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tv   Fox 8 News at Noon  FOX  September 13, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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amber alert is issued for a teenage girld , find out who they say that she's with and why it is of concern.t >> the browns off to a great start the qb pbr the seasont. >> has been years the making, today there's been a lot of the protectct animal friends thanks dick goddard. another gorgeous day, tracking some showers and storms tomorrow details coming up at first the fox 8 news at noon starts right now.l please do searching for any sign of a missing teenager thank you for joining us..
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they are now on the run, they haveer good reason to fear for safety, stacey frey has the latest. >> robin roberts vanished sometime after school yesterday the police and sheriff's deputies in at least two counties are trying to find her in her father.eeut she is 15, are recent pictures you posted on instagram, she and her younger sister were jus week, of suspicion of illegal drug activity, according to the police, william roberts has bee known to use math with his daughter. robin and her sister were placed in foster care, that's where her sister remains according to the amber alert picked her up at the kmart in brunswick yesterday she has long
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is a 4-year-old white male ways to 20 pounds with brown hair brown eyes he drives a black ford ranger if you have information contact th police.e. use meth goddard's law goes into effect today. >> today that many have been fo so many years especially dick goddard, jessica dill joins us at the cleveland apl with more on how his love for animals wil leave and
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those who have a tube of use animals. they can sure that people are safe, he care so much about animals, today because of him, that will happen. i'm so happy that we were able to get thisis through the legislature today and to be goo to all the animals, be kind to alltels it's all about. >> goddard's law was signed on june 13, so it went into effect today,y, it makes it a fifth degree felony to normally cause serious physical harm to a companion animal, which is kept inside of a residential dwellin and any dog or cat regardless o where it is kept you cannot deprive them of food water
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pain, it also requires is in time for anyone who assaults an kills the policein dog, horse or service animal, for years he is advocate for the care and adoption of animals and fought hardti harsher penalties for th convicted of animal abuse and refusing to give up until it became law. >> that is what government is war, to codify those of us who have should be codified in the law and in this case it was done this is part of his life work. i drove down dick goddard way and i kind of smiled myself. he continues to fight for animal safety you can help next week next week the telephone
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6:00 a.m. until 7:30 p.m. raises money to help the6:u 14,000 animals that the cleveland apl takes care of eac year. this year it happened, just hats off to dick goddardrd and the entire crew here at fox 8, you have to keep at that otherwise the vote does not go your way. >> took about five years to get that through the legislature, they said it was a difficult thing to dos but he just continued to fight for it. and hopefully, we will not have to do as many awful storie aboutwe animal abuse cases, so
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we can have more positive things. ellet high school in akron, is closed again today after a a spokesman said as an update and students may b returned to classes soon becaus they're building walls around the cleanup arrogantso and to allow work to continue while studentsue are in the building, firefighters were called to the building 11:00 p.m. saturday th cause is under investigation bu they say it appears to have started location construction firm, the school has not decided if students wil return tomorrow, he will keep you posted. >> washburn smash and grab attempts it happened at madison
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the gazebo outside the cudell rec center where they shot and killed tamir rice in 2014 will be deconstructed. what to do with it since talks to relocated to a chicago museu fell through so deconstruction beginning he pushes on to boost the minimum wage in cleveland to $1 per hour, they allow voters to decide in a special election the service employees international union has gathered enough petition for another try,, afte the first one failed they resented any plan with a gradua wage increase that would boost the minimum wage from $8.10, up $12 and a $1 each year
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may if it passes it will go int effect in 2018. we keep saying that rain is coming, we do need it butn in the meantime enjoy another lovely day along the lake this is a live look from our roof-cam . jenn harcher has a look at the forecast for us >> with temperatures in the low '80s and very comfortable you know it is a i gorgeous september day. just a few high thin clouds, things will be changing tracking a col front tomorrow ring in us rainfall and thunderstorms.
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77 degrees brunswick. chardon 76 and 74 degrees bainbridge. we are dry. we just saved some high clouds currently, to the west of us,, we say some shower. showers develop tomorrow s looks like we could have some all rainfall this weekend let you know coming up in the 8 -day forecast. >> robert griffin iii's first start with the browns may have been his last this year, he
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hitler the sidelines and sundays loss to philadelphia, he was put on the injured reserve list, then lindsay will miss about ten weeks some reports say that he may need surgery that could sideline him for the season the browns will now return to josh mccown, last year's starter for their home opener sunday agains the ravens. i question his toughness, but he went in after that and played a couple more times, i feel bad for him, because he was the future of the quarterback position w. >> we got a good coach some goo young players. presidential candidate hillary clinton says about her stumble on sunday and her campaign plans moving
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guitar tyler died at a day care center under strained circumstance that that has his mother c having a hard time understanding. >> in my mind, my child is in your care and suffocated under
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2-year-old, get stuck under a beanbag something happened i don't know what. >> they say that he suffocated under a beanbag chairth when a day care employee accidentally sat on it while reading the stories to the kids police investigatin video from inside the day care at this time the employee is no facing chargesy. >> and headlines today, debra clinton is anxious to get back on the campaign trail in her first interview she said that she did not think that herer pneumonia diagnosed last week was a big deal. of supposed arrest five days that's what they told me friday and i do not follow that very wise advicei, so i just want to get this over and done with and get back on the trail as soon a possibleerit. >> her condition, known only after she stumbled on camera while leaving the 9/11
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is resting at home, her campaig says it will release her medica records this week. donald trum will also release his medical records from a recent physical >> you've heard of maternity an paternity leave what about bringingw babies to work the california bank is encouraging them to bringbao the baby's wo each day , until there are old enough to crawl, many are taken advantage of the offerer and al about 20 percent of fathers so benefited from the policy the company says they know that employees want to be productive but u have not had any major problems and it is a good way t keep good employeesybl >> two men in custody after washing the stage , after ryan lochte's performance on dancing with the stars last night just as the judge was talking about his performance, there's two men were tackled by security and the
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anti- ryan lochte shirked there facing trespassin the olympic swimmer called this situation are breakinged. they said that these two gentlemen, were wearing clothing on top of those shirts and they were allowed to enter studio in
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it was a cold start this morning. we have temperatures today topping out in the low '80s. and then by 7:00 o'clock we will be at 76 s
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it's going to feel like the low . and then the mennonite, 60s, who got some high clouds, but it will be sunny today tonight expecting clouds to thicken and then a cold front pushes him tomorrow.
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ahead of the front upper 70s, a big call down to the last, this is another stronger front looking at the timing of the front, clouds more warning could be a sprinkle for the morning commute that linene wit the front will be pushing from northwest to southeast after 9:00 a.m. there mainly to the southern areas in the afternoon by 5:00 o'clock, likely see som sunshine again with high pressure, and that more sunshin
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mostly sunny. low 70s thursday them to rainfall saturday, and
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getting cancer put down the phone's. there is a new incentive to help kids pay attention and classroom how they can get rewardeded k by app store. >> first it was cheeto dipped mac and cheese now a new cheesy tree served at participating
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apple ios ten will be available today, they have added a new multimedia feature such as stickers emanation and predictive emoji
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they're making searches for things like gas stations in coffee shops quicker and easier and for the first time you can delete default apps like stockss and you don't use them before installing any major software update you should always backup your devicet . >> store has a unique approach to help kids to be more attention and classroom, office depot teams up withm an app called pocket points, the phone with the app, that tracks their location,wi and th are somewhere on campus to indicated learning like a classroom or at library they earn points toward getting coupons for office depot's online store, there's no guarantee that they won't be messing around on their laptops or tablets instead.e >> to earn more on daycare's target is hiring 70,000 seasona workers during the holiday season in addition to 7500
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the discount chain will hold hiring events a all of itss 1800 locations next month. eatery shop but you cannot to there to push the car go to walmart, there were granted a patent last week, indicated tha they plan to have a self drivin cart system you'll be able to use a interface device, potentially a smart phone and i will be able to bring you the card, and the system well be able to identify on attended shopping carts and return them to the docking station. olive garden has a pasta special the next installment of
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promotion will be the biggest o 2,000 of passes will be sold online for one hour beginning thursdaypal september 15 a 2:00 p.m. eastern time this ye is there 21st promotion because hundred dollars you can enjoy unlimited pasta with toppings, soup or salad, breadsticks s and soft drinks for several weeks, burger king is adding she does to his classic chicken fries for a limited time, she does chickenen sale september 14 at participating restaurants they deep-fried chicken with a chees cheadle braiding will cost you $2.89 for a nine-piece orderer june they came out with mac n' cheetos basically fried macaron and cheese poppers with she doe
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researching for signs of a
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they believe that a father has taken his young daughter an they are on the run, and they have good reason to feard for h safety, stacey frey joins us with the latest . >> rod a. roberts disappeared sometime after school yesterday, police and sheriff deputies in two counties are trying too fin her and her father, some recent pictures of her she is 50 years old she posted these a cube day ago on instagram younger sister were removed fro their father's custody last week. they suspected illegal drug activity according to officers he has been known to usese tff it with his daughter, were placed into foster care where her sister is, according to the amber alert he picked he up at thehe brunswick kmart yesterday she is about 5-foot seven
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4-year-old white male, 5-foot 1 ways to 20 pounds, is registered as a sex offender in wanted on several warrants drives a black ford ranger if you have information on him or where he may have taken his daughter, know anything about the disappearance of this grill you need to contact the police.anra construction controversy is strongsvillesy over a city i-71 it would bring thousands o cars at the interstate to the intersection of howe road in chagrin road they feel that it would add traffic and ruined th neighborhood, they say that something needs to be done to alleviate the traffic but this is not the solution, toronto mayor is waiting for analysis from odot and other agencies
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putting an exit ramp at the end of the street does not alleviate the >> strongsville mayor says the citytr is still waiting for odo analysis before it can start th project. >> odot has an eye in the sky to give a turnpike bridge inspection, the first of its kind i exam is being done on th sandusky river bridge,a mos e bridges overwater saw they say that a drone will be making the inspection safer and easier, always will remain open during the inspection. voters in la or you have a chance to see where the money
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issue passes, the school districtho's leading people are the buildings to see how bad th conditions are,o they called th conditions deplorable the proposed bond issuer replace by buildings costing about $11 a month. brunswick the ball player says he has become the target o hate speech after he says he stood up againstst racism from teammates, rodney axson says that his teammates called opposing players fitch the n-word, so he decided to take a knee in praying durin the national anthem, says he ha receivedna harassing text messa in social media post since. >> i have a 7-year-old daughter who has to go through this goal system,ol so my son a stand up for her and all of these younger , so it is unacceptable to be, treated the way that he was. >> brunswick school superintendent released a
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disappointed withhe what happen and said that such misconduct will be dealt with accordingly and said thatpp outside experts are coming into the district to work on the situation.t it is another sunny day here. changes are coming, as soon as tomorrow but right now, it is beautiful, show you this gorgeous lake erie on this september day as we send it to jenn harcherbe we will continue this gorgeous stretch today. yesterday we had 80 degrees and today it will be in the low '80s, it is 3 degrees by 5:00 o'clock with sunset at 7:3. at this time of year the average o it will feel like the low '8
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comfortable humidity. on saturday, will not be our pick dayy , it will be nice or sunday afternoonon we do need some rainfall we are still down abo 1 inch and a quarter rainfall deficit. in september we are actually up three quarters inch. we still need rainfall as far year's numbers, a cool front in the morning, an not expecting any severe showers/storms just some showers and a few rumbles of thunder ge betweenen one quarter-one half inch. we will stay right arouno 70 degrees tomorrow afternoon today a high of about 83 degree
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the end ends in first place in the al central largelyly because of good defense and good pitching.. >> but that went out the window in chicago personal white sox, blast in the fourth two hundred them ahead, carlos carrasco four earned runs, in those four innings, lonnie chisenhall committed two errors, mike napoli blasted his 33rd home run, in the losing game the most by right hander tribe bat in 2,001 uan gonzalez they meet again tonight in chicago and 18:00 p.m. here's j.t. with rest of sports. top of tuesday, the browns putting robert griffin iii on injured reserve with a broken bone in his shoulder he will be
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by now, you have seen the play he wasn't looking for extra yardagege , just trying to get out of bounds the defender was in his path and he barreled into him. hue jackson says that jos mccown will start against the ravens. >> he was injured in game one himself last year. >> it is unfortunate, and now for me to step up and to serve the team as the backup quarterback for an injured playerdrer into the best that i. wish him a speedy recovery to get back as soon as possible,im i have confidence that josh will ead us to some wins. toughness with and it's monday, in the rotation, danny salazar has a sprained forearmr he will be shut downd about te
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today and then the earliest tha he can return will be in about three weeks so his postseason availability is in doubt, josh tomlin will be reinserted into the rotation stop ohio state lose up to number three in the ap poll, alabama and florida state women buckeyes three and clams and is now number five so ohio state has a tough one this week facing herene they have loss to housto and urban meyer called covers head coach a former system, for some advice, ohio state wedding saturday over tulsa. they had a great second half, after that long whether delaying.g. >> the maturity of our team during that 90 minute delay wa
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teams where they were worried about they were professional we were outstanding and replayed great football in the second half. we are out of time, as we send back your way. >> which is worseses, fat or su square
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incorrectly believe that fat is worse than sugar? >> reeand has more on how the industry is launching a paid campaign to downplay sugar's role in heart disease >> for decades we have known that cholesterol and fats be to heart disease, but what about sugar? a study in the journal of the american medical association claimsa n that in the 60s, the sugar industry launched a paid campaign to downplay sugars rol in heart disease. >> but we see now is the effect of a population who has been eating sugar thinking it's okay for thems we see an increase i obesity, diabetes and heart disease. >> the director of women's hear lenox hill hospital says-the study's findings are
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>> we have known for a while th negative effects of sugar and i doesn't lead to heart disease. it's not surprising that this data comes up , what is disappointing is how it started and understanding with industry drives research, there could be a problem with the outcomes. >> the study says the sugar industry paid harvard researchers to downplay the link between sugar consumption and heart disease it is based off more than 300it documents. >> you talk about a heart healthy diet and hass absolutel low in sugar, low in fats and cholesterol, which studies it's important to knowow who paid fo them andndkn the motivation beh it. that it's a good device because there are currently six studieses that have been sponso by industries, the sugar association admitted in a statement that it should have
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more transparency in its research activities, reporting from the upper east side, fox five news. they say that the five-second-rule does not protect food from picking up something that could make you sick, they dropped watermelon, bred in candy on stainless stee surrenderr time, wooden carving found that bacteria attaches almost immediately c, although longer contact does result in more bacteriau retired into nablus dr. faces charges accused of using his ow sperm to help women become pregnant,n the 77-year-old dr., donald klein, so that he has been using his , sperm donated by medical students but according to court records he allegedly used his own about 50 times when he did not have a donor sample, prosecutors say he denied the
12:48 pm a sweet treat for a popsicle
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's been a rough year for fidencio sanchez, the 89-year-old sells popsicles out of his pushcart in chicago. >> thanks to. the crowd-funding campaign he won't have to do that, marcella raymond reports they raise more than $200,000 for him in just two days. >> photograph that went viral i hours, as the internet-year-old , struggles with his pushcart in little village.. >> we found him and his card on 26 street selling ice cream popsicles a job he has been
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summer days goes out each morning pushing the 50-pound pushcart as long as it can sometimeses making only $8 and some days it is dollars. they have a lot of respect because h is a hard worker and now that everybody is giving them respec it is amazing. >> he was slowing down, but the his daughter, who helped to support him and june, so in this picture was taken and the go-fund-me accoun was started it was with the hop to help them take a day off her and there but what happened wa the hearts of everyone involved. >> optimistically i was thinkin maybe $2,000 in it in about a week off and we got a retired. >> he did not ask for help and d was determined to work until he died,d, the kindness of friends
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he can finally >> what will you say to all the peoplee that give you this mone? >> muchas gracias. >> .he says that he will buy hi wife are present because he doe not like to go dancingng.
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ghost of a toledo fire to warm to their spirits, is a rescue fromit a shelter in utah part of the homeless superhero program that works to play starts where needed most, to toledo byt, firefighters died in an apartment fire chief knew that they could use something t s kp with now phoenix, where he was ready for phoenix, where he was ready for his new job as an emotional >> firefighters cologne some calls in some are horrific and they had to go back to work and there has to be something to help as soon as they get back t
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he will live in the toledo fire department
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?? >> good morning, world! what a beautiful day! >> good morning, marcel! oh, i have to go to work. i'm excited. >> good morning. i love the new look. very slick. >> thank you. >> very slick. you know, i wanted something different for season three. i decided to take out the braids. >> i look great, but i was talking about the exterior of that new 2017 -- >> i was talking about that, too, marcel. i know what? you and i would look good in that car together. i have to go to work, okay?


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