home d my emboli has more an incredible day for both the dogs and the people adopting >> the first person and lines be in line. >> longline zabriskie village in bristol township and who can get numbers for the puppies the outpouring of love and for these animals and concern for the people of louisiana has been mind blowing.p >> everyone here searching for their forever friend escaped disaster dogs in need of a new home this is the reason he's a puppy from a
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creates continues here. >> and employees here told me the whole point of the specs which were adoption is to actually clear out all of these pages cages. >> you get to go the puppies are adorable they make you happyo the sing the older dogs loving home toh the including
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arriving next week a portion of the adoption money today goes to shelters in louisiana. >> plenty more still to come still to come here tonight the governor of maine at not exactly mincing words and his feud with a lawmaker gets ugly in a hurry here is a voicemail he laughed that'svo amplifying some ongoing racial controversy was a woman opens her mail andwo gets the shock of a lifetime y why her ex-boyfriend is facing serious charges for the item he sent
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what hired i've spent my life helping black people and you little son of alili i need you to break and i want you to record this and make it public because i'm after you think you plus of the voicemail that republican governor paul a a page or left the democratic state lawmaker
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governor a racist a page was accused information racially insensitive comments at aas town hall meeting on wednesday when he w said most of the drug dealers arrested in theg state are black or hispanic. >> my, yesterday was that the racially charged comments of that he made were not helpful in trying to resolve the incredibly awful drug crisis, human being and i have my limitsbl and that is my limit folks there's always the pages fault onto to the job wanted to the job i'm not fit forb being called a racist. >> webpages as he has no intention of resigning over the controversial incident a wisconsin man is facing charges after mailing a snake to his ex-girlfriend prosecutors chargedfr a 37 -year-old eric burroughs with the sucking and domestic abuse he allegedly boxed up and live a ball pythons and mailed it to his former significant other police say he also sent threatening letters tos her job
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left her threatening messages prosecutors say the threats have been going on fors weeks and not burroughs and said he planned to take care of her himselff in front of her employees and customers an incredible scene at a county fair in georgia were a kiddie roller coaster started to collapse cell phone cameras a capture the sceneo as several bystanders held the ride allowing sixrs children and one adult to escape authorities say thees group held the oriental express coaster in place into wood or cement blocks it could be put in place to stabilize it there weret no injuries and a track malfunction is likely what caused the accident the right has sense of been dismantled state troopers in west virginia are warming people's hearts alls over the country today with pictures taken following a frightening rescue a baby was founded drenched in his own vomit after troopers pulled over a suspected drunk driver this week troopers noticed the boysp only in the
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seatassi costing and covered him to help the mother was allegedly too drunk to even told troopers persons named the one -year-old boy was taken to the state police barracks weret troopers gave him a bath and a teddy bearga wrapped him in a towel and watched over him until child protective services it showed up. >> the child is now with a legal guardian. >> the father myselfwi i could but adjusted in couldn't let adjusted in its own urine or .eces >> went ahead into a bath in the sink of the detachment andnt was able to clean them up a little bit ando get him feeling a little bit better. >> a lot better that's for sure check out the smile that police are not released the name of the driver who faces a charge of dui with a minor. >> that was in good hands still to come the building blocks of a great relationshipu and man professes his love with a lot of help from legos the story behind his
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indians hoping to slow down the rangers and their incredible offenses see how they fared following a tough
10:53 pm
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>> 's a scottish man pulls off a big elaborate marriage proposal
10:55 pm
now the world is getting to see has love lovett protested through legosi if you guys stand up there something i wanted to ask you i realize i'm so lucky i was wondering will you marry me. >> thirty-six -year-old ben anderson proposed to his girlfriend with a short lego film--so that was screened in a movie theater he told his girlfriend that they were going to seerl the new jason b aired before the trailers anderson actually hired a 17 -year-old of stop motion animation expert named morgan spencer to create the two and a half minute stop motion film traces a relationship. from the beginning and lego forms when it was all said and done you can watch the whole clip at look under seen on tv. >> hellcato pass it the
10:56 pm
difficult to topy that women's sports tonight the tribe looking toenen snap a three-game losing streak in texas a good sign to the slumping offense right here third inning chasing getmessage slashes jason getmessage slashes went down the left-field life into w roberto perez's scores of the tribe has an hasn't really want nothing late than jos? ramirez it drowned out made it to zip in the forest then abraham almonte followed with a line drive doublees splits the gap and write their left of center brandon geyer comes home that there their three-step and in the sixth is that guy again almonte another double just past the diving center ruler can get therere right now 91 indians help out that we needed it in the meantimeig scrimp on us for struggling starter josh tomlin will make his next scheduled start time and has lost five straight starts and didn't make it out of the fifth inning last night against the rangers, and has won 11 games, on the year but
10:57 pm
in tampa tonight the third preseason game andn it's been a rough one for the fans rooting for the cleveland browns of james winston towards the browns defense in the first special teamsef a cost of a punt return touchdown one bright spot a biggie here josh quarter with two deep catches from uppercut than a third including one for a touchdown right nowth the browns trailed their 30 ?-dash 13 not good for 1 you know this is as is always good it's friday night high school football back in session they can only mean one thing friday night touchdown
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>> live from the studios out ft high school football coverage in northeasternt ohio, driven by comrades, this is friday night touchdown. night touchdown game of the week. [cheers and applause]m two programs meeting in the first friday night touchdown game. the extended highlights are cominguc up. we are back. welcome to week one fox 8 friday night touchdown in the 20th


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