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a troubling picture, that is making nationa headlines the photo was release by the east liverpool police chief passed out, from drugs, with ao 4-year-old boy in the back seat, police chief john wayne says he decided to replace the picture becausese c his officers are responded to overdoses every da he says the picture that shows two adults slumped over in the of a car with the boy in the back is something that they see all too often . this is what they offer circe
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may not be in a car on st. clair avenue but they say thisn and all of these people have kids who are involved in this you cannot do this in fron of them and not expect them to not find needles. >> female is the child's grandmother. both taken to the hospital and treated and then arrested on several charges the boy was released to other relativeseshe. >> today details come out about calendars god iman shumpert's arrest lost month for allegedly drivinun georgia, the officer pulled him over and said he smelled marijuana in the car, then gave him an bag of cigars containing marijuana, the grade to a field sobrietyfi tests that led the officer to conclude that he was impairedt he will stop today th cavalier said a statement that said they haveie business situation and will monitor the progression of the pending case. >> grand jury indicting a man
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desha faces ecting counts including murder and assault,de they say he shot 53-year-old deborah pearl with ar-15 rifle after running a reda light hitting her car no evidence tha they knew each other records how that matt desha served two tours in iraq and received treatment for ptsd.t some parma's schools were a lockdown today during a a stand between a man in police milo ohio explains. in parma this morning, everybody said that this standoff put them on edge. around 11:00 o'clock this morning it all started with a traffic crash the two men involved one of them ran into a home they say he had a gun, a woman inside the home got out okay, nearby schools were put o
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that was pretty crazy, i just did behind the cops . police say the man initially surrendered eventually charges are pending. >> maia belay fox news. workers at the social security office in cleveland became sickenedfi due to the improper spraying of pesticis include nausea and headaches after the february application of pesticides to report release last says that the company used unintended pesticide products improperly applied it and found the technician may have cross contaminated it with a product band for indoor use the union
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compensation claims approved intimate visitors aware that they could have been at risk that day.t filer of frustration has reachedo the boiling point.we find out that the substance thought that was being applied is much more dangerous. the social security ministration provide a statemen says it will help employees wit workerst comp working with health and safety experts to determine if any additional action is neededh t department agriculture says he did not havet sufficient evidence to find violation of law but ha sent the case to the epa for review and the company says it has changed it treatment protocol. is a perfect picture way to wrap up the workweek this is a live look from east 4th street, pickwick & frolic, and luckily
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ascended over to melissa myers for the answer. tonight you need to savor these late summer evenings. was every shower earlier it has since dissipated the football games are rainfree showers will skirt the way into northeast ohio name to the west as early
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tonight about 70 partly to mostly cloudy she showers late and saturday ladies. once that front passes by will be more fall-like feel. route 304 ball began a few minutes ago that means another edition of friday night touchdown p.j. ziegler has more from wadsworth. from wadsworth it is wait three of friday night touchdown the grizzlies home opener versu medina they have a tall task. they have two big players, john
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week alone he had 292 yards, five touchdowns , with ten total into games, the offense has put of 125 points in those two game and they are one last week, so what has been key to keep scoring five touchdowns each week. been to the great. >> this is wadsworth first home game, have highlights from this end other games coming up on friday night touchdown. join us and host jessica dill with highlights from 20 games included thehe game of the week, barberton versus cuyahoga falls
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tonight at 11. a store clerk is hit by a car but not while
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a three-hour parade kicked off the weekend full of commemorations in new york city. centre market 15th anniversary, since 19 men hijacked four airplanes crashin them into the twin towers, pentagon and into the field outside of shanksville pennsylvania kelly 2,977. the brother of one of those heroes who died gave a talk to students at a local high school gordon felt brother edward was seated in front of two of the chairs on united flight 93 he told students agreed high schoo debate that in the days called the attack felt angry and hateful, since thenen he has helped to champion efforts to buildas a memorial to the victi of flight 93 works to keep his brother's memory and others
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against the terrorist responsible for those attacks. >> could have been in one of us on that plane that morning anyone of us could have been called to duty at a moments 50 students from grade high school would be in shanksville pennsylvaniaia this weekend to attend a memorial ceremony for the victims of 9/11 a. people cross country outraged a mattress store and referencing the september 11 attacks, take loo. ever since the commercial was published on social media, the texas stores websites have been inundated with criticism and even the women of the video is the store owner's
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regularly makes short videos for the companies social media accountsr yesterday she spoke with reporters about the intense backlash.ay we are not headcount we are, we are somewhere that stands out, we ares miracle mattress company make miracles happen, and for our lives to be in danger, that'sny not what we ev wanted. it was stupid it idea that we sent out and we apologize foror our stupidity a we really hope that you forgive us for what we have done. the owner of the store also issued a formal apology reading in partfo- a short while ago the
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a letter they said they store will be closed indefinitely. louisiana lawmakers speaking on capitol hill, pleading for help to recover from last month then they flooded, the governor asking congress to approve to billion dollars in aid for his state i , among a handful of lawmakers speaking to a house subcommittee today they say louisiana desperately needs money for housing, economic development in public works, they praise the response far, they say flood victims hav been frustrated by a lack of direction.s >> where is the consistency in the message to our people, and they are frustrated because the don't know who to turn to know they cannot get the consistent information to make an intelligent decisiongsi. >> the flooding causing nearly $9 billion damage in the governor said the state cannot recover without the aid.n today and asgard is worth
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that 90 degrees. looking outside show you some of the blue skies the beautiful sunset a few showers ending seven counties near tuscarawas, homes and carroll county tomorrow a small craft advisory may be issued, there have been some showers/storms in the afternoon and evening today 85 the low as 74 has been a warm day, sunset at 7:46 p.m.
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the high and low were above normal . 60s and 70s just upstream, with mid to upper '60s, dewpoint will be dropping. that air mass will be headed in our direction once the front passes by tomorrow evening, and feel the difference sunday. just before sunrise tomorrow th last especially could be a few
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tonight near 70 showers tonight and tomorrow afternoon with it is about 70 sunday and then a three-day stretch of nice conditions, near 80 tuesday before a stronger front tuesday into wednesday. on wednesday highs in the upper '60s thursday. for the fourth week in a row, friday night touchdow books good and next weekend, mi '70s and partly cloudy. a store clerk recovering after being hit by an suv insid
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released video of what happened as it backs up and then crashes through the front of the store the current he was injured but expect to recover the say the driver accidentally stepped on the gas instead of break is be charged with reckless driving. waiting is the worst but now they say they've come up with way to get you to the checkout faster t, the five tips you nee to know. said invention that claims ih can keep you from last minute buys enjoy s-word dick goddard' second pet telethon thursdanj september 22 from 6:00 a.m. until 7:30 p.m. connecticut pledge by phone or online all money raised goes to the cleveland apl sponsored by
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recognizing a member of the fox 8 family, photographer bob donnelly is taking his talents to comments he has been to be with his family has been here for the past 15 years he says he's looking forward to spending time with his wife and grandchildrenfo , maybe he won't be back to cover the indians of th world series chris tabor best o
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site osha study of getting through shopping lines quickly, get behind the one with the phonecard they say may not seem like the right thing but studie show it is faster than getting behindi several with smaller carloads. servicego more people right han they tend to there to the right. say that it may be sexist but studies show that females tend to be quicker at transactions and processingngdth and you should study those ahead of you and what they are buying is not jus the number of people, but the ageth and what they buy the connect the difference and als choose a single line at least two several cashiers, model
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studies prove it to be the fastest,o not only do you bene by waiting in line less, the researchers as you also benefit mentally because it eliminates the choice of wire to go and th worry of second-guessing.. the grocery bills are in the lower, the price of food has fallen, the main reason is food inflation m , weak global demand and excess supplyly the price of key food commodities lower, claren is 10 percent lower and retest him up 20 percent that's good news for shoppers but not so good fo supermarket chains.go if you want to say more money, the creators of a price they have come up with the way to cut down on impulse buys. it is touted as the first
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you can set the bag to lock during moments when you are the most vulnerable to reach for your wallet,t might say vibrations will also alert you each timeme the wall is removed a way to remind you of spending goals will start also has gps tracking to warn you whenen you are married one of your preprogrammed spending spots, price tag but this o high-tech handbag is $5,000. now play pokemon go without having to stare at the phone. nintendo is releasing a pokemon go plus goes on sale it looks like a watch and connects to a smart phonet via bluetooth, the
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rob portman and his wealthy friends have spent millions attacking me. they say i lost jobs and drained the rainy day fund. well friends, i was governor during the great national recession - and we all know it was raining pretty hard. so i used the rainy day fund - because i wouldn't cut education or local police and fire. and we balanced the budget every year. attack ads are easy. leading
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(disco music playing) try to keep up, howard! i'm killing it! yeah, i wish we looked as cool dancing in clubs as we do right now. don't worry, this is exactly how you look when you're dancing in clubs. you're welcome, ladies. paradigm-shifting news, gentlemen! (music stops) dude! i was about to bollywood this bitch. earlier today, i invited professor stephen hawking to join me in the popular online game words with friends. moments ago, he accepted my request. do you understand what that means? that somewhere right now stephen hawking is saying,


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