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tv   Fox 8 News at 10PM  FOX  August 27, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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the new wood fired grill. only at applebee's >> fox ufc fight night sponsored by bud light. raise one to right now. a very emotional demian maia. his ninth submission. the only man who has had more in the ladies and gentlemen, referee john mccarthy stops this in the very first round. due to submission by a rear naked choke, demian maia! >> all right. i'm here with your winner.
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damien, you've had a lot of wins. where does this stack up? >> right now, i think 16 in a row, this guy is just a former champion. he's a guy that has been knocking out everybody. this is the guy that i watch his fight against robby lawler. in the first line there, many people think he won. i also think -- so for me, he was the champion. come here and be able to put my work, all my respect i knew it would be a hard fight. i'm just so happy that, you know -- i think i earned a title shot. you know, now finally i get the chance to fight for the title. >> and stephen wonder boy thompson is here. he's going to fight next. are you planning to wait or will you want a fight in between? >> no.
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wait for the winner of woodley and wonder boy. >> you're a class act a true master. incredible performance. absolutely. [speaking in portuguese]. >> i said, you know, that i -- i'm very glad that there's a lot of brazilians here. more than that, i fight for martial arts and brazilian jiujitsu.
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it's a country. everybody likes mixed martial arts and i come here to represent that. and i love my kids and my wife. that's it. >> congratulations. incredible performance. demian maia. >> three of four wins coming by rear naked choke. we'll talk to carlos condit. >> i'm here with carlos condit. very disappointed. but you put on some of the most exciting history of the ufc. everybody wants to know what is next? this can't be it for you. do you plant to return to the octagon and begin another assualt on the welterweight division. >> first off, congratulations to demian. a matter of respect for him as a man and a mixed martial artist. as far as my future, i have no idea. we'll have to see. i'm disappointed tonight. you know, what you going to do?
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sportsman and athlete. one of the most exciting guys in the ufc. thank you so much, carlos. we look forward to your return or what is next. >> ladies and gentlemen, carlos condit. >> fans still love the natural born killer. all right. let's get it back to jon anik, daniel cormier and dominic cruz. >> thanks very much. when a night it has been here for the mma leader as we return to the great white let us know re-visit this welterweight main event. d.c., your thoughts. >> up believable by demian maia. he implemented his game plan. he got the take down. he kept position. moved and advanced the position. got the choke early. what he did to carlos condit no one has ever done or looked this impressive against carlos
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should be in the welterweight rankings on the cusp of a title shot. he said he's going to wait and he should wait. >> nice job. the winning streak is now six. none more impressive than what you saw here on fox. dominic cruz, your biggest take away. >> i have to go with anthony pettis. the way he fought that fight was incredible a few reasons. he threw the gas tank out and went for the kill. he adversity. he was taking the air out of oliveira early. the fight went on to the third round until finally you can see anthony pettis transition from a single leg defense as oliveira transitioned to the double. he catches the guillotine and choked him out at the end of the round. it showed that anthony pettis is not only still here but submitted oliveira with the kind of black belt skills that he has on the matt.
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division. to anthony pettis, this is something for him that he needed. you saw it. he wasn't shocked that he won but with how the fight went. he has something to prove. >> a massive win. i don't think you can overstate it for the former lightweight champion here tonight. of course, this evening we crowned a welterweight contender. in two weeks, the heavyweight title is on land. >> on september 10, the heavyweights are coming. new ufc champion stipe moicic defends his title against alistair overeem. former heavyweight champion verdum takes on brown. and the octagon debut of former pro wrestling superstar, c.m.
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>> all right. that will just about do it for it. for a complete recap of all of the action, we hope you town into the ufc fight night post fight show starting in a few minutes on fs2. coming up next on fox, it's your late local news except on the west coast. thank you all for watching fox ufc fight night.
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a horrific tragedy leavy more questions than answers tonight are goododht evening, i'm jennir jordan. bill sheil has the night off. people in solon wicking up to gunfire after an early-morning traffic accident. police say the person who caused the crash ambushed the other drivero with a rifle, killing her's. fox 8 alison brown joins us live from solon tonight with the chilling 911 call for help.m >> definitely a sad situation
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police telling us the victim in all of this is 53 -year-old debra j pearl of twinsburg. we do not know a motive in the situation this evening but it all happened behind me at solon and richmond road. a neighbor across the street actually called 911 for help and she was distraught.ct >> i see a man walking around with an ak-47 walking around the place. >> he's walking richmond in >> correct. or a large rifle like that. >> you can hear the fear in the neighbor's voice describing the horrific situation to a dispatcher. >> he isto right at our driveway walking back and forth pacing. >> no doubt confusion and panic here at the corner of solon and richmondo road saturday morning just after 7:00. solon police say the disturbing violence happened after traffic accident here. >> there is one car flipped over right inis front of her house ad
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>> witnesses heard the sound of a silver sedan colliding with the policeje say the suv rolled several times before coming to a stop on its own roof. itol was then that the suspect t out of his overturned vehicle. police say he had a rifle and began shooting at 53 -year-old debra j pearl of twinsburg.53 >> like a boom. it was like big blasts but it was like several, eight shots. >> police say the suspect was driving eastbound on solon and hit the victim.den >> neighbors tell fox 8 what they saw and heard. more like something out of the movie, not their neighborhood. >> it was about five burststs ad i counted a total of 25 i thought. >> and thef big question is why. >> and i heard her scream and he is standing over her shooting mike at least three or four more times. >> solon police lieutenant bruce feltonmo tells fox 8 the 29
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police arrived. and he caused the crash.e police also say pearl and the shooter did not know each other. a heartbreaking ordeal that still hasac so many unanswered questions. that suspect is in custody tonight, but i'm told he will not be identifiedauntil he is formally charged, which is expected to be on monday. just a horrific situation out here like i said and especially for the lady who called 911. he such was very shaken up and a lot of this unfolding in her driveway. she archly said a neighbor across the street came over and was standing with the suspect until police arrived. >> such a senseless tragedy. so many questions. this woman's family needs to know tonight. >> alison, thank you. the man suspected of shooting and killing his ex-girlfriend and her boyfriend has died.
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varner ofsh jackson township did this morning at the hospital. tara crossman and michael lovette were bothn shot and killed last weekend in maslin as they pulled out of the driveway. police believe varner was responsible. he wasce taken to the hospital after police say he attempted to take his own life at his home following the shootings. now to the latest in ohio's ongoing battle to stop the rash of deadly drug overdoses. a new report finds the number of from 2014 to last year. governor john kasich attended a regional summit on opioid abuse this weekend he sayste despite e more than 3,000 of the overdoses in 2015, ohio is making progress, but he says we still need to expand programs that teach anti- drug messages two young children in schoolsh and e says we need to stop sending so many addicts to gel, rather than
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>> if you'd divert someone from put them in the local treatment facility where they are safe, then we will share some ofn the savings of having o put them in the prison with the local community. h i think it's a brilliant idea and id hope we come up with the formula to be able to get that done. >> governor kasich also says ohio needs tos work with our neighboring states to establish uniform anti- drug efforts. hundreds of people were running downtown this morning all for a it was the annual race for the cure to benefit the susan g koman foundation. the race has raised more than $15 million for cancer research in northeast ohio alone. runners came out to support friends, family or just to support the cause. for one runner though, it was a chance to support his mother who is a survivor. >> this is the second year of being down heres and we just loe
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surroundings and everything. everybody is just so beautiful and it's a good cause. >> since it started in 1982, the koman foundation has donated nearly a billion dollars to cancer researchs and a billion more to screening and cancer education.or turning now to weather, some showers and storms moving throughv the area this evening,e but for the most part, things have calmed down in northeast ohio. as we look forward to the rest of expect for our sunday plans? meteorologist jenn harcher is standing by in the weather center with a look at the forecast.or it was really hot before the showers roll through this afternoon.b >> jennifer, we hit 93 degrees this afternoon. very hot and humid h and of coue we saw showers and thunderstorms firef ahead of a stationary front. you see it on storm fox rolling through northeast ohio. there is only one storm that produced severe weather and that
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and upwards of 60 miles per hour. you can see things are winding l down. in fact, the only area that sees the rain is from lake county up toward ashtabula. temperatures right now have cooled off a bit. we are at 75 degrees in cleveland, 68 degrees and looser and 64 degrees and ashtabula. the foxtrot tomorrow -- the rest of your sunday looks like this. we start off in the low 70s at 7:00 in the morning. by noon we are headed to the mid- 80s. it will be another hot one tomorrow. it will feel more like the low and mid 90s tomorrow afternoon. i do think we will push 90 degrees mark again. some scattered showers and thundershowers will pop mainly after 3:00. i will show you that coming up p in a little bit. it has definitely been a hot summeree appeared 25 days of
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let's see if we add another tomorrow. hot and humid on sunday and showers and storms. no storms will turn severe. if you'rel not a fan of the big heat we have of late week cold outek in store for us. temperatures back down into the 70s. plus, coming up i have your labor day weekend forecast in the eight day. cann you believe it's already labor day? >> i know, but i'm still loving the heat. people don't agree with me but i love it >> to each their own. >> thanks jen. it wasan supposed to be the biggest game of the preseason for the browns, but it turned out to be a clunker. the good news and all of this is that it doesn't count in the standings. sports anchor p.j. zigler joins us to break down last night's ugly loss in tampa. >> the third preseason football game is supposed to be the dress rehearsal for the regular season, if last night's game is any indication of what is in store this year, hang on browns
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the browns were dominating and all three phases d of the game, offense, defense and special teams. the lone bright spot for the browns was the guysefnso who wot play the first four games of the season, that would be josh gordon who made his debut laissez. he had two big catchesdho inclug one that went for a touchdown. thet browns defense is in need f some major help. these next two weeks will be critical for this teamr as the regular season lingers. >> i never said we were going to bebe today or yesterday. i think we keep working at this thing - and when the games start to be played in a couple of weeks, that's when we have to be at our best. o t not that we didn't need to be in our best last night come a we always will be at her best butst we know there are things we need to keep working and improving on. i understand that and i think we all do. >> the parents have one morei preseason game coming up on thursday night of first energy stadium against the chicago bears. typically starter some plan the
10:22 pm
way last night's game played out we will see if they play a little bit. hugh jackson nott commenting at the starters will playat or how long they will play. might come later this week. youwe want to go into the season with some momentum and feeling good about yourselves. if you don't play next week, the last thing these guys remember is what happened in tampa.g maybe it would be a good thing to get these guys and what the driver or two and a touchdownay and then let them rest. let them feel comfortable and confident going into that against the eagles. >> look at the mistakes done now where it doesn't count. m >> like anything, do it when it nobody is keeping track of it and doesn't go on your record. september 11 when it hits it goes on record and there is no taking itbehe away like we can e preseason games. >> still to come on fox 8 news at 10:00, stuck waiting for police, fire, or an ambulance. tonight, i fox 8 i team report.
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residents are waiting hours for help. and imagine looking out your window and seeing this. what forced a southwest airlines an to make an emergency landing, halfway through the plus, zika not only a concern in florida, but at the top of the list in washington as well. another way experts now believe
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showers in the northeastern areas at the moment. most of us are dry in here on storm fox we are still seeing some light rain along the immediate lake shore and link county and just now pushing offshore from ashtabula county north of i 90. moving over toward cognac. one loan showerer and that's it. tonight areas of fog, especially those who saw the rain. mostly cloudy t and muggy still. temperatures down 70s. speaking of rain there is a risk of it tomorrow. i want to start the clock for you and show you what is going to happen throughout the dayay, starting off with a mix of sun and clouds. we are not looking at rain in the morning but by noon and you will start to notice the clouds thicken up. it wille be a humid day once again. temperatures reaching the upper 80s to low 90s depending on where you are. after 3:00dng there are pop-up showers and thunderstorms that continue to float to the south and eastn by 6:00.
10:27 pm
out buy 10:00 making for a gorgeous monday afternoon. the reason why we see the thunderstorms pop is a stationary front that continues as it sits across the buckeye state to bring these pop-up showers andb storms for the high pressure eventually winds out from the north and west. it will clear us out and that will be the weather maker for your days t on monday. we will see lots of sunshine. temperature right now 75 degrees in cleveland, 73 degrees mansfield. let's talk boaters. tomorrow winds out of the south that 5-10 miles power. waves 2 feet or less. you might want to head to the lake tomorrow because it will be aus hot one. just keep our weather app handy in case the showers and thunderstorms pop after 3:00. winds out of the south at 5-10 degrees and akron/canton i do believe you will reach 90 degrees tomorrow afternoon. here is look at your eight-day one thing i want you to notice
10:28 pm
the next eight unfortunately the next shot will come on wednesday and that will be duringn the morning hours. temperatures in the low and mid 80s toh start the week but after that front moves through on wednesday we will feel pleasant around here. temperatures back to thep low to mid 70s and how about the labor day weekend forecastlos so far. lots of sunshine and headed back to the low 80s. right now labor dayayae looks like there d be a few showers around. you know that will change because it is abouti >> okay jen, thank you so much. coming up, a shocking discovery. why these best friends say they have been living with the wrong families for 40 years. plus, getting some business and generating some laughs. how oneus realtor is hoping to t
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hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. bob kidder, owner, new england shirt company: this factory has been here since eighteen eighty-three. we have over sixty people here making shirts labled made in america. but donald trump's brand of shirts come from china, his suits from mexico, his coats from india. trump's products there's no place in america that he can make them. well there is. you know donald trump says he'll make america great again while
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a scare in the air as a southwest airlines flight is forced to make an emergency landing per the flight was m on its way to orlando from new orleans, but was diverted to pensacola when the pilot detected a problem with the engine. thankfully no one was injured, but passengers were quite scarey after looking out there window and seeing this. southwest says it isth working with the ntsb to determine a cause.or now on the spread of zika and
10:32 pm
know about the cases in florida, but now the obama administration as aeating the zika virus nationwide health threat. fox news washington correspondent garrett tenney has more from washington. >> there's a lot we still don't know about the zika virushi, including the long-term consequences for those affected andnd especially how the virus n be transferred and spread. while mosquitoes are still the largestes threat to worry about, health officials are now concerned or the nation's blood well. the fda announced it oncedom bld banks across the country to begin testing blood donations for zika. the concern is that because the virus typically does not cause any symptoms, someone who is infected could unknowingly transmitted by donating blood, bech in turn, could then given to a pregnant woman and cause severe damage to her unborn child for this new recommendation comes amid a growing number of infectionsa nationwide, more than 2,000
10:33 pm
here in washington though, the fight against zika has become a major political football.o and in his weekly address, president obama again blamed republicans for not passing legislation to helpng fund the fight. >> every to the republican leadersto in congress way to do their job, every day our experts have to wait to get the resources they needet and that s real-life consequences. weaker mosquito controls effort, longer wait times to get accurate diagnostic delayed vaccines. a puts more americans at risk. >> it was in itit senate democrs bill who backed the june filibuster to and eventually blocked a republican backed bill that included $1.1 billion to fight zika, due to language whichto would've excluded plannd parenthood from receiving any wf the funds. congress is scheduled to f retun on september 6 and zika is in theka top of the list. an election year and you can bet there will be plentyyo more back and forth over this issue. ith washington, garrett tenney,
10:34 pm
have landed her back behind bars. still to come at 10:00, the very odd request from a teenager on the run. and there is no doubt this man takes his job seriously. his surprising reaction as the photo goes viral. e we all know what donald trump has said about women... so how can rob portman still support him? maybe it's because they agree on so much.
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and defunding planned parenthood. and opposing equal pay for women. ted strickland respects the rights of women to make their own decisions. rob portman has endorsed a man for president who doesn't respect women at all. i'm ted strickland and i approve this message. ? amazing sleep stays with you all day and all night. sleep number beds with sleepiq technology give you the knowledge to adjust for the best sleep ever.
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know better sleep. only at a sleep number store.
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a colorado inventor has developed an app with the intention of reducing the recent violence seen nationwide during traffic stops. the app is called, wise n and te creators goal is to help both law enforcement and drivers during traffic stops and hopefully cut down on unnecessary violence.c drew engelbert has the story. >> who isy. familiar with the fourth amendment? >> personallyu i had trouble knowing exactly what my rights were when it came to being p >> or about the fifth? both are important to know when you're pulled over. >> i started doing some research and a fan of the my rights were quite a bit different thane what i thought they might be. >> that's why salida, colorado, native brian cumby took his curiosity and developed it into an app called cop wise. the first thing that happened when you open up the app, it starts recording audio.
10:38 pm
evidence for you. >> it also has a resource area where you can read up on your rights. >> if you get pulled over in the officer says you have any idea how fastf you are going? will of you say yes, i was going a certain speed, then you are ultimatelywa pleading guilty to what you are doing. >> or if you don't know what to say, the app can say it for you. >> officer, i now wish to invoke my fourth and fifth amendment rights. w >> sometimes people to aggravated or nervous or they p tohave trouble talking police. an alternative. >> come be believes it is a positive tool for both civilians and law enforcement. >> if we understand what our rights are in anderson what their rights than it helps both sides, it helps to not as click the >> that was drew engelbert recording. cop wise is available for i/o west and android for $2.99. if your safety at risk?
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why some people have to wait for sometimes hours when they call for police, firefighters or an ambulance. and the countdown is on. a closer look at who you are helping when you wake upos --
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are you and your family at risk? tonight, a fox 8 i team investigation. what often times is taking police and emt so long to respond to a call. in not mincing words of the campaign trail. how donald trump is stirring up controversy once again, this time with a tweet. plus, a hot one in northeast ohio. will the heat stick around for your sunday plans?
10:42 pm
fox 8 news continues right now.r >> cleveland's own fox 8 news. >> the fox 8 i team has uncovered new information about why some people have h to wait d wait when they call for police, firefighters or an ambulance. tonight, i team reporter ed gallek shows us how much or safetyho forces are shrinking. >> at about 3:00 they call for ems and it took probably an hour. >> a loved one having trouble breathing. vital signs dropping. joyce cook said on wednesday the wait for an ambulance agonizing he turned to the i team since she knows we have repeatedly investigated short staffing and delays with clevelands ems, police and fire. now we can show you just how much the city safety forces have been drinking s. >> it wasn't until an hour later when they were able to work on
10:43 pm
>> the biggest dropng come of te size of the police force. in the last two years, 112 more officers have left in the city has hired. we recently heard a dispatcher give out assignments that had come in up to 24 hours earlier.e low priority calls but that kind of response? >> several vehicles parked in the driveway, possibly stolen. dolly treat. manager and called to make its after report. m in two years, 40 more firefighters have left in the city has hired. actually, the city said ems staffing up by 13 employees to get the city has struggled to meet its goals for keeping ambulances on the road to keep up with the number of calls.g back to the police and backed up calls. the i team wanted to talk to the cleveland police chief about this. c c his office even said he would be available. but when a spokesperson found out the i teamt would be doing
10:44 pm
>> have we become a city that says don't call for h an ambulae orn police unless it's life and death? >> recently the mayor told us city hall is studying the problem and the i team has learned the city is starting the process of hiring more police. but joyce wondersth what about the need for officers, firefighters and paramedics now . >> we need more. wemo need more personnel. >> at gallek, fox 8 i team. >> city hall is approve a tax increase this fall, so the city will have more money to higher more officers. jenn harcher joining us now with more on the weekend forecast. it was a scorcher out there earlier today. >> early 90s. 93 degrees. the 25th time we have hit 90 degrees or above this year. >> no complaints. >> i know coming your hot lover. we have aom little bit of that tomorrow and a little bit of a cool down, if you are not a fan of the
10:45 pm
eight-day forecast. let's show you what went onf lae this afternoon and in the evening hours. we did have a nice little gust front from an outflow boundary that pushed into our area. that is what created that really cool shelf cloud that move through the region. unfortunately we did have showers and thunderstorms r that pushed in. eventually a push to the east but the east siders didn't get a lot of thunderstorms with it. it w headed down toward portions of mansfield, ashland m adina county. portions of wayne county got hit with thunderstorms and lightning. right now it is wrapping itselfhu up toward ashtabula county. just a few light showers that we are dry through the rest the night. mostly cloudy and watch out for the fog, especially for those who had the rain. it will still be very muggygy so keep the windows closed and the air-conditioning going. we are ir-conditioning going.
10:46 pm
temperatures at 75 degrees at the moment. detroit at 72 degrees.ts not bad temperatures. on this map just to the north and west minneapolis in the upper 60s. that cooler air mass will eventually be moving into our region.s you can see a lot of us in the upper 80s tomorrow afternoon right along the immediate lake shore upper 70s by 7:00. for the most partte it will be unfortunately i cannot take up the risk ofof showers and thunderstorms for the reason why the southern stationary front parked across the buckeye state. it is mainly during the afternoonu hours after 3:00. we will see hit and miss showers and thunderstorms. the high. pressure will eventually take overh and lots f sunshine from thate as we start off your work week. sundayt we start at 7:00 in the morning and you can register for the foxtrot at the race.
10:47 pm
dry. i do not expect rain during the morning hours. by the afternoot more in the way of clouds and sunshine but by 3:00 and no cedar point had a lot of rain today. it looks like you can get more coming at you at 3:00. then as we head towards dinnertime, mainly in the southern communities in mansfieldld and down toward new philadelphia you will likely get a few showers and thunderstorms. we clear out completely by 9:00 and are looking at a nice dry stretch. out on the lake tomo ats 5-10 miles power and waves t 2 feet or less. we are in the upper 80s in the afternoon and another hot one.i let'st see if we meet reach the 90 degrees mark.e akron canton is one that i believe will hit 90 degrees. lot of sunshine monday into tuesday ando temperatures into the low tote mid 80s. the next shot of rain comes wednesday in the first half of the day. sf and the return of cooler temperatures in the low to mid
10:48 pm
far. lots of sunshine and temperatures around 80 degrees. >> you can open the windows at night even though it's a little hot during the day. >> you can do that toward the end of the week for sure. very comfortable. >> thank you jen. presidential politics returning tosi northeast ohio again. this time, vice president joe biden will be in our area. he will be campaigning for hillary clinton next thurs september 1. the vp will hold rallies in the cleveland area, as well as the mahoning valley. but the exact places are still to be determined. check fox 8 .com for updates. meantime, donald trump is campaigning in the heartland, as hillary clinton sits down behind closed doors. fox news correspondents n peter ducey has the latest from the campaign trail.pepe >> donald trump is kicking off the weekend at the annual roast
10:49 pm
words. >> hillary clinton thinks she is entitled to be president. her criminal conduct at homeme, and her failed interventions overseas simply make her unfit to serve in the oval office. >> trump is working hard to clear up anya confusion about his immigration policy, after critics implied it might be softening. >> on day one, i am going to begin swiftly removing criminal ill country. >> trump also stirring up controversy on twitter. after the murder of nba start to wayne wade's cousin, trump tweeted quote dwayne wade's cousin was just shot and killed walking herd baby in chicago. just what i have been saying. african-americans will vote trump.a part of his campaign message is the inner cities are dangerous and people that live there are looking for someone to come and clean things up. on the democratic side of the aisle, hillary t clinton spent
10:50 pm
first national security briefing as her party's nominee. donald trump had his first briefing earlier this month per therl meeting comes after the clinton campaign got good news from the state department, announcing that logs of allll of her meetings as secretary of state will be fully released until december, well after the election. this comes as her campaign is trying to get back on message, attacking donald trumpmpe, releasing this new tv ad. >> you can't make america great again if you don't make things in america. >> and we are now less than one month awaygs from the first deba when trump and clinton will face off on the same stage for the first and des moines iowa. ducey, fox news.du >> still to come, you could say this gentleman really likes to dive into his job. a snapshot of his dirty work that is going viral and why he says it's no big deal. and we are now just hours away from the fox 8 foxtrot. a look at who you are helping
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gether, they're better. like home and auto insurance from state farm. they just go together. and, they save you time and money. just another way we're here to help life go right. talk to a state farm agent today. a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. and the foxtrot's brief, but meaningful existence, you have helped usou raise nearly a quarr million dollarsua for three different charities. now in our fourth year, fox 8 is calling on northeast ohio to show your support for american
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>> the war years of war. there are many generations. >> soldiers, sailors and marines from conflicts both old and newl some memories are still difficult to talk about today. -- maybe decades down the road, there is help and hope. >> the mission is the greatest mission ever. we are taking care of our nation's heroes. six the louis stokes cleveland medical center strives to heal our veterans each and every dayc cleveland has the third largest va health care clinic in the united states.hi they see close to 8,000 patients
10:55 pm
>> -- she's the medical director of the va and says their goal is to take care of the whole veterani. >> we have veterans that come to us from all over the country for some of our specialized program such as ptsd or spinal cord injuries. >> there are federal funds for all the medical care, but community support is paramount in taking that cared to the next level when lives. >> i can't say enough nice things about them. >> bill richardson is a proud navy veteran. he could have gone anywhere for medical care and chose the va. >> they take excellent care, for me and of me. i don't think i can receive battle medical care anywhere. >> some friends that i knew pretty well. >> dave salinasha i was in the
10:56 pm
or in his two tours in iraq and one in afghanistan. he to came to the va by choice. >> sometimes it's harder for vets to go to a doctor and serenade. six he said the, robbery at the va are second to none. >> when you walk around the va europe surrounded by veterans of a lot of different campaigns and conflicts. there is a sense of brotherhood among that. >> whether combat veterans or not, people still served. they did to us as a nation to speak to them. >> that is why we are asking yu to join us for the fourth annual fox 8 foxtrot on august 28. we want you to gather all your friends and family t , every generation of our american heroes served our country with courage and pride. they sacrificed so much so let's help them heal and enjoy the country and the freedoms they
10:57 pm
tracy mccool, fox 8 news. >> it's hard to believe, but fo. the event. will take place tomorrow on multi- across from the convention center. registration begins at 7:00 the 1 mile walk kicks off at 8:00 in the big five k run starts at 9:00 with plenty of fun and life music from todd manes:0en a smaller band. wes hope to see you bright and early best friends make a shocking discovery. what started out as a joke turned out to be reality for these two men. whyhy they say they have been living with the wrong families for more than four decades. and using humor to sell homes. the clever concept made by one
10:58 pm
11:00 pm
two best friends in canada make an unbelievable discovery. there were switched at birth.ien david tate junior spent 41 yeare believing one woman was his biological mother. turnsal out his mother was a different woman, raising his best frienda leon swanson as her own son. both men werere born in the same hospital, three daysam apart. it is unclear how, but dna has provenpa tate's biological mothr went home with the wrong baby.t


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