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tv   Fox 8 News at 530AM  FOX  September 15, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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my name is natalie hrbek. i'm filling in for kristi capelc >> mining is waynea dawson. check with aj colby who isl checking in onby whether this morning. >> good morning. i hope you have a great start to your day. it is crispy cooling.nga you may be able to shut your jacket this afternoon. don'tt forget to bring your shapes, because fish sunshine
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see the map last much fun and if wewes warm back up.p. a jacob we had this accident all morning long it happened just before 2:00 a.m.m. that ramp does remain closed also the birth is closed just north of 7777 this is a peek at the remains of the accident that they oppose being chased by policece
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the rent. he had a concrete walloion theh controller box it's a mess out just north of 77 the driver was ejected and taken to area hospitalald there on the st re-createdh it's going to be a while before that does reopen. other roadways look a lot better this is 90 overbite 22nd andd if youa didn't hear they willwi partially opened the inner belt bridge on the 24th of thisf month that you a head out the doort overall our drivetime are perfect.h it's 14 minutes.te wayne and natalies back to you.u >> not to. the very latest the two people passed out from a
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still locked up onat an inductid charge right now with morer seriouse charges expected to be coming after he was pulled from this abandoned home. fortunately these families now have answers things to a very bravein woman that was inducted inside this house and call 911 while in the same group is greas
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that led police to find him and the woman they been found two bodies in the abandoned home one stacyfied as thatunun stanley. he then led them to another body he says he's t heldo on a propy in mansfield timber down the home in june to hide any evidenceie his arrest on tuesday it was his first pass charges
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that issue will be re-examined
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good news for drivers. 54 citygo we join you -- as you to join us as you to join us at the dick goddard pet telethon. all money raisedin will go to te
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we will be right back.
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welcome back my name is patty harkin. at the chilly start at the airport for sure are sitting in
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goes down as well with the bright reflection off the face of the clouds gorgeous. here's a look from oute will put radar on top of the showers from last night heading to the east there's some decorative clouds beginning to
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the race settling for me and maybe even near 80 on wednesday fall begins on thursday there it is.s. the warmest two of the 18 i hope that's the harbinger of the winter to we had a mild winter lasted about to have fun againwi your time this morning is 5:52 a.m. a unique long service now handling the date we've removed the job in kansas as part of an effort to go green and protect through plaintiff. on top ofof that a new smithsonian museum will be opening the
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by the way this use red carpet is the longest after the system
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your time right now is 5:56 a.m. pit it's time to get a check at the forecast with aj.
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in the news and east liverpool families seeking oute of abouta photo went to the helen at the
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school closing station and we want to letrech you know the


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