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tv   Fox 8 News at 8AM  FOX  September 12, 2016 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning. it is a monday morning in the city'sg 12th d of september 21:68 o'clock thank you for joining us. >> cool start to the work week. a little bit chilly this morning. we had some people experiencing 40 degrees. >> s not all that unusual my lake 80 percent of the last 50 years most of the timeen was stl see 40 degrees temperatures like
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considering we had so much warmth on saturday it with a severe weatherwa from one extree to the other the winter outlook after a warm outlook after a warm summer we will have w comig up at about a month and a half or we start to we start to tweak the different ingredients. fifty-eight in cleveland. look at the current tonso of clear skies the type of fight you want this time of year it slows everything y down and the warm p today we should be around 70 by noon most will be around 78 between five and 6:00 p.m. traffic time:0 with patty. >> thank you a pretty good rush-hour until the earlier accident along for 80 along before 77 the 477 now another accidentnt coming in from the fr
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before 615 down this way, there is an accident with state patrol on the scene averaging 7 miles per hour as you had through route 44.
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ejected from the kind he passed away. two people and one of the other cars had to be taken to the hospital. no one involved in that was hurt. >> police investigating the shooting death of three people in two separate cases officers called toic east relates in a early sunday to find this 23 -year-old maclaughlin and king with gunshot woundshey were later pronounced dead at the hospital in a separate sittingt on east 126-6100 16th if you have information you areu asked to asked to call the police department.d >> firefighters were called around 11:00 o'clock saturday
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people lost their lives in the attacks3, in the twin towers and 93 in pennsylvania. twenty-four based in iraq were also remembered ford their heroism and sacrifice for our country. they came together in downtown cleveland, rocky river and across the west coast they are urging everyone they urge everyone to a member it never be forgotten. >> some of them i am very proud. >> it really represents the final okay god remainsth with us even with these tragic event.
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the pencil kind and shanksville, pennsylvania. >> fox eight keeping tabs on developing stories all morning long we check in with todd with a look at what is justin. >> good morning. the mosque in florida we of heard about investigators say it was no accident this isy the polls nigt club shooters mosquet in fort pierce someone apparently called 911 after midnight to say the mosque was on following we know that was connectedre firefighters were there and them put out the the st. lucie county sheriff is out roou is an arson local state investigators now on the scene. he died and shootout with police after he killed those people back in june atle the polls nightclub now people are wondering if it was connected to him specifically are h an act of arson just agait the mosque itself we willrs be following it for you.
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other big story today is kind of like the elephant in the room right now is the first game of the 2016 cleveland browns season in the books came up a wee bit short we are celebrating the browns. we were hopeful before the game is played anyway, they did that is a bus to the philadelphia eagles $29 i ten. jessica is at first energy stadium she joins us to recap the game. >> good morning, everyone. we
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not end well either. is for the first touchdown of the season with a 2-yard run making it a ten season game. they had their chance to make their first lead of the gamee. a minute snapped minute snapped over his head the browns never recovered. the try ton- that maneuver in and of those guys are out there trying and fighting as hard as they possibly can, so , that is it dd have that we are relying on them to makere a good play for us. they will help our team win games. >> i thought our defense for the most part for hard we will get.p
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with better i really did we have to take the good and go from that and eliminate the back. >> hugh remaining very positive there. i just read it hurt his shoulder yesterday he will get an mri today. next time the baltimore ravens if rj three can't get them accountable go and they he says he is feeling okay i took a poll feed really areo trying to ask are you giving up on the browns do you never want to see them againr and people said only one game people are going back and forth a lot of people are saying know no i am done but. >> i thought we were diehard fans in this city.
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where people are so frustrated year after year after year coming into the season excitedar and being hopeful the preseason games did not go so well either that is going to change against by thursday and friday all of the fans will be the cure we go. >> are youou talng indians are the browns? >> all the above tonight, it is that day after. >> if we beat baltimore, all is forgiven going all the way. >> it is nine minutes after eight ?- still to come ?-. hillary clinton has a stumble yesterday. >> what we are learning about
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and he may be surprised. >> and also ?- a new ms. miss america has been crowned find out which still holds the title coming up. >> good morning, everyone. clear skies no rainng until wednesday close to 70 by noon with moste making it into the high 70s 80s between now and a chance of rain wednesday we talk about that in a few minutes. >> howthin do pieces tremendously beautiful artly and get a bigger piece of tremendously beautiful art? two beautiful artist when we come back, we will show you the art and talk about downtown this right here in cleveland. kicking it with kenny. stay
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>> good morning, everyone. so far so good a pretty chilly
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denver 4640 hours ago they are 87 degrees they dropped 37 degrees and 40 hours. and then 61 degrees one of those cooler winters we add. we typically see 40s since the mid- 1960s we at least see one morning well in the 40s in the middle of september typical whn we start to see pattern chefs and that ual usher and the pulses of fall like air. hardly any activity this time it will drift east, andea when that happens, we stat to warm up upper 70s today 78 should do it today. mostly sunny 75 and vermilion. fifty-five tonight back into the
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disappear a burst of heat tuesday followed by the cold front showers developing after midnight wednesday with rumbles of thunder this frontt is not al that strong compared to saturday but if it was a the quarter of an inch w temperatures 68 ?- 70n thursday. mostly sunny. mostly sunny friday 75 weos back down into the high 50s friday night also a good chance of rain late saturday night into sunday as temperatures remain. >> thank you so much, scott. making headlinesk this monday morning following a dr.'s advice is canceling campaigning plans on the west coast she left at 911 more memorial early
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daughter's apartment nearby in say she was diagnosed with pneumonia plastic advised to take a break donald trump told foxnews something is going on, andfo i just hope she gets well them back lower back on the traill and we will be seeing her at the debate. >> donald trump taking the high road. other newsws the iconic picture taken in 1945 is passed away. today a best we can at an assisd living center in richmond, virginia. the photost of her being kissed by a sailor during the celebration in world war ii a worldwide image publishing life magazine she ws 90 years old. >> such a beautiful, iconic picture> there. the new ms. ms
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dance routine and answered questions about presidential candidate hillary clinton it is so beautiful. always talented. >> they had h some pretty interesting questions yesterday too. watching youi we're getting plugged in right now this is defeat monday we don't have victory monday unfortunately on the first openingfo games of the browns, but we are notth talking about them we we're talking
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don't maybe a day or week a week without a cell phone my mother is really worried about me. >> some people got on our chief of that i don't think he was flyingop he heard his shoulder d a small fire she waser was ?- that is someone can get a hold of the kids that so families can over each other coupleil of comments the communy says i could give it up for a couple of days adjusted my friend and i were ins canada fr the weekends weor turned off to avoid the roaming charges. they are kind of forced to but it works for mac. >> and cell phone springd people close to you. spending time with loved ones cell phone should be shut off that is a great thing about that.
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how would i play all these games >> i can it's an easy just need something to do all i dates back in hollywood at a hollywood function without ito check my alarm clock and e-mails and an e-mail syntax i googleal plentys great for emergencies as well. it is such a useful tool, but could you give it up? could you get away from it? we appreciate the comments so far. minutes after 8:00 o'clock is your time. still ahead ?- tesla is making some big changes. find out how the automaker plans to make its autopilot safer following a series of accidents. >> and mg a popular candy option the fall now any kind of candy corn hitting store shelves. findg out what it is when we coe
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i'm hillary clinton and i appr donald trump says he alone can fix the problems we face. well i don't believe that's how you get things done in our country. it takes democrats and republicans working together. that's how we got health care for 8 million kids. rebuilt new york city after 9/11. and got the treaty cutting russia's nuclear arms. we've got to bring people together. that's how you solve problems and that's what
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that he loved using that. monday morning in t city thank h you for joining us.n happy monday i'm stefani schaefer. i'm filling in for kristi for you this morningm filling and e day it was called this morning.i it will warm up annd it will lok pretty good out there.i absolutely. 72 one of the cooler days we'vest a in a long time.m right now so in at 50. 50. upper out 70 from willoughbyoug through cuyahhboga falls.lls. through berea.rea. by lunchtime. 57 degrees current temperature westlake the 50 investment. temperatures are going up0 clear sky not anticipating any majoraj weather issues this week e although we will start to seesee this high breakdown and when wh that happens it will bring in a chance of showers probably wednesday afternoon.ternoon
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fall back to the mid- 50sid- 5 tonight and climb back into the low 80s tomorrow. breezy a touch more humidity still fairly comfortablemfo tomorrow. this is the type of you don'tdon get a lot of long stretches ofcf heat starting the second thirdo fourth weekth of september. once you start seeing seeing temperatures in the 80sh usually last a day or two. that's what will happen l the te front approaches on wednesdays anticipating showers late afternoon earlynn afternoon continuing to the late afternoon and we look at theth rai amounts with thef front coming and wednesday.y. pretty small generally under ag quarter of an inch. cooldown thursday eight day day coming up a little bit later on in theon show. back to yk guys.ys. thank you. want to gett thyou caught up onr top story right now. all right. tostory riew coaching staffff similar season opening outcome. the cleveland browns fall to the philadelphilpgles in the firstad game of the season.elphia eaglei jessica dill is live at first it energy stadium with somewith som
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get a money.n good morning. e.d morning everyone. the cleveland browns areing starting off the season with a loss, for the 12th straight year.ting they opened their season in philly facing the eagles and their number two draft pickh rah theytheir season inick carson wentz. the eagles struck first. wentz capped their opening drivh with a 19 yard scoring strike to jordan matthews.eir openingngn . the eagles added a field goal ten zip lead. to take the browns then answered with a they're only touchdown.. it was set up on a 44 yard passs from rg three to terrell pryor. isaiah crowell scored on a short run a few plays later. later in the third, trailing 13-10 the turning point.r. later center cameron erving's snap was too high for rg three, and itfoe went out of bounds for a safety. after the free kick, the eagles marched downfield, and scored o a 35 yard td pass. wentz threw for 278 yards and
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phe fourth, to close out therewd 29-10 win. added another e out h that safety to me, i thought, that's when it kind of tilted, and started going the other way. i thought momentum was kind ofg coming our way. mit'd been nice to finish that drive with a touchdown. we had our opportunities, and didn't get it done. i take total responsibility for all that on offense. this team, we got to get better and we cice to fini dtoe rg3 said after the game that he sprained his left shoulder and opener next sunday. he'll have an mri today. home opener is next sunday oday. home opener is next sunday jessica dill reporting live. the day after.ter. thank you. therapy monday. we'll take a moment to tmhankent everyone who came out for the third annualhanan i am 5k yeste. including the east clevelande ec police department who showed up early yesterday morning.ep to direct traffic and runners around.ect t. runners and walkers raced through forest hills park.eough my good friend todd meany showed
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a big surprise.rise. i'm thinking that looks likeokse todd's car all of the people whe took part we appreciate that. there is todd right there.appr came all the way from the west side.e. side. these are the winners right here. father and son dave and luke knudson won the race.he the sun coming him verse the data right behind him.ta rightd. it benefits the dawson foundation started by my brother and me to raise money for college scholarships, winterchoi coats, gloves and hats andves ad empowerment conferences for empowecity students. thank you so much for coming out.hank 60s yesterday.y. beautiful. ny winners we've been sayingbeany w this to many winnn because the kids benefit so much a wonderful a blessing to be able to do it. still ahead its the cutest recovery.l we'll explain the reason this
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needs show shoes coming up. look at that little biscuit. plus, we're having seafood for breakfast and i am okay with that.reakfa stay tuned for some mincedr somd shrimp medallions with a side of shrimplk talk, as we preview the taste of the browns coming up. hey kenny., as wrevieste of th you guys you should see this amazingyou g piece of it is huge. it's incredible. you can see they love it so mucu taking pictures already when we come back will show you whatw it's all about as we preview downtown days.
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rob portman and his wealthy friends have spent millions attacking me. they say i lost jobs and drained the rainy day fund. well friends, i was governor during the great national recession - and we all know it was raining pretty hard. so i used the rainy day fund - because i wouldn't cut education or local police and fire. and we balanced the budget every year. attack ads are easy. leading in a crisis is hard.
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[music playing] welcome back. it's an event that bringsvent together the cleveland browns, with some of north east ohio's't most talented chefs to raise awareness and funds for hungry families.reness and it's the taste of the browns,e e and it's happening a week from today.
8:39 am
can get involved in taste some delicious food.nvom we're joined this morning by george hwang, from pearl of the orient and karen pozna from the greater cleveland food bank.joia so good to have you here and and there wonderful chef that will show us how tot make some of these delicious meals that wereu going to be able to tas mealstee where there. want to start by saying s this an amazing ev i know that you have been doing thisee since the beginning.nnin 18 ygears..1 what makes you come back year after year clocks8 yw the food k every dollar they raise feeds for males.male the amazing number.ber. last year food bank raisedrai $220,000 from this event. that's 800,0880000 meals that te serve.serve. astronomical number when youn think about what you can do to o help those in need it takes so o little of your time and your energy.. absolutely.lutely great event to come out and helh support the food bank and enjoyj some great food as well. you know they need continues to increase as we head into the
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this fundraiser to help get us u through the holidays.days. what are we making today? we are making a shrimp medallion with honey mustard sauce. i have prepared finished product over there. and our chef is chopping up the shrimp. the recipeup th is on is on our website.. if you want to try this on your own. he makes it lookok so easy.asy are you sure it's not easy? been doing that 28 years. first. thenp you can start making this we have prepared a shrimp which is a chopped up shrimp with thee minced onions.nion okay. he has a little bit of salt. and then we have sesame oil.oil it is real flavorful.rful very fragrant. it smells so good. and they're some cornstarch to o
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yes.t what you mix is altogether. the medallions he will show usi over there. and i will start frying theseg e shrimp medallion that we make a few minutes ago. in the oil. howo good they look. georges one of many celebrity chefs that i knowrges one o i ad event. michael simon has been there. rocco way when the. and he who was on before withwit the we havet about 30 of the top30 o restaurants in town. you will eat very well supporting a great cause.wisupp you mightortg a gr not know muct it.- basically you enter it's in thee club lounge down at thee clevelanddown browns stadium. and basically you get to grade restaurant firm restaurant basia up the different areas of the te club lounge. and uby oulo can go and take asm
8:42 am
you also get to mingle withwit browns players and alumni ashplr well. very exciting.s and alumn will you be thethere? we will be mingle with you as well. absolutely. september 19 everybody please go to clevelalnd food andn purchase tickets.ickets. that's right.ight. so wonderful a dollar can feede for people.. yes. we do that with the help of volunteers.lunteer. over 13,000 volunteers that comn through the food bank everyteerr year.r. ye they reaally help make a difference.rrdiffence. i know i have some great taste testers them. something big going o n at your restaurant. yes. y lobster bake coming up september 15 through november 15. we serve a full lhobster and clm chowder.r. so good. followed by kung pow chicken howder. and young child fried rice. are you c guys open for lunch? absolutely. they are.? looking for someone to go greate
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here. absolutely. thisis i think this ship has sailed. absolutely. absgeous.. delicious. fried egg rolls they have the works. thank you all loveve you for ben a. kenny what's going on out there? you guys are having fun eating n in there but guess what? i'm having fun downtown day starting today goeo all weeke 30 clue events talking about downtown if you didn't know 14,000 people live downtown howo cool is that. they're equal.w as much art as we can tuesday wednesday and thursday public talking events participate in and saturday arabic art eventlkp condo town and hop on free trolleyso through the entire neighborhood. with well that include?? ne free trolleys come downtownwn cn take you to these different
8:44 am
and campus district. and they can go to c your websit to get all of thee information. downtown days. okay. will have a link to that. starting at 6:00 this morning they came out here and workewo this really cooley came ou goodg how are goo morninng.. this was your vision tell us about it. we want to capture was your soy different parts of cleveland because cleveland has a lot ofar to ofer for the lake.e. food for market garden. just everything music entertainment. beer and wine and ice cream.e c. bowling. so many different elephants thah make cleveland what it is. you did a great job. people will be able tobe able t participate in some activitiesiv lie tthis.. yes they will.his.y will they can join us wednesday andan thursday.ursday. wednesday north coast harborrbor
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th you did a great job.ob two hours they did that in two hours. were going to me down here i i will grab max.ill gra there he is. all right. you have gotb max. good morning goodg to see you. .ow you were working on these talk to us about these. cleveland three years ago andtoa lot of murals main avenue bridgd and i want to do something vertical. kind of like intercept peoplekin when they're walking on thed oce street. these shape to work off of. of. i thought spread downtown days love and celebrate cleveland ass a comeback city.y. how tricky isn't doing verticalo instead of oning th e ground.oun it's nice to work on curves. i really like it.k tell us about some of the murals you have the.ll us about s two and a half years ago bigo believe land once. most recent oneb down there andd another dream this is cleveland. these are like 10-foot tall murals.t
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very colorful greati backdrops people using them for weddingbg photography all kinds of thingsw who would have believed. good for you you did a greatg job. jo it only took him bless than two hours to knock this out. downtown dayss ours stay right there. happening all week long. 30 different events to tell people about what's happeninghag downtown. 14,000 people live in downtown.. that's a great. 14. no dou?we've come a lo. no doubt. think you. we've come a long way. no doubt. think you. an injured mockingbird is capturing millions of hearts online. she's now on the mend in an t you.le way.way. onli so cute. check it out. check it out this bird was outfitted with its very own pair itty snowshoes, totocheck it fitted wit correct a condition known ass vt knuckling.ot a condit it causes birds to be unable tot open their feet to stand. you see her little toes are all curled up.e her lit a veterinarian at a californiaat wildlife center constructed the
8:47 am
to open and allow the injuriesle to her toes to heal.s knuckling is not a common condition the center says they treat between five to 10 birds for it each year. and as long as the deformationlf isorma corrected when the bird s young the snowshoe solution is a permanent fix. that's a greater they will hear straight.hat's a the picture of this bird being treated went viral over the weekend. straighpictur bird bein very still to come this morning. bringing mothers who have lost children ahead of an exclusive showlostt featuring tamir rice's mothermo dr. oz will join us live for al preview of what's sure to be an emotional hour today. and we cooled off overnight but the heat is rising again. scott is back with a check of the forecast next. the e a checkf
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good morning everybody. the high temperatures tomorrow gong up toperaturs tomor the high 70a little burst of summer warmtharm tomorrow. notice the tempe behind thatt front.o we'll drawback to the high 60sg and low 70s60 for highs byhs by thursday and warm up slightly on friday. a week front between both ofk ft that. both of the air masses means showersh ofthe air masse l around midday early afternoon on wednesday. not a l f rain with this.his generally under quarter of an inch in coverage seems to be 500 to 60 percent.p might have to adjust the timing a little but you get the idea.t this brand coming and wednesdaye in the went over the weekend thd they don't seem to be huge grain producers and each one of these reinforces the early fall pattern. most days asidede from tomorroww
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overnight lows in lower and and middle 50s. best chance of rain this weekend seems to be on sunday.ay. back to you guys.ys all rht.t. thank you scott. you thank you very much. tha healing america's grief.nkyou v in an hour long, daytime exclusive mothers of the movement including samaria rice, the mother of tamir rice andr o mothers of fallen police officers are coming together. and it's all happening on the dr. oz show.t we're joined now by dr. oz live from new york with a preview's e we always enjoy having you onou our show. such a powerful our thatur you have mothers of children killed by police and of courseoe the mothers of slain policein pe officers.ficers. both groups have lost so much both groups have enduredlo so mh pain of a huge losses.osses talk about how those groups talk acted.. the pain was publicly felt.
8:52 am
grieving and morther's pain is the child is on parallel. to get his woman in the same s room together for the first time took a lot of effort. a lot of trust required among these women and i was very nervous about itit before we tad the show. sh amazingly on their own these women gathered to a prayer circle on e read before they we. it changed the discussionus completely unexpected fireworks are expected moms to be mfiadret each other because their childrenm potentially blame fory what happened to the person's child.hil it wasn't what happened. they came out and said as much pain as we feeil and as publicly as we have been worndse to deal with our pain that dot weanan come together on this stage thig means that people at home shouls be able toho do the same. we've got a big problem in it may be able tole catapult us beyond some of thatt tribalism that holds us back. b you oftena talk about that five stages of healing.of healing. as far as the grief process isis concerned. talk about these five stages..
8:53 am
i can go for all of them.e initially topics discussed around cancer care and major lost losing yourus son is likelike losing a limb.imb like losing part of you your child always connected you buy thatngou umbilical cord.lical been cutting on for years but still a partrt of you.ou. the first age is the motherse first age of the n officers from dallas joined usji were shellshocked in denial and happened because it's only a month since a lossa their children. martin's mother several years out she isisch ipathser set that moo the resolution how do i makemak sense of this. its was good you have mothers ae different stages they can help each other.dn he as you mentionedlp you broughtbrought these women together and it cann hopefully bring a nationd i brin together.r.together. how do you think families willsw walk away from this? how do you hope it will help walhow do you we did a d
8:54 am
figure out the things thatngs bother americans must.ust another one stress and pacificpi league stress about terrorism gun violence and of that it's a topic that is now so so prevalent in the consciousness of american women that i hope the penalty we pay if we don'ttt do something about it. acknowledging a problem i think were all there.. what we're going to do about it is the challenge in these t mothers are clearly coming togetherge for the first time ad take this painful reliving their sons and daughters stories in order to get usg to do something about to violence in our society. we can do better than this andh they expect us to do what'sh needed so other mothers don't suffer the way they are.'t they have all become this partt of this almost sorority they would never want to be in but to see how they can impact and how they can change and hopefully make sure that we are on a is sosething thatha were allt praying for and wend e thank you for bringing this toi
8:55 am
right after natalie's powerful doctor oz thank you. the season premiere of doctor oz doct featuring the mothers of the movementth airs later on today d 11:00 a.m. right here on fox eight. want to thank you very much for stopping by doctor oz. still ahead this morning rememberingoctor oz alexis arquette.lexis arquett with questions swirling around her sudden death this morning we'll look back on the her career.r. ling around herud but first remember to log on too to vote for shore, willets, or avon middle schools as the next fox8 cool school.exc we'll announce the winning school on thursday and feature that school next week on fox8 news in the morning. we'll annouin
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[music playing]g] demi lovato revealing over the weekend that she's now aw co-owner of the cast centers, a chain of health and wellnesseeks -owner of t treatment facilities. the pop star went to rehab at one of the los angeles centers back i substance abuse, depression and an eating disorder. wathe los as b good for her.. wonderful. some sad news to share nownews s trreansgender actress and activn alexis arquette has passed away.y. arquette is best known for rolet in films like the wedding singer, but made her big break in 1989's last exit to brooklyno inin ger, but arquette was tister toas the sto fellow actors rosanna, david and her transition was chronicled in
8:59 am
a cause of death was not given.i alexis arquette was 47 yearss ar old.quett very young. and it's a girl for rob kardashian and blac chyna. the two revealed the gender ofdf their unborn child in the premiere episode of their new reality show on e! last night.wi at first rob saighd he was hopig for a boy but then said he was happy as long as the baby is healthy. the couple who got engaged after a whirlwind romance are set to welcome their new addition happy y heais month.b he was hoe that family continues to grow. more reality shows. will be taking over like thate a fox eight of emus.emus. on all the they'll be on all the time with there reality shows.t still waiting to hear about chloe and tristan. hope that's not the i've heard confirmation on that. thank you. will have royal visits from thes
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part of the championship parade. good morning. monday after a browns game.. wearing brown and orange.ang black and blue but wearing brown and orange.nge. we are. w good morning. happy monday to you. orning.fani schaefer.e hope you had a great we can talking about cleveland browns season opener does notle go aso planned for the brownies see the highlighted find out who is hur and your comments and thoughts on this day after as we losee te preseason games and game. niing'shappening this mmor download will talk about it where they're for each other. plea learning more about a firer inside a local school find outon what officials ared saying andad why the cleanup they say could take a little longer thannger a expected. you know investigative reportern chris hansen from his hit series to catch a predator now he's taking on a wedhoale new role fw out how you can see a lot more m of him and that is startingting today. right here on fox eight. check in with scott sabol look at the forecast beautifultiful


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